BI Project Management Software


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BI Project Management Software

  1. 1. BI Project Management Software
  2. 2.  and Manage with Confidence Plan When planning a new project, program managers can search past projects to leverage project assets and resources. With complete project and program management capabilities; and audited user security, Frogpoint® will make sure the project starts and stays on track. Manage Project Tasks (includes Microsoft Project Integration) – Frogpoint® drives the execution of projects with project tasks. Tasks can be imported from Microsoft Project or created directly within Frogpoint® to drive the workflow of a project. Manage Project Documents – While any objects (e.g. a feature or a requirement) can have a document associated with it, Frogpoint® also provides a centralized document repository for the project. This provides a place to store any documents that are relevant to the project. Track Issues – Frogpoint® provides an issue tracking tool to document project concerns with the ability to share them outside the team or mark them private. Track Bugs/Defects – A bug tracking tool is included in Frogpoint® that includes standard functionality. In addition, these bugs can be tied to test plans and status reports and will show up on the user’s to-do list. Produce Status Reports – Team leads and project managers can automatically build status reports based on the tasks and issues in the system and automatically route those reports for review by the rest of the team.
  3. 3. Communicate with Ease Robust and effortless collaboration capabilities that ensure timely and accurate communication during a project and capabilities to access valuable project assets when planning and delivering other projects. One Stop Shop – Everything in Frogpoint® is accessible through a single intuitive interface. There are no modules that need to be integrated, or add-ons to rely upon. Users will be up and running within minutes with little or no training. Project teams will instantly realize the benfits of collaboration without needing a road map to do so. Never Start From Scratch – Every module contains a ‘Save and Copy’ feature. Users can create a project template for any Frogpoint® item and use this as the foundation for delivery. This makes it incredibly easy to leverage the work already done, build on it, and never re-invent! Automated Workflow – All of the tools in Frogpoint® are integrated and there is automated workflow behind the scenes to ensure that the project progresses as expected. Integrated Project Discussion Boards – Leverage your team’s knowledge on a daily basis by sharing information through a fully searchable discussion board. Don’t solve the same problem more than once! Leverage Project Templates – Frogpoint comes with a template library that will jump start your project.
  4. 4.  All Aspects of your Project Track Your project has a lifecycle. Frogpoint® will keep track of everything so nothing falls through the cracks. It is the data capture utility for your project, and the glue that holds it together. Prepare For and Document Interviews – Most projects involve technical and business interviews to determine the requirements for your project initiative. Frogpoint® enables the team to create questionnaire documents that they take with them to the interviews and then fully document everything that was captured in the interview. Track Requirements – Requirements are captured and organized in Frogpoint® where they can be tied back to specific interviews. Define and Organize Features – System or project features are created to satisfy individual requirements. Features are the the result of distilling requirements into tangible functionality. Define and Organize your Deployment Release – Most projects consist of iterations of functionality that are released into a production environment. Frogpoint’s release manager will keep track of what is being put into production and the orgins of that functionality. Manage Testing – When your project initiative is in development, it is inevitable that bugs will be found. Frogpoint® enables the team to setup test plans and test cases, track their progress, and generate bugs as they occur.
  5. 5.  and Develop Define Powerful analysis, development and testing tools that are completely integrated give users the ability to store and share project information while adhering to a proven methodology. Design and Inventory data sources / targets – Frogpoint® allows you to import your database definitions, or design them from scratch. Your organization will have the ability to track all details related to your databases and files including the type, status, and detailed descriptions of what the database is used for. Design source to target mappings – When populating a data mart, data warehouse, or just propagating data to a different place in the organization, Frogpoint® provides a single intuitive interface for mapping your data. Your project will no longer struggle with tracking down source to target mappings or trying to figure out how, for instance, sales $ were calculated. Design data flows – When moving data from one place to another, there are multiple processing steps that occur. A strong data flow design is the best way to ensure that data movement is being performed correctly. Design report layouts and specifications - Frogpoint® provides a rich HTML editor to not only mock-up reports, dashboards and other outputs, but also to design how end-users will eventually interact with this output.
  6. 6.  and Report Analyze ADMINISTER Frogpoint® offers a convenient integrated reporting and analysis engine that gives users flexibiltiy in generating and interacting with reports. Users can select prompt values, drill into data, and export to multiple formats including PDF and Excel. Analyze Project Gaps – Gap analysis reports provide both visual and tabular representations of your project gaps. By combing colorful and easy to read charts on top of the underlying data, project managers can quickly get to the data they need and are alerted to project risks as they arise. Analyze Project Tracking Mechanisms - Users can dynamically report and analyze their issues, tasks, bugs, and status. Graphs and summary panes visually present users with easy to understand views of their data. Analyze Project Lifecycle – Analyze the geneology of your project lifecycle. Users can easily view their project requirements and trace them from the interview that generated them, to the release that puts them into production. Analyze Project Designs – Users can analyze their data sources. They can select prompt values to hone in the exact data they are looking for and how the data is being used.
  7. 7. About Frogpoint® Frogpoint® is authored, designed and supported by the Chicago Business Intelligence Group (CBIG). CBIG consultants are experts in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing planning, design, architecture, development and deployment. CBIG’s consulting staff provides a network of experts to our customer base who have worked with companies of all sizes, across the U.S. and internationally. For more information, please visit CBIG’s website at Sign-Up for a Free Trial For additional information or to request a free 15 day trial, please visit the Frogpoint® website at or send an email to
  8. 8. Chicago Business Intelligence Group 5600 River Rd, Suite 800 Rosemont, IL 60018 800.334.2078 Copyright © 2008 Chicago Business Intelligence Group. All rights reserved.