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biographies - Agile Consortium Benelux:.doc

  1. 1. Agile Conference, June 18, 2009 in Hoofddorp CONTENT 1 Page Irene Voet 2 Nicole Belios Lukas Gommers Jan Rodenburg Laurens Bonnema Niels Malotaux 3 Johan Lybaert Mike Jones Twan van den Broek 4 Rob Thomsett Henrik Kniberg 5 Eelco Gravendeel John Kesseler Portia Tung 6 Pascal Van Cauwenberghe Willem van den Ende Marc Evers Serge Beaumont 7 Patrick Verheij Irene Voet has studied Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and has developed a career in the Telecom business. During her 14 years at Ericsson, she has acquired a large experience with the technology and processes.
  2. 2. With the arrival of Agile, she has made the switch from Requirements Manager to Scrum Master and Agile coach. Irene coaches people and teams to use the Agile way of working, and she facilitates several Agile networks within the company. Irene is a Certified Scrum Master and an active member of the company's Agile community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nicole Belilos has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. She has worked in software development for over 20 years, in a variety of roles and environments. In the past four years she has coached new and existing teams in Scrum and XP practices. She has helped Ericsson to adopt an Agile way of working. Nicole is an energetic workshop and retrospective facilitator. She runs workshops for clients 1 and at conferences. Nicole is involved in the Agile community and a co-organizer of the XP Days Benelux conferences. Nicole is a consultant at TASK24. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lukas Gommers is project manager at IPROFS and has 12 years of experience in IT. He has a broad experience in managing development teams. Lukas has several years of experience with agile development from various projects and is SCRUM master certified. Jan Rodenburg is test expert at Collis and is working as test >manager in a financial institution. He is responsible for testing internal developed applications using an agile approach as well as the monitoring and control of the outsourced development and testing of systems. He also works in the field of IT auditing and therefore contributed on assurance over agile processes in controlling IT projects. Laurens Bonnema lives in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, with his wife, Nienke Blauw. He joined Atos Origin on October 1, 2007, where he is currently working as a Project Manager responsible for the further development of DigiD, the system shared between cooperating Dutch governmental agencies, allowing to digitally authenticate the identity of a person who applies for a transaction service via internet. After reading eXtreme Programming eXplained by Kent Beck in 2001, Laurens became an agile enthusiast. Agile engineering practices just seemed to work, and being a pragmatic programmer, thus found their way into his general way of working. It was not until 2006 that he was able to run a 100% agile project from start to finish. And it tanked. It tanked fast and left him with a furious customer and a general sense of malaise about the whole agile thing. It took some time for the realization to sink in that the project tanking was, in fact, a good thing. Since then, agile enthusiasm has returned with a vengeance. As Chairman of the Program Group Agile Management from IPMA Netherlands, member of the Agile Project Leadership Network, and Treasurer of Agile Holland, Laurens strives to merge classic and agile project management in the conviction that therein lies the future of professional project management ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Niels Malotaux ( is an independent Project Coach specializing in optimizing
  3. 3. project performance. He has over 33 years experience in designing hardware and software systems, at Delft University, in the Dutch Army, at Philips Electronics and 20 years leading his own systems design company. Since 1998 he devotes his expertise to helping projects to deliver Quality On Time: delivering what the customer needs, when he needs it, to enable customer success. To this effect, Niels developed an approach for effectively teaching Evolutionary Project Management (Evo) Methods, Requirements Engineering, and Review and Inspection techniques. Since 2001, he taught and coached over 100 projects in 25+ organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Germany, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Romania, South Africa and the US, 1 which led to a wealth of experience in which approaches work better and which work less well in practice. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, see . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johan Lybaert is Sector Manager at Cegeka. He has more than 26 year experience in delivery of IT projects. He has always be adept of using the relevant methodology and development practices to deliver in a successful way his projects. Today Johan is responsible for the Program Ventouris, the biggest J2EE project (30 manyear) in the Benelux that has been developed following the agile development approach. The Ventouris project is a development of a complex administrative application that as a product need to be used by 8 different customers, each customer with the same mission but different in size and different in internal business processes. He has been speaker at Javapolis 2005, 2006 with as presentation topic : lessons learned of applying agile development practices on a large project ' Ventouris', and in 2007 on 'customer collaboration' - the BMW case. The agile development approach has been introduced within Cegeka on Ventouris in 2005. Today Cegeka is using scrum & XP practices on all are projects with as result delighted customers, getting the system they really want within the agreed budget and timing. Mike Jones has spent the majority of his career in the applications development space beginning as an application developer with EDS where he was first introduced to development methodologies and tools. Mike then worked for Texas Instruments as an application consultant working on various projects in the telecommunications, insurance and government sectors. During this time he helped Texas Instruments define new methods and techniques for component based development and later managed Sterling Software's line of object oriented and component development tools. During this time Mike defined and practiced early agile techniques. Today Mike serves OutSystems as their Vice President of
  4. 4. Worldwide Marketing and plays a key Agile evangelist role for the company. Mike brings more than 20 years of information technology experience and leads the company's global marketing strategy. Twan van den Broek is Managing Consultant and solution architect at TopForce. Twan combines a broad experience in SAP development with knowledge on current SAP NetWeaver and E-SOA possibilities to deliver innovative SAP solutions. With SAP NetWeaver as Business Process Platform the world of SAP projects is changing rapidly. A new, agile, approach is key to successful delivery. Twan is project lead at the first Agile SAP project in the Netherlands at the Dutch Railways. 1 Rob Thomsett Rob joined computing in 1968 and has been consulting and educating in the area of project management, tea quality since 1974. In 1981, Rob was contracted by YOURDON Inc. in New York to present seminars in the U.S. and U.K. based on his book People and Project Management published by YOURDON Press. With YOURDON, he consulted and taught in London, most major U.S. cities, Europe and Canada. Rob presents workshops and consulting in the areas of senior management I.T. issues, project management and team leadership to most major Australian organisations. His workshops are also presented in Asia and Europe. His client-driven approach to project management, self-managing teams and Software Quality Function Deployment has been adopted by a wide spectrum of Australian organisations. During his career, Rob has worked with Gerry Weinberg, Larry Constantine, Meiler Page-Jones and Ed Y These people have influenced much of Rob's work. Rob is also a member of the Editorial Board of the pre American Programmer with Ed Yourdon, Tom DeMarco, Bill Curtis, Capers Jones and other leadin information system experts. His second book "Third Wave Project Management : A Handbook for managing the Complex Information S for the 1990s" was published by Prentice Hall, New York in 1993. In 1994, he developed the Accre Programme for Project Management for the Australian Computer Society. Rob's latest book "Radical Project Management", was published by Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle Creek, New in 2004. Rob has presented at many IT and business conferences and has been voted Speaker of the Conference in m them both within Australia and internationally. Rob was honoured as the Australian Computer Society Lec the Year in 1989/90. In 2001, he was recognized for his outstanding effort in education of business professio his peers and was elected a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.
  5. 5. Henrik Kniberg I help companies improve. I am fascinated by the art of software development. How do you write great code? How do you create & lead great teams? How do you create great workplaces? How do you evolve great architectures? How do you design great products? How do you build scalable & robust 1 systems? How do you build interfaces that users love? I've found that this mostly boils down to leadership and organisational structure. The most effective approaches I've found so far to improve companies is Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean thinking, and concrete implementations of this such as Scrum, XP, and Kanban. This is what I am continuously striving to learn & apply & teach. Eelco Gravendeel I'm an consultant for Xebia with the unit Xebia Agile Consulting. I've started out my career as a software developer. Later moved on to become a team leader and then became the manager of a Software Development department. During this period I've implemented Scrum the first time. Having tasted the Agile fruits I then moved on to become a Consultant and Project Manager. In this position I coach departments and complete organizations to implement Scrum and Agile practices or manages Agile projects John Kesseler is R&D department head SW Engineering at Océ Technologies, Venlo, Netherlands. After being active as software developer at Philips Electronics and Assembléon, he became R&D project manager and R&D program manager. 5 years ago he started at Océ. Océ enables its customers to manage their documents efficiently and effectively by offering innovative print and document management products and services for professional environments Océ has R&D sites in Venlo, Singapore, Munich, Paris, Vancouver, Namur, Phoenix and Timisoara. Portia Tung is an Agile Consultant-Coach based in London, specialising in software process improvement using principles and practices from Lean Software Development, XP and
  6. 6. Scrum. Portia enjoys working in Europe, in particular, in francophone countries. She has had a number of roles over the years, ranging from Java developer and technical team lead to development manager and consultant. She typically works in a multi-disciplined and technical capacity, helping organisations become more agile through collaboration and coaching. ================================================================= Pascal Van Cauwenberghe is a consultant based in Brussels who tries to solve more problems than he creates. To do this, he uses Agile, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Systems Thinking techniques. He’s one of the founders of the Belgian XP group and one of the organizers of XP Days 1 Benelux. One day he and Vera Peeters invented the "XP Game", because they couldn’t explain XP to their team and customers. They’ve learned that games are an ideal way to learn. Since then he tries to transform work into play. Willem van den Ende is a Dutch eXtreme Programming pioneer. Since 1999 he guides organisations in being more effective, often through the introduction of Agile software development as an all-hands person: coach, developer and facilitator. Always active in the local and international community, he serves as host of and the European Agile Open conferences and previously on the Agile Alliance board. He is also co-founder of XP Days Benelux. Willem is an appreciated workshop facilitator at practitioner's conferences like XP200*, XP Days, Software Practice Advancement, and Agile200*. Marc Evers works as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development and software processes. Marc develops true learning organizations that focus on continuous reflection and improvement: apply, inspect, adapt. Marc also organizes workshops and conferences on agile and lean software development, extreme programming, systems thinking, theory of constraints, and effective communication. Marc is co-founder of the Agile Open and XP Days Benelux conferences, and founder and board member of Agile Holland. Marc and Willem are partners in QWAN (Quality Without A Name –, an initiative of pragmatic practitioners, who have joined forces to deliver courses and mentoring on effective software development. Serge Beaumont has been in IT since 1995, and working with Agile since 2000. He wrote one of the oldest unit testing frameworks, DelphiUnit, and was one of the founders of the XP- NL group. His career was always a mix of agile and software development (JEE/XP/Scrum)
  7. 7. until 2007, when he started his first full agile consultancy assignment. Serge is a CSP and trains CSM courses with Jeff Sutherland and CSPO courses with Arlen Bankston. Through his assignments Serge's expertise is in large corporate agile adoptions and Product Ownership. He has coached organizations like Albumprinter, Ericsson, and Triodos Bank. Serge combines enthusiasm and deep knowledge of software engineering, agile processes and human nature with a pragmatic approach that allows him to tailor agile to a wide array of situations and organizations. Serge absolutely, totally loves his job! As coach, trainer and adviser, Patrick Verheij focuses on creating conscious behavior with 1 people. In various roles, he has personally contributed to the establishment of IT processes and systems. With this knowledge and experience, he is able to help organizations to apply IT more effectively and more efficiently. Important in this respect is his enthusiasm for agile and lean thinking and acting. Patrick regards these as indispensable factors when providing optimal value for IT purchasers, and to make IT more fun, more interesting and moreprofessional as a profession. In his work as a coach, Patrick mainly focuses on the capabilities and the motivation of people in organizations. He advises by introducing processes and methods and their effective usage, facilitates workshops and trains people on requirements engineering, agile development and several other aspects of system development.