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LOWE Ryan 2006.07.25.doc.doc
LOWE Ryan 2006.07.25.doc.doc
LOWE Ryan 2006.07.25.doc.doc
LOWE Ryan 2006.07.25.doc.doc
LOWE Ryan 2006.07.25.doc.doc
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LOWE Ryan 2006.07.25.doc.doc


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  • 1. RYAN LOWE Email address: Last updated: July 25, 2006 Summary • Software Engineering B. Eng. from the University of Ottawa (2003) • Primarily a Java/Eclipse/RCP and Ruby on Rails developer but would be comfortable using most modern programming languages • Insists on unit testing my code • Appreciates regular project builds and a solid deployment strategy • Looking for a strong team where I can learn from great mentors • Prefers agile processes but is very comfortable using others • Writes a software blog at Project Work Experience Project #11: RadRails June 2006 to Present Java and Ant Developer, Committer, Environment: Java, Eclipse, SWT, JFace, Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Subversion (SVN), Ant, Windows XP (development machine), Mac OS X (development machine), trac RadRails is an open source Eclipse-based IDE for Ruby on Rails development that I use for Rails projects like fanconcert (see #10 below). I have joined the team to help improve the quality of the end product, initially by helping to organize product builds, deployment and testing. Later on I plan to contribute new features. • Wrote Ant scripts to compile and build RadRails for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux derived from work on Durham (see #8 below). The Ant scripts compile (and test in the future) RadRails with Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2 plugins to ensure backwards compatibility. • Working on deployment details such as plugin version number management, update manager update sites for RadRails and third party software updates. • Regularly support RadRails on IRC (#radrails on freenode) and write blog posts to improve community awareness. Project #10: June 2005 to Present (12 months) Project Manager, Developer and Entrepreneur, Environment: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, rake, unit and functional testing, iterative development, ActiveRecord ORM, Eclipse, Ruby Development Tools (RDT), MySQL, phpMySQL, Subclipse and Subversion (SVN), DHTML (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), SQL, AJAX, XML, syndication (RSS, Atom, OPML), Windows XP (development machine), Mac OS X (development machine), FreeBSD (production server), Google AdSense, Google Maps API, bash, Apache, lighttpd, cron, vi fanconcert is a web application for music fans that want to keep up with their favourite artists. Fans can make a list of their favourite artists and fanconcert can notify them when any of those artists are releasing new albums or are playing a concert close to them.
  • 2. fanconcert gets this information from the users themselves, who have the ability to agree or disagree with other user’s submissions and affect the submission’s moderation score. Users can easily see which submissions are more likely to be true by the number of people that agree with the submission and increase its moderation score. fanconcert is still in active development and changes almost every day based on feedback. I have assumed all of the necessary responsibilities, including: • Test-first development in the Ruby programming language on the Rails platform. • An iterative and agile development process with early deployment to real end users and regular feedback from them. • Feature and defect prioritization within iterations based on user feedback. • An understanding of the Rails framework, AJAX, HTML, CSS. • Configuration and maintenance of the Apache and lighttpd production web servers. • Configuration and maintenance of the MySQL database. • Configuration and maintenance of the Subversion source code repository. • Integration of external tools, libraries and web services like the Google Maps API. • fanconcert’s current style, graphics and usability. Project #9: X-Fire Workgroup Edition Aug 2004 to May 2005 (10 months) Java/J2EE Developer, Agnovi Corporation Environment: J2EE, Java, Eclipse, Eclipse Rich Client Platform, SWT, JFace, CVS, Ant, JUnit, EMMA (code coverage), SQL, XML, PHP, JBoss, MySQL, Windows XP (development machine), Fedora Core (Linux build machine), WiX, Bugzilla, bash, cron, vi • Java development: Fixed defects and added enhancements to X-Fire • Led the release engineering and deployment effort • Wrote the Ant build script for X-Fire client and server. • Used PHP to parse build data and produce HTML build reports. • Maintained the Linux build machine and its output. • Updated the third party software deployed with the product and managed versions. • Maintained version numbers, release schedule, branching and maintenance releases. • Wrote the Ant build scripts so that they would also speed up developer tasks like WAR file deployment and execution of all unit tests. • Wrote a Windows installer for the X-Fire client with WiX. • Led an effort to improve product quality • Installed a Bugzilla defect tracking database and maintained its content integrity by closely monitoring it. • Integrated software quality tools such as JUnit and EMMA code coverage into the build process. • Monitored nightly build results to check for regressions introduced the previous day. • Installed and maintained all of the tools necessary to complete the above tasks, most of them on Linux (Fedora Core). Project #8: Durham Metadata Framework for Eclipse, AudioMan, QuickEditor January 2004 to July 2004 (7 months) Project Manager and Java Developer,
  • 3. Environment: Java, Eclipse, Eclipse Rich Client Platform, SWT, JFace, CVS, Ant, JUnit, EMMA (code coverage), SQL, XML, Hibernate (ORM), Windows XP (development machine), Fedora Core (Linux build machine), Bugzilla, bash, cron, vi • Development: Java, often test-first • Deployment: products are built, tested and packaged with Ant for simultaneous deployment for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. • Used PHP to parse build data and produce HTML build reports. • Quality: APIs and classes are unit tested and code coverage metrics are monitored. Project #7: Rune May 2003 to August 2003 (4 months, Co-op position) Java Developer, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (now Canada Border Services Agency) Environment: Java, Eclipse, SWT, JFace, CVS, Ant, JUnit, jcoverage (code coverage), XML, Windows XP (development machine), Bugzilla • Wrote a stand-alone Java/SWT Windows application to edit a very large rules-based configuration text file for SSA Name3 and check for errors and rule conflicts. Project #6: Rational Rose XDE August 2002 to December 2002 (4 months, Co-op position) Quality Engineer, Rational Software (now IBM) Environment: Java, Eclipse, Rational ClearCase (source control), Rational ClearQuest (defect tracking), custom Java unit testing framework • Wrote test methods in Java to unit test an API. • Reported, verified and closed defects for the project. • Several other small projects which improved quality assurance workflow. Project #5: New Ventures Jan 2002 to August 2002 (4 months, Co-op position) Software Developer, Corel Corporation Environment: C++, C#, VB.NET, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, COM, Rational Rose, Visual Source Safe • Implemented a COM object in Microsoft Visual C++ using XML as the output format. Active participant in design discussions of the overall system in which the COM object was used. • Experimented with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET: VB.NET, C# and created sample .NET applications. Project #4: Embedded Encryption Library Jan 2000 to April 2000 (4 months, Co-op position) C Programmer, Wann Connection Devices (now Canadian Bank Note Corporation) Environment: C, Motorola 68k processor device with programmable EEPROM, text editor and RCS-style file locking source control, Linux, getty, vi
  • 4. • Assisted in the reprogramming of an encryption library in C for Motorola 68k-based embedded devices and tested all of the affected models. • Designed and programmed a host server simulator to test a new embedded device in C for Linux. Project #3: Internal DND Web Application May 1999 to September 1999, August 2000 (6 months, Co-op position) Active Server Pages (ASP) Web Programmer, Department of National Defense Environment: Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access 97, IIS • Independently designed and programmed an Active Server Pages (ASP) web site based on a dynamic checklist and approval process. • Using MS Access 97 to create/maintain the database used. SQL queries. • A common user interface for the site using style sheets (CSS) and server-side include files. • Was familiar with and followed the Common Look and Feel Guidelines for DND intranet websites. • Logged a lot of overtime hours for this project. • One of the recipients of the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff Renewal Award for 1999-2000 for work on this project. Project #2: Personal Websites Summer 2001 to Present (over 5 years, part time) Webmaster and PHP Programmer for, and Environment: PHP, DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), MySQL, phpMySQL, Apache, Linux (server), bash, cron, vi, blogging software (MovableType), RSS Over the past four years I’ve gained a lot of practical experience managing and configuring my personal websites and trying out new technologies with them. I was already quite familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS (since 1996) and server-side programming with ASP (since 1997) so I found that the transition to PHP-based web applications was not difficult at all. I’m very comfortable using PHP, the PHP libraries and navigating the documentation. In the course of managing my websites I’ve also become familiar with Apache configuration, the Linux/Unix shells, cron and editors like vi. • Created a custom PHP photo album web application that displays photos as they are added to the web server. Users could also post comments on each picture. • Created CMS-like web applications in PHP for uniform website layout (ie. • Created other small PHP pages and scripts as needed by the web sites. Project #1: Online Shopping Website May 1998 to August 1998 (4 months, Summer job) Active Server Pages (ASP) Web Programmer, M-Star Environment: Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS
  • 5. • Independently designed and programmed Active Server Pages (ASP) web applications for data entry personnel. Education December 2003 B. A. Sc. Software Engineering, Co-op Program, graduated Cum Laude University of Ottawa School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) Entrance Scholarship More Information • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills. For an example of my writing, see my software blog at • Intermediate understanding of written French. • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member since 2000. • Mac OS X user since December 2002. • Takes an active interest in new technologies and software outside of work. • Enjoys reading books and web sites about software design, project management and software engineering processes. • Blogger since 2001. Very familiar with blogging tools, APIs and syndication formats (RSS, Atom, OPML). • I enjoy inline skating and playing golf as well as soccer, football and snowboarding. • I have reviewed software books on my own time, including: o SWT/JFace in Action, Manning Publications 2004 o Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide, O'Reilly 2005 o Agile Development with Rails beta book, Pragmatic Bookshelf 2005 o Ajax in Practice, Manning Publications 2006