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Uma   the company story Uma the company story Presentation Transcript

  • WHO is UMA? We are a non-profit organization created to assist the skilled weavers in “The Center Yanapasiñani Bolivia”. We work with eight weaver associations in the city of El Alto, Bolivia – one the world’s highest urban centers, at 4150 meters. El Alto has grown as more Bolivianos migrate to the cities from the rural areas. Life in El Alto is not easy – summer temperatures are less that 20C – and most have limited education. However, it is a tradition amongst families to do handwork, such as knitting, crocheting and macramé.
  • UMA DESIGN SRL. was created to promote the work of the artisan associations in the domestic and international markets. We transform Bolivian alpaca fibre into exclusive designs – inspired by indigenous traditions and our surroundings. Garments are produced on knitting machines and finished by hand with crochet and macramé.
  • Our artisan associations AMITBOL Srl. TECUBOL Srl. EMAREA Srl. TESUAN Srl.TAVHIJHIRE Srl. TEABOL Srl. AMTABOL Srl. TECUBOL Srl.
  • Amtabol was formed by women and men artisans to export alpaca garments and to achieve a better quality of life. VISION We strive to produce export quality handmade garments for the domestic and international markets. MISSION Our commitment is to provide artisanal quality garments, with a dedication to service and a responsibility to meet the needs of our customers. AMTABOL SRL.
  • AMITBOL SRL. We started in November 2010, to produce export-quality end Alpaca garments. Thanks to the training provided by the Center Yanapasiñani Bolivia, women and men have developed skills in alpaca garment knitting, using innovative design trends that are exclusive and seasonal. VISION To be recognized as a successful business with innovative designs in alpaca. MISSION To satisfy customer demand with innovative and competitive designs.
  • TECUBOL was founded in October 2011 after being trained by the Center Yanapasiñani Bolivia. Our name comes from the combination between the height of The El Alto City, the level to which we want to reach, the place of growth Alpaca, and fundamentally the quality offered in our handmade garments. Born on the high summit of Bolivia, we formed to improve the quality of life of our members. MISSION To develop quality garments while fulfilling the dreams of our customers. VISION To be a responsible company, qualified, working in teams, recognized for our quality garments locally and internationally.
  • EMAREA SRL. EMAREA Association, came to life in June 2011. Our name means "Company Artisan El Alto“. Through training offered by the Center Yanapasiñani Bolivia, we were able to realize our dream to develop skills in weaving machines that would generate more income for our families. MISSION To produce garments with innovative new designs that would satisfy market requirements. VISION To elaborate alpaca handcraft garments - organic and green - that meet customer demands.
  • LIFE STORIES from our producers
  • . FIBRE COLORS ARE THE COLORS OF LIFE Marisol Huanca Valdez, is 34 years old, she is married, with two children. She is proud to be able to produce alpaca garments that she has designed. But she has to work extra hard because of her physical limitations. Four years ago Marisol was a merchant when she nearly lost her life on the infamous death road to Yungas in La Paz Bolivia. Sadly the accident left the right side of her body partially paralyzed. Even in this situation, she has not lost the desire to do something that she has always loved - weaving. "I'm very proud because with my skill in weaving, I can make clothing for neighbors, while making an income for my family. As a result, I have bought shoes and school supplies for my children". Marisol Huanca is the most cheerful and enthusiastic weaver, always gets a smile from her companions, is encouraging to strengthen the bonds of her association. About to complete her training in the "Draft Education and Training for Artisan Alpaca Textile Exports“, she wants her work to be unique She says: “When I see the beautiful colors of the fibre I want the same colors to reflect the hopes of my life"
  • DAUGHTER BRINGS NEW LIFE TO FAMILY Fabiana is a member of the Amitbol Association Srl and is now a trainer, teaching with determination and enthusiasm the last module for the association where the group completed designs for their new collection. Fabiana Paye, is 24 years old, learned and perfected her craft in 2010 when she decided to enroll by choice in the weaving course offered by the Center Yanapasiñani Bolivia. She relates that the first day she arrived very excited to class. In her learning she encountered many difficulties. On one occasion she was in tears when knitting the neck of a sweater and was about to give up, but she said: This neck is not going to win . After much work, she managed to get the perfect the piece and now teaches other women. She forever remembers the wise words of hers father Mr. Juan, a shoemaker, and the love of her mother, Mrs. Josefa, a housewife. Both gave her moral support and she is rewarded with their affection. In return they benefit from the economic security Fabiana has provided to her parents and three brothers. “My brothers appreciate my financial support, because they can buy what they need for school. They want to be professionals and not like me that I could not finish school.” “Rather, I'm also teaching them weaving” she says with a proud smile. Fabiana remembers the first gift her mother gave her was a bag, because she was carrying her weaving supplies in a plastic bag. Now your bag is well loved and cared for much , says her mother with watery eyes, excitement and joy. “ My dad does not like that I give him clothes; he prefers his coca leaf for chewing”, remarks Fabiana With great excitement Fabiana shows her most valuable contribution to her family - the building of three rooms, for which she bought all the material with her income as a weaver and trainer. Between smiles and pointing at an old building, she says That room was bedroom, kitchen and workshop, now I have a separate studio because I have to care for fibrel garments, and now my siblings have their own bed for sleeping
  • WEAVING BRINGS STABILITY TO FAMILY Lidia is a weaver, a mother of four teenage children, and in addition cares for her grandson and a girl of eight years, because their mothers could not raise them. Lidia lives with difficult economic circumstances. Lidia has taken on the responsibility to educate each of them, plus providing their food, education and clothing. Her training and work in weaving has given her the economic and social security she so desperately needs.
  • MY CONSTANT STRUGGLE . Valeria is an artisan of the Tenevan Association Srl. She has a little daughter 1 year old; she is a single mother and receives no financial support. She lives in one room with her daughter, parents and siblings; this room serves as a bedroom, kitchen, living room and even her small workshop, where she weaves garments. Valeria shows that life gave her a very special gift - her daughter. However, she faces continuous battles but her weaving gives her hope for a better future.
  • MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE Nancy Calle is an artisan of Kaytu Kurmy Association. She is a single mother of a six year old son, who is her inspiration to overcome not only her own challenges but the constant improvement of her young son. Her only support is the creation of alpaca handmade garments; garments made ​​with a lot of creativity and high quality finishes. Her goal is to have her own home to live with her son, so she can give him a better life.
  • MANY STORIES – common desire These cases, and many others, show a common desire to excel despite the ups and downs of life.
  • OUR RESULT For UMA it is that joy that our artisans, thanks to the training and orders for production, have when they tell us about their improved social and economic wellbeing.