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    Senior Applications Developer UI: JavaScript, JSON, CSS, AJAX ... Senior Applications Developer UI: JavaScript, JSON, CSS, AJAX ... Document Transcript

    • Senior Applications Developer UI: JavaScript, JSON, CSS, AJAX Application: ASP.Net, C#, Web Service Database: SQL-Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures CONTACT Candidate: David James Address: 2 Toronto Street, Suite 224, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2B5, Canada Cell phone: 416-602-5432 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Web site: OBJECTIVE To design and build medium-to-large Internet-based line-of-business applications using cutting-edge technologies. Moving towards application architect or development manager. PROFILE • 10 years of cutting-edge experience developing information systems for various industries including fund management, accounting, government, telecom, electronics, forestry, legal, human resource, building, and media. • Professional, friendly, and excellent client-facing skills. • Strong technical proficiency, ability to deal with ambiguity, attention to detail, creative problem solving skills, highly self-motivated, and aptitude for learning. TECHNICAL SKILLS SUMMARY Web Browsers Chrome (3/2/1), Internet Explorer (8/7/6/5), Mozilla Firefox (3/2), Safari (4), Opera (10) Client-Side Languages AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, D/HTML, CSS Server-Side Languages ASP.Net AJAX, ASP.Net (2008/2005/2003) – MVC / Web Forms, ASP Classic, Windows Forms .Net, C# (2008/2005/2003), VB.Net (2005/2003), .Net Framework (3.5/3/2/1), LINQ to Object, ADO.Net, Web Service, WSDL, XPath, HTTP/S, VBScript, Windows Scripting Host, Visual Basic (VB6), VBA, ADO, Windows API Database Languages T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, ANSI-SQL Database Management Systems (DBMS) SQL-Server (2008/ 2005/2000/7) (Tables, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, DTS, Backup/Restore, Query Analyzer), Informix, My-Sql, Oracle, Access Web Servers Internet Information Server (IIS) (6) Development Environments Candidate: David James Page 1 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50
    • Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, COM/+, Windows Media Server (WMS), Crystal Reports, Access Forms/Reports, Visio, Visual Modeler, Dreamweaver (Homesite), Photoshop Notations UML: Activity, Class, Object, State, Sequence, Use Case; ERD, DFD Operating System Servers Windows Server 2003/2000/NT PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD); 2003 • C.A.S.I. Level 1 Snowboard Instructor; 2002 TECHNICAL SEMINARS • Nothin’ but .NET Developer Boot Camp, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September, 2009 • Learning jQuery, Holland, Michigan, USA, August 2009 • Microsoft Tech-Ed, Orlando, Florida, USA, June 2008 • Microsoft Tech-Ed, Auckland, New Zealand, August 2006 • Microsoft Connect, Christchurch, New Zealand, May 2006 EDUCATION • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): Majored in Computer Information Systems (awarded Senior Prize for achieving A grades in all Stage III courses), University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand; 1998 • Diploma in Sales Management, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand; 1993 • Certificate in Credit Management, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand;1993 EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY • Canadian Landed Immigrant; New Zealand Citizen PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS Applications Developer Company Clarity Systems, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dates March 2009 – Current Overview Resolved bugs and added feature enhancements to medium-sized financial budgeting product sold world- wide. • Rebuilt several pages to significantly improve page load times and robustness. • Coded light-weight high-performance alternatives to third-party client-side libraries e.g. popup, dropdownlist and grid. Created prototype using Microsoft MVC. Development Tools Candidate: David James Page 2 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50
    • Balsamiq, JavaScript, jQuery 1.3/1.2, CSS, D/HTML, Internet Explorer 8/7/6, AJAX, ASP.Net MVC/Web Forms, C# 3.0, .Net Framework 3.5, Web Service, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, SQL-Server 2008. Technical Details • Self-orientated with source code and product; resolved various bugs and implemented new functionality in Report Books, Scheduled Reports, and Report Book History modules using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ASP.Net, and C#. Delivered product with more functionality and less bugs. • Collaborated with other developers to rebuild Select Page Options, Select Member, and Point of View pages to optimise load time and improve robustness using both client-side and server-side programming e.g. remove ViewState, use JSON, move scripts to external file, reduced number of HTTP requests, moved logic to client-side to prevent round-trips, optimised loading large dropdown lists, and tuned looping algorithms; improved robustness by using stronger conditional evaluation, default statements, and validation; introduced CSS positioned Html elements; researched and coded ability to dynamically download CSS/JavaScript to reduce perceived latency. Used peer programming to impart JavaScript knowledge, discussed best-practice code techniques and design approaches. • Created Data Source mock-up using Balsamiq and coded prototype user-interface from scratch using Microsoft MVC. Built custom JavaScript controls and framework as a light-weight high- performance alternative to jQuery and other third-party libraries e.g. controls to manage table- based data; popup control with validation messages, escape/enter key, and overflowing content; and a light-weight AJAX library. Introduced CSS namespaces; discussed best-practice coding techniques in group setting. Delivered robust and reliable module. • Resolved bugs and made feature enhancements to Template, Report Books, and Page Options module. There were a low number of side-effects from making significant code changes, and the modules are more stable. Applications Developer Company Vastardis Capital Services, Burlington, Ontario, Canada Dates July 2007 – November 2008 [16 months] Overview Built web-based fund administration and data warehouse publishing applications for New York head- quartered fund administrator. • Created fund administration application to manage entity allocations for use by external clients. • Worked in a team of three to create publish-to-client application to approve/reject pending changes and push data to client facing data warehouse. • Researched and developed automated build process to move source code to testing environments. Development Tools ASP.Net, Windows Forms, C# 3.0/2.0, Microsoft AJAX, Web Service, JavaScript, D/HTML, CSS, SQL- Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, Internet Explorer 7/6, Mozilla Firefox 2, .Net Framework 3.5/3.0. Technical Details • Extensive object-oriented (OOP) JavaScript, HTML, and Stylesheet (CSS positioning) coding for rich internet application (RIA) in Internet Explorer and Firefox: drag-and-drop between controls, sorting and editing custom tree control, and third-party grid and context menu integration. • Wrote JavaScript classes to manage user interaction and business rules including dictionary, client process layer, and data objects using inheritance, encapsulation, namespaces, static classes for enumerations/constants, and maintaining instance references on event call-backs. Candidate: David James Page 3 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50
    • • Integration with ASP.Net AJAX: update/progress panel, asynchronous error handling, client-side and server-side event registration such as initializerequest/pageloaded/endrequest handler. Built client-side wrapper to manage multiple grid updates in one request, and coded pages to update controls selectively to optimise performance. • Designed and coded server-side application: content and code-behind web pages using ASP.Net, 3-tier logical architecture (BPL/DAL/Data) using C# to manage data and complex business rules. • Reviewed database design, stored procedure and data access layer implementation. Modified and created stored procedures to reflect changes in business rules. • Reviewed functional specification and use cases; wrote system design and created UML diagrams (class, interaction), revised business rules, created detailed time estimates, and provided continuous feedback on progress. • Researched, designed, and coded automated build process (Command Line/Windows Form): get source code from Team Foundation Server, build solution, copy files to web servers, and hook into database setup application. • Wrote batch script to move log files, created XML release tag, and automated update of local Wiki build version and date. The latter involved stepping through the Wiki PHP code, and adapting third-party open-source code to deliver a custom library to manage Wiki read/write. Applications Developer Company TLCO Software, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dates October 2006 – February 2007 [5 months] Overview Provided technical expertise by coding feature blocks, writing technical reports, and developer interaction. Development Tools ASP.Net, Window Forms, C# 2.0, Microsoft AJAX, Microsoft Atlas CTP, Web Service, JavaScript, JSON, D/HTML, CSS, SQL-Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2, .Net Framework 2.0. Technical Details • Created a Windows Forms Control from scratch for use in Microsoft Internet Explorer (ActiveX). The editor allows floor-plans to be annotated using pencil or text, and includes undo/redo. Click Save to upload the overlay only to the web server. Performed client-side checks for prerequisites: .Net Framework, ActiveX, Scripting - • Implemented Microsoft AJAX framework along with dynamic ASP.Net control generation, and advanced client-side scripting for HTML control caching. See • Used CSS positioning to layout graphic-designed web page with special features such as floor- plans inside a curved window, and textured panels. Compatible with IE and Firefox • Coded numerous solutions to assist the development team: JavaScript popup panel; bubbling events in web user controls and moving data between controls; converting PDF to Bitmap, employed 3rd party library to annotate PDF, displaying PDF in a browser. • Researched and coded real-time proof-of-concept Windows Forms application to share remote cursor in browser-to-server configuration using web service. • Wrote technical reports on ASP.Net State Management, Dual Cursor, and Redlining. Evaluated third-party SDKs and weighed up the cost benefit of creating features in-house. Promoted coding and nomenclature best practice. Created functional design use cases to scope requirements. • Participated in weekly phone discussions regarding project schedule and development status of prototype site in team of five. Candidate: David James Page 4 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50
    • Applications Developer Company Tait Electronics, Christchurch, New Zealand Dates September 2005 – September 2006 [13 months]; September 2002 – March 2003 [7 months] Overview Provided .Net technical expertise and completed three successful global web-based applications for mobile-radio company targeting several millions of data. Applications are online shopping cart and payment system, online sales book generation, and management reporting. Migrated Intranet and Windows applications to a new version of the BaaN ERP system. Development Tools ASP.Net 2005, ASP.Net 2003, ASP, VB.Net 2005, VB.Net 2003, VBScript, Web Service, XPath, JavaScript, D/HTML, CSS, Informix, ADO.Net, BaaN ERP, Windows Server 2003, Internet Explorer 6/3.2, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, .Net Framework 2/1, Subversion, Visual Basic 6, ADO 2.7, Access 97, Homesite4 Technical Details • All applications built using three-tier architecture against an Informix database with several million rows of data and four thousand tables. This required extensive tuning of SQL-statements, discussions with data architects, and code optimizations to access data quickly. • Researched and implemented advanced .Net functionality: strongly-typed collections with custom sorting; client-side DataGrid sort with server-side save; n-tier business object architecture for input and business rule validation, data object transport layer to support dynamic SQL generation in data access layer, setup new .Net applications and assisted developers with technical issues. • Worked in a team of three developers to design and code the Customer Pricebook global Intranet application. Wrote system level design document: function points, class diagrams, code paths, reviewed ERD. Designed and coded pages from scratch: pricebook homepage - add, edit, find, generate; features - add, edit, find, delete, sort, link footnotes; footnotes - add, delete. • Coded Phase 2 of the Online Shop: check-out process and integration with payment gateway, self-registration, modify customer details, various custom enhancements, and modified web- services to read / write customer and product details. See • Designed and coded BaaN global service reporting Intranet from scratch: built search engine, created paging web user control, wrote complex SQL; manipulated and formatted data using DataTable and DataView; optimised data retrieval on one plus million rows of data; created an OdbcHelper based on Microsoft Data Application blocks; improved repeated report retrieval by using Application Cache, coded download to Excel and print, upgraded from .Net 2003 to 2005. • Migrated standard utility functions, such as email and error handling, from VBScript to VB.Net. • Created a “Licence Generator” Intranet application from scratch (1 month) • Debugged and enhanced Intranet applications such as “Component Sourcing and Evaluation” and “Reschedule Reports” (1 month) • Rewrote the Finished Goods Windows Forms-based application (5 months) targeting an Informix database with several million rows of data and four thousand tables. As products are scanned for dispatch they are matched against the Baan ERP, validated, and a bar code generated. • Worked alongside end users to design, implement, and debug applications • Reverse engineered business processes, and documented existing and new system designs Applications Developer Company Hewlett-Packard, Wellington, New Zealand Candidate: David James Page 5 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50
    • Dates January 2005 – May 2005 [5 months] Overview Worked in a team of twelve to develop a global Intranet application to manage electronic passports for the New Zealand government. Targeting SQL-Server with 5 millions rows of data, this is high-volume system with nearly 500,000 passports being issued every year. The system provided a guaranteed response time for each passport processed. This is accessed from London, UK; Sydney, Australia; and Wellington, New Zealand. Development Tools ASP.Net, C#, COM+, WSDL, ADO.Net, SQL-Server 2000, JavaScript, D/HTML, CSS, XML, Crystal Reports, Windows Server 2003, Visual Source Safe, Internet Explorer 6, Visio, Word, .Net Framework 1. Technical Details • Wrote detailed system design documents for n-tier component and web service; web pages, and reports using Visio and Word • Coded bio-data component using WSDL, COM+, C#, .Net Class Library, Data Access Application Block, and custom classes. .Net web services provide authenticated access to N-tier components running in the GAC. • Created database, tables, stored procedures, and indexes using SQL-Server • Built ASP.Net web pages using .Net Web Controls and hand-coded D/HTML • Wrote client-side validation using JavaScript and Regular Expressions • Provided multi-language support for all screen elements in resource file • Researched and wrote web-based Crystal Reports and Excel download functionality • Made various enhancements to a .Net Windows Forms application using C# and XML Applications Developer, Project Manager Company Design Solutions, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada (Worked Remotely) Dates June 2005 - July 2005 [2 months]; September 2005 – May 2007 [5 months (10 hours per week over 20 months)]; April 2004 – November 2004 [7 months] Overview Created ASP.Net web site, developed two secure Internet portal prototypes, and produced multimedia presentation for home plan company. Lead a team of team developers to create a production version of the secure Internet portal for the home plan industry. Development Tools ASP.Net, C#, .Net Class Library, ADO.Net, SQL-Server 2000, Windows Server 2003/2005, Windows Media Server, HTTP/S, JavaScript, D/HTML, CSS, AJAX, Internet Explorer 6/7, .Net Framework 1.1/2.0, Visual SourceSafe, PhotoShop, Word, Excel Technical Details • Identified user requirements, investigated solution architecture, and created proposal • Analysed system requirements, created functional specification and database design • Assisted graphic designers to conceive corporate branding components: logotype, font, colour, and page design • Coded web site by hand. • Coded IDI Pro prototype: instant messaging, web cast, email messaging, plan display, and project information. • Developed Plan Library prototype: find plan, view plan, and buy. Candidate: David James Page 6 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50
    • • Produced IDI Pro demo: wrote content and structure, worked with graphic designers to create visual interface for demo and binder, directed audio recording, selected sound track, designed prototype CD binder, wrote release document. • Created production version of IDI Pro prototype: company/project/user setup, plan upload and display, instant messaging, web cast, email messaging, and note section • Provided training and mentoring; and assisted with developing additional functionality: schedule meeting, edit profile, online chat status, designer photo, registration, portal security. Applications Developer, Team Leader Company Progressive Solutions, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada Dates October 1999 – November 2001 [25 months] Overview Maintained and added functionality to forestry Windows Forms client/server (2.5 tiers) management systems sold throughout North America to mid-sized lumber mills. Led the FiberTrack team of three developers and one tester. Development Tools Visual Basic 6, ADO 2.5, COM, SQL-Server 7, T-SQL, DTS, API, Project, Office, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Modeler, Visio, Query Analyzer and third party controls e.g. Apex, Crystal, Sheridan, VideoSoft, FaxMan Technical Details • Analysed functional requirements, estimated development times, created database and application design, and spearheaded development frameworks • Rebuilt the contact manager and shipment modules; and refactored the contract module of a sales and inventory application (“MillTrack”). This involved the analysis, design, and coding of the user interface, business objects, and data access components targeting a100,000 rows of data. • Debugged a purchase order system (“FiberTrack”): purchase order, inventory, payment, and contract management; and the data import from hand-held via modem using Hayes AT Commands. • Researched and coded fax, email and print functionality for “MillTrack” • Worked onsite to design, code and troubleshoot an accounting module in “MillTrack” • Created stored procedures, triggers, tables, indexes, and migrated legacy data into new structures • Made extensive use of third-party grids for editing and viewing. Candidate: David James Page 7 of 7 Email: david (at) softchisel (dot) com Last changed 02/16/10 22:50