•   10 years of software development experience
•   English (fluent), French (functional), P...
client. This was accomplished by implementing a COM+ interface to the MS Internet Explorer to
be able to login to the Web ...
•   Utilized VBA.NET to automate retrieval of data from the ticket tracking system and to
    generate reports.
•   Worked...
Nortel Networks
Software Developer
November 2004 – August 2005 (10 months)

Project Description:
Development of the Patch ...
Nortel Networks
Software Developer
May 2000 – July 2002 (2 years, 3 months)

Project Description:
Provided on-the-phone an...
• Developed and tested software tools for CAD (Pro/ENGINEER) designers.
• Utilized TCL/TK and C programming langua...
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Transcript of "OBJECTIVE"

  1. 1. HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS • 10 years of software development experience • English (fluent), French (functional), Polish (fluent), Spanish (intermediate) • Secret security clearance - expiry of June 30, 2019 • Very organized, innovative, and dedicated to work TECHNICAL SKILLS • C#, ADO.NET, VB .NET, VBA, Perl, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Unix shell scripting • XHTML, XML, CSS, ASP.NET, PHP, CGI, AJAX, JavaScript • Strong RegExp (Regular Expression language) skills • Other:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Dreamweaver, ClearCase UCM RECENT PROFESSIONAL IT EXPERIENCE Project #1 Rogers Television Web Developer November 2009 – Present (3 months) Project Description: Deployment of a C# .NET Windows application which monitors live hockey (OHL) information and sends the scores to Twitter platform. Rogers TV already provides OHL information on their Web site but wanted to add this new feature for these regularly scheduled games. This marketing initiative also required deployment of a Web application to each region of Rogers TV in Ontario. A Web form was implemented using C#, AJAX and XHTML to allow employees to monitor, update and customize Twitter messages. ADO.NET and stored procedures were utilized to manage data in MS SQL server database. Duties: • Designed and implemented a C#.NET console application to send hockey scores to Twitter. • Utilized ADO.NET libraries to parse XML data and to interact with MS SQL server. • Created database tables and stored procedures using MS SQL Server Management Studio. • Developed a web interface to control Twitter messages using XHTML, AJAX and C#. • Updated current C# modules on the client’s intranet to display Twitter messages. • Used Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2008 to develop, test and debug the C# code. • Worked directly with the client to gather, document and validate business requirements. Project #2 Best Lane Incorporated Software Developer January 2008 – October 2009 (1 year, 10 months) Project Description: Design and development of a Visual Basic (VB.NET) Windows application for a US client. This was an ongoing, multi-year project split into several phases. Marcin was the lead customer interface, head architect and software developer. This application automated data retrieval from various websites and provided data comparison and email notifications (SMTP, POP3) to the
  2. 2. client. This was accomplished by implementing a COM+ interface to the MS Internet Explorer to be able to login to the Web site automatically, handle the site session and retrieve and compare data as specified for each phase of this project. Technologies mainly used were Object Oriented Programming, Windows system API programming, XML, VB.NET, COM+, Windows 2000 and XP Professional. A Web application was also developed for managing software releases (using ASP, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS). Duties: • Worked directly with the client to gather, document and validate business requirements. • Wrote technical documents including User Guide and Requirements documents during each phase of the project (Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Writer). • Designed and developed Web monitoring application using Visual Basic .NET. • Utilized Regular Expressions (regexp) to parse and compare data being monitored. • Used ASP.NET and AJAX to provide a Web interface for the client to download product updates using a secure portal on Best Lane Inc. server. • Developed new and modified existing modules as requirements grew to accommodate other Web sites for monitoring and as new features were introduced. • Developed detailed design specifications for specific requirements. • Provided technical support to client and documented problems as issues were resolved. • Updated documents after new user requirements and change requests were introduced. • Performed technical analysis of new user requirements or change requests. Project Description: Migration of existing online PDF documents to CLF and W3C compliant XHTML Strict standard. The new content had to adhere to standards already established and documented. Duties: • Converted original PDF content into CLF and W3C compliant XHTML. • Validated XHTML Strict standard, confirming to W3C. • Applied CSS defined styles to XHTML content. • Implemented web application using C# and utilized XML to store web configuration data. • Performed quality assurance (QA) and user acceptance testing (UAT) on XHTML content. • Updated content migration spreadsheets as part of weekly status updates. • Provided an estimated level of effort at the start of project. Project #3 Canadian Space Agency Ground Segment Admin September 2006 – December 2007 (1 year, 4 months) Project Description: Primary role was to automate data transfers between an internal ticket tracking system and Excel spreadsheets. Following the transfers data manipulation was performed. This was an ongoing project, performed in Visual Basic .NET. The secondary duties included administration and chairing of meetings and providing technical support during astronaut training sessions. Additionally, Marcin was involved in programming in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as part of updates made to a calibration tool for Dextre robot. Visual Basic was used to convert the calibration data into Microsoft Word documents including text and graphs. Duties:
  3. 3. • Utilized VBA.NET to automate retrieval of data from the ticket tracking system and to generate reports. • Worked on a calibration tool for Dextre, the latest addition to the Canadarm2. Visual Basic was used to convert raw data into Microsoft Office documents and reports. • Administered ticket tracking application for the International Space Station simulators. This was an internal web based ticket tracker application used for management of new features, bugs and enhancements. Held weekly meetings to review these tickets. • Client requests were being tracked using the ticket tracking system. Timeliness of responses was ensured by weekly reviews of all outstanding issues. • Established and maintained a communication link between CSA and NASA. This was in an effort to lease specific hardware from NASA for tests to be performed at CSA. • Provided on-site technical support during astronaut training sessions. • Organized and chaired meetings in a bilingual environment. • Participated in technical discussions of new user requirements and change requests. Project #4 Canadian Forces Student January 2006 – August 2006 (8 months) Project Description: As part of the Canadian Forces project Marcin was placed in a full time French language training program which lasted 8 months. Following this training Marcin was given a full time position at the Canadian Space Agency (more info above). Education • French Language Training (full time course), St-Jean, QC • Tested by government official at the end of the course. Received B-B-B results. Project #5 Best Lane Incorporated Web Developer September 2005 – December 2005 (4 months) Project Description: This project comprised of several tasks the main one being the development of a real-estate Web site (HTML, PHP, CSC, MySQL, CGI). Tools to aid in marketing were developed using C# and Microsoft SQL database. Marcin also contributed to a GOL project and wrote several documents including request for proposal (RFP). Duties: • Utilized PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS to develop http://www.otown.ca Web site. • Developed online management tools using CGI and JavaScript. • Wrote several C# tools to automatically gather data from other Web sites. • The data was being used for marketing analysis and it was stored on a MS SQL server. • Wrote a technical proposal for a government GOL project. • Contributed to development of new web forms for Health Canada (HTML, ASP, CSS). • Wrote support and design documents according to government templates. Project #6
  4. 4. Nortel Networks Software Developer November 2004 – August 2005 (10 months) Project Description: Development of the Patch Automation System including consolidation of software tools and Unix scripts. This project required implementation of various software tools, creation of documents, testing and deploying the solution to the Nortel development community. Duties: • Evaluated and proposed a single software solution for building of Nortel products. • Created documentation, provided training and worked closely with internal stakeholders. • Designed and implemented patch automation system to save ~100K per year/per product. • Utilized Perl, PHP, C and Bourne Shell for development of the automation tools. • Updated project information on the departmental Web site (HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript). • Held presentation demos for designers in North America, India and China. • Provided weekly reports on the progress, challenges and outstanding tasks. Project #7 Nortel Networks Software Loadbuilder August 2002 – October 2004 (2 years, 2 months) Project Description: Led a common loadbuild framework project while also responsible for on-time build delivery. Provided problem solving and 24 hour support on daily basis. This project was established in an effort to consolidate the numerous loadbuilding tools and solutions that existed in Nortel at the time. By consolidating all the loadbuild processes to one common framework and one dedicated team this project provided significant cost savings and overall faster build delivery. Duties: • Led a Common Loadbuild Framework deployment project (team of 5). • Provided 24/7 (pager) technical support to design community around the world. • Responsible for daily delivery of software builds to numerous internal customers. • Coordinated tools management and loadbuild operations with-in the team. • Defined branching strategies for new projects using ClearCase UCM. • Consulted on product architecture implementations. • Developed environment monitoring tools using Perl, MySQL and UNIX scripting. • Utilized Regular Expressions (regexp) to parse data and display it on a Web page. • Wrote makefiles and utilized crontab to simplify build processes. • Developed tools to display build information on internal Web site (HTML, PHP, Perl). • Wrote several process documents and work instructions. • Followed TL 9000 process by using ticketing system to track work (ClearQuality Clarify). • Performed unit functional testing followed by regression testing. Documented the results. • Executed performance stress tests of the Common Loadbuild Framework and documented results including Power Point for presentations to stakeholders. Project #8
  5. 5. Nortel Networks Software Developer May 2000 – July 2002 (2 years, 3 months) Project Description: Provided on-the-phone and on-site support to the Nortel development community. The support included training, problem solving and improvements to the build support tools and the design environment. This SDE (Software Development Environment) consisted of PLS (Product Library System) and MCE (Modular Code Environment) software repositories and toolsets. Marcin implemented several new tools using technologies such as C, Perl, C and Bourne Shell, Makefiles, GNU Make and CYGWIN. Duties: • Provided assistance to designers as part of a Software Development Environment (SDE) team (~300 support calls handled in 2001). Utilized an internal ticket tracker application to update existing tickets and to create new ones. • Developed software applications using Remedy, C, Perl, UNIX C and Bourne shell. • Participated in the design and development of software building system using Makefiles, GNU Make, Clearmake, XML and supporting scripts for UNIX (Sun, HP), Windows NT (CYGWIN) and Linux platforms. • Utilized and supported Configuration Management Systems (CMS): ClearCase (CC), (UNIX and WIN NT), RCS and UCM. • Resolved loadbuild (compiling, linking, packaging, licensing), environmental and code (C, C+ +, Java, Perl) issues. • Automated processes using cron jobs and scripts on both the UNIX and Windows platforms. • Managed scheduled distribution of software to remote sites using DDS (Signiant Inc.). • Created a Web page to display distribution status in real-time (HTML, PHP, JavaScript). • Implemented tool deployment solutions for WIN NT and UNIX users. • Composed internal processes, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and training material documents using MS Office tools (Excel, Word, Power Point). • Managed a multi-person project using Microsoft Project. • Participated in technical meetings of inspection, testing and verification of code. • Contributed to the exchange of resource information throughout the department by teaching an internal university course on CMS tools, product development practices and designer tips. • Utilized ISO 9001 International Standard procedures for all software development. • Interviewed and recommended coop students for hiring. Created New Hire Ramp-up documentation. Project #9 Nortel Networks Junior Software Developer April 1998 – August 1999 (1 year, 4 months) Project Description: This was a full-time (internship) paid position between the 3rd and 4th year of studies at Carleton University. Marcin was part of a support team for the software tools used by internal CAD designers. He was responsible for making updates and developing new tools in TCL/TK and releasing them to the design community. Unix shell scripting was utilized to automate the release process. Marcin was also in charge of the intranet Web site for the department (HTML, CSS, PHP and XML). This Web site provided a dynamic tool for displaying the status of software releases.
  6. 6. Duties: • Developed and tested software tools for CAD (Pro/ENGINEER) designers. • Utilized TCL/TK and C programming languages and UNIX shell scripting. • Programmed scripts to automate tool deployment and synchronize all servers. • Wrote frequent updates and modifications of the departmental intranet Web site. • Used HTML, CSS, PHP and XML to create dynamic online tools. Project #10 APREL Laboratories Laboratory Assistant 1990 – 1998 (part time) Duties: • Designed and implemented company Web site (HTML, Perl, CGI). • Assembled and modified electronic prototypes and printed circuit boards. • Gathered measurements of RF radiation from new mobile phones. • Tested and calibrated wireless products and other electronic equipment. • Recorded test results in a lab book and later transferred to MS Excel Spreadsheet. • Participated in the development of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measuring system. • Helped in construction of Shielded Rooms used for controlled RF environment testing. • Helped in construction of Anechoic Chambers used for controlled sound environment testing. Project #11 Carleton University Engineering Student September 1995 – May 2000 (4 years, 8 months) Education • Aerospace Engineering Program, including Computer Systems and Software Development Courses. • 16 month internship at Nortel Networks as a Junior Software Developer (more info above). Security Clearance Information • Secret security clearance - expiry of June 30, 2019. AVAILABILITY AND RELOCATION • Available Feb 2010 • Able to relocate and travel