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  • 1. JOSEPH ORR 328 Flatbush Ave PMB 219, Brooklyn NY 11238 (212) 658-9795 (917) 363-6361 Email: Web Site: OBJECTIVE: - To work on a challenging Ajax project. SUMMARY: • Programmer (Web, Java, Perl, XML, XSLT, Ajax), Project Leader, Internet Architect • 8 years of experience • Extensive financial industry background (trading/reporting systems, Internet/database applications, data warehousing). • Enterprise Integration: Experience integrating diverse systems, including mainframe to PC, with XML/XSL and other technologies SKILLS: LANGUAGES: Java (Sun Certified), Perl, Javascript/DHTML, XSLT, Visual Basic/VBA DATABASES: Sybase, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Berkley DB, Microsoft SQL server, MS Access DATABASE TECHNOLOGIES: OLAP, Data Warehousing, JDBC, ODBC, DBI, SQL, Hierarchical SQL, T-SQL, MDX, MS Excel Pivot Tables PLATFORMS: Unix (Solaris, Linux, BSD), Windows INTRA / INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES: • Java, Perl, J2EE, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere • XML/XSL, WML, VXML, SOAP Web Services • HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax • ASP, JSP, PHP • Dreamweaver, Visual Studio .NET XML/XSL TECHNOLOGIES: Advanced XSL/XML skillset for financial enterprises. • Complete knowledge of the XSLT (XSL Transformations) and XPath specifications • Xalan, MSXML, Saxon processors in Enterprise server environment and in desktop applications OTHER SKILLS: • Project Leader • Literate Programming with LEO • Extensive teaching experience (MCT, MCSE, Screenbook Maker) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: November 2004 - November 2005 Fitch Risk / Algorithmics. ( Consultant • XSLT. Complete rewrite of XSLT layer of top selling operational risk software for tier-one banks. Greatly simplified XSLT development for client customizations. • Ajax. Created custom components for operational risk package, including cross-browser asynchronous tree widget, custom reporting tool and asynchronous menu control. • JSP. Debugging existing pages and creating new functionality for operational risk tool. • Tapestry. Adapted Ajax components into Tapestry framework for next generation operational risk software package. March 2004 - September 2004 Thompson Financial. ( Consultant Java / XML servlet programming. Java servlet consultant for major XML financial application: • Assisted team with design and debugging servlet using JBuilder, Eclipse 3.0, JUnit and other tools • Application design: Java Servlets on iPlanet / Tomcat 5.0, Sybase / Solaris backend, desktop client. • Created dynamic cache utility for servlet with tests and automatic reporting. • Engineered move from iPlanet deployment to Tomcat 5.0. Dec 2001- March 2004 NYCircuits Inc DHTML, XML/XSLT, and web/database programming. Various assignments based with my own consulting firm, NYCircuits Inc, including:
  • 2. • Pharmacia Corporation: XML interface and DHTML report for a data warehouse of sales information, including hierarchical SQL for generating XML. • Healthcare Insight: XML interface for ASP reporting tool. • Created site - database backed learning site with DHTML applications. o Site design and implementation. o Perl, MySQL, PHP application, multilingual design including Russian and Japanese. • Sole developer for Screenbook Maker a desktop application that works in tandem with learning site o Innovative application - patent pending. Create web tutorials, convert to Windows Help files. o SCORM compliant o XML / XSLT architecture, create entire web subsites, built-in FTP client, image processing. • Sole developer for Photobook Maker a desktop application for drag-and-drop web photobook creation. o Automatically creates indexed photo albums, including SMIL slideshows. o Basic image editing features such as cropping and sharpen. Feb 2001 - Nov 2001 TIAA-CREF ( Consultant XML/XSL infrastructure design and implementation for custom database application. Server side Implemented with Sybase, JSP, Weblogic 5.1, client side is Internet Explorer 5.5 JScript DHTML. • Created XSLT - DHTML components (aka Ajax), including: o Checkbox tree o Paged table (Flextable) o Pivot Report Widget. This widget takes a set of lines of time series data in xml form, and produces a pivot report with configurable groups, subtotals, totals, and groups of groups. Sample xml input for this component. o Multilevel grid : screenshots • JSP components created via XSL • Implementation of XSLT processing on server with JSP, Saxon and Weblogic. • Integrated Microsoft Excel 2000 and Internet Explorer grids. • All code heavily documented and structured via Literate Programming with LEO. Oct 2000 - Feb 2001 ClosingGuard ( Consultant XML Architect and Server-side Java and XML/XSL development for this Real Estate ASP. Implemented with Java, Weblogic 5.1 and Oracle. • Created prototype XML/XSL application server with Java and Weblogic. By editing an xml configuration file and an xslt file, any type of content can be served in any format from the database, and can be written back to the database, with no further programming. • Developed XML interface to existing Weblogic application. • Developed XML/XSL layer inside existing Weblogic application, allowing pages to be displayed via XSL transformations rather than JSP. • Developed client-side XML/XSL application in Internet Explorer/Javascript. Sample page. • Evaluated new technologies for possible implementation including Excelon B2B Portal Server. • All code heavily documented and structured via Literate Programming with LEO. June 2000 - Oct 2000 digiTRADE (a division of Thompson Financial). ( ( Consultant XSLT and client-side technologies lead developer for First Union website. Planned and developed overall XSLT and Javascript for major trading site. Other technologies include: Java, Java Servlets (Netscape Application Server 4), EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), Netscape Enterprise Server. • XSL Project lead for entire bank and trading site. Site architecture is Java servlets running on Netscape Application Server, sending 100% XML to an XSLT processor which uses stylesheets to display stock quotes, integrate third party applets such as stock charts, display complex forms for user input for stock trading and other operations. • Worked with Java servlet programmers to implement XML/XSLT processing. • Redesigned overall XSLT structure of the site to use a radically smaller number of shared XSLT files. • Created complex Javascript for paged table output, page synchronization, complex forms validation. • Created VXML prototype site (voice application). Customers could download account and stock information and place trades with any phone. Added this functionality to the existing site via XSL stylesheets. Sole developer for prototype. Developed with toolkit.
  • 3. • Created WML prototype site (for wireless clients). Customers could download account and stock information and place trades from Internet-ready cellphones. Sole developer for prototype. Developed with toolkit. • Created extensive documentation for servlets and scripts using LEO and literate programming techniques, XML-based literate programming documentation. • Created XML to Excel 2000 stylesheet containing complex formulas and formatting. Customers can click on link to get account information in an Excel spreadsheet. Not a CSV file - a true Excel workbook with live formulas, tabbed worksheets, and charts. • Developed and taught a course to train other Java developers in XML and XSL technologies. • Created all work greatly ahead of projected time. Aug 2000 Icon-Nicholson (a division of Icon Media Labs). ( Consultant XSLT lead developer for Hive4. Sole XSL developer for Advanstar B2B Portal, a major industry website created by Icon Nicholson. Other technologies include: Java, Java Servlets (ATG Dynamo), EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), JHTML, Javascript, Visual SourceSafe. • Numerous XSL stylesheets created for highly complex, graphically rich site. • Developed extensible XSLT procedures for handling navigational trees of any depth. • Developed extensible XSLT procedures for creating html tables from a flat XML list. • Created all XSLT for site in under projected time. Jan 1998 - June 2000 HealthCare Insight. ( Senior Programmer Analyst MSSQL7 OLAP Data warehouse and Internet Developer. Project lead for development of the largest medical claims datawarehouse so far constructed (20+ million rows). Data Warehouse was designed to provide financial analysis of medical claims data, and to allow analysts to produce savings reports and analyze trends and patterns. Using Kimball methodology created this data warehouse using MSSQL7 OLAP, Transact SQL, custom MDX queries, and MS Excel Pivot tables with VBA programming. Also developed Perl scripts and C programs for extraction of data from legacy systems. Additional programming using Visual Foxpro and MS Access. Created Extranet for access to the data warehouse. Created Perl CGI and ASP pages for online data analysis. • Complete planning, setup and implementation of complex data warehouse using SQL Server 7 and MS OLAP and Kimball methodology. • Assisted analysts with financial analysis of claims, developed complex algorithms for claims analysis. • Reports derived from database and delivered to Web via ASP + COM, Perl CGI, and Java. • Web report with Claims/Flags savings calculator with Tabular Data Control. Sample ouput (requires IE 4+). • Web report with embedded Excel spreadsheet. Sample output (requires IE 4+ and MS Excel on client machine). • DHTML + Javascript including DHTML Scriptlets (IE 4+ only) slider sample (click on "Customize" to view additional DHTML), tab sample, scriptlets sample . • XML Data Islands (placing XML data in a web page, IE 4+ only), DHTML behaviors for displaying/sorting XML in IE 4+. • Extensive custom programming of components and applications with VBA, Perl, Transact-SQL and MDX. • Conversion of legacy mainframe data (COBOL) to XML. • Complex data cleaning and data import using Data Transformation Services and custom Perl scripts. • Data mining with MS-Excel + MS OLAP. • SQL Server administration, backup, and replication. • Distributed Queries with Transact SQL. Created queries that extracted data from multiple data sources. • Database programming using Transact SQL stored procedures. • Query performance analysis with SQL Server Query Analyzer. • Internet connectivity for the company and the data warehouse, remote administration with VNC and PCAnywhere. • Database to Web connectivity with Perl DBI, Java servlets, and Perl->HTML+Excel. • Created Perl package for table manipulation - duplicated much of the functionality of Visual Foxpro. • Enterprise network design, implementation of network security. Feb 1997 - Jan 1998 JSL Corporation ( Internet Developer E-Commerce and Web Developer. Developed multilingual e-commerce and general websites for this Las Vegas based company (telecommuting). Developed shopping cart software in Japanese and English (Perl), shopping cart software in ASP, complex Javascript and Perl CGI applications, general website design including layout, graphics, and content. • Planned, programmed and implemented successful online stores, which are still in business today using software I created.
  • 4. • ASP, database backed website with realtime credit validation. • Perl CGI unique shopping site design, multilingual (Japanese and English) conversion of Perl shopping cart site. • Created versions of e-commerce sites and CGI scripts which successfully handle double-byte characters. • Used multiple tools for overall design including Dreamweaver, FrontPage and PaintShop Pro. • Used DHTML, Javascript and CSS to create attractive, dynamic sites. Jan 1992 - Feb 1997 Evisa/Eikaiwa VISA (, Developer Instructor and Educational Software developer. Developed extensive multilingual learning software for children including software for teaching English grammar and vocabulary, Arithmetic, Japanese Language. Also Test administration software, an email client, and a menuing program and other learning software. • Created a combined TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) program which controlled machine use. Students earned game credits by studying, which allowed them to play games on the computer. The TSR counted down the minutes remaining and rebooted the machine when the student was out of minutes. The menu and TSR were part of a total package of games and programs installed on students' computers. • Grammar learning program that produced unique sentences from the rules for grammar, not from a database of sentences. • Japanese language programming on multiple operating systems. • Created outlining editor. • Created text adventure games and text adventure creation toolkit. • Developed highly effective text in conjunction with software. • Created DOS based email client. OTHER PROJECTS: ( Creator of Screenbook Maker (Patent Pending) and, unique applications of XML/XSL technology. Screenbook Maker is used to create highly effective computer tutorials. The tutorials are stored as XML files and converted via complex XSLT stylesheets into multiple DHTML formats, PDF versions, CHM (compiled HTML) or RTF versions. Developed with VB6 + MSXML3. SCORM compliant. TEACHING: City University of New York: XML for Java programmers (Winter 2004) Baruch College (Extension): XML and Web-based Applications (Summer 2004) PUBLICATIONS AND PATENTS Screenbook Maker: Patent applied for. Software for system and method to easily create online tutorials, share the tutorials, and use the tutorials interactively (e.g. for testing purposes). Uses XML/XSL for tutorial storage/display EDUCATION: 1985 University of Washington, Seattle, WA. B.A. in Psychology, B.S. in Philosophy. Professional Certifications: • Sun Certified Java Programmer • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer • Microsoft Certified Trainer REFERENCES: Available upon request.