2004-2006, TargetProcess www.targetprocess.com
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2004-2006, TargetProcess www.targetprocess.com






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2004-2006, TargetProcess www.targetprocess.com 2004-2006, TargetProcess www.targetprocess.com Presentation Transcript

  • TargetProcess:Suite
    • Agile Project Management System
    Powers iterative development Focuses on Project Planning, Tracking, Bug Tracking and Test Cases practices Real time project stats: iteration completeness, team performance, estimates accuracy, quality metrics and more Fits best for small and medium project teams (2-12 developers)
  • Main Features
    • Releases & Iterations planning
      • Simple way to create project plan
    • Dashboard
      • Quick project status reporting
    • To-Do lists
      • Integrated assignments
    • Integrated QA
      • Bug Tracking, Test Cases management, user story-to-bugs traceability, QA stats and charts
    • Time Tracking
      • Create more accurate estimates
  • Iteration Plan
    • Add Release (iterations will be generated automatically)
    • Add User Stories
    • Assign User Stories on Iterations (control team velocity)
  • To plan next iteration just assign required user stories and control remaining velocity units Plan Next Iteration
  • Typical Developer’s Case
    • View assigned Tasks and Bugs
    • Change bug’s status
    • Add spent time
    • Spent time report could be added from To-Do list. To simplify time calculation today’s time shown in the form.
    • Bug status could be changed right from the To-Do list as well. So developer spends less time on frequent actions.
    Change bug status and add spent time
  • Typical Manager’s Case
    • View Yesterday’s progress
    • Check user stories and bugs progress
    • Check open bugs
    • View spent time
    • Burn Down Chart shows how many user stories has been implemented in previous iterations. In this case the chart shows that project dynamic is good
    • Bugs Progress Chart shows how many bugs have “open” status during the previous weeks. In this case bugs dynamic is negative for the last week and maybe it is time to do something for quality improvement.
    Check project progress (user stories and bugs)
    • Iteration progress table shows how many effort is required to complete the iteration. This is actual info, since each task’s remaining effort reported by developer. Chart shows actual progress for iteration.
    Check project progress (continue…)
    • Open Bugs Chart shows how many open bugs exist. There are too many open Blocking bugs on the chart and team should concentrate on them as soon as possible.
    • Time Tracking makes user stories progress clearer and improves estimates. Manager could see when developer spends too much (or too little) time on tasks and change iteration plan.
    Check open bugs and view spent time
  • You may track how many bugs each User Story has. It helps to define the most difficult User Stories and plan next iteration accordingly User Story->Bugs traceability
  • Test Cases Management
  • Each test case relates to user story, so you may see user story completeness by test cases. Create test plan, create test cases, assign test cases on test plan and run test plan to set all statuses. Create bugs right from Test Runner. Charts: Iteration quality, Release quality, build quality Test Cases Management
  • Other Features
    • Reporting
      • PDF, XML, HTML and RTF formats
    • General
      • Custom fields, automatic notifications, audit history
    • Planning
      • Estimation Accuracy, import from MS Project and HTML
    • Bug Tracking
      • Customizable bugs workflow, bug history,
    • Integrated Project Blog
  • Enterprise Edition
    • Customizations
      • Pre-paid 20 hours of customization . Additional customization services to adopt TargetProcess for your exact process.
    • Full Source Code
      • Customize TargetProcess by in-house staff
    • Discounts
      • 50% discount on new modules, free modules updates
    • Unlimited
      • Unlimited installations within your company to meet all needs . Unlimited projects and users
    • Extended Support
      • 1-Year support period
  • Road Map for TP 2.0
    • Requirements Management
      • Ideas, Features, Release planning
    • Content Management
      • Integrated Wiki
    • UI
      • Drag & Drop planning, AJAX, customizable
    • Dashboards
      • Role based and personalized dashboards
    • Import/Export