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SAMPLE SOLUTIONS EUROPE offers access to more than 50 million business-to-business records for market research and can deliver RDD sample for over 25 markets. Sample Solutions Europe was established by a group of people with decades of experience in the (telephonic) research industry. The lack of local sampling knowledge from the main players in the sample industry (for RDD sampling), and the lack of details when providing B2B sample, led to the establishment of Sample Solutions Europe.

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Sample Solutions Product Portfolio

  1. 1. Sample Solutions 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 2 RDD Sample Landline, mobile, pulsed or Raw sample, business filter More than 90 countries. B2B Sample More than 60 million contacts, SIC codes, turnover, employees… Filtering Service Removal of dead mobile or landline numbers, email filtering services and more Data Appending Phone number enrichment, email, M-Size, contacts, companyname, surname etc. Geocoding Postal code linkage allows geographic, ethnic, rural/urban and other info SMS Surveys Quick ad-hoc or Omnibus studies in more than 40 countries.
  2. 2. Why use RDD sample? The RDD advantage Random Digit Dialing, commonly known as RDD, is a very cost effective method for generating a representative sample of households with fixed telephones. It is especially useful when No provision for targeting within specific population groups is needed. Second to none Sample Solutions has developed a highly accurate RDD procedure while maintaining the representative proportion of the corresponding populations. In combination with other techniques we have the best RDD plans on the market, covering more than 90 countries. Filtering We can filter out business numbers, dead numbers and also enrich with surnames. Geocoding For correct quota setting, statistical analysis with regards to urban/rural or demographic variables, it is important that a detailed geocoding is provided as it is the case with our RDD sample. Random Digit Dialing 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 3
  3. 3. Sample Generation 5 Step Approach Our 5 Step approach for the generation of RDD sample allows a high quality sample with detailed region information while allowing a very fast turnaround time, usually within hours. All in house – no outsourcing! We are using our own state-of-the-art dialer, create our own RDD frames, have our own region information database and have most of the processes automated, thus reducing costs and also turn around time! Random Digit Dialing 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 4
  4. 4. Our RDD Sampling Plans Raw Basic Advanced Premium Randomly Generated Pulsed Advanced Geocoding Customized Stratification Name Appending Business Removal Turnaround 30 Minutes 12 hours 24 hours 36 hours Random Digit Dialing 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 5
  5. 5. Stratification All our European RDD sample is sampled based upon the NUTS region which are provided by Eurostat. By doing so, multi-country studies can be easily compared and analyzed. Other providers use different sampling approaches for each country thus introducing a sample bias. Learn more about our stratification on our website. Random Digit Dialing 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 6
  6. 6. Sample World 195M 230M 78M Endless Criteria Choose from Sales, Employees, SIC codes, contact people and more than 40 other criteria for your sample Fast Turnaround Most of the time we deliver the sample on the same day, usually within 24 hours. Best Pricing Low overhead costs, automated processes and cost efficient management allows best industry pricing Select from more than 195 million contact people for your study. B2B Sampling More tan 230 million companies can be selected globally with full info. 78 million direct email to your key decision makers help you to fulfill your quotas. 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 7
  7. 7. Our Pharmaceutical niche sample Named Medical Personnel Our Medical Sample provides access to more than 167.000 medical professional ranging from surgeons, to nurses, pharmacists or medical consultants. Our direct medical sample comes with email address, profession, direct phone number, full company information and more. The database covers the US, Canada, UK and Australia, yet also other European countries are available. Hospital Sample Sample Solutions provides the most detailed and updated hospital sample list in Europe, covering more than 24.000 hospitals with detailed information like bed- size or contact details. The database is frequently updated by our partners with more and more contact details added and updated. B2B Sample 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 8
  8. 8. Automotive Database Automotive Categorization Sample Solutions uses standard car segmentation schemes which allows to select certain types of car. An overview of the categories can be seen below: Global Coverage The automotive database currently provides data for more than 130 countries. Selection Criteria • Car Brand • Model • HP / KW • KM Driven • Price • Previous Owner • Quality check • Year built B2C Data 4/3/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 9 Category Name Example A Mini Cars Smart B Small Cars Fiat Punto C Medium Cars VW Golf D Large Cars Volvo S70 E Executive Cars BMW 5 series F Luxury Cars BMW 7 series S Sport Coupes Porsche 911 M Multi Purpose Cars Renault Espace J Sport Utility Car Suzuki Vitara
  9. 9. Direct selection, direct contacts Enhance your calling efficiency by selecting from our lifestyle database which provides you with access to more than 28 M European records of lifestyle records. Selection of records can be done by more than 150 criteria with updates of the database within every 90 days. Process from RFI to RFQ and lastly RFP can be less than 24 hours. One of the fastest processes in the market research industry. Our Lifestyle Sample 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 10 Lifestyle Germany Covering more than 2.2 M records Lifestyle Spain Covering more than 1.8 M records Lifestyle NL Covering more than 1.1 M records Lifestyle UK Covering more than 23 M records
  10. 10. Sample Clean & Enrich B2B Enrich Enrich your sample with key variable such as contacts, email address… B2C Enrich Enrich your sample with key variable such as contacts, location… Phone Screen Screen your mobile or landline sample for invalid numbers,do-not call lists etc. Email Screen Check your email database for invalid email before sending out your campaign. Ancillary Services 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 11
  11. 11. Benefits of our SMS Surveys SMS Data Collection 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider Coverage in more than 42 countries and further expanding this year. 1-Stop Solution Large Coverage Smart Reporting Fast Turnaround Sample (RDD) Generation, Panel Building, Survey Scripting & Hosting Incidence rate, Quota overview, Response rate and survey progress We can provide a turnaround time of 24 hours from scripting to data collection
  12. 12. SMS Survey or SMS-to-online survey SMS Data Collection 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider Our SMS Data Collection application allows direct surveys via SMS or invitation to an online survey SMS URL
  13. 13. Coverage – 42 countries and counting... Africa • Ghana • Kenya • Morocco • Namibia • Nigeria • South Africa Middle East & Turkey • Bahrain • Turkey • United Arab Emirates SMS data collection 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 14 Asia – Pacific • Australia • Bangladesh • China • Hong Kong • India • Kyrgyzstan • Malaysia • Republic of Korea • Thailand • Taiwan South America • Argentina • Brazil • Colombia • Chile Europe • Austria • Belgium • Croatia • Czech Rep. • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Hungary • Ireland • Italy • Latvia • Lithuania • Macedonia • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Romania • Russia • Serbia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Ukraine • United Kingdom
  14. 14. Contact us Sample Solutions Burgwal 47 2611 GG Delft The Netherlands Phone: +31 15 153010030 E-mail: 4/2/2015 Sample Solutions – Premier Sample Provider 15