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ABLETON LIVE 7                                                First            Look               at               Arrange...
Acid         Pro             Tutorial           Primer         ANIMATION
CD                                              E...
Lesson      13- 3D    GUY    (19:10  min)                     AFTER EFFECTS CS3: ESSENTIALS
how to combine painting, motion tracking, text and keying,     AMAPI PRO 7.5
so that you can approach any animation or com...
Working with Tracks in DVD Studio Pro                             Output                To                              Ta...
iLife                    Project:                     Podcast     Plug-ins
iLife                    Project:              ...
APPLE MOTION 2                                                  Tracking   &     Stabilizing     in    Apple     Shake
Author               -              Ben                 Waldie   APPLEWORKS 6
AUDIO RECORDING AND PRODUCTION                                  AUTHORWARE 6
Author                -              Ben     ...
Bias Peak Pro is the industry standard for stereo audio         EDITION
editing, processing, and mastering on the Macintos...
Cakewalk           Sonar                         Automation        6.       Creating      Materials      and      Textures...
CINEMA 4D:                THE        INDISPENSABLE                8 hrs CD-ROM        £79.00
Author             ...
Lesson 8: OTHER PUBLISHING OPTIONS (31 min)                      Audio        Recording         in        Pro        Tools...
Correcting                                  Exposure            Author              -            James            Gonzalez...
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  1. 1. Careervision CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Programs Multimedia & Animation October 2008 Catalog Number: M2099 Sinostar Ltd. UNIT A4, 3/F HI-TECH IND. CENTRE, 5-21 PAK TIN PAR STREET, TSUEN WAN, N.T. HONG KONGare in 2417 4522 Fax:and exclusive of shipping charges The price shown SINOSTAR LTD. Tel: (852) GBP dollars (852) 2490 9742 Email: Website: TEL: (852) 2417 4522 FAX: (852) 2490 9742 E-Mail : Web Site: P.1
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, We are glad to inform you that our website has been updated. Effective immediately, we will add our updated catalogs on the web site. You can search them on the “Latest Catalogs”. Also, you can find our homepage linked to the website of all our exclusively represented vendors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you have. Our website: Grade Level: P – Primary I –Intermediate J – Junior High S/ H – Senior High C – College/University A - Adult PRICING Pricing in this catalog provides for non-theatrical use with public performance rights. Shipping charges will be added. Please contact us to secure quotations. The prices are subject to change without prior notice. The price shown are in GBP dollars and exclusive of shipping charges SINOSTAR LTD. Tel: (852) 2417 4522 Fax: (852) 2490 9742 Email: Website: P.2
  3. 3. ABLETON LIVE 7 First Look at Arrange Author - Steven Smith The Control Bar COURSE INTRODUCTION Warping - Clip Parameters - Launch Modes This tutorial approaches the instruction of Ableton Live 7 Sample Editing in Ableton with an emphasis on getting the most out of its unique Clip Envelopes ways of making music. Detailed information is provided on MIDI Clips all major components with an especially deep look into the Working In Arrange View key new features. Many of the lessons were produced Recording in Ableton Live using Live 7’s included demo songs, allowing you to easily Advanced Mixer Routing Ableton Instruments explore the techniques personally. Additional work files Lives New Sampler MIDI Effects cover a wide selection of the material and even include a Plug Ins and Audio Effects Racks movie for the new Export Video capabilities. From Warp New In Ableton Live 6 Modes, Launch Modes, Follow Actions and Recording to Preferences Sampler, Drum Racks, MIDI Control and Movies...what Control Surfaces and the Template you need to know is here waiting. To begin learning Wrap It Up Ableton Live 7 today, simply click on the movie links. 8 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 COURSE OUTLINE Introduction ACID PRO TOTAL PRODUCTION Session View ESSENTIALS Intro to the Mixer Author - Jonathan Kagi Live Browsers COURSE INTRODUCTION The Control Bar Virtual Training Company brings you ACID® PRO and Detail View Total Production Essentials. Recording artist, producer, Arrange View and engineer Jonathan Kagi will guide you through the Understanding & Using Warp Markers exciting world of audio and multimedia production. Clip Parameters Interactivity is the theme of the training. You will learn Audio Clip Sample Parameter Editing every detail of running ACID® but you will also learn how Clip Automation Envelopes to run many of the other popular production applications MIDI Clips on your PC. You will learn to correctly outfit your Working in Arrange View computer and turn it into a full blown production studio. Recording This series has it all- audio, MIDI, video, songwriting, Ableton Instruments technical and theory. Learn about all the new and emerging MIDI & Audio Effects technologies in the world of digital production. Learn how Racks to use hot new video applications like Arkaos VJ and how Lives New Drum Rack to edit video with Vegas®. New in Version 7 This CD focuses on achieving pro results with excellent Preferences programs like Sonic Foundry ACID® and how to use Wrap It Up applications together in a professional workflow. Learn 8 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 how to turn your PC into powerhouse workstation and generate media in the format of your choice. ABLETON LIVE 6 Here is a partial list of the applications in this training: Author - Steven Smith Sonic Foundry ACID®, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge®, COURSE INTRODUCTION Sonic Foundry Vegas®, Propellerhead Reason, Cakewalk Ableton Live is a powerful "sequencing instrument" Sonar, Zero X BeatCreator, Waves, Fruity Loops and designed for each stage of the musical process, from Native Instruments. This CD will show you detailed setup, creation to production to performance. In the creative configuration and use of leading hardware- like in the stage, Live is intuitive and responsive, encouraging the coverage of Yamaha synthesizers and digital mixers, Echo, flow of musical ideas. During production, Live provides all Edirol and Presonus components. And what ever hardware of the professional tools required to complete and perfect you are using, you will gain a better understanding of projects. On stage, Live delivers unique expressive control signal flow and handling. and stability. This VTC tutorial approaches the instruction You will see live DV footage that explains how to correctly of Ableton Live 6 with the emphasis on getting the most wire your home studio and discusses all the different types out of its unique ways of creating and producing music. of connections used in the studio. Here is a partial list of Detailed information is provided on all major components the technologies covered: ASIO, USB audio, Pure Wave, with an in-depth look into the main features new to version WDM, Firewire audio, USB MIDI, Firewire video, mLAN, 6. Many lessons utilize Live 6’s included demo songs, OPT, ADAT, SPDIF, Direct X, VST, DVD, VSTi, 5.1 allowing users to easily follow along. From Warp Modes, Surround, MIDI, Word Clock and more. Launch Modes, Follow Actions and Recording to Sampler, As a special gift, those who buy the CD will receive Free, Racks, MIDI Control and More. 24 bit, violin samples and loops. Also on the CD is a fully COURSE OUTLINE constructed ACID® project that uses every feature Introduction to Ableton Live available in ACID® and shows the violin samples in use. First Look at Session Add it all up and you can see that this training is your First Look at Mixer ticket to fun learning and critical production knowledge. First Look at Browsers COURSE OUTLINE First Look at Detail View Welcome
  4. 4. Acid Pro Tutorial Primer ANIMATION CD Extras Lesson 1 - PARENTING, NESTING & TIME Technologies REMAPPING (59 min) Drivers and Hardware Lesson 2 - INCREDIBLY COOL MASKING (60 min) The Acid Pro Window Lesson 3 - INTRODUCTION TO EFFECTS & PRESETS Customizing Acid Pro (32 min) Acid Pro Preferences Lesson 4 - MATTES & LAYER BLENDING MODES (45 Acid Pro Projects min) Key Tutorials Lesson 5 - TRACK MATTES, ADJUSTMENT LAYERS Editing Events & EFFECTS (53 min) Working in the Track View Lesson 6 - CREATING & FORMATTING TYPE (43 min) The Chopper Recording in Acid Pro Lesson 7 - BASIC TEXT ANIMATION & PRESETS (73 Working with Tracks min) Non-MIDI Tracks (Audio Tracks) Lesson 8 - OUTPUT & EXPORT (32 min) Acid Pro MIDI Tracks Lesson 9 - PREFERENCES (29 min) Yamaha - Open Plug-in Technology (OPT) PROJECT FILES Using the Mixer 14 hrs 3 DVD-ROM £64.00 Rendering in Acid Pro Vegas Video AFTER EFFECTS 7 PRO: BROADCAST Mastering DESIGN SECRETS Waves DSP PACKAGE INCLUDES Reason Author - Dean Velez ZeroX Platform - Windows & Mac OS Akaos VJ COURSE INTRODUCTION Native Instruments Discover real strategies of broadcast design and how to Fruity Loops Tutorials think like a broadcaster with host Dean Velez, an Emmy 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 award-winning broadcast designer. An advanced approach to common features enables you to create extraordinary AFTER EFFECTS 7 ESSENTIALS and inventive results from simple source materials, with a PACKAGE INCLUDES minimum of time and effort. Author - Steve Holmes Highlights Platform - Windows & Mac OS Find out how to create sophisticated backgrounds from COURSE INTRODUCTION simple source elements. These instructional videos hosted by Steve Holmes, an Learn how to generate beautiful and unusual particle award-winning British designer and animator, are effects with unexpected tools. indispensable for learning the basics of the industry- Walkthrough a complete workflow employing real-world standard tool for motion graphics and special effects design broadcast design projects. and production. With over 14 hours of indexed tutorials, you will learn incredible ways to control keyframes, use COURSE OUTLINE parenting and time remapping, understand and use PART 1 NEWS BUMPER powerful masking and blending modes, create mattes, and Prologue - Creating a Style Page (20:23 min) use adjustment layers to add complex, yet simple, impact 1. Creating a Background in Adobe Photoshop® to your animations. 2. Adding Text to Enhance Background Texture Highlights 3. Creating a Broadcast Style Logo Take a grand tour of the project, clip, comp windows, 4. Adding Color & 3D E.ects palettes, timeline, and Graph Editor. Learn incredible ways to control keyframes, use parenting and time remapping, Lesson 1 - BACKGROUND & FOREGROUND (26:42 plus understand how to make the most of powerful min) masking and blending modes. Discover how to create Lesson 2 - STORM TRACKER LOGO (35:53 min) striking motion graphics and animate text in amazing ways. Lesson 3 - GLOW TRANSITION (24:20 min) COURSE OUTLINE Lesson 4 - ASSEMBLING STORM TRACKER (21:26 PART 1 - INTERFACE, FOOTAGE & ANIMATION min) ESSENTIALS PART 2 OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE Lesson 1 - THE GRAND TOUR (38 min) Lesson 5 - WEAVING A WEB (27:59 min) Lesson 2 - THE PROJECT PANEL & WORKSPACES Lesson 6 - ANIMATING A STROKE (18:24 min) (24 min) Lesson 7 - SPIDER WALKING (19:56 min) Lesson 3 - THE NEW & POWERFUL COMP PANEL (59 Lesson 8 - WEB OF DECEIT LOGO (19:06 min) min) Lesson 9 - ASSEMBLING THE WEB OF DECEIT (15:43 Lesson 4 - THE TIMELINE & PREVIEWING (56 min) min) Lesson 5 - IMPORTING & ORGANIZING FOOTAGE PART 3 CORPORATE IDENTITY PIECE (53 min) Lesson 10 - TECHNO TUNNEL BACKGROUND (23:44 Lesson 6 - VIDEO STANDARDS & THE CLIP PANEL min) (21 min) Lesson 11 - FUTURISTIC BACKGROUND (22:33 min) PART 2 - MASKING, MATTES, EFFECTS & TEXT Lesson 12 - MOSAIC MAN ELEMENTS (11:19 min)
  5. 5. Lesson 13- 3D GUY (19:10 min) AFTER EFFECTS CS3: ESSENTIALS Lesson 14 - EDWARD BIOGENICS LOGO (EBG LOGO) PACKAGE INCLUDES (13:28 min) Author - Ko Maruyama Lesson 15 - ASSEMBLING EBG OPEN (35:21 min) Platform - Windows & Mac OS 6 hrs 2 DVD-ROM £35.00 COURSE INTRODUCTION Discover the world of animation with After Effects CS3 AFTER EFFECTS 7 PROFESSIONAL Essentials. Hosted by professional animator Ko Maruyama, FEATURES these training videos focus on new features and essential PACKAGE INCLUDES tools including Shape Layers, the Puppet Tool and Author - Steve Holmes Brainstorm. You'll also learn how to use many of the new Platform - Windows & Mac OS effects found in After Effects CS3 as well as how to import COURSE INTRODUCTION Photoshop Layer Styles. Learn the tricks you need to get Steve Holmes, an award-winning British designer and on your way to producing high-end animations. animator, leads you through After Effects' professional Highlights feature set. The lessons focus on important aspects of Learn how to create and animate graphics with new Shape special effects, rotoscoping, expressions, and 3D motion Layers. graphics. Take a journey into After Effects' incredible 3D Find out how you can bring you animation to life with the world, with lights, cameras, motion and expressions for new Puppet Tool. realistic animation. Plus, advance your skills to the next Conjure up some suggested variants in your animations level with an in-depth and practical look at the effects, with the new Brainstorm user interface. techniques, tips, and tricks used for high-end productions. Discover how to master some of the new Effects in After Highlights Effects CS3. Explore After Effects' incredible 3D world, with lights, Experience a streamlined workflow as you learn how to cameras, motion, and expressions for realistic animation. import your existing Photoshop layers. Learn powerful techniques for keying, rotoscoping, and COURSE OUTLINE motion tracking for incredible effects and compositing. PART 1 Advance your skills to the next level with an in-depth and Lesson 1: OVERVIEW OF AFTER EFFECTS CS3 (42 practical look at the effects, techniques, tips, and tricks min) used for high-end productions. Lesson 2: NAVIGATING THE WORKSPACE (46 min) COURSE OUTLINE Lesson 3: IMPORTING & COLLECTING FOOTAGE (33 DISC 1- ADVANCED TEXT, MASTERING 3D & min) EXPRESSIONS Lesson 4: KEYFRAMING PARAMETERS (33 min) Lesson 1 - TYPE ÜBERANIMATION (60 min) Lesson 5: PARENTING, NESTING & INTRO TO Lesson 2 - WELCOME TO 3D (57 min) EXPRESSIONS (33 min) Lesson 3 - CREATING & CONTROLLING 3D PART 2 CAMERAS (59 min) Lesson 1: EFFECTS & ADJUSTMENTS (39 min) Lesson 4 - 3D OBJECTS, LIGHTS & MATERIALS (72 Lesson 2: MASKS, MATTES & MODES (43 min) min) Lesson 3: USING THE TYPE TOOL (46 min) Lesson 5 - INTRO TO EXPRESSIONS (64 min) Lesson 4: EXPORTING & OUTPUTTING (21 min) Lesson 6 - A WORLD OF CONTROLLED Lesson 5: NEW TOOLS & FEATURES (33 min) RANDOMNESS (58 min) Lesson 6: SETTING PREFERENCES (11 min) Lesson 7 - EXPRESSION DESSERT (18 min) Lesson 7: TIPS, TRICKS & BEGINNER QUESTIONS Lesson 8 - TIPS & TRICKS FOR INCREDIBLE 3D & (16 min) EXPRESSIONS (41 min) 9 hrs DVD-ROM £58.00 DISC 2 - KEYING, ROTOSCOPING, COLOR ADJUSTMENT & TRACKING AFTER EFFECTS CS3: ADVANCED Lesson 1 - COOL KEYING WORKFLOW (63 min) PACKAGE INCLUDES Lesson 2 - COLOR ADJUSTMENT & COMPOSITING Author - Ko Maruyama TECHNIQUES (69 min) Platform - Windows & Mac OS Lesson 3 - ALL ABOUT ROTOSCOPING (87 min) COURSE INTRODUCTION Lesson 4 - DYNAMIC MOTION TRACKING (56 min) Get ready to dive in deeper than basic editing and PROJECT FILES compositing with these entertaining and educational videos 12 hrs 3 DVD-ROM £52.00 on the advanced feature set in After Effects. You’ll explore the 3D environment to understand better how to work with 3D cameras and add realistic lighting and shadows. Plus, test drive tools that you may have never ventured to try before, such as painting and keying. Ko wraps up the course with a closer look at the all new Puppetry and Shapes tools. Highlights Now that you've mastered the 2D features found in the After Effects Essentials series, you’re ready to understand the possibilities of 3D within After Effects. Explore the advanced features and expressions to take full advantage of the Javascript within After Effects. Learn
  6. 6. how to combine painting, motion tracking, text and keying, AMAPI PRO 7.5 so that you can approach any animation or composites in Author - Marcus Berry After Effects with confidence that you can get it done. COURSE INTRODUCTION Animating the 3D layers with a 3D camera can add Marc Berry, designer and 3D specialist, takes you on a dynamic, organic looks to your composite. The key to complete journey through the workings of Amapi Pro 7.5, making this work is to understand how to manipulate the from basic principles to high-end output. This 13-hour various parts of each 3D element. course should satisfy everyone wishing to properly learn The puppetry tools help you deform layers in ways that Amapi Pro 7.5, whether an outright beginner in the world you had never considered before. With an auto-tracing of 3D, or someone who's switched to Amapi Pro after a feature you can quickly start animating with this active long gestation period with another product. The course tool. includes a 45-minute movie-sequence with full COURSE OUTLINE commentary where Marc guides you step-by-step through DISC ONE the NURBS modeling of a contemporary domestic product, Lesson 1: UNDERSTANDING THE 3D from start to finish. Work Files are included. ENVIRONMENT (46 min) COURSE OUTLINE Lesson 2: INTRODUCING 3D CAMERAS (27 min) Amapi Pro Basics Lesson 3: LIGHTS & MATERIAL OPTIONS (43 min) The Interface and Screen Layout Lesson 4: ADVANCED EXPRESSIONS (60 min) Navigation Lesson 5: MOTION TRACKING (51 min) Getting Started Modelling Lesson 6: PAINTING WITH AFTER EFFECTS (70 min) Selection Techniques in Full DISC TWO Drawing Curves & Polylines Lesson 1: PUPPETRY IN AFTER EFFECTS (69 min) Object Creation Using Curves Lesson 2: CREATING SHAPE LAYERS (60 min) The Modeling Palette in Amapi Pro Lesson 3: ADVANCED TEXT ELEMENTS (61 min) Smoothing Objects Lesson 4: ADVANCED KEYING (56 min) Dynamic Geometry Lesson 5: EXPLORING POPULAR EFFECTS (10 min) The Amapi Pro Control Panel 7 hrs 2 DVD-ROM £58.00 Working Planes (Advanced) NURBS Modelling AJAX Advanced NURBS Author - Steve Holzner The Assembly Palette COURSE INTRODUCTION NURBS Project Ajax, shorthand for Asynchronous Javascript and XML, is Managing Your Scenes in Amapi Pro a set of technologies that allows you to create Web The Rendering Room applications that don't need to refresh Web pages in the The Catalog Room browser. You can operate behind the scenes, connecting to The Preferences Editor the server, uploading and downloading data, and display Setting Preferences the results in the browser using dynamic HTML. Using The Shortcuts Editor Ajax gives your Web pages the feel of a desktop Normals application--the whole display will no longer flash when Preparing Models for Export you click a button. VTC Author Steve Holzner helps you Amapi Pro Patches get started developing and building your own Ajax capable Last Word web pages. A familiarity with Javascript, XML and PHP 13 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 are recommended for this course. COURSE OUTLINE APPLE DVD STUDIO PRO 4 Introduction Author - Nathan Haggard Getting to know Ajax COURSE INTRODUCTION Writing Ajax Tap into the advanced authoring toolset of Apple DVD Getting More Ajax Power Studio Pro 4 to create everything from DVD dailies, to Creating Ajax Applications highly interactive commercial titles in both SD and HD. Exploring The Browser-Side Ajax Frameworks VTC author, Nathan Haggard, shows how to get the most Exploring the Server-Side Ajax Frameworks of the application's sophisticated design tools, templates, Using XML With Ajax and transitions, offering unparalleled creative freedom. Using CSS With Ajax in Web Pages High end features and integration with graphic programs Using PHP and Ajax allow for unlimited customization. Pre-built templates and Doing It Right: Ajax Best Practices artwork allows one to easily create a professional DVD in Credits minutes. 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to Apple DVD Studio Pro DVD Creation Overview Authoring a Basic DVD The Interface DVD Specifications DVD Physical Media Planning a DVD Setup & Importing
  7. 7. Working with Tracks in DVD Studio Pro Output To Tape Creating Menus in DVDSP Exporting Files Shapes / Styles & Templates Final Cut Pro Credits Stories 7.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Creating Menus in Photoshop Motion Menus APPLE ILIFE 08 Layered Menus in DVD Studio Pro Author - Dwayne Ferguson Slideshows COURSE INTRODUCTION MPEG-2 Encoding in DVD Studio Pro In this tutorial, VTC author Dwayne Ferguson, shows users Chapter Markers in Final Cut Pro how to maximize the potential of iLife '08 by Using Compressor with Apple DVD Studio Pro demonstrating the usefulness of GarageBand, iPhoto, Scripting iMovie HD, iDVD, iTunes and iWeb---six superb tightly Transitions integrated tools. Import, organize, and enhance photos and DVD Studio Pro Subtitles transform them into books and calendars using iPhoto. Edit Anamorphic 16:9 & 23.98fps video footage using iMovie HD and share your finished Multiple Streams slideshows, movie projects and musical compositions on DVD@cess DVD with iDVD. Create websites and blogs complete with Advanced Connections podcasts, photos, and movies with iWeb. Or create your Building and Formatting a DVD own music compositions using GarageBand and distribute Creating an HD DVD them right through iTunes. Work Files are included. Advanced Tricks in DVD Studio Pro COURSE OUTLINE Conclusion Introduction to Apple iLife Credits iTunes 8.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 iPhoto iPhoto Editing APPLE FINAL CUT PRO 4.0 iPhoto Publishing Author - Nathan Haggard iMovie HD COURSE INTRODUCTION iDVD Whether using it for home movies shot on DV, broadcast GarageBand standard uncompressed 10-bit 601 compliant, or HD video, iWeb Final Cut Pro 4 is the perfect tool for editing and exporting iLife Project: Movie a wide variety of projects at virtually any resolution, or iLife Project: Podcast frame rate. With new features such as: scalability, iLife Project: Website advanced trimming, a multi-channel audio mixer, and Resources support for the DVC PRO 50 broadcast format; this version Wrap Up allows any user to easily migrate to professional based About the Author and this Training CD formats. Final Cut 4 ships with four powerful complete 6.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 standalone applications: LiveType, Sound Track, Compressor, and Cinema Tools, allowing users more APPLE ILIFE 06 creative possibilities than ever before. Certified Apple Author - Dwayne Ferguson Trainer Nathan Haggard begins the course with lessons on COURSE INTRODUCTION capturing video and audio, importing graphics and music Apple iLife '06 allows you to use your Mac to collect, from CDs, following up with more advanced editing organize, and edit various elements to get the most out of techniques: adding special effects, animating video, your digital life. VTC author, Dwayne Ferguson, shows creating composites, and outputting video. users how to maximize the potential of this powerful COURSE OUTLINE creative suite. Ferguson demonstrates the usefulness of Introduction GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iTunes, iWeb--- Setting Up Final Cut Pro six superb tightly integrated tools. Create websites and Input blogs complete with podcasts, photos, and movies with Organizing Clips In The Browser iWeb. Import, organize, and enhance photos with iPhoto. Playing And Marking Clips In The Viewer Edit video footage using iMovie HD. Add songs to your Editing Clips Into The Canvas And Timeline photo album or video with iTunes, or create your own Basic Editing In The Final Cut Pro Timeline music using GarageBand. Share your finished slideshows, The Tool Palette movie projects and musical compositions on DVD with Audio In Final Cut Pro iDVD. Final Cut Pro Advanced Editing COURSE OUTLINE Preferences And System Settings Introduction Final Cut Pro Transitions iTunes Rendering And Realtime iPhoto Final Cut Pro Filters iPhoto Publishing Color Correction iMovie HD Titles iDVD Keyframing And Compositing in Final Cut Pro GarageBand LiveType iWeb Soundtrack iLife Project: Movie
  8. 8. iLife Project: Podcast Plug-ins iLife Project: Website VIDEO PROJECT "The Family Photo Montage" Resources VIDEO PROJECT "The Perfect Highlight Recap" Wrap Up Keeping it Going About the Author Credits 7.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 APPLE IWORK 05 APPLE KEYNOTE Author - Brian Culp Author - Mario Leone COURSE INTRODUCTION COURSE INTRODUCTION Apple iWork '05 allows users to bring ideas to life with Apple's Keynote provides a simple set of tools for creating Keynote 2 and the powerful word processor, Pages. powerful slide show presentations. Organize and format Keynote set the standard for creating media presentations your slides easily and effectively. Ilustrate your and now Keynote 2 lets users build gorgeous photography information with your own images, or those created with portfolios, animated storyboards and self-running, Photoshop Elements. Even broadcast your presentations interactive slideshows. With its built-in iLife Media via Quicktime, or with a PDF file for the Internet. Virtual Browser, Apple iWork '05 is the perfect complement to Training Company author Mario Leone shows you how to iLife. VTC author, Brian Culp teaches users how to utilize this application. In this X-hour tutorial he explains maximize the potential of Apple iWork '05, covering the the basics of Keynote and other software applications like basics of both Keynote 2 and Pages before demonstrating Flash MX to encorporate multimedia into your advanced techniques and tricks anyone can master. presentation. You can now have that one-two punch for COURSE OUTLINE your business presentation! iWork 05 Guided Tour COURSE OUTLINE Pages Basics Getting Started Keynote Basics Keynote Basics Word Processing With Pages Working with Media Presentations with Keynote 2 Object Properties Advanced Pages Working with Tables Advanced Keynote 2 Charts Ten Cool Tips and Tricks Builds and Transitions Wrap Up Master Slides and Themes 5.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Using Photoshop Elements To Create Graphics Using iPhoto to Work with Photos APPLE IMOVIE 3 Using Flash MX with Keynote Author - David Dagrepont iMovie COURSE INTRODUCTION 6 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Apple iMovie 3 is the revolutionary digital video application that allows Macintosh users to create dazzling APPLE LOGIC PRO 8 custom movies. Virtual Training Company author David Author - Steven Smith Daigrepont shows users the tools of iMovie 3 and its COURSE INTRODUCTION seemless integration with other iLife applications. Import This VTC course will provide students with a thorough and export digital media content from application to knowledge of Logic Pro 8's design, components and application, import images from iPhoto and audio from capabilities. The use of the included assets (Loop Browser, iTunes, and create scene selection menus within iDVD by Soft Synths, UltraBeat, Sampler, etc) are also covered. All creating markers within iMovie 3. Spice up your video material is covered in a manner that will benefit both the with new visual effects such as Lens Flare, Aged Film, beginner and the advanced user. Work Files are included. Letterbox, and Electricity. Bring your stills to life using the COURSE OUTLINE new Ken Burns pan and zoom effects. Powerful new audio Introduction controls bring users more flexible volume control on three Setting Up Logic audio tracks. iMovie 3 ships with Skywalker Sound Intro to the Arrange Window Effects, so you can score your own brilliant creations. It's Arrange Window Tools pt. 1 all in Apple iMovie 3 and David Daigrepont will show you Arrange Window Tools pt. 2 how it's done. Arrange Window Areas COURSE OUTLINE Arrange Window Miscellaneous Introduction Mixer Channel Strips Film School Basics Mixer Window Setting up the System MIDI Editors "....and Action!" Audio Windows The Editing Room - Working with Clips Working With Loops Working with Transitions Automation Working with Effects Recording Working with Audio Logic Assets Working with Titles Wrap Up Integration with iDVD 3 8 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Exporting and Compressing your Movie
  9. 9. APPLE MOTION 2 Tracking & Stabilizing in Apple Shake Author - Scott Simmons Warps & Filters in Apple Shake COURSE INTRODUCTION Apple Shake & 3D Programs Enter new areas of performance and creativity with the real Film Compositing time motion graphics and compositing powerhouse, Apple Working with Video & Audio in Apple Shake Motion 2. VTC author, Scott Simmons, shows users how Exporting a Finished Composite to take advantage of the Motion 2 toolset. Motion's Apple Shake Command Line In OSX & Expressions behavioral animation tools and presets afford Credits unprecedented freedom to produce natural and complex 9 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 animations with little time or effort. You'll be designing motion graphics quickly as you adopt your own techniques APPLE SOUNDTRACK PRO 2 to build stunning animations. A DVD containing work files Author - Sam McGuire and footage, courtesy of Artbeats and Master COURSE INTRODUCTION Communication, is also included. Soundtrack Pro 2 may be one of the best kept secrets in the COURSE OUTLINE world of audio workstations. With power rivaling even the Introduction to Apple Motion most advanced audio editors, it also takes a solid stab at Finding Your Way Around audio post. Its tools are wide ranging and first rate, partly Preferences because many have been taken from the renowned Logic Adding Objects in Apple Motion Pro suite. This tutorial takes you through Soundtrack Pro 2, Playback and Editing in Apple Motion clearly explaining each function while revealing the Video Issues practical uses of the software within the real world. Sam Apple Motion Audio McGuire describes Soundtrack Pro's strengths, weaknesses, Animating with Behaviors and general quirks to help you navigate and get the most Apple Motion Animating by Hand-Keyframing out of this powerful application. To begin learning today, Apple Motion Compositing Fundamentals simply click on the movie links. Advanced Compositing in Apple Motion COURSE OUTLINE 3rd Party Plug-ins Soundtrack Pro 2 Apple Motion Rendering Pane System Integrating Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro Setting Up Soundtrack Pro 2 Tips/Tricks/Gotchas Apple Loops Apple Motion Credits Tracks 13 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 The Mixer Soundtrack Pro 2 Tools APPLE SHAKE 4 File Editor Author - Kalika Kharkar Multitake Editor COURSE INTRODUCTION Conform Apple Shake 4 is cutting-edge compositing software, Browser & Favorites favored by many Oscar-winning effects artists. It allows Analysis 2D and 3D compositing, integration with Final Cut Studio Actions and supports high-quality, 32-bit output to film and HD. It Effects has been used in award-winning movies Return of the Recording King, King Kong, and many others. It's so affordable that HUDs even smaller production budgets can use Shake as part of Process Menu their compositing workflow. In this Shake 4 course, you Surround Sound will learn the basics of utilizing the Shake toolset, Markers navigating within its interface, and importing and Project Examples outputting various file formats. You'll then learn all about Final Formats compositing, color nodes, layer nodes, timing and Training Wrap Up keyframing, rotoshaping, Quickpaint, color keying with 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 keylight and primatte, tracking, stabilizing, warps, filters, and much more. COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to Apple Shake Orientation On Main Windows Orientation On Secondary Windows Using the Apple Shake Interface FileIn & File Browser Basic Compositing in Apple Shake Color Nodes Transform / Layer & Image Nodes Apple Shake Rotoshape Apple Shake Quickpaint Timing & Keyframing in Apple Shake Color Keying with Keylight Color Keying with Primatte
  10. 10. APPLESCRIPT 2006 Author - Ben Waldie APPLEWORKS 6 COURSE INTRODUCTION Author - Matt Neutra AppleScript is an easy-to-use scripting language that COURSE INTRODUCTION allows you to control applications on a Macintosh. With Appleworks 6 is the software application that's really AppleScript, you can speed up processes, reduce user error, multiple programs in one. It integrates six components- and ensure consistency. It also enables automated word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing, painting, workflow and routine tasks, unattended operation 24 hours and presentation- into one software package. Appleworks 6 a day, and even cross-platform scripting. Author Ben is geared toward the education market, making it a perfect Waldie carefully explains all of these capabilities and more tool for students and teachers, alike. With the help of of this updated version of AppleScript. author, Matt Neutra, users learn how to apply Appleworks COURSE OUTLINE to publish a newsletter, do homework, assemble a resume, Introduction organize a garage sale, or any multitude of activities. Script Editor COURSE OUTLINE Scriptable Applications (Part 1) Intro AppleScript's Language Getting Started Scriptable Applications (Part 2) Interface Variables and Properties Word Processing Adding Logic to a Script Spreadsheet Repeat Loops Database Extending AppleScript Drawing Basic User Interaction Painting Error Handling and Troubleshooting Presentation File Interaction Integration Subroutine Handlers Printing Command Handlers Advanced Topics Script Objects and Loaded Scripts 12 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Advanced AppleScripting Next Steps and Resources ASP SCRIPTING Credits Author - Gavin Powell 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 COURSE INTRODUCTION ASP is a server-side technology that uses a scripting APPLESCRIPT STUDIO language to generate dynamic Web pages. As a server side Author - Jesse Feiler scripting language, ASP uses both built-in and external COURSE INTRODUCTION objects to generate web pages from a web server onto a AppleScript Studio is the breakthrough technology from client machine, generating HTML code to be viewed in a Apple that combines the simplicity of AppleScript with the browser over the Internet. ASP also makes heavy use of a remarkable easy-to-use features of Interface Builder and scripting/programming language called VBScript. Project Builder. Your script-based applications now can VBScript is syntactically equivalent to the popular look like full-fledged Aqua applications because that's Microsoft SDK Visual Basic. VTC author, Gavin Powell, what they are. You don't need to write a line of traditional takes you from the basics of creating your first ASP page, code. If you're a developer using Cocoa, or Carbon, you through to the complexities of database access and beyond. can now add AppleScript features to your application with COURSE OUTLINE AppleScript Studio. With simple hooks for everything Welcome from reading and writing your own documents, to using What is ASP? Web services, AppleScript Studio can open new areas of Tools for ASP Development easy-to-implement opportunity. With extensive code Using VBScript samples, this tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. The Basics of ASP Scripting COURSE OUTLINE Introducing Built In ASP Objects Introducing AppleScript Studio Simple Built In ASP Objects Reviewing AppleScript The Response Object Getting Started with Project Builder The Request Object Getting Started with Interface Builder The Session Object Working with AppleScript Studio Windows Data Persistence on the Client Working with Text Persistence and the File System Working with Controllers Database Persistence and ADO Working with Outline and Table Views ADO/ASP/ SQL Building a Document-Based AppleScript App Retrieving Data From a Database Building an AppleScript Droplet Changing Data in a Database Writing for an AppleScript Studio Application Using Stored Procedures Coding for an AppleScript Studio Application Components Assistance Within AppleScript Studio XML in ASP Debugging AppleScript Studio Applications Wrapping it Up Conclusion Credits 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 8.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00
  11. 11. AUDIO RECORDING AND PRODUCTION AUTHORWARE 6 Author - Ben Harris Author - Colin Webster COURSE INTRODUCTION COURSE INTRODUCTION VTC's Audio Recording and Production covers the basics Macromediaís Authorware 6 is the leading authoring tool of recording without leaving out advanced and interesting for creating e-learning, interactive web-based tutorials, and features. It covers topics such as the history of analog and sophisticated simulations for the web, CDs, or corporate digital recording, studio equipment, acoustics and studio networks. Authorware allows you to include text, sound, design, waveforms and synthesis, MIDI, signal flow and video, and animation. You can track user response and routing, digital audio and editing, microphones types and results and your investment return. Learn how to make usage, equalization, dynamics and compression, reverb and Authorware 6 work for you with Virtual Training time-based effects, mixing, mastering, and the integration Companyís tutorial. Colin Webster covers everything from between the project and professional studios. This tutorial using icons and variables to how to use Authorware with will give any novice recording engineer the tools, QuickTime and Flash. Among the many topics you will techniques, and knowledge to effectively record and learn are interactions, framework menus, developing produce professional sounding projects. quizzes, importing text, and using images. COURSE OUTLINE COURSE OUTLINE Introduction Introduction History of Audio Using icons Workstations / Equipment Interactions Room Design / Acoustics Decisions, Variables & Functions Songwriting / Producing Judging Synthesis Frameworks MIDI Publishing Signal Flow / Routing Knowledge Objects Digital Audio Using Text Microphones Using Images Dynamics Using AVI Video Equalization Using QT Video Time-Based Effects Using Flash Mixing 8 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Mastering Conclusion AUTHORWARE ATTAIN 4/5 9 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Author - Scott Doucet COURSE INTRODUCTION AUDITION 2.0 Macromedia Authorware is one of the leading visual tools Author - James Gonzalez for creating web and online learning applications. It allows COURSE INTRODUCTION training developers, instructional designers, and subject VTC author, James Gonzalez is here to help you master matter experts to develop learning applications that they Adobe® AuditionT 2 to create, edit, loop, and enhance can track and deploy over the Web, across LANs, and with individual sounds or entire multitrack sessions. In this CD-ROM. Scott Doucet will make all of this seem as easy course, you will learn how to use Auditions rich set of as pie in Virtual Training Company's 6-hour Authorware powerful tools to bring flexibility and control to your Attain 4/5 tutorial. He will tell you how set up your piece, desktop studio. Easily create music, mix soundtracks, package your file, and will teach you all about various produce radio spots, edit podcasts, restore imperfect types of icons. recordings and much, much more. Bring audio and video COURSE OUTLINE together using smart integration with Adobe video Introduction applications such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. Setting Up Your Piece COURSE OUTLINE Wait, Erase, Map, Motion Icons Introduction to Adobe Audition Interaction Icon Quick Tour of the Audition Interface Digital Movies & Audio Icon Setting Up Audition Decision Icon Importing / Recording / Playing Audio Display Icon Editing Sound Button Editor & Control Panel Looping Sound Framework & Navigation Icons Working In Multitrack View in Audition Knowledge Objects Removing Noise Liaries & External Media Browser Equalization Tools Scripting in Authorware Using Effects in Adobe Audition How To Movies Working With Video 6 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Preparing Audio Files For the Web Putting It All Together BIAS PEAK PRO 5 In Conclusion Author - Jonathan Segel Credits COURSE INTRODUCTION 9.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00
  12. 12. Bias Peak Pro is the industry standard for stereo audio EDITION editing, processing, and mastering on the Macintosh. From Author - David Ludwig serious sound design for film, video, or multimedia, to COURSE INTRODUCTION rapid-fire broadcast editing, to music production and Cakewalk SONAR 6 Producer Edition is a professional- mastering, Peak Pro does it all. Create unique dance loops level digital audio workstation (DAW) with virtually and remixes. Optimize your audio for Podcasting and unlimited potential. It is a very popular choice among Internet streaming. Dust off that pile of vinyl records or producers, engineers, and artists who create music in analog tapes and convert them to CDs, ultra-portable AAC software-driven recording studios that range from spare (MP4) or MP3 files, or just about any other audio file bedrooms to larger commercial studios. The question is format on Earth. Craft soundtracks or fix audio problems how to learn SONAR so you can maximize your creativity for digital video. Maximize your music's sonic quality and and productivity while focusing on making great music. then burn your final masters directly to CD with 100% This tutorial, by freelance Audio Engineer and Producer Redbook compatibility. And that's just the tip of the Robert Correll, shows you the fundamentals of working in iceberg. VTC Author / Musician and composer, Jonathan SONAR. You’ll learn how to record, edit, mix, and Segel of Camper Van Bethoven, teaches the intricacies of produce high-quality music and audio in SONAR. The this powerful application. topics range from installation to using the various interface COURSE OUTLINE elements, from creating tracks to editing audio clips, Introduction recording, mixing, MIDI, automation, plug-ins, effects and Basics of Bias Peak more. Windows and Toolbars COURSE OUTLINE Editing in Bias Peak Introducing Cakewalk Sonar Bias Peak Editing Essentials Under the Hood Loops Managing Audio Files Digital Signal Processing Exploring Cakewalk Sonar Bias Peak Plug-Ins Workflow - Breaking It Down Batch File Processing Recording in Cakewalk Sonar Playlists Editing CD Burning Cakewalk Sonar Mixing Samplers Loops & Groove Clips Quicktime Movies Software Synthesizers Bias Peak Tutorials Wrap-up Cakewalk Sonar Automation 8 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Surround Sound Workflow - The Wa CD BRYCE 5 Wrap-Up Author - Matt Neutra Credits COURSE INTRODUCTION 9.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Whether you're a pro or a beginning artist, Bryce 5 is an easy way to create, explore, and animate extraordinary CAKEWALK SONAR 4/5 imagery. It's perfect for multimedia, video, and the Web. Author - David Ludwig Author Matt Neutra takes you from the basics through COURSE INTRODUCTION some of the more advanced features in this 11.5 hour Cakewalk Sonar is a fully-integrated MIDI sequencer and Virtual Training Company Bryce Tutorial. He will show multitrack audio recorder. Sonar's innovative surround you all of the tools of the interface, how to create objects, sound, A/V capabilities and precision engineering tools editing terrains and trees, and even lighting and camera make it the definitive audio production environment on the use. Windows platform. Sonar 5 ups the ante exponentially, COURSE OUTLINE with 64-bit processing, V-Vocal Vocal Processor, Perfect Intro Space Convolution Reverb, and a host of other new Getting Started Instruments, FX and features! VTC author, David Ludwig, Interface begins the tutorial by covering the basics of Sonar Tutorial 1 Basic Scene installation, tweaking Windows XP for optimization, and Creating Objects exploring the interface. Learn to record, edit and mix Editing Terrains within Sonar, take advantage of advanced automation Editing Trees techniques, create loops and groove clips, use software Using Materials synthesizers, and see a project through from start to finish. Textures COURSE OUTLINE Objects in 3d Space Introducing Cakewalk Sonar The Sky Lab Under the Hood Lighting Managing Audio Files Using Cameras Exploring Cakewalk Sonar Rendering Workflow - Breaking It Down Animating Recording in Cakewalk Sonar Addendum Editing 11.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Cakewalk Sonar Mixing Loops & Groove Clips CAKEWALK SONAR 6 PRODUCER Software Synthesizers
  13. 13. Cakewalk Sonar Automation 6. Creating Materials and Textures Surround Sound 7. Painting Textures with BodyPaint 3D Workflow - The Wa CD 8. Creating and Styling Hair Wrap-Up 9. Lighting, Cameras, and Scene Objects Credits 10. Creating Skies 9.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 11. Rendering Essentials 12. Animation Essentials CARRARA 5 13. MoGraph Author - Mark Bremmer 14. MOCCA 3 COURSE INTRODUCTION 15. Creating Cloth Carrara 5 is an easy-to-use but extremely powerful 3D 16. Dynamics application for both PC and Macintosh/MacIntel. Able to Conclusion produce high resolution, lithography quality art to 10.5 hrs CD-ROM £55.00 animated movies complete with particle effects, Carrara is one of the most universal 3D toolsets for any studio or CINEMA 4D XL6 work environment. This simple to follow how-to course Author - Matt Neutra functions on two levels: 1) Introduces someone new to COURSE INTRODUCTION Carrara software to the ins and outs of 3D content creation Cinema 4D XL 6 for the Mac and PC enables users to with this amazing tool, and 2) Demonstrates advanced work seamlessly between the two platforms. This capabilities for more experienced users - building on top of extremely fast 3D modeling, animation, and ray-tracing fundamentals. Work files are made available, so users can program allows the opportunity to work within an object- successfully explore and discover the secrets of working oriented and multi-threaded architecture. Join 3D expert with Carrara! Matt Neutra in this powerful program from Maxon COURSE OUTLINE Computer as he teaches you the configuration, menus, and Introduction to Carrara 5 workflow. Using The Cameras COURSE OUTLINE Creating Scenes in Carrara 5 Introduction Managing Scene Elements View Lighting a Scene Configuration Carrara 5 Modifiers Workflows The Three Carrara 5 Modelers Menus (1) Spline Modeler Structure Menu Vertex Modeler Function Menu Metaball Modeler Menus (2) Creating Terrains in Carrara 5 Co-ordinates Manager Using the Replicators Object Manager Using Shaders Material Manager Adding Natural & Environmental Elements 2D Channel Shaders Animating a Scene in Carrara 5 3D Channel Shaders Character Animation Texture Mapping Importing Poser Files Modelling Overview Rendering in Carrara 5 Animation Tutorials Conclusion 11 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 9 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 CINEMA 4D R10 ESSENTIALS Author - Larry Mitchell COURSE INTRODUCTION In CINEMA 4D R10 Essential Training, animation specialist Larry Mitchell teaches users how to get the most out of the new modeling, animation, rendering, and workflow features in this latest release. From understanding the interface to creating skin and hair textures to animating body parts and clothing, Larry covers all the key elements of CINEMA 4D R10. This training is appropriate for those new to the application as well as those upgrading from an earlier version. Exercise files accompany the tutorials. COURSE OUTLINE Introduction 1. Getting Started 2. Modeling Essentials: Structure 3. Modeling Essentials: Functions 4. Modeling with NURBS 5. Complex Modeling Tools
  14. 14. CINEMA 4D: THE INDISPENSABLE 8 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 CINEMA 4D Author - Cameron Bowyer CLEANER PRO 5 TRAINING CD COURSE INTRODUCTION Author - David Bigelow Maxon’s award-winning Cinema 4D is a robust and COURSE INTRODUCTION accessible application for creating high-end 3D images and Cleaner Pro is the best way to put streaming video and animation. Its state-of-the-art technology and ease-of-use audio on your web site. Recognized as the world-standard, have made it an indispensable tool in every industry from Cleaner Pro 5 is a complete camera-to-web streaming movies and broadcast, games, design and visualization, solution. Cleaner Pro 5 is all you need to capture, author, architecture and science. This tutorial contains over 13 encode and publish the highest-quality streaming media in hours of instruction covering Cinema 4D’s modeling tools, all formats -- QuickTime, RealSystem, Windows Media, lighting modes, texturing, rendering and output options and MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and more -- at all connection animation tools. speeds. Virtual Training Company author David Bigelow *Note: Although presented using version 9, most lessons will show you how to get the most out of this application taught in this tutorial also apply to version 10. during this 3-hour tutorial. COURSE OUTLINE COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to Maxon Cinema 4D Introduction New Features Video Sources Getting Started Making Batches Maxon Cinema 4D Basics Applying Settings: The Wizard Types of Stuff Applying Settings: Advanced Preset Settings Selecting Stuff Advanced Settings - QuickTime Moving Stuff Around Advanced Settings - RealSystem Shaping Maxon Cinema 4D Advanced Settings - Windows Media Player Taking Stuff Apart Advanced Settings - MPEG Sticking Stuff Together Managing Your Custom Settings Bending in Maxon Cinema Exporting Media Making Stuff Invisible 3 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Duplicating Stuff Other Stuff CS3 PRODUCTION PREMIUM Texturing in Maxon Cinema 4D WORKFLOW Particles PACKAGE INCLUDES Rendering in Maxon Cinema 4D Author - Bob Donlon Blake Cameras Platform - Windows & Mac OS Tutorials Conclusion COURSE INTRODUCTION 16 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Start with some important tips on shooting and capturing video with OnLocation for a smoother rough cut. Then CLARISWORKS 5 once you've organized the clips into bins in Premiere Pro, Author - Martin Pembroke Harries and added the clips to the timeline, you're ready to learn COURSE OUTLINE how to make still and motion graphics, such as an opening Window Elements animation, a lower third, and a bug, using After Effects, Word Processing - Intro Photoshop, and Illustrator. Next it's time to dive into all Word Processing - Formatting new Soundbooth to create the soundtrack score and polish Word-Processing - Styles the audio. Wrap up your production by creating DVD Word-Processing - Appendix menus complete with interactivity, and output to a wide Drawing - Frame Tools range of formats including DVD, Blu-Ray, Flash Video, Drawing - Drawing Tools and of course tape. Drawing - Arrange Highlights Drawing - Options Learn how to calibrate your camera and shoot directly to Painting - Shape Tools hard disk with OnLocation. Painting - Selection Tools Discover the time-saving editing features of Premiere Pro. Painting - Paint Tools Design an opening animation with After Effects. Painting - Transform Create a music score and polish your audio in Soundbooth. Painting - Appendix See how to create interactivity with Encore and Flash. Spreadsheet - Intro COURSE OUTLINE Spreadsheet - Formulas Lesson 1: SHOOTING & CAPTURING FOOTAGE (27 Spreadsheet - Formatting min) Spreadsheet - Charts Lesson 2: CREATING THE ROUGH CUT (45 min) Spreadsheet - Functions Lesson 3: MAKING STILL & MOTION GRAPHICS (65 Spreadsheet Appendix min) Database - Introduction Lesson 4: ADDING EFFECTS (64 min) Database - Layout Lesson 5: WORKING WITH AUDIO (45 min) Databases - Creating a Database Lesson 6: FINISHING THE EDIT (41 min) Integration & Miscellaneous Lesson 7: CREATING A DVD (79 min)
  15. 15. Lesson 8: OTHER PUBLISHING OPTIONS (31 min) Audio Recording in Pro Tools 6.6 hrs DVD-ROM £44.00 Audio Editing Region Groups CUBASE 4 Pro Tools Mixing Author - Adam Olson Beat Detective COURSE INTRODUCTION Preferences/Key Commands Cubase 4 is a powerful digital audio workstation that Pro Tools 7.3 Features affords its users the ability to record and edit audio and Conclusion MIDI. Redesigned from the ground up, this version (4.1) Introduction includes many new features that will speed workflow and Pro Tools Layout boost creativity. This VTC tutorial takes an in-depth look Windows at many of the new features, while still teaching common Customize Your View practices for getting the most out of Cubase. From Importing Saving and Creating installation and basic set up to proper mixing and Pro Tools Setups and System Optimization troubleshooting, this course has it all. Join Audio Engineer Basic MIDI Features Adam Olson, as he demystifies this powerful application. Event Changes COURSE OUTLINE Advanced MIDI Features Welcome Host-Based Instruments Basics of Digital Audio Pro Tools Audio Recording Cubase 4 Getting Started Section 1 Audio Editing Getting Started Section 2 Region Groups Cubase Track Types Pro Tools Mixing Getting Around Beat Detective Mixer Preferences/Key Commands Working With Audio in Cubase Pro Tools 7.3 Features Recording Audio (Tracking) Conclusion Mixing Part I 7 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Cubase Mixing Part II Editing in Cubase DIGITAL CAMERA: 100 WAYS TO GET Working With MIDI MORE FROM IT MIDI Record Modes Author - Ken Milburn Cubase Advanced Techniques Section 1 COURSE INTRODUCTION Advanced Techniques Section 2 Digital Photography is quickly becoming the new and most Miscellaneous creative way to capture images without the worry & cost of Troubleshooting Cubase film! Professional Photographer and author of "The Digital Wrap-Up Photography Bible," Ken Milburn will teach you the most Adieu common digital camera components & the fundamentals of 13 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 using your digital camera to get the best possible images. This tutorial also covers proper composition, focus, depth DIGIDESIGN PRO TOOLS LE 7 of field, lighting, and more. Ken will also introduce you to Author - Robert Correll two of the most popular image editing programs, COURSE INTRODUCTION Photoshop 7 & Photoshop Elements. This VTC tutorial Pro Tools is the world’s leading audio recording will have you shooting & editing like a pro in no time! application. It is the focal point of multi-million dollar COURSE OUTLINE facilities as well as lap top workstations. VTC Author Ben Introduction Harris provides an in-depth look into the new and Getting Started advanced features of Pro Tools 7; including new and Using a Digital Camera exciting MIDI features, mixing techniques, and using and The Camera's LCD Monitors manipulating rex loops. Each feature is provided with real Focus world examples and practical applications to show the Depth-of-field student when, why, and how you would use each tool or Shooting Modes technique. This tutorial will give any novice Pro Tools user Special Scene Modes the tools and knowledge necessary to become an expert in Lighting the world’s leading digital audio application. Composing the Picture COURSE OUTLINE Controlling Focus Introduction Using the Built-in Light Meter Pro Tools Layout When to Use a Tripod Windows When the Going Gets Tough Customize Your View in Pro Tools Things Only a Digital Camera Can Do Importing Saving and Creating Managing Images Setups and System Optimization Imaging Editing Tools Basic Pro Tools MIDI Features Dialogs Event Changes Palettes Advanced MIDI Features Self Teaching Routines (Photoshop Elements Only) Host-Based Instruments Automating Photoshop
  16. 16. Correcting Exposure Author - James Gonzalez Color Balance Effects COURSE INTRODUCTION Enhancing Contrast Author James Gonzalez applies his many years of Director Selecting and Protecting Specific Areas of the Photo classroom teaching experience to present this introductory Making a Fictitious Photo tutorial on the world’s most powerful digital media Painting with Filters development tool, Adobe Director 11. Director is the tool 6 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 of choice for many web designers, game developers, graphic designers and animators for creating online games, DIGITAL HOME RECORDING STUDIO 3D product demos, CD-based kiosk presentations, web- Author - Jonathan Abrams based e-learning applications, and much, much more. COURSE INTRODUCTION Using step-by-step demonstrations and instructions, this Virtual Training Companys Digital Home Recording tutorial covers the techniques and know-how necessary for Studio tutorial teaches you the fundamentals needed for creating a wide range of interactive media applications. To turning your computer into a digital recording studio. begin learning today, simply click on the Adobe Director Author Jonathan Abrams teaches you through using 11 movie links. guitars, keyboards, microphones, samplers, and a DJ COURSE OUTLINE turntable system, along with various software applications. Getting Started He informs you of all the necessary hardware and software, The Director Workspace and how to set it all up. He then guides you through the Cast Members steps of recording, editing, and mixing, all right from your Sprites own home computer. Text COURSE OUTLINE Animation Introduction Color Tempo & Transitions Hardware Audio Software Video Exploring Audio Desk Flash Recording Working With Behaviors Editing Scripting Mixing (part 1) Working with 3D Mixing (part 2) Movies in a Window (MIAW) Mixing (part 3) Distributing Movies Mastering Wrap Up Final Output 9.5 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Start To Finish Case Study DIRECTOR MX 2004 Drum Loops Author - Brian Maxx Conclusion COURSE INTRODUCTION 6 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Macromedia Director MX 2004 is the proven multimedia tool for building rich content and applications for delivery DIGITAL PERFORMER 2.7 via CD, DVD, and the Internet. Director MX 2004 offers Author - Phil Slade many powerful new features, including two scripting COURSE INTRODUCTION languages, DVD-Video support, cross-platform publishing, Digital Performer is an integrated audio and MIDI and Flash MX 2004 integration. VTC author, Brian Maxx, sequencing production system. Join Phil Slade as he guides details how users can work effectively and efficiently you through Performer. He begins by helping you get set within Director MX 2004. He demonstrates how users can up, taking you through the windows, and teaching you the integrate Director MX 2004 with other image editing basic commands. He then moves on to the good stuff- applications, such as Flash MX 2004 and Fireworks MX recording and editing audio. Start learning today! To get 2004. Project planning, brainstorming, and integration are started, simply click one of the topics below. covered in great detail as he guides users from start to COURSE OUTLINE finish on a complete project. Work files are included with Getting Started this tutorial. Set-ups & Midi (FreeMIDI) COURSE OUTLINE Windows & Basic Commands Introduction to Director Editing Windows Getting Started Standard Edits Working in Director Advanced Windows & Commands Mastering Your Workspace Advanced Program Applications Casts Recording Audio (Practical Application) Director Sprites Channels Animation Editing Audio Working with Text Plug-Ins Paint and Vectors Other Director Programming Concepts 10 hrs CD-ROM £79.00 Scripting Flash and Components DIRECTOR 11 Xtras Director Publishing and Preferences