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Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP
Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP
Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP
Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP
Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP
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Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP


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  • 1. Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP Source:−04/msg01002.html • From: ("Alain Roger") • Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 11:52:46 +0200 in fact i meant by redirecting the following thing : − if user wrote a correct pwd and login, the system should redirect [using header("Location .... ] syntax to launch the application. but if i use such syntax it will be redirected only into the div#0, and not in the browser itslef. is it clearer now ? On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Thijs Lensselink <dev@xxxxxxxx> wrote: Quoting Alain Roger <>: you understood right. basically my problem is that the layout avoid it. here is "something like" my layout : <div#0> <div#1>Lanague (label) : <img flag> <img arrow to show all languages from div#2></div#1> <div#2> all flags</div#2> <div#3> login field + pwd field + submit button</div#3> </div#0> till now i only use AJAX to refresh the content of div#3 but it does not change the label from div#1 when user selects another language from div#2. Well it looks like you need a extra Ajax call to the server. Click a language flag sends a request to the server. The server responds with an JSON object. Containing the content for <div#2>. With javascript you can update the contents of <div#2> Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP 1
  • 2. Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP if i place the whole form into a PHP i face several questions : − how the ajax will reload this PHP page (reloading itself) in the parent control div#0 ? If you would like to reload the whole of <div#0> You could send and JSON object from PHP to javascript. And let javascript generate the div structure and update the DOM. − when user will click on submit button, where will be loaded the content return of checking if log+pwd are correct ? When a user logs in a Ajax request is send to the server. the server responds with an JSON object containing the error message. With javascript you could update the contents of <div#3> to display a message. − how to redirect to another PHP page, when user click on submit button ? the redirection will happen only in the content div, so only in div#0 and not into the browser :−( I have a hard time understanding this last issue. What exactly do you mean by redirecting to another PHP page? Al. On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 9:55 AM, Thijs Lensselink <dev@xxxxxxxx> wrote: Quoting Alain Roger <>: Hi, i'm playing around with AJAX and PHP to create something like a "small Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP 2
  • 3. Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP desktop" application. basically the first step is to log in the system. for that i have a log−in form where users can choose the interface language. here is my problem : when the log−in form runs, it is in English. user can click on some arrow to open another DIV and display all other languages available. a click on a particular flag, will call the PHP page where the log−in form (login field + password field) are stored with dynamic language interface. however, i make no sense for the title of this form to call a PHP page where will be just 1 dynamic text (changing on flag choice). so if you understand well, i have 2 divs (1 for form title, 1 for log−in form itself). and i load thanks AJAX php code into divs. my problem is that i do not want to write a PHP page just for 1 label... it makes sense for a complete form but not for a simple text line or label. So how can i do that without refreshing Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP 3
  • 4. Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP page. using AJAX and PHP only ? i guess you already faced such situation so i would really appreciate your help. thanks a lot, −− Alain Making an Ajax request for one little label maybe a bit overkill. As i understand you request the whole form through an Ajax request. And display this to the user? And every language generates a new form? Why not just create the form dynamically with javascript and load the data from PHP. So the form can stay the same for all calls. You just fill it with data depending on the language selected. You can fill the form for instance by sending a JSON encoded object from PHP to javascript. −− PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit: −− Alain −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− Windows XP SP2 PostgreSQL 8.2.4 / MS SQL server 2005 Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP 4
  • 5. Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP Apache 2.2.4 PHP 5.2.4 C# 2005−2008 −− PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit: −− Alain −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− Windows XP SP2 PostgreSQL 8.2.4 / MS SQL server 2005 Apache 2.2.4 PHP 5.2.4 C# 2005−2008 Re: [PHP] AJAX and PHP 5