Arizona State Government Project Management Certification
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Arizona State Government Project Management Certification

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  • 1. Arizona State Government Project Management Certification Paul Wix CIO Council – April 11,2007
  • 2. Project Management Certification
    • Government Trends
      • Shortages of qualified and certified project managers are a pressing human capital issue for government CIOs globally.
      • By 2010, more than 70% of the governments in economically advance nations will have begun to standardize IT project management practices and formalize skill requirements for their personnel (0.8 probability).
      • Through 2010, government agencies will cancel 30% of the IT projects they initiate, including at least 10% of projects budgeted at more that $200K due to failure (0.7 probability).
      • - Gartner
      • NASCIO recently issued a report that calls for actively supporting career advancement for project managers in the states through project management training and certification programs.
  • 3. Project Management Certification
    • State Need
      • Many agencies are coming forward with high dollar, high risk projects that have significant implications for the State.
      • Presently the State has 167 open projects totaling $480M.
      • For the New Year alone, GITA has recommended approval of approximately 50 projects including:
        • DES System Replacement ($62M)
        • AHCCCS Claims Processing Replacement ($17.5M)
        • Registrar of Contractors IMS ($5.5M)
        • Department of Liquor License and Control System ($2.5M)
      • GITA anticipates the need to replace several State legacy systems in the future.
      • Auditor General has recommended that GITA adopt a formal project management training and certification program.
  • 4. Project Management Certification
    • Background
      • Summer 2006 GITA met with key agency CIO’s.
      • Established working committee to formulate recommendations.
      • Committee drafted the Project Charter.
      • GITA conducted PM Symposium in October 2006.
      • Selected one contractor off State contract ( EPS060041).
      • GITA, ADOA, AZNet and ADES completed pilot training of the proposed State program including the exam. All passed.
      • Overall evaluation of the program – Very favorable!
  • 5. Project Management Certification
    • Program Charter
    • The State Project Management Certification ("State Certification") will provide State employees with the necessary project management skills to effectively and efficiently develop, implement and monitor State IT project management tasks and outcomes. The State Certification process will also improve the ability of State agencies to complete projects on time and within budget.
  • 6. Project Management Certification
    • Benefits
      • Arizona will be a leader among states to implement a state project management certification process.
      • State project management training will be consistent with and equivalent to training requirements specified by PMI for a Project Management Professional (PMP).
      • The State Certification program will raise the standards for training and qualifications through adoption of policies ensuring that State employees have the necessary skills before tackling major and/or critical State IT projects.
  • 7. Project Management Certification
    • Advantages
      • State Certification does not present the same time commitment and costs in terms of maintaining a PMI level certification.
        • Whereas PMI requires specific minimum requirements of documented experience (7500 hrs or 4500 with Bachelor’s degree).
        • Experience requirements for the State program will be a bit more relaxed, but does require that the CIO attest to experience and qualifications (Guidelines being drafted).
        • Professional Development Units (PDU) requirements for PMI – 60 PDUs.
        • State program is half – 30 PDUs every 2 years.
        • State program focus is on teaching PM fundamentals rather than preparing employee for PMI exam.
        • Exam costs are significantly lower ($100).
        • State program provides training in State processes and standards.
  • 8. Project Management Certification
    • Scope
      • This program is intended to apply to State employees with project management roles and responsibilities.
      • State employees who possess PMI’s Project Management Professional certification (PMP) satisfy the need for PM training and will only be required to attend GITA training for State certification.
      • State training program qualifies for Professional Development Units (PDU) credits required by PMI. (35 PDUs)
      • State training program also qualifies for college credit through Rio Salado Community College.
      • State agencies must ultimately approve whether an agency employee is eligible for the State Certification program.
  • 9. Project Management Certification
    • Process
  • 10. Project Management Certification
    • Trainer evaluated - Interface
      • State approved contractor (EPS060041).
      • Instructor is PMI certified – Ed O’Conner, PMP.
      • Training facility - close proximity to State Capital (Park Central)
      • Class is 5 days (M-F) 35 contract hours.
      • Course material includes:
        • PMBOK – 3 rd Edition
        • Element K - Project Management (PMP) Certification Preparation
        • AME Group – PMP Exam Practice Questions and Solutions
        • PMP Data Files and Lesson Practice Exams
        • 2 CD’s of Support Material
      • Course Costs - $1,950 (Contract Pricing).
  • 11. Project Management Certification
    • Project Management Fundamentals & Professional Certification
    •   PMPC Course features –
    • - Comprehensive, In-depth concepts, Tools and Techniques for managing project today
    • - Soft skills as well as tools and Techniques
    • - Prepares participants for PMI’s HIGHLY IN DEMAND, PMP exam and Professional Certification
    • - Covers in one week what others cover in multiple courses
    • - Taught by PMI approved instructor
    • - Courseware is PMI approved courseware
    •   Format of PMPC class –
    • Nine lessons that follow the project life cycle, 50 exercises, border notes to summarize learning,
    • case study, subject index and 35 PDU’s awarded for attending class.
    • What is the course summary?
    • - Strategic Planning for projects
    • - Scheduling and budgeting tools
    • - Risk Management methods
    • - Quality management tools
    • - How to organize a team
    • - Managing constraints
    • - Earned Value Methodology
    • - Soft Skills for Project Managers
    • - Meeting Management
    • - Satisfying the customer
    • - Getting Results – Getting things Done
    • - Prep for PMP Exam
  • 12. Project Management Certification
    • State PMC Exam
      • Questions are based from PMBOK.
      • 100 questions multiple choice.
      • Administered by State testing agent – Interface.
      • Random questions electronically administered.
      • Conducted at testing facility (Park Central).
      • Pass or re-take agreement with State.
      • Convenient scheduling M – F.
      • Testing costs $100.
  • 13. Project Management Certification
    • AZGU Role
      • Assist agencies with registration for the program in STARS system.
      • Establish and maintain all employee training records.
      • Continue to work with GITA to insure the overall effectiveness of the program.
      • Issue the State Certification to GITA once employee has completed all requirements for the program.
      • Note – Employees will be required to show evidence of PMP certification with AZGU.
      • Record PDU (Professional Development Units) credits with employee records.
  • 14. Project Management Certification
    • GITA Role
      • Conduct GITA training with student candidates of this program to insure employees are familiar with established State standards and processes.
      • Initial areas of focus will include:
        • PIJ Orientation
        • Enterprise Architecture Standards
        • IT Security
        • Project Oversight Reporting
      • GITA will issue State PM Certification.
      • GITA will monitor course/vendor evaluations and provide oversight for the overall program.
      • Regularly report back to CIO Council effectiveness of the program.
  • 15. Project Management Certification
    • Agency Role
      • CIO attestation that employee has project management experience leading and directing projects.
      • CIO confidence that employee has sufficient experience to be successful with implementing major and/or critical agency projects.
      • Willingness and commitment to the professional development and ongoing training for employee.
      • Agency is responsible for all training costs.
  • 16. Project Management Certification
    • Course Registration
      • AzGU – See attached instructions
      • Or Call 602-542-1419 – ask for D’Andrea Spann –
      • Email: [email_address]
      • Interface - Call 602-266-8585 – ask for Randy Johnson or Denise Starks –
      • Email: [email_address]
  • 17. Project Management Certification
    • Questions ?
    • Contact information:
    • Paul Wix [email_address]
    • 602-364-4773