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Powerpoint on Scoping etc
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Powerpoint on Scoping etc


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  • Brief overview…not going to go into the details of this technical diagram. The relevant bit is what NCSU is currently responsible for, versus what the Endeca Information Access Platform tool handles. On the back-end, NCSU staff were responsible for getting our MARC records out of the back-end database and formatting them into something that Endeca could read. As you’ll see in a minute, Endeca staff are working with us to make this a much more seamless process by enabling Endeca to parse MARC21 directly. The Endeca software is responsible for the creation of the index and the service that receives search requests and provides results. One the front, NCSU was also responsible for building the search application that users actually interact with. This gives us the freedom to design the pages however we want them to look, and include other content functionality as desired.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Scoping WebpacPro Encore Some definitions
    • 2. Scoping
      • A library with the Scoping product (Product Code 105F) can divide its database into subsets of records, or scopes. Scope rules determine which records belong to a scope. The system uses location codes and/or BCODEs to define scope rules. A scope comprises all records that include the location code and/or BCODE in the scope rule. The system can limit the results of a patron search to those records that belong to a particular scope. Additionally, a library can apply scoping to staff database maintenance activities. Scoping implementation and behavior differ between patron and staff functions.
    • 3. Our Scopes
    • 4. Scopes in greater detail
      • 01 > Limit to Connecticut State Lib.
      • CSL02 > CCSU
      • CCSU03 > SCSU
      • SCSU04 > ECSU
      • ECSU05 > ECSU Curriculum Centre
      • ECSU CC06 > ECSU Reference
      • ECSU Ref07 > ECSU Archives, Special & CT
      • ECSU ASCCT08 > WCSU
      • WCSU09 > WCSU Haas
      • WCSU Haas10 > WCSU Young
      • WCSU Young11 > WCSU Reference collection
      • WCSU Ref12 > WCSU Curriculum collection
      • WCSU CC13 > WCSU Government Documents collection
      • WCSU GD14 > WCSU Music Scores
      • WCSU MS15 > WCSU Media (videos, DVDs, CDs, etc.)
      • WCSU Media16 > View Entire Collection
      • All Locations17 > WCSU Archives & Special Collections
    • 5. Still greater detail
      • This group contains the following 107 locations:
      • 1 > ccsu : CCSU
      • 2 > cb001: CCSU Systems Office
      • 3 > cba : CCSU Rare Books
      • 4 > cbaal: CCSU Rare Bks Almanacs
      • 5 > cbaap: CCSU Rare Bks APC
      • 6 > cbabc: CCSU Bookseller Catalogs
      • 7 > cbabl: CCSU Rare Bks Blumenth
      • 8 > cbabu: CCSU Rare Bks Burritt
      • 9 > cbac3: CCSU Rare Bks Cage
      • 10 > cbacr: CCSU Rare Bks Crane
      • 11 > cbadu: CCSU Rare Bks Dutch
      • 12 > cbafc: CCSU Rare Bks FChurch
      • 13 > cbago: CCSU Rare Bks Goudy
      • 14 > cbaha: CCSU Rare Bks Hardy
      • 15 > cbake: CCSU Rare Bks Kerouac
      • 16 > cbaob: CCSU Rare Bks Ovback
      • 17 > cbaof: CCSU Rare Books OVfront
      • 18 > cbapa: CCSU Rare Books Pam
      • 19 > cbaro: CCSU Rare Bks Rogers
      • 20 > cbase: CCSU Rare Bks Schinn
      • 21 > cbast: CCSU ABLE Per.
      • 22 > cbasw: CCSU Rare Bks Swann
      • And so on... 107 locations
    • 6. WebPac Pro
      • Brief Citation is used for all record browse displays; these include phrase index search results where all records share a common index entry, all keyword search results, and post-search limit results. If your library has not previously created a briefcit.html file, the conversion process installs one for you.
      • All search results displays will be set to show 50 results instead of 12. For more information, refer to the BROWSE50 Web option information in the Innovative Guide & Reference on Page # 107108.
      • Better keyword search results are available with the new RightResult approach.
    • 7. Encore
      • Vaporware
      • Features and products planned for the first release of Encore include:
            • Simultaneous import and display of federated-searching results and link-resolution destinations
            • Faceted results display for effortless retrieval of complex data sets
            • RightResult relevance ranking enhanced with a new Best Bets feature
            • Community tagging of collection to facilitate additional access points and community participation
            • Real-time holdings and status information for print and e-resources
            • An attractive, easy-to-use, and dynamic user interface with the latest design techniques including the use of AJAX
            • ApacheTM-based technology
            • Encore is planned for general release in mid-2007 with development partners to be named later this year.
    • 8. What is not included in WebPac Pro
      • The additional products that are associated with WebPAC Pro, in that they require that WebPAC Pro be installed, are the following:         RSS Feed Builder         My Record Feeds (RSS feeds of patron account information)         Blackboard Integration         SpellCheck         Single Sign-On
    • 9. Other ways to do similar things
            • Library 2.0 (Cloud Tagging)
            • Faceted Searching
            • What it looks like
    • 10.  
    • 11.  
    • 12. Endeca IAP overview Raw MARC data NCSU exports and reformats Flat text files Data Foundry Parse text files Indices MDEX Engine NCSU Web Application HTTP HTTP Endeca Information Access Platform Client browser
    • 13. More information