Agile Project Management: Innovation in Action


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Agile Project Management: Innovation in Action

  1. 1. Cutter Consortium Attend Agile Project Management: Innovation in Action — and in just two days, you’ll discover how the Agile Project Management lifecycle framework can encourage dramatic improvements in your projects’ success rates and your teams’ ability to cope with change. Agile Project Management Workshop Agile Project Management: Innovation in Action A two-day, in-depth workshop developed and presented by Jim Highsmith, Director, Cutter Consortium Agile Project Management Practice and Author, Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products 22-23 May, 2006 The Millennium Gloucester Hotel Harrington Gardens London, SW7 4LH
  2. 2. CUTTER CONSORTIUM Agile Project Management: Innovation in Action A two-day workshop by Jim Highsmith If companies are to survive in this turbulent Develop a “customer voice” to identify and economy, they must re-examine both their prioritize features processes and their perspectives with Use a tradeoff matrix to remind stakeholders regard to change. We are no longer talking that changes have consequences about 15%-20% scope creep on projects. Successfully manage a product features list Everything — scope, features, technology, architecture — may change within the span Plan and manage frequent, feature-driven of six months. Unfortunately, most commonly delivery iterations used project management practices don’t Employ “milestones” to review progress provide the tools necessary to manage this and make adjustments continuous change. Get project managers to act as facilitators This two-day, in-depth workshop, presented and coordinators, rather than the “ultimate by Jim Highsmith — author of the acclaimed authority” Discover techniques to increase your books Adaptive Software Development, Incorporate collaborative decisionmaking Agile Software Development Ecosystems, skills within your team project success with a combination of and Agile Project Management: Creating “Celebrate” the close of a project lecture-style sessions, hands-on skills Innovative Products — provides you and your team with tools and strategies for Plus, you’ll discover how to apply key training to reinforce APM practices, and APM practices for increased project success, employing agile project management prac- team-building exercises. tices (APM) for increased project success. such as … In this highly focused time away from your product vision box office, you’ll discover how to determine project data sheet when to apply APM over traditional project feature cards management. You’ll learn why a well- thought-out approach to APM can help you You’ll identify questions your executives increase innovation, keep costs down, and should ask to ensure agile projects are being shorten your product development cycle — controlled, practices to help you through the and how to do so while continuing to adhere envision phase of an APM project, rules for to internal and external project constraints. daily integration meetings, steps for making sustainable decisions, and practical objec- Jim Highsmith’s workshop approach com- tives for customer focus groups, and more. bines both concepts and practice, with a combination of lecture-style sessions, hands- This workshop will help you understand on skills training to reinforce APM practices, advanced techniques for iteration planning, and team-building exercises. Discover how collaboration and project management tar- you can: geted at situations in which projects have high-exploration factors, customer respon- Increase your ability to deliver innovative siveness is paramount, and operate within new products organizations with innovative cultures. Incorporate speed and mobility into your If you manage teams — or manage the projects project managers of teams in which there Bridge the gap between teams using agile are extreme pressures (high speed, high software development methods (e.g. change, and uncertainty) on the delivery Extreme Programming) and your project process, you won’t want to miss this oppor- management office staff tunity to discover the project management Lessen the impact of compliance work practices that can enable you to embrace on development schedules continuous change.
  3. 3. Agenda If companies are to survive in this turbulent economy, they must Monday, May 22, 2006 Tuesday, May 23, 2006 re-examine both their processes 1. The Vision of Agile Project Management 7. Monitoring and Adapting and their perspectives … 15%-20% Exploratory projects and Conducting customer focus group scope creep is a thing of the past; agile principles sessions A framework for agile project Conducting project milestone everything — scope, features, management retrospectives technology, architecture — may Conducting milestone technical 2. “Who”: Identifying the Players reviews change within the span of six months. Identifying all the stakeholders and Creating project status review their roles information Discover the project management Defining the customer-developer Determining project adaptive practices that will provide you interface for the project adjustments with the tools to manage this 3. “What”: Determining the Product to Deliver 8. Closing Projects continuous change! Developing a product vision box and elevator statement 9. Team Collaboration Creating a project data sheet and The six dimensions of collaboration trade off matrix Peer-to-peer collaboration: pair Determining the exploration factor programming, inspections, daily The role of product architecture in integration meetings agile development Group-to-group collaboration: customer focus groups, JAD sessions 4. “How”: Agreeing on the Project Approach Knowledge sharing and communities Agreeing on technical and project of practice management practices Collaborative project management Developing a collaboration, tools communication, and decisionmaking plan 10. Collaborative Decisionmaking Outlining the need for a 5. Planning an Agile Project decisionmaking focus Similarities and differences between Framing project decisions traditional and agile planning Using a collaborative decisionmaking Gathering requirements and building a process feature list Getting past the groan zone Creating feature cards Including decisionmaking in your Moving from work breakdown retrospectives structures to feature breakdown structures 11. Leadership-Collaboration Management Creating release, milestone, and Moving from command-control to iteration plans leadership-collaboration management Using iteration 0 6. Iteratively Deliver Features Conducting daily team integration meetings Interacting with customers daily Register today! Displaying key project information Just fill out the form on the back Managing the “mood” of the project of this brochure team
  4. 4. Agile Project Management: Workshop Innovation in Action About Jim Highsmith Jim Highsmith is Director of Cutter ed pace of development in increasingly com- Complex Systems (Dorset House, 2000) won Consortium’s Agile Project Management plex, uncertain environments. Mr. Highsmith’s the prestigious Jolt Award. Jim is also co- practice and is a Fellow of the Cutter Business areas of expertise include agile software editor, with Alistair Cockburn, of the Agile Technology Council, which prepares the development, project management, and col- Software Development Series of books from Opinions for Cutter’s Business Technology laboration. Addison Wesley. He is a coauthor of the Agile Trends and Impacts service. Mr. Highsmith is Mr. Highsmith has held technical and man- Manifesto, and a founding member of both also a frequent keynoter at the annual Cutter agement positions with software, computer the AgileAlliance and the Agile Project Summit. He is the recipient of the 2005 hardware, banking and energy companies. Leadership Network, where he serves as Stevens Award, in recognition of his work on He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering president. Adaptive Software Development and agile and an M.S. in Management. A frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, processes. Mr. Highsmith has published dozens of arti- Mr. Highsmith is author of Agile Project Mr. Highsmith has 25-plus years experience Management: Creating Innovative Products cles in major industry publications and was as an IT manager, product manager, project and Agile Software Development Ecosystems the editor of Cutter’s eBusiness Application manager, consultant, and software developer. (Addison-Wesley, 2002), which portrays the Delivery newsletter. His ideas about project He has consulted with IT and product devel- principles, problem domains, key industry management in the Information Age have opment organizations and software compa- leaders, and project success stories, associat- been featured in ComputerWorld and the nies in the U.S., Europe, Canada, South ed with Agile methodologies. His first Economic Times in India. Africa, Australia, Japan, India, and New book, Adaptive Software Development: Zealand to help them adapt to the accelerat- A Collaborative Approach to Managing Register Payment Information # Registrants Subtotal Payment or P enclosed. .O. Agile Project Management: Innovation in Action Workshop Charge Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, (22-23 May 2005) Diners Club. (Charge will appear as US $995 each (1-2 people) ___________ $___________ Cutter Consortium.) US $895 each (3rd and each additional person) ___________ $___________ (Please provide the names of additional registrants separately.) Card # Expiration Date Personal Information Signature Name Invoice my company. Title/Company Address/P.O. Box Mail to Cutter Consortium, 37 Broadway, Suite 1, Arlington, MA 02474-5552, USA; fax to City State/Province +1 781 648 1950; call +1 781 648 8700; or send e-mail to Web site: Zip/Postal Code Country Telephone Fax E-mail RP66-W1004