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Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Overview
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Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Overview


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  • 1. Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Overview The New AJAX Application Framework (Formally: Atlas)
  • 2. Agenda
    • Importance of UX
    • Limitations of Web Applications
    • Overview of AJAX
    • Intro to ASP.NET AJAX
    • Framework
      • Script Library
      • Web Services
      • Server Controls
    • Demo: Hello World
    • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
  • 3. What influences end-user UX, and how?
    • Ease of Use
    • Learn ability
    • App Performance
    • More reliable & secure
    • Legibility / Readability
    • Optimized for form factor
    Success / Productivity Retention & Comprehension Satisfaction / Excitement Repeat Use Richness Graphics & Media Data Visualization Higher Fidelity Information Globalization Accessibility Hardware & Printing Integration
  • 4. Limitations of Web Applications
    • Traditional Web Applications use costly Postbacks for Server operations and UI operations.
    • No “integrated” way to work with client side scripting
  • 5. Introduction to AJAX
    • Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
    • Not a “new” technology – It’s a specific way of using existing technologies.
    • Used in Outlook Web Access (IE 5)
    • Transfer just the “data” between browser and server
  • 6. Difficulties with AJAX in the past
    • Too “Close to the wire”
    • Heavy DHTML plumbing required
    • Browser compatibilities with DHTML
  • 7. AJAX Frameworks
    • Frameworks or Toolkits attempt to overcome some of the hurdles to working with AJAX.
      • ASP.NET AJAX –
      •* –
      • Backbase* -
    * Community & Pro Versions Available
  • 8.
    • “ Atlas extends [beyond] Ajax.NET in a number of ways.
      • Browser object model to abstract away DOM differences between browsers
      • Set of client-side enabled server controls, including data-binding and editable controls
      • Access to server-side services through Web services (authentication, profile, session, cache)” - Dino Esposito
  • 9. Standards Based Web: ASP.NET AJAX
    • benefits
      • enhanced: immersive, customizable & interactive ui
      • ubiquitous: cross-platform & standards-based
      • friction-free: zero installation & small payload
      • productive: advanced tools & improved developer-designer workflow
      • seamless: extensible & access to application services
      • enterprise-ready: 24x7x365 support server extensions ajax server controls app services bridge web services bridge ajax microsoft ajax library controls, components script core base class library component model/ui framework browser compatibility 2.0 application services page framework, server controls markup web services (asmx or wcf) html, css javascript service proxies
  • 10. ASP.NET AJAX
    • A framework for building next generation, cross-platform, browsing experiences
      • Ubiquitous, cross-platform, browser support
      • Most-productive framework for building AJAX-enabled web applications
      • Rich tool support for designer and developer  workflow
      • No cost , free tool support, easy to use
  • 11. ASP.NET AJAX – 3 Builds
    • ASP.NET AJAX “Core”
      • Fully supported product on top of ASP.NET 2.0
    • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
      • Library of free ASP.NET AJAX controls/extenders
    • ASP.NET AJAX “Futures” CTP
      • Features not quite ready to bake into the core
      • Go-Live license for deployment
  • 12. ASP.NET AJAX Core
    • Client Side JS Library
    • ScriptManager
    • ScriptManagerProxy
    • Timer
    • UpdatePanel
    • UpdateProgress
    • “ Futures” CTP
    • AutoCompleteExtender
    • DragOverlayExtender
    • ProfileService
    • Script
    • TimerControl
  • 13. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
    • Separate download from core ASP.NET AJAX
      • Great library of free ASP.NET AJAX enabled controls
      • Download from
    • Developed using a collaborative source model
      • All source freely available with modification license
      • Both Microsoft & non-Microsoft developers can contribute
    • Already contains 30+ really cool controls
      • Goal is to get 50-100 great controls over the next months
  • 14. ASP.NET AJAX Web Server IE Firefox Safari Browser Clients JSON Bridge Support Membership & Personalization Support ASP.NET Server Control Integration Atlas Client JavaScript Libraries AtlasUIGlitz.js AtlasGadgets.js AtlasFX.js AtlasCompat.js AtlasRuntime.js IIS & ASP.NET Apache & PHP ColdFusion
  • 15. Server-Centric Programming Model Browser Presentation (HTML/CSS) ASP.NET Application Services Page Framework, Server Controls Atlas Script Framework Client Application Services Component/UI Framework, Controls ASP.NET Application Pages UI Behavior (Managed Code) Input Data Updated UI + Behavior Initial Rendering (UI + Behavior)
  • 16. Client-Centric Programming Model Browser Presentation (HTML/CSS) “ Atlas” Service Proxies UI Behavior (Script) ASP.NET Application Services Page Framework, Server Controls ASP.NET Application Pages Web Services Atlas Script Framework Client Application Services Component/UI Framework, Controls Initial Rendering (UI + Behavior) Data Data
  • 17. External Services My Application Client Bridge Proxy (Script) External Service Server Pages UI + Logic (HTML + Script) Bridge Config Initiate Request Cache Lookup Create Service Request Invoke Service Process Service Response Update Display
  • 18.
    • Using ASP.NET AJAX
    Demo: ASP.NET AJAX “Hello World” = UX + Developer Productivity!
  • 19. ASP.NET AJAX Application No-No’s and Gotchas!
    • Do not trust client input
    • Do not enforce business rules on the client
    • Do not think that this is for “Everything”
    • Beware the “Beta”! 
  • 20. Why ASP.NET AJAX is Important
    • Complete “Out of the box” in (Expect complete IDE support)
    • “ Go Live” (as of March 2006!)
    • RTM *very* soon!
    • Leveraged for Web Gadgets
    • Directional Framework for Microsoft
    • Leverage existing server side skills to make robust client side activities
    • One day, there will be documentation! (not bad now either)
  • 21.  
  • 22.  
  • 23. Some of the AJAX Control Toolkit Extenders
    • AutoCompleteTextBoxExtender
    • CollapsablePanelExtender
    • AnimationExtender
    • ConfirmButtonExtender
    • DragPanelExtender
    • DropShadowExtender
    • AlwaysVisibleExtender
    • DynamicPopulateExtender
    • FilteredTextBoxExtender
    • HoverMenuExtender
    • MutuallyExclusiveCheckboxExtender
    • M odalPopupExtender
    • NumericUpDownExtender
    • PasswordStrengthExtender
    • PopUpControlExtender
    • ResizableControlExtender
    • RoundedCornersExtender
    • SliderExtender
    • TextBoxWaterMarkExtender
    • UpdatePanelAnimationExtender
    • ValidatorCalloutExtender
  • 24. Demo: ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
    • Open Source Extenders to enable AJAX and Compelling User Experiences
  • 25. © 2003-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.