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Matt Gibbs, Development Manager UI Framework
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Matt Gibbs, Development Manager UI Framework


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  • 1. Matt Gibbs, Development Manager UI Framework & Services Team (ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX/ATLAS, Silverlight)
  • 2.  Evolution of the Web  A Better Web User Experience  What’s in ASP.NET AJAX  Partial Page Updates  JavaScript Framework  Managing Script  Networking  The ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit  After this presentation, you will be able to create better web applications or improve on existing ones using ASP.NET AJAX.
  • 3.  The Next Generation of Web applications will be • More richly differentiated • More responsive to user input • Naturally interactive • Richly personalized for each user • Immersive beyond a single site
  • 4.  Consumer Software HTML DHTML WinFX
  • 5.  Productivity Software Hotmail Windows Live Mail Office: Outlook
  • 6. Browser Clients Web Server Microsoft AJAX Library PHP, ColdFusion, etc. Firefox UI effects and behaviors ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Opera Component and UI model Web Services Integration IE Networking Web Services Bridge Safari Base class library Membership, Roles & Personalization Support Core runtime ASP.NET Server Controls
  • 7. Browser Server Application Initial Rendering Pages (UI + Behavior) Presentation HTML/CSS Input Data UI Behavior App Logic/Data Updated UI + Behavior Managed Code Managed CodeA Microsoft AJAX Library ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Component Page and UI Client Framework, Application Application Services Framework, Server Services Controls Controls
  • 8. Browser Server Application Initial Rendering Presentation Pages Web Service HTML/CSS Proxies (UI + Behavior) Input Data UI Behavior App Logic/Data Javascript Data Managed Code Microsoft AJAX Library ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Component Page and UI Client Framework, Application Application Services Framework, Server Services Controls Controls
  • 9.  Server-centric web sites and applications • Work with existing server application model • Keep core UI / application logic on server • Improve responsiveness, interactivity, personalization  Client-centric browser applications • Fully exploit DHTML in the presentation tier • Use AJAX for data, services, composition • Enable new immersive experiences ASP.NET AJAX provides a great framework for both!
  • 10.  AJAX patterns for ASP.NET applications • Works with existing ASP.NET page model • Little or no JavaScript or async programming required • WYSIWYG and source support in Visual Studio  Integrated end-to-end support in Visual Studio • Security: authentication and authorization • User profiles and personalization data • Web service access • Localization
  • 11.  Mark sections of the page for incremental updating  Little or no change to existing server code  ASP.NET AJAX handles the infrastructure  Automatic fallback for non-AJAX browsers  Includes a toolbox of patterns • Triggers, Update progress, timers, error handling <atlas:UpdatePanel id=“u1” runat=“server”> <ContentTemplate> <!-- This content can be dynamically updated! -> <asp:Calendar id=“cal1” runat=“server”/> <ContentTemplate> </atlas:UpdatePanel>
  • 12. UpdatePanel Partial Page updates Independent Triggers Conditional Updates Progress Indicator and the Timer.
  • 13.  Challenges • Complexity of writing applications in DHTML And JavaScript • Browser Compatibility • Performance • Integration with server programming model  Principles: • Use familiar patterns and disciplines in JavaScript development • Push UI constructs carefully • Follow SOA design practices
  • 14. Patterns for building script applications and components Type system for Javascript Base class libraries Microsoft AJAX Library Full component model Framework for AJAX development UI effects and behaviors Full networking stack Integration with ASP.NET services Component and UI model Asynchronous databindings Components for client-side DHTML UI Networking Client data Base class library Controls Databinding, templates, validation Core runtime
  • 15. A networking library for asynchronous services High-level classes for requests/responses Pluggable data format and wire protocol Easy access to server-hosted services Easy to include a proxy to a server-hosted service Automatically takes care of proxy generation, serialization Automatic serialization of .NET types to/from JavaScript Integrated with ASP.NET application services Authentication, authorization, session state, caching Membership, roles, profile
  • 16. Microsoft AJAX Library Events Object – Oriented JavaScript JSON proxies Debug facilities
  • 17.  Easy access to server-based resources • User profile data • Remote authentication • Role information (coming soon)
  • 18. ASP.NET AJAX Application Services Authentication User Profile Information
  • 19. Platform New and immersive visual experiences Enabling the connected Web New client-centric experiences like offline Programming model Code scalability and manageability Tools Browser experience A host for Web application Performance, security, privacy, personalization Server Better support for connected Web applications
  • 20. ASP.NET AJAX Release Rapid innovation and experimentation ASP.NET AJAX ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 ASP.NET AJAX Community co-development Control Toolkit Futures CTP Core product release Rich collection Preview of new, of components built Fully supported on top of core not yet fully baked by Microsoft features Product Support Built and supported Updated regularly in partnership with Client and server the community components
  • 21. ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit
  • 22.  ASP.NET AJAX website and forums  Professional ASP.NET AJAX d-0470109629.html