•    8 years of professional experience in software development with specializati...

Development and enhancement of web-based applications                            Mar ’08 – Till D...
Maintenance and Enhancement of workflow based applications                          Oct’06 - Mar’07
Client             Con...
Maintenance of TOBI portal and LDAP Authentication                                Jun ’04 – Jan ‘06
Client            STMi...
Development and maintenance of Lotus Notes applications                        April ‘02 – Jan ‘03
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Resume of Lotus Profesional
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Resume of Lotus Profesional


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Transcript of "Resume of Lotus Profesional"

  1. 1. ALOK VISHWAKARMA SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE • 8 years of professional experience in software development with specialization in Business Process related Technologies using Lotus Notes, SharePoint and Java. • Experience in Lotus Notes Development (using LotusScript, Formula Language, Java, JavaScript, AJAX and XML) involving design, development, administration and maintenance of enterprise applications using Lotus Notes at the front-end and Domino, SAP, SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle at the backend. • Experience in SharePoint involving development of portals, customization of sites, creating workflows, page layouts and connecting to third party applications. • Experience in development of portals including TOBI (Tools and Objects in Business Intelligence) hosted over 13 servers across globe and QSI (Quality Systems International) to take care of business process in semiconductor industry. • Experience in design of dashboards, which present a visual report of various statistics of day to day activities in an organization and facilitate decision making based on them. • Experience with SAP integration using Java Connector Objects and XML processing. This enabled storage of data into SAP in real time and scheduled basis. • Experience in migrating Notes applications involving redesigning notes applications to make them available on web. TECHNICAL SKILLS Groupware Lotus Notes 8.0, LotusScript, Formula Language, LEI, Sametime Languages ASP, .NET, Java, JSP, AJAX, ABAP, PL/SQL, DHTML, Servlets, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, VBScript, C, C++, PHP Database Domino, MS SQL, MS-Access, SAP and Oracle Others Lotus Expeditor, MOSS, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, Eclipse, TeamStudio, Toad, UML, UML, WebServices, LDAP, Remedy, ODBC, DataStage, MSProject, MSVisio, Crystal Reports OS Windows 95/2000/NT 4.0 & XP, Vista, Linux EDUCATION Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering CERTIFICATIONS IBM Certified Lotus Notes Professional – CLP Brainbench Certification in SharePoint
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Development and enhancement of web-based applications Mar ’08 – Till Date Client World Bank, Washington, DC - Description World Bank has workflow based applications using Lotus Notes, SharePoint and Java. Applications are web based and on client. Responsibilities • Involved in maintenance and enhancement of applications involving work-flow. • Development of Procurement Tracking System. This involved creating procurement requests after processing emails, processing request data and routing based on defined approval workflow. Requests are created after processing contents from external emails with a feedback loop. Requests are sent to concerned staff based on workflow rules which can be configured. Data processing involves import of data from SAP and exporting data to SQL for further analysis. • Created Java plug-ins for Side Bar in Lotus Notes using Lotus Expeditor and Eclipse. These plug-ins interact with Domino Data. • Created proposal documents for requirements followed by design documents for workflow projects. • Created classes and libraries for applications to make code reusable and efficient. • Create tools to fix documents from web and help maintenance of applications from web browser. • Worked on report generation and analysis of data. • Involved in testing of application. • Involved in co-ordination of work between teams. Environment Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Java, Eclipse, Lotus Expeditor, XML, SQL Maintenance of Lotus Notes based Applications Oct ’07 – Jan’ 08 Client American Electric Power, Columbus, OH - Description AEP has workflow based applications using Lotus Notes. Applications are client- based and use PeopleSoft at back-end. Responsibilities • Involved in design of applications involving enhancement and maintenance. • Involved in development of applications. • Wrote LotusScript classes for Mail Template • Developed Calendar database. Environment Lotus Notes (LotusScript and Formula Language) Report Generator for Lotus Notes based Applications May’07 – Oct 07 Client Apria Healthcare, Lake Forest, CA - Description Applications at Apria Health are based on Lotus Notes hosted on AS-400. These applications include applications like Bio-Med which is used to track Equipment Inventory, manage them, maintain their repair records and draw reports based on the data. Responsibilities • Enhance application to provide data related to Part Cost and hence enable managers take a decision based on them. • Build Report Generator to analyze data from documents over 1 million in count. This involved extracting report related data from these records, processing those using summary based concepts and analyzing them to generate reports. Environment Lotus Notes (LotusScript, Java, JavaScript and Formula Language)
  3. 3. Maintenance and Enhancement of workflow based applications Oct’06 - Mar’07 Client Conexant Systems Inc - Description Workflow based applications at Conexant Systems are developed using Lotus Notes and SharePoint. Data collection and processing is accomplished using Lotus Notes as Front-end and data storage is done into SAP using Java Connector Objects. These applications are in various domains like sales, finance, legal and Human Resources. Responsibilities • Designed Lotus Notes Document Clinic – a tool which enables modification, update and deletion of records using web-browser. • Customization of applications using SharePoint, creation of workflow based applications and maintenance of applications. • Modified Address Book and other functionalities using Ajax. • Proposed and implemented enhancements to increase performance and reliability in various utilities and function modules. • Enable creation of PDF document from Lotus Notes Document. This was done using iText jar files using Java and LotusScript. Environment Lotus Notes, SharePoint, AJAX, SAP Setup Team and Web enabling Lotus Notes Applications Jun ’06 - Sep’06 Client Skyworks Solutions - Description Skyworks Solutions started a new IEDC center in India to manage software Development using various workflow based applications. This group of applications, QSi (Quality Systems International) has been developed using Lotus Notes. QSI applications provide User Interface to capture data from users in Manufacturing and Marketing Domain. Responsibilities • Setup new Lotus Notes Team for Skyworks at offshore location in India • Design of new Lotus Notes applications taking care of business process, data processing & its processing and extensibility of applications when used on web. • Web enabling existing QSi applications using Lotus Notes and SAP. • Created Sametime bots to enable real time workflow communication. • Consulted with end users to determine enhancements to the system • Created RFCs to help integration of Domino with SAP to facilitate Domino SAP connectivity. • Created LotusScript agents to export existing documents to MS Word. Called Windows API to achieve the same. Environment Lotus Notes, MSproject, TeamStudio, AJAX SAP, XML, Sametime SAP Authorization for CRM and BW Feb ’06- May ’06 Client STMicroelectronics - Description STMicroelectronics manages its data using SAP. SAP authorization concept protects transactions, programs, and services in SAP systems from unauthorized access. This is achieved by creating authorization objects as Roles which restrict inappropriate access. Responsibilities • Understanding the SAP authorization module at STMicroelectronics. • Managed CRM and BW Authorization through by configuration of Roles and generating their profiles. • Created tools using ABAP to automate creation of roles. These tools were developed to automate mass update of roles which reduced role creation time against manual creation of roles. Environment ABAP, SAP, Excel
  4. 4. Maintenance of TOBI portal and LDAP Authentication Jun ’04 – Jan ‘06 Client STMicroelectronics - Description TOBI (Tools and Objects in Business Intelligence) is a Domino portal at STMicroelectronics using Lotus Notes. These applications take care of various business needs involving workflow, data repository and data processing. These applications are available over 13 centers round the globe and data is replicated across at frequent intervals. These applications use authenticated using LDAP. Responsibilities • Enable LDAP Authentication of Lotus Notes applications through Active Directory using LDAP. This involved configuration of server settings (binding LDAP directory with domino server using da.nsf), customization of login page and modification of design of Address Book. There after migrated the design and documents. • Creation of Dashboards to present visual report of several day to day activities in an organization and facilitate decision making based on them. These dashboards were built using Java applets and were accessible using with Lotus Notes databases. • Enabling search functionality for applications and generation of reports as per the requirements. • Created tool to track usage of application on browser. • Development of new application for Worldwide Contracts System. • Enhancement of existing applications to take care of new needs in Organization. • Maintenance of existing applications and provide worldwide support. Environment Lotus Notes (LotusScript, Java, JavaScript and Formula Language), Java, LDAP, DHTML, LEI, Servlets EnTRAC – Web Reporting System Feb ’04 – May ‘04 Client Enbridge Inc - Description Enbridge Inc. is a leader in energy transportation, distribution & services and operates in Canada and the US. This business is managed using EnTRAC web based application. Responsibilities • Understanding of business processes and work rules, related to production and distribution of gas to end users. • Development of JSP Screens using Struts to display data for Degree day. • Coding stored procedures using SQL to create, update and delete records for degree day. Environment Java, JSP, Struts, PL/ SQL, Toad, DataStage Development and maintenance of Lotus Notes applications Feb ’03 – Jan ‘04 Client HCL Technologies - Description Various workflow applications at HCL Technologies are maintained using Lotus Notes. These include International Travel Authorization System, Resource Management System and Time Entry System. Responsibilities • Development of International Travel Authorization System to enable users, creation of travel and its approval by managers & finance department. • Created LotusScript agents to export data to excel sheet • Created of reports to analyze data and display them on web browser. Environment Lotus Notes (LotusScript, Java, JavaScript and Formula Language), Java, CSS, Crystal Reports
  5. 5. Development and maintenance of Lotus Notes applications April ‘02 – Jan ‘03 Client Conexant Systems Inc - Description Conexant Systems uses workflow system developed on Lotus Notes widely. These applications enable business processes in Legal, Sales, Finance and various other domains. Projects included Expense Reporting System, Non Disclosure System, FOCUS-Maximum Success Planning and Purchase Requisitioning System. Responsibilities • Development of applications. This involved programming using Lotus Notes, LotusScript, Java and Javascript. • Enable reporting based on requirements. • Wrote shared Library in LotusScript. • Creation of Delegation functionality. • Designed import process to extract data from Excel Environment Lotus Notes (LotusScript, Java, JavaScript and Formula Language), TeamStudio, LEI, DECS Quest – Share Evaluation System Nov ’01 – Mar ‘02 Client Collin Stewart - Description Quest is a propriety share valuation system, which provides value added financial information commentary to portfolio fund. Responsibilities • Development of web pages using ASP, VBScript. This involved formatting layout by creating dynamic page depending on results queried from database. • Created Algorithms to create tables in order to optimize space on web page Environment ASP, VBScript PERSONAL Telephone (424)-750-0506 E-mail Address 2709 Pleasantdale Rd Apt 204 Vienna, VA – 22180 Visa Status H1B