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  • 1. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 1 BURT WILKINS, .Net PROGRAMMER Corona, CA 92879 USA, Phone: 714-783-7341 E-Mail: Internet Home page: C#, VB.Net, C++.Net, J#, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET PROGRAMMER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Burt has been programming computers as his entire adult life, and has experience in all phases of data processing. In these years he has programmed as MS C# and Visual Basic programmer (through VS 2008) using ASP.NET, and four projects in classic ASP. Burt writes fluently in all .Net languages: C#, VB.Net, C++, and J# [Java] as well as ASP.Net and ADO.Net, AJAX, and JavaScrip. Call Burt for Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator or graphics. You can see his work in ASP.Net at Besides programming for others, Classic Classes has its own commercial products architected by Burt. July 1996 / Classic Classes, Inc, Orange, CA 92804 (ADO.Net .Net Architect: C#, VB.Net, Current Data Class Generator) C++.Net, J#, Winform. and (50% Owner of Company) (Clients follow) ASP.Net, Web Services. Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP-2000, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Server. Software .Net 2003-2008, ASP.Net, AJAX, WinForm, WebServices, Window Services, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Telerik ASP.Net RadControls, Component 1 Studio for ASP.Net, AJAX Control Toolkit, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, CSS, Themes, Skins, IIS, SQL Query Analyser, Wise Installation System 9, Flare/RoboHELP HTML, Word, Outlook. SourceSafe, PDF Applications Classic Classes Data Class Generator: WinForm “code generator” which produces .Net data classes in VB.Net, C#, C++.& J# for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Access. Multi-threaded. Completed & sent to market. ASP.Net: BtoB web site, with shopping chart, credit card processing using VeriSign HTMLS, Flash Tutorials, Support Issue processing, Distributors’ Order Entry, Product Bulletin Board User Forum. Web Services: Serves between code generator and the web site covering (1) product activation, (2) license code processing, (3) notice of product updates, (4) annual support contract extensions, (5) change of users, and (6) license transfers from one computer to another. CLIENTS Burt’s clients follow. Some are full-time. Others are contracts. Each are noted. August 2008/ Kinder-Morgan, Orange, CA (4 Month Contract) .Net Developer: VB.Net, C#, December 2008 ASP.Net, Windows Service Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Servers & work stations. Software .Net 2008, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Infragistics .Net Advantage, Component One Studio for ASP.Net , AJAX, JavaScript, AJAX Control Kit, SharpZipLib, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, CSS, Themes, Skins, IIS, Sharepoint. MadCap Flare (RoboHelp). Considerable XML serialization and deserialization. Windows Service & Installation Program. Publishing Applications Maintenance Scheduling System: Intranet web site is used to schedule maintenance for 26 gas & oil pipelines nationwide. 1-page web site can look like a Calendar month, week, or day. Double clicking on existing scheduled appointment displays it. Double clicking on blank area of day causes new appointment to start. Like Outlook, users enter Subject, start and end date and time, and detail. Unlike Outlook, users may upload attachments, and add list of approvers necessary to approve appointment. Three security levels for Administrators (most privileges), Managers (medium privileges), and General Users (minimal privileges). Workflow supported appointments’ states of Pending, Approved or Rejected by Managers and Administrators, and Past History. Creation or change in state produces emails to approvers and creator. Attachments (*.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, *.gif, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.tif, *.png, *.html, *.aspx, *.asp, *.txt, *.xml, *.sql, *.zip) display with a double click. Also shows contents of Zip files and allows extraction and display of zipped files. RoboHelp/Flare online Help system. 1000 users. Lots of XMLSerializaion and Deserialization Windows Service & Installation Program: Deletes SQL appointments, attachments, and approvers over 2 years old, and also deletes their attachments in the file system. Clears daily work directory. June 2008/ Dispatch Transportation, Fontana, CA (Short term .Net Developer: C#, ASP.Net July 2008 Contract) GIS Programming, WCF Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows Vista, Windows 2005 Network, Dell Servers & work stations. Software .Net 2008, ASP.Net, Infragistics .Net Advantage, AJAX, JavaScript, AJAX Control Kit Net, ThinkGEO Geocode USA – Web Edition + Render USA, WCF Webservice, Microsoft Team Foundation Server , Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS, Sharepoint.
  • 2. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 2 Applications Sales Pipeline Web Site & Web Service: Intranet web site enabled 300+ sales prospect sites (& growing) to be dynamically tracked by 15 project managers & sales representatives. Sites were displayed on maps as colored bins with site names by longitude and latitude Sites displayed can be filtered by (1) Type (export, import, or both), (2) County (multiple or all) , (3) Project Manager (multiple or all), (4) Prospects or Customer (all or 1), (5) Status (submitted, awarded, started, completed, lost or all) (6) Submit Date range, (7) Award Date range, (8) Start Date range, (9) Completion Date range, (10) Yards to Haul range, (11) % of Completion range, and (12) Anticipated Revenue range. Users could add, change, and delete both prospective or actual sites, and prospective customers. Map showed Southern California, but could zoom out to the world, or down to a city block showing street & city names, as well as landmarks. Geographic information system data was supplied by a middle tier using WCF. March 2008/ Live Office, Torrance, CA (3 Month Contract) .Net Developer: June 2008 Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2005 Network, Dell Servers & work stations. Software .Net 2008, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, AJAX Control Kit Net, CSS, Themes, Skins, Web Services, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS. Applications Email Archive: This project was not wisely architected from the beginning. It used no ASP controls, some AJAX Control Toolkit controls. Essentially each page on the site was treated as a separate control. Each page had its own JavaScript page and CCS page. All controls were created in JavaScript by a Russian living in Siberia with separate JavaScript classes and CCS pages as well. Consequently each time a new page was loaded, a dozen or more JavaScript pages were loaded, slowing execution. Code behind was in C# using PageMethods. The site used Frames. Most of Burt’s time was spend correcting JavaScript bugs and adding new JavaScript features. The product worked, but most begrudgingly. When asked to change to full-time employee after 3 months, Burt decided not to. October 2007/ Zalinda Farms, Inc, Pala (San Diego), CA 90245 .Net Developer: Note overlap. January 2008 (Contract completed) Worked 4 contracts same time Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Servers & work stations. Wasp Barcode guns. Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, AJAX Control Kit Net, WebServices, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS. Applications Wasp Barcode Programming: Programmed WDT2200C bar code guns to scan and report store consignment product counts, products delivered, and products returned. WinForm Gun Transfer Program & setup program: (a) Download from bar code guns counts, deliveries, & returns plus import same into SQL. (b) Historical inquiry of import batches by counts, deliveries, & returns. (c) Gun Edit/Post Imported Data: Make corrections, validate store and product numbers; add, change, & delete product counts, deliveries, or returns. (d) Post EDI Consignment sales. ASP.Net Inventory Web Site: (a) Edit/Post Gun data, (b) Store inventory inquiry, (c) Inventory store inquiry, (d) Gun import inquiry, (e) EDI store sales inquiry, (f) Login, (g) Company maintenance, (h) Product maintenance, (i) Store maintenance, (j) User maintenance, (k) Sales history graphs, (l) Sales history report, (m) Import EDI report. (n) Daily inventory report, (o) Import scan data report, (p) Load list report. Windows Service & setup program: SQL server nightly maintenance: (a) Record start of backup. (b) Truncate SQL log files, (c) Backup Gun Item History, Detail, and EDI sales, (d) Record end of backup. December 2007/ Northrop Grumman, El Segundo, CA 90245 .Net Developer (while also January 2008 (Contract.) programming Zalinda Farms.) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP-2000, Windows 2003 Network, HP Servers Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, Telerik ASP.Net RadControls, AJAX Control Kit Net, WebServices, Active Directory Services, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, CCS, IIS, SourceSafe Applications Symposium Registration: Created registration system for submitting engineering abstracts for the Northrop Grumman 2008 Systems Engineering Symposium. November 2007/ Click Technologies, Oneando, LLC, Newport Net Developer (while also November 2007 Beach, CA 92660 (Contract) programming Zalinda Farms.) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP-2000, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Server. Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, AJAX Control Kit Net, WebServices, Window Services, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS, SourceSafe Applications Total rewrite of web site, beginning with reports. Ongoing work. October 2007 / Teckwise Research, Inc, San Diego, CA 92130 .Net Development (while also
  • 3. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 3 November 2007 (Contract) programming Zalinda Farms.) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP-2000, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Server. Software .Net 2005, WinForm, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, XML, PinEditor. Applications XML Translator: WinForm program takes XML file detailing survey from 15 XML tables. The program converted the file to a new Access database, and then allowed the users to in 13 of these tables these surveys into six different languages. Presently being used in Italy, France, and Germany. Once the translation was done, the program then allowed for an XML export so that the translated survey could then be used in different countries. July 18, 2007 – BMS Medical Management, Upland, CA .Net Developer (Board of Directors Sept 24 2007 3 month Contract, lasted 4 months. voted to outsource IT development) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Compact Servers Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, AJAX Control Toolkit, NANT, Web Services, Windows Services, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, CSS, IIS Applications RevFlow: Hired to work on a system that had many problem: (1) Converted ATLAS to AJAX (New AutoComplete, re-wrote PageMethods, Web.Config, and triggers). (2) After studying SQL statements, added 270 indexes to database. (3) Replaced 450 In-Line SQL statements with Stored Procedures. (4) Set up Publishing and Builds (moved to NANT). (5) Did maintenance and bugs. (6) Replaced VB.Script with code behind. (7) Created Ticket Management system. Feb 1, 2007 – Assorted Snacks., Corona, CA (Part .Net Developer, Windows Mobile Sept, 2007 time: evenings and weekends) PDA processing & ASP.Net website Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Compact Servers Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net and C#, AJAX, Windows Services, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS, Palm Treo 800 Smartphone, Windows Mobile. Applications Point-Of-Sale Delivery System: Inventory control point-of-sale delivery system for creating invoices, receiving payments, processing returns run from PDA smartphone. Used by Sales Representatives doing different daily routes to commercial customer sites. Invoices and receipts are produces by portable printer attached to PDA smartphone. Controls inventory on trucks, transfers from warehouse to trucks, and deliveries to commercial customers. Gives management up-to-the moment knowledge of what has been delivered, what has been returned, and payments received broken down daily by Sales Representative. Controls purchasing from multiple vendors by reporting unit and dollar sales by item for any range of dates. Hosted system. March 1, 2007 – NetLinkMed, Inc., Newport Beach, CA (Fulltime contract for .Net Developer April 15,2007 startup company. Company ran out of money.) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Compact Servers Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net and VB.Net, AJAX, Windows Services, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Syncfusion, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS Applications ChrioConnect Medical Practice Management System: Created 65 ASP.Net web pages in 1.5 months for a medical system. Focus of work was HCFA Patient Billing, SOAP Notes, and Patient Scheduling. November 2006 Quick Loan Funding., Costa Mesa, CA Senior .Net Developer (Laid off) – Feb 20, 2007 (Fulltime :mortgage company downsizing) (Out of business in April 2007.) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Compact Servers Software .Net 2005, ASP.Net and C#, AJAX, Windows Services, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, SyBase, Active Directory, Stored Procedures, IIS, SQL Query Analyzer, Wise Installation System. Applications Phone System Import: The company pays advertising companies based upon the number of phone calls to 1-800 phone numbers. This Windows service imported and processed each day from temporary Sybase table detail of each phone call received to these 1-800 phone numbers into a permanent Microsoft SQL database tables. This process validated millions of dollars in monthly advertising expenditures. Business System: Create ASP.Net Intranet system for the company. The menu systems were table driven. Based upon job titles taken from Active Directory, users were privileged only to access options in groups they were assigned to. Phone Analysis: Produced graphs and grids summating phone calls received. Relational grid broke down to range of days’ total, daily activity, and in the final tier by individual 1-800 number. Analysis showed for each level total calls, total distinct calls, sales calls, English sales calls, Spanish sales calls, service calls, English service calls, and Spanish Service calls. (AJAX: ScriptManager, UpdatePanel,
  • 4. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 4 UpdateProgress, ButtonControlExtender). User Administration Web Application: ASP.Net one-write program adds new employees to Active Directory, establishes user password, establishes employees email account, assigns employee to security, and terminal services. Delete option removes employee from Active Directory, disables email account, and removes from security groups. Change feature updates departments, titles, and phone numbers. Updated both Active Directory and ADP Payroll database of changes. Employee Badge Printer: ASP.Net Imported to SQL employee pictures. Defines new employees department and title. Prints employee identification card with picture. Updates ADP Payroll database, preparing for one-click additions of employees to Active Directory and creation of Email accounts. Mortgage Calculator: Created ASP.Net mortgage calculator for public Internet site. August 2005 – People’s Choice Home Loan, Inc., Irvine, Lead Developer, .Net Instructor, November 2006 CA (Fulltime:mortgage company Software Integration Specialist downsized) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Network, Compact Servers Software .Net 2003-2005, ASP.Net and C#.Net, Winform, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, Data Warehouse, Stored Procedures, IIS, SQL Query Analyzer, Web Services, FTP, WSDL, WCF, Concrete Computer Factory, Windows Services, SourceSafe, Navision, Wise for Windows Installation. Applications Lead Developer: Code review of other .Net programmer’s code. Wrote company .Net programming standards. .Net Instructor: Taught C# Course to 12 programmers for four months. Taught ASP.Net Course to 15 programmers for six months. One 2 hour class each week. FTC Download Program: WinForm program plus Windows Service downloads 120,000,000 million national Do-Not-Call list from the Federal Government. Also download incremental changes on selected days. A State Do Not Call web application was for the 13 states that had separately maintained do not call lists. This web application was in ASP.Net 2.0 utilizing ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, and UpdateProgress components from AJAX Extensions to show progress of the import plus the ConfirmButton for the AJAX toolkit. User Administration Web Application: ASP.Net One-write program adds new employees to Active Directory, establishes user password, establishes employees email account, assigns employee to security and Blue Coat groups, and terminal services. Delete option removes employee from Active Directory, disables email account, removes from security and Blue Coat groups, disables FTP services, and Palm PDA smart phone. Account Month-End/Year End Management Web Application: ASP.Net Manages and tracks 500 accounting month-end and year-end processes. Used by 10 corporate departments. Fidelity Mortgage Loan Servicing Conversion: WinForm program and Windows Service downloads 38 Fidelity COBOL tables from FTC site, and adds them daily to the to the SQL Data Warehouse, servicing 11 departments. Used to track Loan Servicing by Fidelity. Fidelity Accounting to Microsoft Navision Accounting: WinForm program plus Windows Service downloads from Fidelity accounting summation files daily, then re-writes them for automatic corporate entry to the Navision accounting GL. April 2005 / June Nationwide Health Properties, Newport Beach, CA Software Engineer, 3 Month 2005 92260 (Contract) contract. Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP-2000, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Server. Software .Net 2003, ASP.Net and VB.Net, Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, Data Warehouse, Stored Procedures, IIS, SQL Query Analyzer, Word, Outlook. SourceSafe, some SQL Server 2000 Reporting, MRI Accounting Software. Applications Intranet Management System: ASP.Net using VB.Net. Mr. Wilkins programmed this system, and designed all the entry pages included in the system. National Health Properties owns 400 Nursing Homes and Extended Care Facilities nationwide which it leases back to private local nursing companies to run in return for a sizeable management fee. Each month these 400 facilities must submit to NHP financial statements which adhere to a somewhat standardize format. The Intranet Management System allowed for the balance entries for Revenue (Medicare, Medicaid, Private, Other), Net Profit, Cost subtotals: (Depreciation, Amortization, Rents, Adjustment A & B, etc.), Total Beds or Units Available, Average Beds or Units occupied)), ratio analysis, and occupancy. Each month’s entry produced an HTML Financial Analysis report which was stored as a hardy copy within a document warehouse. The program accepted either PDF or Excel documents, and would store them by year and month for a facility in the document warehouse as well. A document viewer enabled users to review a facility’s stored financial reports by month extending back two years. This entered data was used to update a data warehouse of approximately 200 raw and calculated data points, to otherwise analyze and project the financial soundness of each facility.
  • 5. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 5 December Fair Isaac, Inc, Irvine, CA 92617 (Contract) Software Engineer, 3 Month 2004 / March contract. 2005 Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP-2000, Windows 2003 Network, Dell Server. Software Visual Studio 6, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, SQL Query Analyzer, Pervasive SQL Btrieve 2000, Word, Outlook. SourceSafe, Microsoft Project. Applications SmartAdvisor, CompAdvisor, and AutoAdvisor are the three leading medical bill review and repricing software solutions available. These applications provide automated bill review to maximize savings for workers’ compensation insurers and automobile insurers, managed-care companies, self- insured employers and third-party administrator. Mr. Wilkins was one of many programmers hired to maintain and enhance these programs. Generally, change requests were accompanied by strict specifications. Defects were assigned with detailed examples of problems. Mr. Wilkins would code the changes or repairs, then document them, passing on reports of the work done to the quality assurance department for validation. The programs are generally in use by a large number of companies, and many of considerable size. For example, some of the clients for whom Mr. Wilkins made customized changes for while at Fair Isaac included Wal-Mart, and Blue Cross. Dec 2003 / June First American SMS Corporation, Orange, CA Software Developer, C#, 2004 9286 (Title Escrow Solutions) (Contract) ASP.Net, ASP3 Programmer Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP, Windows 2003 Networks, Dell Servers Software .Net 2003, Infragistics, Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, InterDev, IIS, SQL Query Analyser Microsoft, SQLHelper, Word, Outlook. SourceSafe Applications C# Project: (a) Criteria Class Library: A database selection criteria library, used for standardizing decision making processes. Programming user maintenance in Winform. (b) Dyna Value Import Wizard: Imports standard SQL row tables in to the table, field, values structure. ASP.Net Project: VendorTrack – VB.Net, Tracks orders, vendors. * ASP3 Project: SearchTrack –Title and escrow order trackers. Adding enhancements to existing software. Jun 2003/Nov 2003 GenSelf Corporation, Irvine, CA 92618. (Solar C# and ASP.Net Programmer Jan 2002/Mar 2002 HTML from Oct 01 Electric Power Systems) (Contract). Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP and 2000 workstations, Windows 2000 Networks, Dell Servers Software .Net 2003, Infragistics, Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL, Stored Procedures, IIS, Microsoft Frontpage, Word, Outlook. SourceSafe, InstallShield Developer Applications C# and ASP.Net Project: This web application is a marketing tool to demonstrate to visitors to GenSelf’s web site the money homeowners will save this year, and for the next 25 years by installing a home solar power electric generator system. The owner of GenSelf was also the founder of Commonwealth Energy, whom Mr. Wilkins first worked for in 1999. Thus, Mr. Wilkins has been doing projects as needed for this client for the last four years. This current C# web application using ASP.Net. and ADO.Net through web enabled data classes is the second generation, the first successfully installed using ASP.Net, VB.Net, and ADO.Net between January of 2002 and March 2002 at that Mr. Wilkins created and has maintains since October, 2001. Feb 2003 / Provantedge, Lake Forest, CA 92630 .Net Programmer, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, Jun 2003 (Fulltime) plus Microsoft InterDev 6.0 Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP workstations, Windows 2000 Networks. Software .Net 2002 & 2003, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Infragistics, Net Advantage Suite, Microsoft SQL and Access, IIS, SQL Query Analyzer, VB6, ADO, Videosoft Flex Grid, Microsoft Word, Outlook. SourceSafe, InstallShield Developer,, InterDev, FrontPage Applications C# ASP.NET Project: Loan Production Viewer: Displays summary totals for loans by branch, broker ID, closer, or Loan Representative. Optional filtering by process status, beginning and ending date for various dates. Displays total loans, total loan dollars for the following loan types: refinances, purchases, other, wholesale, and conventional, FHA, VA, and retail. VB.NET Project: Internet Licensing Software: Designed and prototyped ASP.Net licensing software. Clients could license (Rent, Lease, or Sale) mortgage loan software. Licensing limited users to a specific number of users. Supported Retail Loan Officers, Wholesale Brokers, Correspondence Seller, and Retail Consumer licenses, each with maintainable user groups, categories, and obtains and permissions. End-users could maintain who was licensed, while the number of the licenses and duration was controlled, and downloaded through Corporate Order Entry.
  • 6. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 6 InterDev ASP3 Loan Entry Application: Reprogrammed, packaged, and documented. Gives mortgage loan officers the ability to enter 1003 Loan Application, liabilities, loan fees, conditions, impounds. Provides processes to process credit request, viewing credit, process Fannie May desk underwriter report, define optimum programs and pricing, and reporting. 80 page users manual. VB6 Project: Continuing maintenance of existing VB6 systems: Fannie May desk underwriter processor. Mar 2002 / Diebold, Cypress, CA 90630. Software Engineer III. Feb 2003 (Fulltime) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows XP workstations, NT & Windows 2000 Networks. Software .Net 2002, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, C# Infragistics Net Advantage Suite, Oracle 7-9, Stored Procedures, Microsoft SQL and Access, IBM DB2. Perforce-P4Win, IIS, DBA Studio, SQL Plus, VB6, ADO, APEX DBGrid Pro 6, Seagate Crystal Reports 8.5, Installshield 5.5, Inbit FullShot image capture, Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and Viso. Symantec pcAnywhere 10.5. Techsmith SnagIt 5 Screen Capture. Applications VB.NET Project: CS Gold Load Tester: A diagnostic wizard measuring server performance grouped by message types, displaying the results as a chart. This diagnostic tool was designed to test various hardware configurations to determine optimal performance given incrementing load factors using multi- threading. ASP.NET Project: ASP Menu: A generic Web application menuing system, suitable for implementation in any web system project. Offering a wide range of navigational and security user site implementations. Navigation include web bars for buttons and pull down menus, tabs encapsulating web application or HTML page display, and vertical list bars emulating Microsoft Outlook menu navigation within HTML frames. VB6 Project: Continuing maintenance of existing VB6 systems: Cashiering, and Scheduling. Jun 2001 / Wellpoint, Thousand Oaks, CA 92688. VB Project Programmer. October 2001 (Contract) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows NT workstations, IBM DB2, NT & Novel Networks, FileNET RS600 Remote Entry Server. Kodak 3500 Simplex scanners. Software VB6, ADO, XML, FileNet Panagon Capture, DB2, Stored Procedures, MTS, Vista Apollo DB engine, Prelude CheckWorks, Videosoft Flex Grid, Seagate Crystal Reports 8, GreenTree Masked Numeric, Date, and Text controls, Access, SourceSafe, FoxPro, Platinum Erwin, eHelp HTML RoboHelp 9.1, Inbit FullShot image capture. Applications VB Project: Brought in to rescue a project in deep trouble. The company had invested $1 million+ in the project and had nothing workable. Rewrote the projects entire I/O, inserting Command objects to replace Open statements, replacing global and spaghetti code with classes and objects, to essentially within 3 months turn a disaster into a success. Produced the system’s check writing, and authored its HTML Help system. The project was to replace a legacy system. Wellpoint handles claims for hospital’s and doctors to various insurance companies, and HMOs. This system takes claims, saves them as FileNet images, acquires approvals for payment from the insurance providers, and then produces checks, again saving the checks as FileNET images, for hospitals and doctors. Mar 2001 / Law Offices of Robert G. VB & InterDev Programmer May 2001 Winterbotham, Yorba Linda, CA 92688. (Contract) Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows 2000, 98, & 95 workstations, SQL 7 and Server 2000 Network, Dell Intel Servers. Software Visual Basic 6, Farpoint Tab Pro 3, Sheridan Data Widgets, Seagate Crystal Reports 8 8.5, Access, ADO, Wise InstallBuilder, InterDev 6, ASP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, IIS Manager, Data storage using ADO, XML, MS SQL 7, Stored Procedures, MTS, Access, Word and ERwin. Applications VB & ASP Project: Finished an ASP project that another software company had left. Programmed in VB creating COM objects, Active X Controls. Created a client-side COM object that printed customer maintained table-driven Word legal documents merging with SQL data. Created Active X Controls that enabled legal staff to print any legal document merged with client data, and schedule document printing for later batch printing, establishing a print history of every document or receipt every created for clients, enabling the historical re-print or viewing of any document ever printed for a client – all to create the paperless legal office. Created Active X Control for batch printing administrator, with the ability to historically review every document sent out for any office’s clients by date range. Created office Deposit reports and Time and Billing monthly statements. July 2000 / Health Sense, Rancho Santa Margarita, VB and InterDev Programmer March 2001 CA 92688. Health System Provider. (Contract)
  • 7. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 7 Hardware Intel Pentiums Windows 2000, NT, 98, & 95 workstations, Server 2000 and NT Network, Intel Servers. Software Visual Basic 6, Sheridan Data Widgets, Polar Zip, Mabry Internet Client Pack/X, Crescent PDQComm, Seagate Crystal Reports 8.0, Greentree DataList, Masked Data and Text, Apex Olectra Chart 2D, Apex True Help, Access, ADO, Wise InstallBuilder 8.1, InterDev 6, ASP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, IIS Manager, Sax Comm Objects 7, Data storage using ADO, Microsoft Server 2000, Stored Procedures , SQL 7, and Access locally. ERwin. Applications VB Project: Redesigned and programmed REDEEM Incontinence Management System: When a hospital or nursing home patient urinates uncontrollably, a radio transmitter in the patient’s diaper instantly detects the episode and transmits data on the incident to a central computer at the nurses’ station, notifying the nursing staff of the patients distress. The system stores data in a central database of how long the nursing staff then takes to change and clean the patient. 12 Crystal Reports. ASP Project: This ASP project mirrors the VB project, but enabled central data collection, instant access and installation through the Internet. Installed Windows 2000 Server, and SQL Server 2000. InterDev project. Built 3 custom Active X controls. All I/O through Web classes, COM+, local DLL. XML used for all Server to Client I/O. June 2000 / Dameron Alloy, Compton, CA 90221. Project VB Programmer Nov 2000 Foundry. Contract: Evenings Weekends Hardware Intel Pentiums, Windows 98 & NT workstation, NT Network, Novell 4.11, Pervasive SQL Btrieve 2000. Software Visual Basic 6, Sheridan Data Widgets, Pervasive Btrieve Data controls, EllTech Compression Plus, Distinct Internet Toolkit, Microsoft SQL 7.0, Access, MS SQL Query, Microsoft & Pervasive ADO. ERwin. Applications Pour Floor Data Collection: Recording for one or more work orders the furnace #, heats, date, start, pour, and end time, temperatures and hardness, lots and pounds of elements used. Work Order Production Management: Scheduling processes, set priorities, recording actual hours to budgeted hours, costing. March 2000 / PacifiCare, Cypress, CA 90630. Health Project VB Programmer June 2000 Management Provider. (Contract) Hardware Intel Pentiums, Windows 2000 & NT workstation, NT Network, Intel & Dec Servers Software Visual Basic 6, Sheridan Data Widgets and SP_Assist, Microsoft SQL 6.5/7.0, Access, SourceSafe, Cresent QuickPak, MS SQL Query, Wise InstallBuilder, Quest SQL Navigator, Bennet-Tec AllText, ADO & RDO, MTS, 400+ Stored Procedures. Applications Team member in the production of PacifiCare’s Contract Wizard 3.0 featuring (1) amendments, (2) redlining, and (3) enhancement from Microsoft SQL 6.5 to 7.0. Produced programming for this release (a) Amendments Financial Grid form, (b) Base Terms form, (c) Commercial Terms form, (d) Secure Horizons Terms form, (e) Amendment terms validation, (f) Intel/NT Platform testing. July 1999 / Commonwealth Energy, Tustin, CA Project Leader, Systems Analyst, VB January 2000 Electrical Service Provider. (Contract) Programmer, MS SQL 7 Data Design Hardware Intel Pentiums, Windows 95, Microsoft NT Network, Thin Client, Compact Servers Software Visual Basic 6, Sheridan Data Widgets, Microsoft SQL 7.0, Stored Procedures, Distinct Internet Toolkit, Access, Erwin 3.5, SourceSafe, Enterprise Manager, MS SQL Query. Applications Produced automated Internet download program to daily retrieve electrical usage by the company’s 100,000 customers, as well as the Commodity Price of Energy tables posted twice weekly. Produced programs and maintenances to automatically bill customers for electrical use using electrical schedules from California utilities. The program applied up to 50 different discount types to arrive at customer’s electrical price. MS SQL databases designed for national billing, with each state’s customers in separate MS SQL database. November 98 / Chuan & Associates, Los Angeles, CA Project Leader, Systems Analyst, VB June 99 91311 (Fulltime) Programmer, DB2 database manager Hardware Intel Pentiums, Windows 98 Workstations, Microsoft NT Network, HP 3000, IBM Mainframe Software Visual Basic 6, Sheridan Data Widgets, IBM DB2, Sybase PowerDesigner, MS SQL 7, Access, MS Project, Crystal Reports, SourceSafe, Intersolve DB2 ADO Provider. Applications Analyze requirements of School Department budgeting department by interviewing School Department personnel. Produced 700-page design specification, project pert chart, including DB2 Database design. Interviewed team programmers, and assigned team projects. Produced management reports. Created 45 forms, 23 reports, and 55 ADO data classes for budgeting and allocation of state and Federal funding programs to LA County schools. Created ADO Data Class program generator and Security System.
  • 8. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 8 August 97 / Premier America Federal Credit VB Programmer, Oracle Data Base Manager November 98 Union, Chatsworth, CA 91311(Contract) Hardware Intel Pentiums, VAX 6000, VAX Alpha RISC, Microsoft NT Network, NT Workstations, HP Scanjet Scanners. Software Visual Basic 5, Sheridan Data Widgets, ORACLE Rdo, Oracle ODBC, Access, Crystal Reports, Dec Pathworks, SourceSafe, Jetform Central, Jetform Design. Corba. Applications Defined, Installed & Maintained three Oracle Rdo data bases (TEST, DEMO, LIVE) and Tables, Loan Applications – 3 Tier Client Server Program, Table driven completion logic by loan types, Table driven forms and fields. Included General, Residence, Employment, Member, Assets, Liabilities, Real Estate, Credit & TRW reporting for up to 6 borrowers. Collateral, Payment calculator, disbursement, approval or rejection, & Status by Loans. 23 Internal Reports) WINSOCK RPCs to VAX-VMS, utilizing COM. Static Maintenance program of 44 tables. Format program created SQL table definitions. Loan Boarding Program. Management Report program. August 96 / Clifford Electronics, Chatsworth, CA VB Programmer, Data Base Manager August 97 91311 (Contract) Hardware Intel Pentiums, HP9000/3000 (Unix), Novell, Bar Code scanners, Manifesting scales Software Visual Basic 4, Sheridan Data Widgets, ORACLE, RDO-ODBC, Synergy ODBC & DBL, Unix, SDE2, Clipper, Jet Form, Crystal Reports . Applications Installed Oracle & designed all data files, Shipping and Scanning program, Shipment Inspection program (Committing inventory, item history, updating customer A/R, and G/L on Unix system), Packing List Print, Freight Manifesting Program, Invoice Print, Order Cancellation program, Order Cancellation Report, Computer Security/Password program. April 96 / Department of Children and Family Project VB Programmer August 96 Services, Lakewood, CA (Contract) Hardware Intel Pentiums & 486, Novell, Windows NT, UNISYS Mainframe. Software Visual Basic 32/16, Sheridan Data Widgets, Crescent QuickPak Tools, RDO-ODBC, Unisys SYBASE SQL / RPCs, Access 7, SourceSafe, SII Help Magician Pro, Mail Applications LaCare Child Family Services Children Assistance Reporting and Eligibility System, Static Maintenances, RDO-ODBC Mainframe Login, Environment, Connections, SQL Static Updates, RPC Problem Tracking System, Documentation, Help System, Studies. Jan 95/Apr 96 La Curacao, Los Angeles (Fulltime) Senior Programmer, Depart. Head Hardware IBM Pentiums 486/386, Novell Server, Extended Base Server, Microsoft NT Server Software Visual Basic, many VBXs/OCXs, Clipper (3 months only), Blinker, Word, Novell, Media Knife, MS Project, Video for Windows, ImageKnife, Buttonmaker, Image Stream, R&R Report Maker, TBase for scanning, Compression Plus, SDE2 data base engine, Access. Applications Retail business applications: Export Kiosk – Document Imaging, Export Maintenance, Paperless Credit Application System, Cash Register System, Created 5 ActiveX OCXs.(Clipper. Rest VB) July 94 / International Cablecasting (Contract) Project Leader, Senior Programmer January 95 Technologies (Digital Cable Music) Hardware IBM 486/386, Novell Server. Software Clipper, Alpha 4, utilizing Blinker, Word, MS-DOS, Novell. Applications Co-Op Credit & Materials Billing, Subscribers, Accounts Receivable, Security System, Report Generator and Library. Nov 93/Jun 94 Pen-Based Medical Network Culver City Senior Programmer: (Fulltime) Hardware IBM 486/386, Laptops, Notebooks, Windows NT, Advanced Server, Novell Server, BBS Software Visual Basic 3, MS & Q+A ODBC, Access, Windows 3.1, Clipper, Blinker, Nantucket Tools, dBase IV, Word, MS-DOS, Windows NT, Novell, Mail. Applications VB Doctors Charts & Practice Management: Oncology Flow Sheet, Childhood Immunization, Patient Questionnaire, Allergies, Nursing Assessment, Home Health Care. Clipper Projects: Medical National Standard Format Electronic Billing, Medphone, Practice Management Data Purge, Conversion of data to practice management system. Sep 92/Oct 93 Great Western Bank, Northridge, CA System Analyst II/Programmer (Fulltime) Hardware IBM 486, IBM PS/2, Novell Networks (250 users & 125 users), IBM Mainframe.
  • 9. Resume: Burt Wilkins 4/29/2010, Page 9 Software MS Visual C++, C, Watcom SQL, COGENESYS, BTrieve, Clipper, Jet Form, Blinker, Nantucket Tools II, WordPerfect, Word, PageMaker, Mail, MS-DOS, Novell. Applications Computerized Mortgage Loan Application System in Visual C++, using Watcom SQL, IBM Mainframe HLLAPI Communication to Lan in C, Loan Approval Artificial Intelligence, Clipper work: Student Teaching System, Visual Development Library, Program Development Tools Library, The OK Library. Banking Document Preparation. February 1992 SyNet, Inc. (Stock Market BBS Inquiry Analyst, Programmer (Contract) /June 1992 System), West Los Angeles, CA Hardware Compact 386, Novell Network, OS-2, BBS Software C using MS Programmers Workbench, Clipper, Blinker, Nantucket Tools II, CommTools, Visual Interface, DGE Applications PcQuote Databuild (Took stock market data from satellite and stored in database). Jul 80/Jan 92 B&W Computer, Ottawa, Ontario Programmer, Analyst, Consultant (Fulltime) Hardware Digital VAX, IBM PCs, Digital PDP11s. Software VAX-VMS, TSX, Ultrix (Unix), DIBOL and COBOL, Clipper, PageMaker, Windows, WordPerfect. Applications Order Entry Systems: Computer manufacturing, wholesale and retail, Cosmetics, wholesale and retail, Fruit and Vegetable wholesale and retail, OHIP-QHIP Doctor order entry, Paper Manufacturing, Retail furniture and lighting. General Packages: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bill of Materials, Computerized Cash Registers, Courier Billing, Inventory Control, Job Costing, Payroll, Purchase Orders, Progress Billing. Education: Institution of Learning Degrees and Majors. Duration Boston University Law School Graduate Studies in Law 1 year Florida Atlantic University. Florida BS Degree: Computer Science, Mathematics 2 years Palm Beach Junior College, Florida AA Degree: Business Administration, 1 year Mathematics Bowling Green State University, Ohio Mathematics Major. 1 year