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Zimbra Partner Sales Training

Zimbra Partner Sales Training






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    Zimbra Partner Sales Training Zimbra Partner Sales Training Presentation Transcript

    • Zimbra Partner Sales Training August 11, 2009 Confidential to Zimbra Partners
    • Agenda
      • Zimbra Update
      • Qualification Criteria
      • Selling Points
      • Case Studies
      • Competitive Summary
      • Objection Handling
      • Zimbra Process and Deal Flow
      • Partner Portal and LATAM Channel Updates
    • Zimbra Update
    • Zimbra Overview
      • Zimbra v5.0: Advanced Messaging, Calendaring, Collaboration
      • Zimbra Collaboration Suite: Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, docs
      • Zimbra Archiving & Discovery: for retention/compliance
      • Differentiation: full features via rich Ajax UI; cross-platform support; rich integration capabilities (“Zimlets”); on-prem and hosted options; 30-40% lower-cost in general
      • Market Presence & Competition
      • 60,000 customers and 45+ million mailboxes in 80+ countries
      • 65% of business now done via Partners (vs. 33% in 2007 and 50% in ‘08)
      • 3M+ downloads of Zimbra Desktop client; 25,000+ community members
      • Competition: MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, Google, GroupWise, Communigate, Scalix, Open Source Solutions
      • Gartner Rating: ‘Positive’, May 2009, Email Systems Marketscope
      • Key Partners
    • Examples of Zimbra Commercial Customers Education SMB & SME Large Enterprises Service Providers Sinclair Broadcasting (Sprint LEC) South Africa Kuwait University
    • Examples of LATAM Customers Argentina Chile Chile Argentina Argentina Brazil Brazil Venezuela Peru Honduras Mexico Chile Chile Ecuador Brazil - Oi Velox
    • Qualification Criteria
    • Zimbra Qualification Criteria Key factors to consider when qualifying prospects: Industry Segment Current Email Solution Platform and Client Preferences Class of Service - COS
    • Industry Segment
      • Zimbra’s customers are in the following segments:
      • Government
      • Many government agencies are required by law to evaluate Open Source Solutions
      • Often require cross platform solutions
      • Business
      • Enterprise customers are good targets because of their aggressive efforts to reduce costs
      • Often require different features for each group of workers
      • Education
      • Wide range of end-user needs
      • Friendly to open source solutions
      • Service Providers
      • Prefer low cost and innovative email solution
      • APIs and platforms for customizations
    • Current Email Solution
      • A prospects’ current email solution is a good indicator of intent to switch:
      • Groupwise/Domino
        • Aging solutions, customers looking for innovative and cost-effective options
      • Exchange 2003/2007
        • Might consider Zimbra due to lower TCO
        • Do not target Exchange 2007 installations as organizations have already invested $$
      • Other Open Source Email Servers
        • Free or low cost solutions that require advanced features such as mobility and archiving/discovery
      • Stand-alone or Non-integrated Email/Calendaring Environment
        • Organizations that have deployed, or plan to deploy, 3 rd party calendars with a different open source/commercial Email solutions
    • Platform & Client Preferences
      • Key things to consider when understanding organizations’ email requirements:
      • Platforms
      • Organizations using Linux (Red Hat, SuSE or Ubuntu) or Mac servers are great prospects
      • For Windows/hybrid installations, focus on lower TCO, innovative feature set and cross-platform support (Linux, Mac and Windows)
      • Desktop Client Support
      • Target organizations with multiple client requirements – Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Desktop
      • Browser Preference
      • Companies that support several browser types – Firefox, Safari, IE, etc are likely to consider Zimbra
      • Mobile Solutions
      • Organizations with a mix of ActiveSync & Blackberry support are a good fit
    • Class of Service - COS
      • Zimbra’s ability to offer varying “classes of service” for different users has been a strong selling point:
      • Universities often segment their users into web-based users and desktop sync users (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc)
      • Organizations might need different features for different user groups (contractors, boundary workers, students, faculty)
    • Selling Points
    • Business/Government
      • Segment Highlights
      • Desire new functionality but resistant to change mostly due to migration challenges
      • Typically pay high upgrade or maintenance cost from legacy email/collaboration solutions
      • Mostly prefer on-premise deployment
      • Key Selling Points
      • Highlight TCO benefits from deploying ZCS and the investment protection due to Open Source
      • Focus on Web 2.0, Ajax based end-user and admin UI benefits, robustness, clustering and scalability
      • Stress on the multiple-client support that provides secure access to all users on any platform from any place
      • Discuss architectural flexibility of ZCS and web services framework by extending solution through mash-ups (Salesforce/CRM, VOIP, etc)
    • Education – Universities, Schools
      • Segment Highlights
      • High affinity for open source solutions and extensibility
      • Most schools have several solutions deployed across the campus and does not offer consistent user experience
      • Needs state of the art features to excite students and faculty
      • Rely a lot on references from other schools of equivalent size and email environment
      • Key Selling Points
      • Highlight Zimbra’s 2M+ EDU mailboxes along with top reference customers
      • Describe Zimbra’s flexibility and integration options through web-services based mash-up framework (Zimlets)
      • Highlight collaboration features (sharing, documents, briefcase) that allows students and faculty to collaborate on class projects
      • Focus on low TCO benefits and ability to easily deploy, manage and administer Zimbra solution
    • Service Providers
      • Segment Highlights
      • Prefer innovative products that will help them compete with other low cost or free email providers
      • Require reference customers with proven scale (100K+ mailboxes)
      • Key Selling Points
      • Highlight reference customers such as Comcast or Frontier Communications
      • Describe Zimbra’s flexibility and integration options through web-services based mash-up framework (Zimlets)
      • Point out to Zimbra’s proven ability to scale
      • Focus on Zimbra’s extensible framework that allows integration with 3 rd party applications such as , Twitter, Facebook, photos, address books, VoIP, Advertising, etc
    • Delivering Zimbra Pitch
      • Identify IT leads in the organization to discuss the Zimbra solution
        • Zimbra may be able to help with identifying the right person in the organization
      • Prepare/Customize Zimbra pitch appropriate for target segment
        • Zimbra partner portal has pitch decks for business, EDU and ISP segments, plus a Spanish Language Sales Presentation/Webinar
        • Develop responses for common objection handling scenarios
        • Leverage Zimbra marketing, sales or technical resources as appropriate
      • Deliver pitch in person or using web conferencing
        • A technical resource (from Zimbra or VAR) is recommended during discussions
        • Walk prospect through a life demo and point out key Zimbra value proposition for the target segment
    • Case Studies
    • Bechtel
      • Prior Solution : Exchange
      • Mailboxes migrated: 10,000
      • Other Competing Solution(s): Exchange
      Bechtel is a global leader in engineering, construction, and project management. With a diverse portfolio of services, Bechtel has over 20K full-time employees and 10K contractors worldwide. Reasons for choosing Zimbra Co-existence with other employees in the company that use Exchange – access to Global Address List and Calendar Wanted capability to create a private cloud, providing cloud services to employees Preferred a full fledged web client (email, calendar, contacts, collaboration) instead of supporting desktop clients Low TCO benefits Mobile options and Outlook compatibility
    • Comcast
      • Prior Solution : AT&T Messaging
      • Mailboxes migrated: 20 Million+
      • Other Competing Solution(s): Openwave
      Comcast is the largest provider of cable services - broadband cable, digital phone and content in US. They have more than 20 Million subscribers with more consumers signing up everyday Reasons for choosing Zimbra Scalability, Rich AJAX and HTML client to meet varied user base needs Support for all browser types – IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome Ability to re-brand and customize UI Integration with 3 rd part apps – VOIP, Ads, Photos, Addressbook, etc Additional Insights Took 18 months to complete the sales cycle Wanted to move to on-prem solution from an outsourced email
    • Stanford University
      • Prior Solution: IMAP, Oracle Calendar (Faculty)
      • Mailboxes migrated: 50,000
      • Other Competing Solution(s): Google Apps, Exchange
      Stanford University is one of world’s leading teaching and research institutions with over 50,000 students, faculty and staff Reasons for choosing Zimbra Extensible (mash-up) framework Fully integrated calendaring suitable for campus-wide deployment and collaboration requirements Cross-platform support including Mac, Linux and Windows Additional Insights Implemented several Zimlets – Campus maps, Event feed, resource search Successfully managed the Zimbra migration and deployment process Positive partnership with Zimbra team – direct feedback and enhancement requests
    • H&R Block
      • Prior Solution: Exchange + greenfield
      • Mailboxes migrated: 80,000
      • Other Competing Solution(s): Exchange
      H&R block and its subsidiaries provide tax, retail banking, accounting and business consulting services and products Reasons for choosing Zimbra Web-only solution without need for supporting desktop clients Low TCO, could afford providing email to all its boundary workers Built-in and Cost-effective archiving option Additional Insights Liked Zimbra’s web-based and cost effective solution for boundary workers Exchange could not meet the TCO requirements for boundary workers Purchased 13K mailboxes and then purchased more due to positive feedback Needed a solution that could be deployed immediately
    • Ministerio de Agricultura - Per ú
      • Prior solution: Postfix
      • Mailboxes migrated: 1,200
      • Other competing solution:
      • MS Exchange
      Ministerio de Agricultura is the government agency that rules and administrate the agriculture in Per ú Reasons for choosing Zimbra Complete Collaboration, calendaring and global address list Server-side indexing of mailbox content, enabling fast and efficient search using the Zimbra Web interface. Easy to organize and find information MAPI-based synchronization of mail, contacts and calendar data between Outlook and the Zimbra server Additional Insights Integration with ECM Alfresco High availabilty using Red Hat Cluster Suite Integration with Asterisks VoIP via Zimlet
    • Ministerio de Vivienda - Per ú
      • Prior solution: Postfix
      • Mailboxes migrated: 850
      • Other competing solution:
      • MS Exchange
      Ministerio de Vivienda is the government agency that rules and improve the standard of living for the peruvian citizens Reasons for choosing Zimbra Lower TCO Ability to run a regularly scheduled a process that moves older messages to a secondary storage volume Ability to create and manage multiple mail domains within a single ZCS instance Additional Insights Integration with ECM Alfresco Ability to use Active Directory for user authentication Local support in Per ú in Spanish via a Zimbra partner (SLA)
    • Zimbra Competitive Summary
    • Zimbra vs. Exchange
      • Top reasons for switching to Zimbra from Exchange:
      • Exchange is not cost-effective – 30/40% higher cost on an average, compared to Zimbra
      • Exchange was created in 90s and does not have an easily scalable architecture
        • Scaling requires further investment of resources from the customers
      • Microsoft has its agenda to promote Windows only platform
        • No support for Mac or Linux operating systems
      • Exchange only offers native synch with Outlook on PCs and Entourage on Mac
      • Exchange is not extensible and cannot integrate easily with 3 rd party products
      • Exchange does not support open standards such as iCal or CALDAV
    • Zimbra vs. Google
      • To counter Google, focus on these weaknesses of Google Apps:
      • Google Apps is SaaS-only service and does not work for most Businesses/Governments that prefer on-prem installations
      • Google Apps is architected for consumer messaging and does not have several enterprise class features such as full fledged offline client, user folders, comprehensive Outlook support, etc
      • While Google Apps provides an API for 3 rd party integration, it does not have a web 2.0 mash-up framework (similar to Zimbra)
      • Apps does not offer the level of admin control and flexibility offered by Zimbra through the admin web UI
      • Highlight the instances in the last 2 years when Google Apps blacked out, leaving several users stranded for hours
    • Zimbra Vs Competition
    • Objection Handling
    • Objection Handling Objection Zimbra Response Zimbra does not have an enterprise class Blackberry solution Zimbra offers a BES connector that has been in the market for more than 2 years and can support about 250 Blackberry users per server Zimbra’s Group Calendaring capabilities does not match Exchange’s calendar functionality Zimbra, while providing all features of Exchange’s calendaring capability, also offers all the calendaring and delegation functionality from the web interface (as well as Zimbra Desktop). Exchange OWA has only 60% of Outlook’s functionality We might lose out on key Outlook features by switching to Zimbra Not really. Zimbra’s Outlook Connector supports over 95% of Outlook (2003 and 2007) functionality with Zimbra server Zimbra does not have examples of large customer deployments with proven scale We have several customers that have deployed 100s of thousands of mailboxes – Comcast (20M+), H&R Block (100k+), Kaplan University (150K +), etc Other solutions have been in the market for longer time than Zimbra While other solutions are more mature, Zimbra has a modern architecture that is both scalable and innovative allowing us to develop features more quickly Google Apps and Hosted Exchange are free for schools. How can Zimbra compete with them? By opting for a free product, schools lose out a richer feature set offered by Zimbra, including branding capabilities per domain, ability to keep your data confidential behind your firewall, ability to take control and build custom mash-ups for specific student’s needs, warranty uptime and hight availabity, etc. These were some of the reasons for Stanford University and UW, Milwaukee to choose Zimbra over Google or Exchange Zimbra Open Source Edition has everything we need First and foremost, Zimbra Open Source does not include any relationship or support from Zimbra, or official Zimbra Partners. Zimbra Network Edition is intended for Mission Critical installations that require High Availability, Support, Robust Back-up & Recovery. Open Source is not. Only Network Edition supports Clustering, HSM, Zimbra Backup & Recovery, Zimbra Mobile & Blackberry Support, ‘Outlook MAPI’/Mac Support, etc… .
    • Zimbra Process and Deal Flow
    • Deal Flow: Zimbra Generated Leads
      • Zimbra Channel Manager receives leads from Zimbra website, emails from prospects etc. (most are not qualified)
        • Leads go to experienced VARs (based on location and info provided)
        • VAR qualifies and reports leads over 500 mailboxes to Zimbra, in monthly pipeline report (use template provided by Zimbra)
          • VAR develops pricing proposal from Zimbra price sheets
            • - VAR verifies price with Channel Manager, prior to delivery to customer
            • - VAR requests additional assistance with deal, as needed
        • To order Zimbra, VAR requests purchase agreement from Channel Manager
          • Channel Manager issues license key and delivers it to the VAR along with purchase agreement
    • Deal Flow: VAR Generated Leads
      • VAR receives lead from its marketing efforts
        • VAR qualifies and reports leads over 500 mailboxes to Zimbra, in monthly pipeline report (use template provided by Zimbra)
          • VAR develops pricing proposal from Zimbra price sheets
            • - VAR verifies price with Channel Manager, prior to delivery to customer
            • - VAR requests additional assistance with deal, as needed
        • To order Zimbra, VAR requests purchase agreement from Channel Manager
          • Channel Manager issues license key and delivers it to the VAR along with purchase agreement
    • Partner Portal & LATAM Channel Updates
    • Partner Portal Access
      • Partner Program Information
      • Zimbra Partner Program for VARs
      • Zimbra Partner Program for HSPs
      • Getting Listed on Zimbra Partner Website
      • Marketing & product collateral
      • Zimbra Product collateral to target enterprise, EDU or ISP
      • ZCS Product Architecture
      • Several Zimbra webinars
      • Competitive comparisons – Google, Microsoft, etc
      • Pricing and Licensing Guidelines
      • Annual and perpetual licensing terms
      • Suggested prices for Enterprise, EDU, Service Providers, etc
    • Zimbra LATAM Channel Update
      • LATAM Distribution partner plan slightly delayed, currently under development
        • VARs continue to place orders directly with Zimbra
        • Look for Distribution Plan announcement late Q3
      • Zimbra LATAM strategy is 99% through VARS
        • 1% Working through Yahoo! Bus Dev / Online Orders
      • Updated VAR Agreements – Please review and sign once received
        • New Silver and Gold Level designations, based on training, investment, sales, and experience
        • No firm Quota commitments for Silver Level Partners
        • Silver and Gold Partners can register qualified deals over $15K , for priority Zimbra Sales Support
        • Zimbra may ask partners to collaborate on some complex or strategic opportunities
    • Zimbra LATAM Channel Update, Cont’d
      • Investing in VAR training and deal assistance:
        • Webinars, in Spanish
        • Including Pre-Recorded Zimbra Presentation and Demo (ready now!)
        • https://www.meeting.corp.yahoo.com/p67784254/
        • Requesting input from VARs for additional key subject Webinars
        • Zimbra team will help with custom Webinars for VARs that can organize 10 or more prospects, or for Strategic Deals
        • Partner Portal Updates
        • LATAM Webinars
        • Spanish, Portuguese, and English Language materials
        • Zimbra Training
        • Partners have been selected to offer Zimbra Admin Training, in Brazil and Chile. Evaluating others.
        • SE and Admin Training available for a FEE, for groups of 8 or more
        • Sales Training available for FREE, via Webinars and by Zimbra directly
    • Zimbra LATAM Channel Update, Cont’d
        • Zimbra News Letters
        • Looking for new LATAM Case Studies – receiving suggestions
        • Great opportunity to promote regional VARs
        • Deal Assistance for leads over 500 mailboxes ONLY
    • Zimbra Contacts
      • Juan Bocanegra: LATAM Engineering
      • [email_address] , 408-464-4668
      • Randy Parker: LATAM Commercial
      • [email_address] , 415-595-5499
      • Scott Hawkyard: Channel
      • [email_address] , 408-349-4424
      • TJ Lucia: Strategic Partners
      • [email_address] , 408-349-3286
    • Questions? Thank you!