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0 to 60 PDUs in Three Years or less.doc.doc

  1. 1. Professional Development Center 0 to 60 PDUs in Three Years or less Now that you’ve earned the distinguished PMP® credential, how do you keep it? The Project Management Institute (PMI) requires you to earn 60 professional development units or PDUs during your continuing certification requirements (CCR) cycle. This communiqué is designed to help you plan your approach to PDUs, and to do so in both a cost and time effective manner. For more information, visit the PMI information pages, http://www.pmi.org/prod/groups/public/documents/info/PDC_PMPCCR.asp and/or review the CCR Handbook at http://www.pmi.org/info/PDC_CCRHandbook.pdf. How do I determine my CCR cycle? Starting Date Ending Date st The date I passed my PMP exam December 31 of the third full calendar year following my certification date or anniversary How do I report PDUs? Upon earning your PMP®, we recommend that you create a folder to retain your continuing education information. The CCR Handbook provides guidelines regarding what type of documentation should be retained for each category of PDU. You should retain your training certificates, copies of completion emails and course outlines, and screen prints of your ESS records and InfoBank course descriptions (if using category 4 PDUs) in this folder. You may submit your PDU activities via fax, mail, or directly online. Method to Link Complete Online http://www.occe.ou.edu/pmi/PMI_Member/PDUlogin.php3 Hardcopy/fax or mail http://www.pmi.org/prod/groups/public/documents/info/pdc_cert_ccr_rep_forms.asp How do I keep track of my PDUs? Visit the professional certification section of the PMI website to create a login and password that will enable you to track your CCR cycle and your continuing education activities and transferable PDUs at https://www.pmi.org/authentication/default.aspx?r=www.pmi.org/certapp/default.aspx&s=true. Please note that up to 20 excess PDUs earned during the final year of the current CCR cycle may be applied to your next CCR cycle. Page 1 of 5 © 2005 Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS Confidential and Proprietary - FOR ACS INTERNAL USE ONLY. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Professional Development Center PDU Categories PMI has defined five different categories of PDUs. The CCR Handbook defines each type in detail and indicates the type of documentation you should maintain for each. In general, one (1) contact hour of training equals one (1) PDU. Cat Name Sample Activities Maximum PDUs 1 Formal academic • PM courses offered for degree Unlimited education programs by accredited schools 2 Professional activities • Your PM work 15 PDUs per CCR cycle and self-directed may be earned for your learning • Developing a formal PM course PM work • Authoring articles or textbooks • Speaking at a conference 15 PDUs per CCR may be • Speaking at a local PMI chapter earned for your self- meeting directed learning • Self-directed learning 3 PMI Registered • IIL’s Microsoft Project Orange Belt Unlimited Education Providers class (REPs) • SkillSoft 4 Other provider • Formal and relevant educational Unlimited programs developed and offered by other (non-registered) entities, including the ACS Center for Learning and the GHS Professional Development Center - Contract Management - Legal & Ethics - PM Boot Camp 5 Volunteer service • Serve as an officer or committee See CCR Handbook for member of your local PMI chapter calendar year allocations • Provide PM related services to a committee or charitable group Page 2 of 5 © 2005 Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS Confidential and Proprietary - FOR ACS INTERNAL USE ONLY. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Professional Development Center How do I get from 0 to 60 PDUs in the next three years? Planning your PDUs will allow you to capitalize on your regular and required activities, and pursue additional education on a very cost and time effective basis. There is no reason to enroll in expensive classes or to let your recertification efforts wait to the last six months of your CCR cycle! 0 to 60 Cost and Time Effective PDUs Cat PDUs How? Cost? 2 15 Professional activities – e.g., project manager 0 for all three years of the CCR cycle 4 4-9 Contract Management classes earn 4 PDUs 0 (add another 5 PDUs here if your role required completion of the legal courses) 2 15 Various self-directed learning activities (see 0 below for ideas) 3 21 - 26 SkillSoft: complete several PMBOK version 3 $255 ($85 courses or relevant skill development (must per fiscal pass course tests to qualify for credit) over the year) three year cycle Total 60 Total $255 1. Review the category 2 professional activities section to determine how many PDUs can be earned If you are an active practitioner of project management services (e.g., a project lead or manager) for more than 1,500 hours per year, you can earn 5 PDUs per calendar year. 2. Consider your ACS and GHS required training for category 4 PDUs Contract Management earns 4 PDUs; all PMPs will be required to take this class in early 2006 if you haven’t done so already. If you are in a job code that requires completion of the Legal Training suite, you may earn another 5 PDUs (five hours of online training are accomplished via completion of the ethical principles, illegal business practices, conflicts of interest, practical ethics, intellectual property, gifts and gratuities courses). 3. Maximize the 15 PDUs allowed for self-directed learning category 2 PDUs Earn up to 15 PDUs per CCR cycle by attending or facilitating Millennium Leadership sessions, or developing / delivering or attending a brown bag session on a PM relevant topic. Better yet, how about mentoring or coaching a member of the GHS organization in project management as part of their personal development plan, which will benefit you both? Reading books on project management (use SkillSoft for Books 24 x 7 and you don’t need to buy one!) will also qualify here. Page 3 of 5 © 2005 Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS Confidential and Proprietary - FOR ACS INTERNAL USE ONLY. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Professional Development Center 4. Earn the balance of your PDUs via SkillSoft SkillSoft is available to every employee for an $85 per fiscal year license fee. They are a PMI Registered Education Provider which means you may earn an unlimited amount of category 3 PDUs via completion of their PMI approved courses. SkillSoft maintains a current listing of courses at http://www.skillsoft.com/about/credit_programs/credential_programs/pmi.asp#cert. Courses are available in PM specific topics, as well as skill-based relevant topics such as teambuilding, communications, negotiations, and conflict management. In order for SkillSoft classes to qualify for PDUs, you must complete the course and pass the course exam. Through your SkillSoft license you also gain access to thousands of online books to read for self-directed learning category 2 PDUs. 5. Read the new PMBOK (version 3) via SkillSoft and earn up to 52 PDUs We all need to update our knowledge and utilize the revisions set forth in PMBOK version 3. Instead of just reading PMBOK, why not earn PDUs at the same time? For $85 per fiscal year, enroll in SkillSoft via InfoBank and take one or more of the following courses. In order for SkillSoft classes to qualify for PDUs, you must complete the course and pass the course exam. PMI SkillSoft Cours Course Title Course# e ID PDUs Project Management Essentials An Introduction to Project Management (PMBOK-Third PROJ0511 PR0511 2.00 Edition aligned) Project Lifecycles and Stakeholders PROJ0512 PR0512 2.00 Introduction to Project Process Groups and Initiating a PROJ0513 PR0513 1.50 Project Project Planning PROJ0514 PR0514 2.50 Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing a PROJ0515 PR0515 1.50 Project Project Integration Management Initiating a Project and Preparing the Project Plan PROJ0521 PR0521 2.50 Project Integration: Executing and Completing a Project PROJ0522 PR0522 2.00 Project Scope Management Planning Project Scope PROJ0531 PR0531 1.50 Controlling Project Scope PROJ0532 PR0532 2.00 Project Time Management Elements of Project Time Management PROJ0541 PR0541 2.50 Project Scheduling PROJ0542 PR0542 3.00 Page 4 of 5 © 2005 Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS Confidential and Proprietary - FOR ACS INTERNAL USE ONLY. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Professional Development Center PMI SkillSoft Cours Course Title Course# e ID PDUs Project Cost Management Estimating Activity Costs PROJ0551 PR0551 1.50 Budgeting and Controlling Costs PROJ0552 PR0552 2.00 Project Quality Management Planning for Quality PROJ0561 PR0561 2.00 Performing Quality Assurance and Control PROJ0562 PR0562 2.50 Project Human Resource Management Elements of Project Human Resource Management PROJ0571 PR0571 1.50 Implementing Project Human Resource Management PROJ0572 PR0572 3.00 Project Communications Management Communications Planning and Information Distribution PROJ0581 PR0581 2.50 Performance Reporting and Stakeholder Management PROJ0582 PR0582 2.00 Project Risk Management Planning and Identifying Project Risk PROJ0591 PR0591 2.50 Analyzing Project Risk PROJ0592 PR0592 2.00 Responding to and Controlling Project Risk PROJ0593 PR0593 2.50 Project Procurement Management Planning Project Procurement and Requesting Seller PROJ0601 PR0601 2.50 Responses Choosing Sellers and Administering and Closing PROJ0602 PR0602 2.50 Contracts 6. If gaining dynamic scheduling skills is in your development plan, pursue your Microsoft Project Orange Belt and earn 12 category 3 PDUs Beginning in January, the International Institute of Learning (IIL) will offer dedicated online classes to ACS Government Services Group employees for a heavily discounted price of $500 per person. The class consists of four afternoon meetings using interactive online learning tools and techniques; following the class and additional studying, you will sit for the MSProject Orange Belt certification exam. If you are interested, please contact the GHS Professional Development Center to enroll in the next class. Page 5 of 5 © 2005 Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS Confidential and Proprietary - FOR ACS INTERNAL USE ONLY. All rights reserved.