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What's New in the AJAX Control Toolkit and the AJAX Control ...
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What's New in the AJAX Control Toolkit and the AJAX Control ...


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  • 1. What’s New in the AJAX Control Toolkit and the Microsoft Ajax Library James Senior Jim Wang Microsoft Microsoft @jsenior @turanuk
  • 2. #devconnajax
  • 3. Get ready for… 1. 1 Ajax Control Toolkit 2. Microsoft Ajax Library
  • 4. But first… simplification Where is Microsoft investing in JavaScript? Se e s de Server-side C e s de Client-side Tooling oo g Microsoft Internet ASP.NET Visual Explorer Supported Ajax jQuery Studio AJAX 8 Library AJAX Microsoft Unsupported Control Doloto Ajax Toolkit Minifier
  • 5. Everyone loves ACT • Popular ● Plenty of downloads - 25,000 every week • Powerful and easy to use ● Rich controls requiring little or no code ● Add Ajax f functionality to a page via drag and drop • C Constantly I t tl Improving i ● New releases, controls, and bugfixes
  • 6. Say hello to my little friend(s) Problem Solution Details I want to upload files to the AsyncFileUpload Control • Wraps up the File Upload Control in Ajax server without refreshing the • Drag and drop on to your web page form I want to have a great user Seadragon Control • Microsoft Live Labs experience when exploring large • Smooth zooming and panning images using JavaScript • Compatible with Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer Z C I want to allow users to enter HTMLEditor Control • Similar to the DotNetNuke rich text and HTML experience • Edit and preview I want an intelligent drop down ComboBox • Dropdown list on steroids list with autocomplete and • Data Binding data binding • Partial Auto-complete • Multiple item selection p
  • 7. All good slides end at a demo • (demonstration)
  • 8. It’s life Jim, but not as we know it - Microsoft Aj Library Mi ft Ajax Lib • Lightweight client side framework g g • Powerful ● Great tooling support ● Optimized loading ● Friendly syntax and code separation • High Performance ● Create web applications that “pop” ● Leverage CDN ● Modular and lightweight • Interoperable ● j jQuery, openAjax, Open Source y p j p
  • 9. So fast it’s scary it s
  • 10. Microsoft Ajax Library Preview 6 • Features ● Includes the new client ScriptLoader ● Hosted on the new Microsoft Ajax CDN ● Support for both declarative and imperative syntax styles ● Templated client-side rendering and databinding ● Integration with jQuery ● Includes ADO NET Data Service Integration ADO.NET
  • 11. Demo Content • DataView ● Similar to a server-side repeater ● Supports declarative and imperative syntax • Split Framework Scripts ● Pay-as-you go model f Microsoft Ajax for f ● Reduces script downloaded to client • Microsoft Ajax CDN
  • 12. Demo Content • ScriptLoader ● Easy to get started: one script tag from CDN ● Manages split framework dependencies ● Easy debug and release switching ● Parallel, high-performance Parallel high performance loading • jQuery ● Enhances Microsoft Ajax with advanced selectors ● DataView exposed as a plug-in
  • 13. Demo Content • ADO NET Service Proxy ADO.NET ● Perform CRUD Operations • AdoNetDataContext ● Client-side management of objects
  • 14. It s It’s Demo Time! • Conceptual run-down and Preview 6 run down Samples
  • 15. What did you see today? • The Ajax Control Toolkit provides drag- drag and-drop server functionality and has cool new controls • The Microsoft Ajax Library has a new CDN, CDN new client ScriptLoader and support ScriptLoader, for data services integration and client- side templated rendering
  • 16. We re We’re excellent listeners • James Senior ● E-mail: ● Blog: www jamessenior com ● Twitter: @jsenior • Ji W Jim Wang ● E-mail: ● Blog: ● Twitter: @turanuk
  • 17. Call to Action • Learn ● ● http://channel9 msdn com/learn • Download ● // ● • Upload ● Something cool to the web ● Tell @jsenior about it
  • 18. Your Feedback is Important Please fill out a session evaluation form and either put them in the basket near the exit or drop them off at the conference registration desk. Thank you!