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  • 2. AJAX Mario Briana Web Platform Architect Evangelist Microsoft EMEA
  • 3. Asynchronous Java And XML • AJAX • AJAX Futures – Used to be called Atlas – CTP – Beta 2 – Bridge Technologies – Available at • Microsoft AJAX Library – Scheduled for release near year- – contains the complete set end of client JavaScript • Microsoft AJAX Library components that are – Beta 2 included in the full • AJAX Control Toolkit ASP.NET AJAX Beta – CTP – You may use and modify – Joint Development between these scripts in your own Microsoft and the community applications. – Available at
  • 4. Enriching ASP.NET Applications Enable key “AJAX” and user experience scenarios in an incremental manner while preserving the existing server controls and server-side development models • Atlas-Enabling Pages – Add a ScriptManager control • Enable Partial Rendering – Continue to use the postback model, but work out-of-band – Only portions of the page are rendered on the server – Existing page is updated using script • Extend Existing Controls – Add rich client-side behavior to enable key scenarios – AutoCompleteExtender, etc. • Atlas Script Framework is an enabling technology – Control developers have a richer target to build for – Page developers continue to use server controls
  • 5. Server Or Client Centric? • Server-centric web sites and apps – Work with existing server application model – Keep core UI/application logic on server – Improve latency, interactivity, personalization • Client-centric browser applications – Fully exploit DHTML in presentation tier • The DOM is back … never went away ;-) – Use AJAX for data, services, composition – Enable new immersive experiences • AJAX provides a great framework for both
  • 6. AJAX Server Controls Reducing full roundtrips • <Atlas:UpdatePanel> control – Easily define “updatable” regions of a page – Server roundtrips become asynchronous – AJAX handles all the infrastructure <ajax:UpdatePanel id=“u1” runat=“server”> <ContentTemplate> <!-- This content can be dynamically updated! -> <asp:Calendar id=“cal1” runat=“server”/> <ContentTemplate> </ajax:UpdatePanel>
  • 7. DEMO UpdatePanel
  • 8. Developing With AJAX Server-centric application model Browser Server Application Initial Rendering Pages Presentation (UI + Behavior) (HTML/CSS) Input Data UI Behavior Updated UI + Behavior (Managed Code) AJAX Script Framework ASP.NET Component/UI Client Page Application Framework, Application Framework, Services Controls Services Server Controls
  • 9. AJAX Server Controls Adding interactivity • AJAX control extenders – Extend ASP.NET controls with AJAX behaviors – Encapsulate both client and server behavior – Same familiar programming model as ASP.NET server controls <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox> <ajax:AutoCompleteExtender ID="AutoCompleteExtender1" runat="server" CompletionInterval="3" CompletionListElementID="" TargetControlID="TextBox1" CompletionSetCount="3" MinimumPrefixLength="1" ServicePath="NwindService.asmx" ServiceMethod="GetCities" />
  • 10. Developing With AJAX Client-centric application model Browser Server Application Presentation Initial Rendering (HTML/CSS) Pages (UI + Behavior) Ajax Service Data Proxies UI Behavior UI Behavior (Managed (Script) Data Code) AJAX Script Framework ASP.NET Component/UI Client Page Application Framework, Application Framework, Services Controls Services Server Controls
  • 11. AJAX Server Controls Adding interactivity • AJAX client behaviors – Reusable piece of interactive functionality – Attach to HTML UI declaratively or in code – Examples: • Drag-and-drop • Tooltips • Popups • Auto-complete – Easily extend or write your own in Javascript
  • 12. AJAX Script Framework • Scenarios – Mash-up and composite applications and sites – Components and Gadgets (, Windows Sidebar) • Powerful script framework – Rich type system and class library for Javascript – Component model and UI framework – Rich client-side data access and databinding • Easily integrated with server application model – Easily consume web services from browser – Script access to ASP.NET application services – Server-side bridge to reuse 3rd party services
  • 13. AJAX Script Framework Networking • A networking stack for asynchronous services – High-level classes for requests/responses – Customizable behavior – batching, prioritization, queuing – Pluggable data format and wire protocol • Uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and REST by default • Easy access to server-based services – Easily call server-hosted web services – AJAX takes care of proxy generation, plumbing, serialization – Automatic serialization of .NET types to and from JavaScript • Integrated with ASP.NET application services – Authentication, authorization, session state, caching
  • 14. Demo Enriching an existing Application
  • 15. This would have been it for an overview but then I found the WPF/E announcement
  • 16. Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere • What is it? – cross-platform – interactive experiences – animation – graphics – audio – video for the Web • Access WPF with Script interact with AJAX
  • 17. Thank you • Presentation and demo will be available at • Further information at