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Krishnaveni Ramasamy
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Krishnaveni Ramasamy


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  • 1. Education M.S. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK B.S. Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India Technical Skills Operating Systems: UNIX, AIX, Red Hat Linux 7.0, Windows XP/2000/2003/NT4.0/98/95, Windows CE, Palm OS, MS DOS 6.22 Languages: Java 5/6, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Swing, AJAX, Actuate Basic, PERL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, C, Visual C++ 6.0, C++, embedded VC++ 3.0, embedded VB 3.0, Portal, Visual Studio C# 2008 Express Edition. RDBMS: Oracle 7.3/8i/9i/10g/11i, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, DB2, Teradata, Sybase. Web Technologies: WebSphere 5.1/6.0 DataPowerSOA, Weblogic 61sp3, 61sp4, 81sp2, Tomcat 5/6, HTML/DHTML, XML, SOAP, WSDL, X12, WMQ, Cognos. Design & Development Tools: Actuate e-reporting suite 7.0/6.0Fix10,13/5.x, SQL Enterprise Manager 2000/2005, TOAD/Benthic/SQL Developer2000, Oracle Developer2000/Designer2000, CodeWarrior Development Tool, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports 2/10/11, Franklin C, Callidus Truecomp 3.7.1, HTML, FrontPage, Rational Software Application, PowerBuilder, NETBACKUP6.0., Vantive, Flsh CS3 Pro. Professional Summary Java Developer with over 9 years of IT experience including: • Experience with various Java technologies including: J2EE, JSP, Struts, JDBC , Hibernate, Spring, EJB 3.0. • Hands-on experience with Apache Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, SOAP, UML including state diagrams and OOAD. • Full SDLC experience including specifications, design, coding, testing and launching the software. • Well-versed in designing with Clustered Windows Servers. • Experience working in hybrid Windows, Unix, and Linux environments. • Experience with Oracle 9i/10g/11i, SQL Server 2000/2005, DB2, Teradata and knowledge of Sybase on the backend. Experience Producer’s and Writer’s Guild of America, Pension & Health Fund, Burbank, CA8/2007 – Present
  • 2. Java Lead Developer/Architect (Fulltime) I am working on Enterprise Document Generation System as a team lead of 7. My primary role is designing the database and application for the project and implementing the same. I am currently using Windows 2003 platform and previously have worked on Unix and Linux platforms. We have testing and production servers and I have set the SQL server 2005 database and also the application environment including the installation of Tomcat server 5.5, deploying war files and starting/ stopping tomcat server. • Designing and developing Enterprise Document Generation for the Pension Statements and Retirement Benefits/Claims. • We automized the Pension Application forms by merging the extracts with the templates designed and the resultant word merge file is automatically sent to the required printer/mailed to the particular participant through Documentum. • FTP transfer is used in moving the files to ASI for external full month printing. • The project involved database design in SQL server. Tomcat is used as the web server for deploying and hosting the Java applications. Setting PATH, JAVA_HOME, Installing Java 2 SDK, Starting and Stopping TomCat Services for deployment process. • We are using Documentum Server for document storage and using the product V3 for document extract creation and viewing Development Tools: Java 5/6, Eclipse 3.3, Tomcat 4/5/6, SQL Server 2000/2005, Documentum 5, BCLEasyPDFSDK, Windows Server 2003/XP, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio C# 2008 .Net Express Edition,Perl. Philips Medical, Seattle, WA 3/2007 – 7/2007 Java Developer The application system is a Medical Reporting System. The data comes through ETL to Oracle 9i by pipeline unix scripts everyday. The Java Application extracts the data and displays in the UI as a report for the Medical department to print and have it in their records. The project that I worked on is the enhancement for the year 2007 as requested by the end users for the system. • Writing embedded CSS Style Sheets (.html) files. • Developing eSpreadSheet/Servlet with projects in XML, XSTL, and AJAX. • Deploying the eReports on a JBoss server. • Using 10G Oracle System Administration - adding users and printers. • Familiar with all Unix commands like ps, ls –l, mkdir, rmdir, find, grep, mv, cp, pwd, writing shell scripts, vi editor, linux configuration of DNS, POP3, and ipaddress routers. • Wrote PHP server side dynamic HTML scripts using MYSQL as database. • Configuring Active Directory on Windows 2003 systems – Setting up users/emails. • Used AJAX for Java Asynchronous Programming. Development Tools: JDK 1.3, Apache Tomcat, Oracle WebCenter10g, Perl 5, VSS, AIX, X12, WTX, EJB 3.0, JBoss, Spring, iBATIS, PHP4,Hibernate, X12, WTX, WMQ,Ajax. American President Lines Logistics, Oakland, CA 5/2005 – 2/2007 Java Developer & Team Lead (Contract)
  • 3. The end user application is the Global Freight Forwarding(GFF) System. It’s a very high traffic system involving around 500 users scattered over the world. The application includes Shipment Tracking and Cost Management. The project that I worked on includes the Estimation of Shipment and Trucking cost for the GFF customers. The application developed includes EDI and ETL transferring Shipment data from DB2 to Oracle tables. The part that I developed includes the UI in J2EE platform with Struts 1.3.1 framework and JSP pages. The JSP pages get the user input for cost estimate for a Shipment on a Container or Quantity basis. Upon approval of this estimate the system generates a Purchase Order for the Manager of that particular GFF office to be signed of and dispatch the check. I have also developed HTML contribution reports/office. • Production Support for Europe, Asia, and US for web applications. • Writing Functional and Technical Specifications for the APL logistics application. Coordinating and Integrating software with Offshore team in India. Maintenance and testing of existing application. Provided New enhancements for the users. Used SnagIt/UML/RSA tools for creating screenshots and flow diagrams. • Developed Web Application Interface for Shipment Tracking, Destination Shipment Services and Cost Management System. • The application is developed using Enterprise Application Project (EAR) file using WebSphere 5.1 Test Environment and Java J2EE 1.3 version. • We used Model View Controller architecture – Developed Struts-config.xml file for defining the form and actions on the screen. JSP pages with the functions written on js files. Business Logic bean files (.java) are written to execute the requirements from customer. • Used JDBC:ODBC connections for Oracle and DB2, resultsets, select/insert/update/delete SQLs. • Using IBM RSA tool for Clearcase Version control and Code Development and Deployment. The deployment was done using an user interface which includes selecting the .EAR file, setting up the JDBC drivers on the WebSphere server and also stopping and starting the Application Server in QA environment. • Used WSDL stubs from PCTB web interface to get Ocean rates. • The application also called Servlets from IBM Mainframe interface for accessing DB2 COBOL programs/jobs. • Overridden doget(), doput() functions on Servlet. • Wrote Java Classes and knowledge of hashmap and hashtables. • Used Reflection to run Mainframe Jobs. • Used Java APIs using Eclipse and Ant. • Conversion of the existing WebSphere Application into Portal environment using JSR168. • Deployed the application in IBM WebSphere Portal Server on integration and stage environment. • Updating Ant Scripts for deployment on a WebSphere Server. Development Tools:Java/J2EE, JSP, Struts 2.x, JSF, JDBC, Websphere 5.1, MVC, UML, JavaScript, Windows 2000XP, Rational Application Developer 5.1/6.0, Portal, AIX, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, Agile, X12, WTX. Sprint World Headquarters, Overland Park, KS 7/2004 – 5/2005 Senior Consultant – Software Engineer (Contract) Played an active 24/7 support role on a PCS Commissions system. • Bulding using Apache Ant version 1.5.1 and executing Oracle queries. • Used multiple targets on the .xml file. • Created clusters on Windows 2003 systems and also actuate clustering of windows servers. • Used NETBACKUP 6.0 for Windows Servers.
  • 4. • Worked with Weblogic 61sp3, 61sp4, 81sp2 patches on webportal and active portal services (SUN), wrote unix scripts, Java on AIX. Modified the startup scripts of the weblogic 61sp4 Java options to improve the chart server performance. • Wrote Java code using SOAP programming with Actuate 6. • Archival of .roi files to .pdf format using .NET programming. • Used Visual Basic .NET for SOAP programming with Actuate Volume. • Coverted .roi to pdf reports using and • Used Perl Programming/CGI scripts. Used Emacs editor for executing Perl scripts. #!/usr/bin/perl, ./script • Executed block statements, while, if…else , used scalar variables, arrays and hashmaps. • DBI for Perl Database Connectivity to Oracle. Used dbh->connect, disconnect, my $sql. Development Tools: Java, SOAP, Weblogic, Oracle 9i/8i, Windows 2000/Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2003, AIX, Unix/Sun Solaris 5.0,,, Sybase, Callidus Truecomp 3.7.1. Techtrol, Inc., Pawnee, OK 5/2002 – 7/2004 Junior Java Programmer (Fulltime) Played a technical leader role in designing specifications, algorithmic and analytic calculations, dataflow diagrams for the specification, design and development of ecommerce system. • Developed database with different criteria’s for Shipping, Invoice, Products, Purchases, Sales - using SQL Enterprise Manager – Relational Database Management System. • Writing dynamic queries – opening Database Connection, defining cursor and binding columns, using Query Analyzer. • Database development using Oracle, MS-SQL, MS-Access (ODBC connection)– creation and maintenance of tables, writing functions, stored procedures, triggers, setting security features on database level. Drawing Entity Relationship for tables – assigning primary key, foreign key, indexes for the tables. • Loading the report design in JSP pages . • Knowledge about Java SDK 1.2/2 – rmi Compilers, skeleton/stub Interface, using wait, notify, notifyAll methods… • J2EE environment – JDBC connectivity to remote server, using JSP pages. • Worked with creating views, synonyms, joins, format, … • Gather Information from different branches – from different types of data source – RDBMS, FlatFiles, setting datalevel security features. • Knowledge of AFC Abstract Classes, Inheritance. Knowledge about CGI, channels, Requester API. Development Tools: MS SQL Server 2000, JavaScript, Windows 2000/Windows NT 4.0, Unix/Sun Solaris. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 1/2001 – 3/2002 Research Assistant (Parttime) • Web Design using Microsoft FrontPage, DreamViewer, HTML, XML programming. • Image Processing using core java for developing objects. This project takes the pixels of an image and does manipulation to produce a more enhanced image with removing red spots, making the image brighter(Histogram Equalization). Images used for testing are JPEG, BMP, GIF images. The application is useful for other types of images also.
  • 5. • Linux Installation, DNS Registration, TCP/IP Configuration of Telecom Lab Network. Configured Cisco Routers. Configured 802.11 Gigabit Ethernet routers with DHCP, DNS for local area network and internet access using ISP. Creating subnets. Interconnecting networks through 2 Ethernet routers and exchanging data between them. The server is Linux Red Hat 7.0. Created ATM networks. Sonata Software Limited, India 3/1999 – 8/2000 Software Engineer (Fulltime) User Interface project for SmithKline-USA – Creation and Maintenance of Database for HealthCare purposes – Prescription, Patient-Care System, Doctors Portfolio. Details stored in Oracle database and pulled up for end user with PowerBuilder as GUI. Triggers written on the modification of these tables – calculations. Packages including stored procedures and functions for different tables – wrote 1000s of packages executed during runtime. • Worked on Oracle Database Administration – Creating Backups. • Responsible for PL/SQL Programming, ProC programming, creating tables and validating with PL/SQL triggers and stored procedures on insertion/deletion/modification of data. Oracle database development. Creating specifications, making ERP on table structures, writing logics, coding, unit and integrated testing. • Developed Visual Basic Forms for local client with Security features incorporated. Developed Crystal Reports for local client. Visual Basic/PowerBuilder coding and development. Java SDK development, ASP programming. • Sun Certified Java Programmer. Development Tools: Java, Oracle 7.3, SQL Server 7, Sybase, Windows 98/2000, VB 5.0, Crystal Reports, PL/SQL, Pro*C, PowerBuilder, C, C++. References: Jack Reilly Nikita Patel