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  • 1. Mark K. Reha 12946 W. Luchana Dr. Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 Email: Cell Phone: 623-330-7685 Online Resume: _________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL PROFILE I have a proven combination of experience as a technical manager, technical lead, lead architect, architect, and senior software engineer. I have strong management, problem solving, communication, analytical, and programming skills. As a technical manager I have managed 3 different engineering teams to meet company technical and product release goals. I have been instrumental in building 2 engineering teams for new and complex products. As an architect and software engineer I have successfully designed and implemented software from conception through production to meet company goals. I continue to keep informed on the latest technical advancements through the use of technical publications and Internet resources. I am seeking a Technical Lead or Architect position that is focused on products that leverage J2EE and/or Desktop Java. See my online resume for a complete portfolio (including detailed descriptions and screen shots for many of the projects that I have worked on professionally. Also see my personal web site for other projects that I have worked on. • 10 years of experience in Technical Management, managing both senior and junior level engineers, using both onshore and offshore development models. • 8 years of experience in Enterprise Application Architecture, Design, and programming. This experience includes using J2EE 1.2, J2EE1.3, and J2EE 1.4. Application Servers that I have deployed applications onto include: IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, Tomcat, JRun, Enhydra, and ATG Dynamo. • 5 years of experience in Desktop Java programming using the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition, Swing Applications, Swing Applets, JavaHelp, Java Web Start, Java Plug-in, and InstallAnywhere. • 5 years of experience in Windows Desktop and Windows CE applications programming using MFC, Windows SDK, C++, and C. • 10 years of experience in embedded systems programming using assembly language and C, software and hardware integration, hardware design, and hardware troubleshooting. PROFESSIONAL TECHNOLOGIES Enterprise Java: Servlets, JSP, JSF, JSTL Portlets, EJB, iLog Jrules, PL/SQL, JDBC, JAAS, JMS, SOAP, XML Application Servers: WebSphere, WebLogic, JRun, Oracle9iAS, JBoss, Tomcat, Enhydra, and ATG Dynamo Open Source: Spring, Struts, Facelets, iBatis, Hibernate, iText, Castor, OSCache, Quartz, Log4j, Ant, JMeter, JUnit Standard Java: Swing, JNI, Java Plug-In, Java Web Start, JavaHelp, InstallAnywhere Web 2.0: Google Web Toolkit, AJAX, Ajax4Jsf, DOJO, Apache Tomahawk Database: Informix, Oracle8i/9i, MS SQL Server, MySQL, InstantDB, HypersonicSQL Web: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Applets, Apache Web Server Handheld Technologies: MIDP for the Palm OS, Windows CE High Level Languages: Java, UML, C++, C, Perl, Dbase/Clipper, Awk Windows Technologies: MFC, Windows SDK, COM/ATL, WinInet, ActiveX Controls, DirectX, ODBC Operating Systems: Linux, Windows NT, Windows CE, Windows 9x Development Environments: IBM WSAD/RAD, Eclipse, JDeveloper, NetBeans, JBuilder, BEA Workshop
  • 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ACXIOM Phoenix, AZ 12/2007 to present Development Lead and Industry Solutions Architect – 12/2007 to present Professional Summary: I started at Acxiom in 2007 on a healthcare application for their client Wolters Kluwer. My initial responsibility is to lead a team of 6 engineers responsible for engineering the business rules. Development Lead and Industry Solutions Architect: Development Lead for a team of 6 engineers responsible for developing business rules in iLog JRules. As a development lead I completed the following achievements: • Held weekly team meetings to manage priorities, issues, risks, improve engineering discipline, and improve team communications across other teams on the project. • Incorporated software configuration management into the business rule development process. • Incorporated design templates and unit test templates into the business rules development process. • Incorporated development estimating model into the business rules development process. • Incorporated design and code review process into the business rules development process. • Incorporated automated unit test application into the business rules development process. • Trained 3 junior engineers on the rules development team. • Came up to speed on iLog JRules (business rules development), which I was not familiar with. Other achievements include: • Authored a Rules Developer Guide for training new rules developers. • Worked with client on Client Rules Development process and documented this process. • Completed an architecture and best practices White Paper on the use of iLog JRules. • Resolved a major iLog performance issue. • Worked with Project Managers on current and future release schedules. TSYS ACQUIRING SOLUTIONS Tempe, AZ 05/2004 to 11/2007 Development Lead and Application Architect – 8/06 to 11/2007 eCommerce Program Analyst III – 5/04 to 8/06 Development Manager – 1/05 to 8/06 Architect – 9/04 to 1/05 Senior Software Engineer – 5/04 to 9/04 Professional Summary: I started at TSYS Acquiring Solutions (formerly Vital Processing) in 2004 on a new project called Vital Express, which is a project to replace the legacy merchant and terminal boarding green screen applications with a state of the art web based application. This application took over 1 year to build and test, is a large 150+ page application, incorporated multi-site development teams, and that has had as many as over 75 software engineers working at one time during this span. Vital Express is now in production and was a very successful project launch. I am the inventor of 3 pending patents on this product. During the year and half that I worked on Vital Express, reporting to the Director of Software, I was promoted from a senior software engineer, to an architect, and development manager where I was responsible for the overall application architecture and manager of a team of junior and senior software engineers. In 2006 I joined a new International team within TSYS Acquiring Solutions as a lead architect and development lead reporting to the senior VP of Engineering. This new team was responsible for building the next generation web based reporting platform and data warehouse for the International market at TSYS Acquiring Solutions. In 2007 I joined a new System Architecture and Strategy team within TSYS Acquiring Solutions as a lead architect. This new team is focused on building the next generation web application architecture and building a 3-5 year technical strategy and technical road map.
  • 3. Development Lead and Lead Application Architect (for International Team): • Development Lead for a team of 6 offshore engineers. As a development lead I performed all design reviews, test plan reviews, peer code reviews, and day-to-day technical management of the offshore development team. • Lead Architect for an international Merchant Portal Application, which is new 90+ page application that provided a number of services to a Merchant including viewing their statement online and viewing a Transaction Report showing the complete life cycle (Transaction Detail, Batches, and Payments) of the card transaction. I completed the following deliverables: • Application Blueprint and technology road map • Conceptual User Interface design • Static HTML “wire frame” demo application • Worked with the Business Architecture team and Client (in the Netherlands) to define and refine the business requirements • Worked with the Project manager on project planning and staffing allocation • Implemented a “Pet Store” vertical application that demonstrated all new technologies and design patterns and that was also used for internal technical training:  IBM RAD 7 to demonstrate the use Java5  MyFaces to demonstrate the use of JSF  Facelets to demonstrate “tiles” and custom tag reusable UI components  DOJO to demonstrate a number of UI components such as menus and tab panels  Apache Tomahawk to demonstrate a number of UI components such as a Data Grid and HTML editor  Ajax4Jsf to demonstrate JSF AJAX integration and partial page updates of report pages  iBatis to demonstrate a DAO framework  iText to demonstrate PDF document creation  Internationalized to English and Dutch with language change on the fly  LDAP server for authentication and PCI security policies  Application Framework specification to document the “Pet Store” application • Completed a technology study and Proof of Concept on Portal Servers. My findings and recommendations were documented in an architecture White Paper. This White Paper was presented to senior staff members and the TSYS Architecture Forum. • Member of the Architecture Forum, which provides governance, technology road maps, and technical vision and direction for TSYS Acquiring Solutions. • Member of the Software Engineering Process Group, which is a committee that owns the development life cycle processes, procedures, and also leads the CMMI related process improvements for TSYS Acquiring Solutions. Development Manager and Architect (for Vital Express Team): o Manager of a team, reporting to the Director of IT, whose responsibilities include: • Day-to-day technical and non-technical management for a team of 6-12 engineers. • Working with Business Architects on functional requirements. • Staffing and interviewing for building the Vital Express Application Development team. • Annual performance reviews. • Working with onshore liaison and offshore engineering team in India. • Create and manage Project schedules. • Software bug base and HEAT ticket assignment and resolution. • Production support (creation of support procedures and providing 24/7 support). • Mentoring junior engineers (both onshore and offshore). o Architect, whose responsibilities include: • Drive the technical direction and vision for Vital Express. • Designed Vital Processing’s high profile inbound SOA Web Services Architecture for Vital Express, which received XML documents over a document literal style Web Service, that interfaces to the Vital Express business tier. I also worked with a consultant to incorporate WS- Security X509 digital certificates into the architecture. I have a patent pending on this
  • 4. architecture. I also worked with the Business Architecture team and Technical writer on the content and direction of the SDK for this product. • Designed Batch Engine Architecture for Vital Express, which was designed to receive XML documents over NDM, utilized Work Manager API to achieve vertical scalability, and Remote EJB’s to achieve horizontal scalability. This design leveraged many major components from the inbound Web Services design. I have a patent pending on this architecture. I also worked with the Business Architecture team to define and refine the requirements for this product. • Designed a JavaServer Faces Integration Framework, which includes a developer guide, proof of concept, a suite of custom renders, AJAX integration, and custom event handlers. This framework emulated the current Struts base classes, tag libraries, security services, and other application framework support that are currently used today to build the Struts based applications. • Designed AJAX Integration Framework (in 2004 when AJAX was new to the market) that introduced the use of AJAX into the Struts based architecture. Vital Express was designed to emulate the legacy green screen applications that incorporated many complex and dynamic screens. The use of AJAX in Vital Express has eliminated many annoying screen refreshes, which has improved the usability, scalability, and simplified the architecture by allowing a means to perform asynchronous communication and perform partial screen updates. • Created Application Design Template and trained Vital Application Development Team, which improved our application designs, improved code quality, improved our time to market, and incorporated a more agile design methodology. • Improved our software development methodology by creating a vastly improved design template, having cross team design reviews, enforcing the creation and execution of assembly test plans, performing extensive code reviews (personal and CheckStyle), and by providing day to day technical leadership. • Documented all of the Vital Express Core Software Architecture, Frameworks, Base Classes, and overall Application Architecture. • Published a monthly Architecture Newsletter, which communicates all architecture changes, specification updates, and general industry technologies and news across the Application Development team. Enterprise Architect (for Vital Express Team): o Promoted as an architect at Vital Processing. Designs include: • Middleware software interface to outbound Amex Web Services. • Middleware software interface to outbound TNS Web Services. • The above designs included technologies such as Message Driven Beans, Web Service proxies, and asynchronous communication. The designs were fully documented and handed to a team of 6 engineers for implementation. I also managed this team of 6 engineers. • A complete vertical J2EE based module that managed a complex workflow for persisting data between database and legacy system. • Static Data Framework, which was a framework for managing and retrieving static data lists used to populate all drop downs in the application. • Optimistic Record Locking Service, which was an extension to the existing Data Access Framework for implementing the optimistic record locking design pattern. • Back Button Service, which was a service that was used to manage the navigation of the application and handled various scenarios such as AJAX requests etc. o Worked on various projects to improve the scalability of the Vital Express application. Projects included analysis of session usage and read only data database access. The results of this analysis included the development of a Session Manager and Database Caching scheme (using OSCache). The session usage for the application was reduced by 50-90%. In some cases the database caching reduced the number of database accesses by as much as 90% for some parts of the application. Enterprise Java Development (for Vital Express Team): o Participated in design reviews and design for initial architecture on a new development team and new enterprise application (Vital Express). I designed and implemented one of the first vertical application modules for the application. The application was developed and deployed on WebSphere and
  • 5. Informix database. This was developed using WSAD, JSP, Custom Tag Libraries, Struts, EJB Façade Business Objects, and Data Access Objects leveraging the Hibernate persistence framework. WELLS FARGO Tempe, AZ (Contract) 11/2003 to 05/2004 Senior J2EE Software Engineer Professional Summary: I moved to the Phoenix area in 2003 and found employment as a contractor for Wells Fargo. When my contract appeared that it was going to expire I then pursued full time employment. While at Wells Fargo I worked as a Senior Software Engineer and completed the design and development of a J2EE application and Web Services project, both of which were fully documented and deployed to production servers as scheduled. Enterprise Java Development: • Added new applications reporting modules, new user Interface, and security (using JAAS) to an existing Loan Management Information application. The application was developed and deployed on JRun 4 and MS SQL Server database. This was developed using Eclipse, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, JSTL, Struts, Business Objects, and Data Access Objects leveraging SQL. • Ported server side .NET VB application to J2EE using Web Services and BEA WebLogic 7.1 and MS SQL Server database. This was developed using BEA WebLogic Workshop using Data Access Objects leveraging SQL, Ant, and JMeter. Designed and tested to support up to 3000 clients. MINERVA NETWORKS Santa Clara, CA 2000 to 2003 Lead Enterprise Java Architect – 4/02 to 11/2003 Software Engineering Manager – 4/01 to 11/2003 Senior Software Engineer – 5/00 to 4/01 Professional Summary: I started at Minerva Networks in 2000 on a new project called iTVManager, which is a product for delivering TV and Video services over an IP broadband network. This product took over 1 year to build and test, is made up of an embedded C application that runs on an IP Set Top Box, and also incorporates a large 100 page Back Office enterprise application. During the 3+ years that I worked on iTVManager I was promoted from a senior software engineer, to techncial lead, and ended with the responsibities as the Software Engineering Manager. Software Engineering Manager: o Software Engineering Manager, reporting to the VP of Engineering, for the entire iTVManager software development team (8-12 members). Responsibilities included: • Managing the BackOffice Application development team, DBA, and various other middleware subsystems. The team consists of 6 senior and junior level Engineers. • Promotion that included expanded responsibilities to also manage the STB development team and Build Engineer. This team consists of 6 senior and junior level Engineers, whose software development skill sets included both embedded systems and server side Java. • Responsibilities include staffing, annual performance reviews, day to day technical management of the team, managing priorities, managing project schedules, specifying release processes, design reviews, and driving the current and future technical direction and architecture for the iTVManager product. o Streamlined many development, build, release processes within the Minerva Networks Software Engineering department and QA department. o Additional responsibilities include working with the existing Customers (post-sales), potential Customers (pre- sales), QA, Marketing, and Professional Services Group in Minerva Networks to meet product release schedules and support existing products. Enterprise Architect and Enterprise Java Development: o Lead Architect for the next generation of iTVManager, whose generation architecture is based on the J2EE. My responsibilities include the following:
  • 6. • Lead a small architecture team (3 person) to drive the architecture and strategy for porting the first generation iTVManager product to the J2EE platform. • Developed the core architecture strategy (Struts, JSTL, EJB, Log4j, and JUnitEE) and designed the core components and services (Value Object base class, Business Object base class, Service Locator, Logging/Debugging, Localization). • Evaluate and select a J2EE 1.3 compliant application server (BEA WebLogic, Oracle9iAS, or JBoss) in which Oracle9iAS was chosen. • Evaluate and select the development tools (JBuilder, Eclipse, TogetherSoft, or JDeveloper) in which JDeveloper was chosen. • Develop an internal and external training program for the development team (10 members). o Lead Architect for iTVManager. My designs include: • A software subsystem that integrated iTVManager with a Digital Rights Management (Conditional Access) system from Irdeto Access. Extensive Functional Specifications and Design Specifications were authored. Implemented solution using JMS, XML, and a multithreaded Java application. I also managed a consultant who took the design and integration tasks to completion. • An Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Connector for iTVManager. This architecture allowed telco's to integrate their enterprise systems with iTVManager and retrieve subscriber management metadata from iTVManager. Extensive Functional Specifications and Design Specifications were authored. Implemented solution using JMS and XML. • A Web Service based B2B add-on product that allowed multiple iTVManager Servers to operate in a distributed environment. Extensive Functional Specifications and Design Specifications were authored. Implemented solution using Web Services. o Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead for the BackOffice Application for iTVManager. The BackOffice Application is used to manage Subscribers, Set Top Box inventory, Television Services, Asset Pricing, Billing, and Video Assets for the IP Television headend. The BackOffice appliation was developed as a cross browser web based application, localized to English, Korena, and Spanish, and was developed using Server Side Java (Java Sevlets), HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Java AWT Applets, and Java Swing Applets. The application was designed as a traditional 3 tier web based application using the Enhydra Applications Server, Oracle 8i/9i, and Apache web server running under the Linux or Solaris operating systems. o Technical Lead for the Scalability Team whose charter was to scale the Apache web server, Enhydra Application Server, and Oracle database in 1 tier, 2 tier, and 3 tier environments using Mercury LoadRunner. PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS Mountain View, CA 1995 to 2000 Software Manager for Architecture/Applications Development Group – 1/98 to 4/00 Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead for Windows Applications Group – 6/97 to 1/98 Senior Software Engineer – 6/95 to 6/97 Professional Summary: I started at Philips Semiconductors in 1995 in their multimedia division, which was focused on designing and developing state of the art 2D/3D graphics accelerators and reference hardware. I was brought in to develop a “value added” strategy for the graphics products, reporting to the Director of Engineering. I created a number of Windows multimedia desktop applications and during this period I obtained 2 patents for my achievements and creativity. Philips Semiconductors transitioned out of the desktop graphics market and transitioned the deskop technology into the consumer Advanced Set Top Box market. During this period I was promoted to Technical Lead and ultimately a lead for the Architecture and Applications/Middleware Group, managing a team of software engineers. Software Manager: Manager for 2 different Technical Development Groups at Philips Semiconductors. The groups have consisted of up to 10 senior and junior Software Engineers. I was responsible for assisting others in the group with driving basic technology direction, resolving technical issues, project schedules, architecture/design, and implementation. Responsibilities also included giving annual Performance Reviews to group members and interviewing candidates for open positions within the group. Java Development:
  • 7. Video for Java: Lead architect, as part of a 2 member team. The Video for Java software stack was developed as an adaptation software layer between the JavaTV/MHP Advanced Set Top Box software stack and the Philips Digital Video Platform media processing software stack. The Video for Java software stack provided interfaces to the native code media processing software and also a library of JavaBeans. Windows CE Development: Video for CE: Designed and implemented, as part of a 2 member team, a video input and video output subsystem for use under Windows CE. Video for CE was designed for use with the Philips SAA9730 integrated super I/O and video 2D/3D graphics controller, which was designed for the Windows Based Terminal and Set Top Box market. Windows PC Desktop Development: Designed and implemented the Philips Multimedia Application Suite using MSVC and MFC. The Philips Multimedia Application Suite, which targeted the Win9x and WinNT 4.x operating systems, was written to provide a value added software application suite for the 2D and 3D Philips graphics controllers. The implementation followed the Functional Specification and Power Point Software Presentation that I wrote as a proposal to the Philips Software Director. The following Windows applications make up the Philips Multimedia Application Suite: • Multimedia Center (Patent #6275266) - Tray Application that contains multimedia functions, utilities, and TV Out utility • Multimedia Player - Video file (AVI and MPEG) player and TV playback player • Software Update Manager (Patent #6282709) - an application that manages software updates over the Internet or LAN • Tiny TV - an application that mimics that of a Sony Watchman and allows TV to be played in a minimal space on the desktop • Multimedia Screen Saver - a password protected Windows 9x screen saver that allows text to be scrolled, video files to be played, image files to be displayed, a desired TV channel to be displayed, the display of Internet Live Shots, or build and display of a 3D scene. BASIC MEASURING INSTRUMENTS Santa Clara, CA 1993 to 1995 Senior Software Engineer Designed and implemented the BMI Power Evaluation Software using MVC and MFC. The BMI Power Evaluation Software is the universal user interface for Basic Measuring Instruments Power Line Monitors. My responsibility included writing the Functional and Design specifications, input on master project schedule, preliminary design reviews, and implementation of the applications level software. I was a member of a 4 member team. COMTECH LABS INC. Palo Alto, CA 1990 to 1993 Senior Software Architect Software Technical Leader responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of a PC Video Phone. This project involved designing embedded systems software to interface a video and audio codec board to a host Windows application. Senior Software Engineer Designed and implemented a video phone as part of a 5 member design team. Designed and implemented the user interface, communications, and general system software for the video phone. This project was taken from concept, to design, to implementation, and is now in full production. ULTRON LABS INC. San Jose, CA 1988 to 1990 Software Engineer Designed and implemented a DOS based software application, written in Microsoft Compiler and Microsoft Assembler, for a ethernet LAN packet encryption product. Designed and implemented a DOS based software application, which implemented a number of government encryption algorithms and written using the Microsoft C Compiler.
  • 8. KLA INSTRUMENTS CORP. San Jose, CA 1982 to 1988 Test Engineer Designed and implemented a DOS based software application that controlled a Gould Logic Analyzer and HP Digital Signature Analyzer through a IEEE 488 bus. This application provided a semi-automated test system for a photo-mask inspection station and system PCB's that replaced a million dollar photo-mask inspection station that was previously used to test the PCB's and system. PATENTS AND AWARDS Patents: • Patent #6282709: Software Update Manager • Patent #6275266: Apparatus and Method for Auto Detecting and Configuration • Patent Pending: System and Method of Interfacing Web Services to Express Creation and Initialization of Credit Card Accounts • Patent Pending: System and Method of Managing Work Flow During Express Creation and Initialization of Credit Card Accounts • Patent Pending: System and Method of Express Creation and Initialization of Credit Card Accounts Awards: • Express Gold Standard Award - 2005 Vital Processing, given to 12 members of team of over 100 in recognition for teamwork and delivery of the Vital Express application EDUCATION BS, Electrical Engineering, 1982 Missouri Institute of Technology, Kansas City, MO Philips Semiconductors Training Center: • Facilitating for Results, Meeting Organization training class 9/97 • Influencing Skills, Technical Lead training class 11/97 • Hiring for Results, Technical Lead training class 06/98 Programming in C, 1983 DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA Software Design and Development, 1987 West Valley Community College, San Jose, CA Linear Algebra I and Linear Algebra II, 1985 University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA