Brand journalism presso -- sample slides


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While not our actual SXSW presentation, this PowerPoint deck shows some of the ideas we would cover and also serves as an example of the look and feel of our proposed presentation.

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Brand journalism presso -- sample slides

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Producing quality content: think like a journalist 2 @lsharif @kesslermichelle
  3. 3. Qualcomm is a B2B brand trying to gain visibility in the consumer space with its marketing How can we make people care about tech internals (i.e., chips)? Qualcomm’s challenge 3
  4. 4. Brands are losing their grip on their own identities Audiences are more skeptical than ever of brand messaging and advertising Attention spans are shorter; news cycles are faster, The changing landscape The new realities for marketers and brands: 4 Attention spans are shorter; news cycles are faster, relevance is harder to maintain The volume of PR noise is deafening Media outlets are cutting staff (and sacrificing quality)
  5. 5. It acknowledges that influencers more readily engage with non-fiction content than advertising messages It deploys journalistic best practices and publishing processes to ensure content creation that is credible and The solution: brand journalism Brand journalism is an editorial approach to owned-content creation 5 relevant
  6. 6. Brand journalism: A strategic framework Public-facing content and messaging is under-pinned by our editorial strategy An effective narrative needs Facing the audience Internal 6 An effective narrative needs to understand its audience, tell a compelling story and include engaging characters Our content strategy is expressed as a combination of a communication goal and a broadly applicable premise Internal strateg y
  7. 7. American Express OPEN Forum—a resource and advice site for small businesses. Site includes expert advice, profiles, and videos in topic areas such as leadership, marketing, customer service, and technology. − Goal: to become the trusted go-to source for small businesses looking for advice. Johnson & Johnson BabyCenter—a top site for parenting advice, community, and deals on baby gear. − Goal: to build community around the J&J baby brand, inserting the brand into parenting decisions. T. Rowe Price Connections—“finding opportunity in the global economy”; feature stories developed around a topic (such as coffee, genomics, robotics, etc.) written by T. Rowe experts and journalists. − Goal: to pinpoint areas of financial trends and solidify the brand’s role as a trusted partner and resource. Red Bull’s Red Bulletin—web site and print magazine focusing on extreme sports, lifestyle, culture, etc. Brand journalism: examples 7 Red Bull’s Red Bulletin—web site and print magazine focusing on extreme sports, lifestyle, culture, etc. − Goal: to create a lifestyle around extreme sports, giving the audience more access than would typically possible.
  8. 8. What is Spark? Drive discovery of Qualcomm’s vision and momentum, using the principles of journalism Goal Premise Make what’s inside matter 8 Audience Characters Story Those of us looking for the next amazing thing The ecosystem of people passionate about Qualcomm’s vision, and who are bringing it to life We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Show people at their moment of passion − Documentary film Curate & amplify news that is aligned with company brand (“momentum”) What we do 10 (“momentum”) − Link-heavy blog Create content with an eye to sharing & co-creation (“discover”) − Video & photography Demonstrate & enrich company’s connection to communities (“ecosystem”) − Live events & social media
  11. 11. The creators Thought leaders Veteran tech journalists Insiders and Qualcomm analysts The characters The characters 11 The characters Inventors, makers, hackers, creators People who are using technology as a force of change
  12. 12. What is an influencer? Those who impact consumer perceptions and tastes about products or services Those who act as an intermediary between the company and the public, pointing out pros and cons of designs and functionality, which ultimately influences the companies themselves. What motivates influencers to share? The audience 12 What motivates influencers to share? Shiny, new solutions to problems Social and professional currency of finding something first Innovation and/or controversy Fear of missing out How they discover content PR outreach Meetings/exclusives Friends
  13. 13. A social shareable expression of the Live News feed Social media strategy 13 A channel for engaging with influencers in real time A distribution channel for Spark content that will drive engagement
  14. 14. Examples 14
  15. 15. Owned Media Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Where are we driving them? What are they going to do there? Qualcomm content marketing: A three-part approach 15 Earned Media Journalists | Bloggers | Social media users Who are the people we can reach? How and why will our target group share the experience? Paid Media Online ads | Offline ads | Content syndication How do we amplify the content with paid media while maintaining its journalistic identity? Qualcomm content marketing : How do we provide utility or delight consumers? CLASSICAL INTEGRATION CLASSICAL INTEGRATION
  16. 16. Key takeaways HYBRID Distribution PULL Discovery PUSH Seeding Content engagement 16 DistributionDiscoverySeeding Measurement
  17. 17. Find the best contributors Maintain an authentic, unbiased approach Invest in quality content—great stories don’t come cheap Key takeaways Produce compelling content 17
  18. 18. Run it like a newsroom—hire journalists, not PR reps Adhere to editorial premise: “What’s Inside Matters” Create original, compelling content that will start conversations Key takeaways Practice journalistic integrity 18 conversations
  19. 19. Employ top-of-the-line measurement and analytics to stay nimble and flexible Continuously explore site and Key takeaways Nimble marketing and analytics 19 content enhancements Experiment with content ideas and forms that will move the program forward Look for social media integration/analytics
  20. 20. Getting processes in place Educating internal and external stakeholders Shifting the Corporate Culture Continuously refining content Lessons learned Challenges 20 Continuously refining content Re-evaluating media strategy
  21. 21. @lsharif 21 For more information on Qualcomm, visit us at: & Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Other products and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners Thank you Follow us on: @lsharif @kesslermichelle