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UX-Technologien out-of-the-box:

UX-Technologien out-of-the-box:






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    UX-Technologien out-of-the-box: UX-Technologien out-of-the-box: Presentation Transcript

    • UX-Technologien out-of-the-box: AJAX, WPF, Silverlight Oliver Scheer Evangelist / Microsoft Deutschland
    • ASP.NET AJAX • ASP.NET AJAX Library – Only scripts for the client (browser) – Can be used from PHP • ASP.NET AJAX Extensions – Client- and server-side Extensions – ASP.NET 2.0 integration • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit – Community Driven – 34 Controls
    • ASP.NET AJAX Architecture Client Server XHTML/CSS Server Scripts ASPX ASMX Microsoft AJAX Library ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Base Class Library Application Services Bridge AJAX Script Core Library Server Controls Asynchronous Communications Asynchronous Communications Browser Compatibility ASP.NET 2.0 Page Application Framework and Services Browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, others) Server Controls
    • Level 1 – ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 4
    • ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel, Toolkit
    • More Information • http://ajax.asp.net • http://ajax.asp.net/ajaxtoolkit
    • WPF = Windows Presentation Foundation • 1 – Engine – Draws „Pixel“ on desktop – Convergence of media (2D, 3D, Video, Audio, Vektor, Bitmap) • 2 – Framework based on this engine – C#, VB, etc. – XAML !!!! – Enables interop between designer and Developer • 3 – Part of .NET Framework 3.0 – Access to all elements of the class library
    • Excursion: XAML • XAML = eXtensible Application Markup Language – XML File, describes the UI, Look & Feel – Can be created with Notepad – Many 3rd Party Tools – Expression Studio 1st Choice-Format  XAML <Canvas xmlns=„…" xmlns:x=„…" > <Rectangle Width="200" Height="100" Fill="Black" /> <Ellipse Width="200" Height="100" Stroke="Orange" /> </Canvas> </Canvas>
    • Convergence Segoe UI
    • Windows Presentation Foundation Designer & Developer Workflow with WPF
    • More Information • http://wpf.netfx3.com
    • Cross Browser Cross Platform Plug-In .NET Media Experiences RIA
    • Browser Host .NET for Silverlight Data WPF Networking MS AJAX Extensible Controls LINQ XLINQ REST Library POX DLR BCL RSS DOM JSON Ruby Python Generics Collections SOAP Integration Legend CLR Execution Engine Application V1.1 Services Legend XAML Deploy V1.0 UI Core Inputs DRM Presentation Friction-Free KeyboardMouse Ink Media Core Vector Text Installer Media Controls AnimationImages Auto- VC1 WMA MP3 Layout Editing Updater
    • Silverlight • Version 1.0 Beta – JavaScript • Version 1.1 Alpha – JavaScript – .NET CLR
    • Why Silverlight V1.0? Richer Media (WMV Investments) Broad Reach Visual Studio Expression Studio
    • Silverlight development with JavaScript • Silverlight development is similar to HTML devevelopment – Presentation format for Silverlight is XAML > XAML is XML (markup) – Silverlight V1.0 programming language is JavaScript • AJAX tricks work with Silverlight • Minimum tools are a text editor and a web browser
    • Designer and Development Tools • Developers (focus of this session) – Visual Studio 2005 and Orcas – Firebug – Any text editor • Designers – Expression Blend and Design > DES02: Building Rich Web Experiences (4/30, 15:00) – XAML exporters > Adobe Illustrator, Office (good for font subsetting), Others…
    • Silverlight V1.0 Components • Key Components in Silverlight V1.0 – 2D Grapics (shapes, transformations, cliping, masking) – Animations – Input: Mouse and Keyboard – Media (WMV, WMA, MP3) – Imaging (JPG, PNG) – Text (static and flow) – HTTP downloader – XAML Parser (includes CreateFromXAML API) – JavaScript DOM
    • Media • Media Features – Video: WMV V7, V8, V9, VC-1 – Audio: WMA V7, V8, V9 (standard), MP3 – Multiple options for deploying media > HTTP progressive download > Integration with Windows Media Server – Extensive WMV eco-system
    • Silverlight JavaScript Basics • Silverlight XAML elements are scriptable via the browser script engine (JavaScript) • Scriptable objects are obtained via findName – Scriptable objects (elements) can be controlled via properties and methods – Models JavaScript and HTML DOM interaction – findName is equivalent to document.getElementById() – Supports tree walking via children collection • Position set using "Canvas.Top" and "Canvas.Left" Size can be scaled or set via Height/Width
    • Silverlight Media Integration
    • More Information • All Alphas, Betas, SDKs, Trials, Samples • www.silverlight.net
    • Thank you !!!! oliver.scheer@microsoft.com http://blogs.msdn.com/olivers