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John Antoni Griffiths
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John Antoni Griffiths


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  • 1. John Antoni Griffiths WEB / MEDIA / IPHONE UK, Colchester +44 (0) 79220 02260 mobile Web developer and technology guy by trade, who focuses on social +44 (0) 1206 523321 office media and emerging technologies. Currently building AJAX-enabled web applications & Apple iPhone apps. The future is set within socially-aware concepts increasing digital convergence and rewarding your innovation. Techincal Skills Development Accomplished front-end JavaScript AJAX, CSS, HTML 5 skills (6 yrs) Un-obtrusive javascript and conforming to WAI ARIA guidelines Cross-Browser testing with QUnit and Selenium Google Analytics, SEO campaign tracking & optimisation LAMP experience, remote versioned deployment, security & firewalling Agile / Scrum, code-review, peer-programming, TDD, OOP, REST, MVC Competent Photoshop, ActionScript & some Flex skills Ruby (4yrs), ASP.NET (7yrs), PHP (2yrs), C# (2yrs), Python/Django (1yr) XCode / Objective-C / iPhone Development & Deployment Data MS SQL Server schema design, implementation and deployment (10yrs) MySQL (4yrs), some PostgreSql & Oracle 10g experience Studied SQL BI & active member of the UK SQL user group Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Microsoft Certified Professional
  • 2. Environment OSX SL with Debian & Windows for cross-browser design TextMate, XCode, versioning with Subversion, GIT & Mercurial Experience User Interface Developer Ipswich, UK Jul 2009 - Nov 2009 IO Global Limited Short-term role with exciting new startup providing location-based lifestyle services digitally via an innovative web, mobile and iPhone application. Focused on producing the front-end experience with jQuery and in- house OBJX OO Javascript framework. RESTful services provided by JAVA hosted on Jetty & Tomcat. Followed TDD employing QUnit, template driven architecture provided by in-house MOJASEF server framework. Agile methodologies, with frequent code-reviews, peer programming, incremental release cycles, 2 week sprints, morning scrum sessions, estimation & planning poker. Developer Toronto, Canada May 2009 - Jun 2009 The Working Group PLC Short-term role working with an applications development company based in Toronto, Canada. Producing commercial social-networking software and SaaS web applications within a team environment; Rails, AJAX, Capistrano
  • 3. Developer London, UK Jan 2009 - Mar 2009 KeepThinking Limited Short-term contract, working with a small team of 3. Produced image converter for Wedgwood Collection using Ruby with WxRuby & FasterCSV. Helped create Horniman Museum Intranet with the CodeIgniter PHP framework, adapting our in-house CMS to requirements. Google Maps API development for National Galleries of Scotland 'Artist Rooms' event User Interface Developer London, UK Oct 2007 - Dec 2008 Helped win Yahoo's award for most innovative company 2007 by helping construct one of the most unique consumer websites to- date. Versatile role working in a team of 8 developers. Agile environment, developing the pioneering Moveme Calendar and Moving Tools using MooTools, Prototype and the jQuery AJAX frameworks; focusing strongly on front-end, cross-browser debugging & adhering to W3C conventions. Implement & tuned WebTrends, Zanox site tagging analytics, client-side A-B testing. Branding & bug-testing the ajax planner and mini-tools for integration into partner sites SKY, MSN, AOL. Improving performance with YSlow, CDN, lazy-loading, code profiling and helping re-develop back-end web-services in an iterative development cycle. Agile environment with 2-4 week sprints, daily scrum meetings, burn-down charting, task weighting, pair-programming, continuous refactoring, code-coverage against tests. Winner of Yahoo Peoples Choice Award 2008 Best B2C Application BIMA Awards 2007 Best Website BIMA Awards 2007 NMA Best New Business 2007
  • 4. CTO London, UK Jul 2007 - Present DatesWithMates Limited July 2008 saw successful re-launch of this independently run RoR project, porting the .NET & SQL db of a unique double-dating social network. Recently featured on UK television, work is underway on a parallel Facebook app to work with the main site and improve growth. A personal project working with original founders, completely revamped site from wire-frames and design meetings. Using Ruby, Liquid templates, ActionMailer, clustering, GeoCoding, jQuery with daily backups and redundancy, versioned with GIT & Developer / R&D USA / Teleworking Oct 2007 - Nov 2007 MisoVision LLC Short-term project, working with developers overseas creating Ruby screen acquisition tools for isolating content for partners YouTube and MetaCafe. Processing and dispatching automatically as XML data for portal use. Developer / R&D Tokyo / Teleworking Jul 2007 - Jan 2008 PackPay LLC Part-time Ruby project tele-conferencing with partners in the US and Tokyo. Creating first-stage social network with similar functionality of LinkedIn & Facebook. Creating Storyboards for concept work, database models and logic analysis, plus initial code template & carrying out market research.
  • 5. Lead Web Designer / Developer London, UK Jun 2000 - Oct 2007 WSP Group PLC IS team leader workin with a small team of 3, primarily involved in producing and delivering Web Applications for both internal and external clients. Employing .NET, Ruby, C#, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, XML-XSLT on a variety of projects; plus development and deployment of SQL Server data servers. Notable products include forums, corporate Q/A web-based sessions for worldwide use, internal CMS and online procurement application (PRIMO) for global offices. Helped integrate CRM with business SAGE Saleslogix system. Replaced IIS search with Google Mini appliance and XSLT filters. Employing WebTrends analytics to track client traffic. Supported staff with hands-on training of new technologies, staff presentations and technical support. Promoting use of Agile methods within my team, implementing code versioning and improving documentation. Responsible for web-server maintenance, upgrade and deployment. Hosted within a virtual n-tier environment, with 5-10 sql servers & 3 IIS servers across multiple physical locations. Software Developer London, UK Sep 1998 - May 2000 Reuters Group PLC Team member, chiefly responsible for Y2K upgrade of warehouse & asset management systems. Developing tools to automate data processing & management of SQL Server. Notable achievements include automated documentation tools, custom DLL libraries, timers, calendars, SMTP and email batch processing. Helped port existing code to better designed OOP layout.
  • 6. Application Specialist Chelmsford, UK Jul 1989 - Aug 1998 CanBridge Management Limited Focusing on software development, database design with admin duties for company's asset network. Worked as team leader designing IT infrastructure, permanent and part-time while finishing eduction. Notables include creating online property management package (GreyWolf), supporting auto-backup, restore, mail-merge, reporting, documentation and accounting. Helped with on-site staff training and learning labs on new technologies Applications Developer Chelmsford, UK Jul 1996 - Sep 1996 A & W Gowers Limited Contract role while in University. Most notably creating dBase package for local timber yard to handle stock estimation, admin, re- ordering and job tracking. Carried out full life-cycle design, round- table discussions with staff and managers to build the perfect system. After which supplied training, support and on-site visits overseeing final deployment, hand-over with support visits. Database Specialist Harwich, UK Jul 1995 - Aug 1995 BroIntermed Lines Limited Short-term contract position while in university to help re-engineer existing dBase software for large Harwich-based shipping firm. Refactored code, improved maintainability and produced documentation & black-box testing. Reveloped existing tools to better train staff, presenting final system to managers, along with on-site support.
  • 7. Applications Developer Clacton, UK Feb 1991 - Jul 1991 KingsCliff Hotel While at college work-experience position arranged by myself and the hotel manager to supply a software package to handle stock- taking and accounting. Carried out staff interviews, questionnaires, group presentations and brain-storming sessions to design package. Developed full RDBMS suite with reporting, backup & recovery, mail-merge and archival; creating framework for future developments. Then provided support and training after final roll- out. Education BSc with Honors, Information Systems Development Chelmsford, UK Sep 1994 - Jun 1998 Anglia Ruskin University ND, Computer Studies Colchester, UK Sep 1992 - Jun 1994 Colchester Institute Awarded 'Most Outstanding Student' for end of year project NVQ, Business Administration Colchester, UK Sep 1991 - Jun 1992 Colchester Institute
  • 8. References Andy Skipper, Chief Technical Officer I would like to recommend John Griffiths as a candidate for a position with your organisation. In his position as UI developer at, John was employed in our office from September 2007 to December 2008. John was an asset to our organisation during his employment here, and has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organised, can work independently and in close collaboration and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. During his tenure with, John was responsible for developing the user interface part of the website using Javascript/Ajax, and was instrumental in the development of our multi-award winning Move Planner. He is a very capable Javascript developer indeed, and has mentored other developers within the organisation to assist them in their learning. WSP Group PLC Lynn Smyth, Project Manager John is a highly motivated, structured senior developer. I worked with John for over 5 years and relied on him as my technical expert in delivering solutions to WSP and their clients. With strong technical and problem solving skills I would highly recommend John in a senior technical architect position. On a personal side John is a top guy and works very well in a team environment. Set him loose and lap up the rewards!
  • 9. DatesWithMates Limited Edward Leifer, Director London NW3 1NU John Griffiths began working with DatesWithMates in July 2007 as our Web Developer and has been responsible for a complete overhaul and redesign of our website in Ruby. Throughout this time John has been a pleasure to work with. He is a highly skilled developer and brings an organised approach to his work which has consistently been on time, to plan and far surpassing our expectations in terms of quality. His solutions have worked very smoothly and there have been very few bugs in any of the code John has developed. Furthermore, John has a great deal of initiative and enthusiasm for his work and has made several suggestions and recommendations which have informed and improved the functional design of the website. In the time that we have worked with John he has had an extremely positive influence on our business. Reuters Group PLC John Withers, Software Development Manager During his time with Reuters I was greatly impressed with his dedication to each task, should a technical problem arise John would dedicate his work and home time to solving the problem. He is a resourceful and very capable individual who has developed his skills through self-learning and enquiry.
  • 10. Canbridge Management Limited Michelle Clark, Interior Designer John has a gift with managing every aspect of a project at once, keeping a firm eye on the ball and on the stop-watch. His user- centric views always ensure the end product is something smart, powerful and simple to use. His technical firepower let's him dive into the heart of any problem. Couldn't recommend him more highly Publications Air Canada In-flight magazine photography Anglia University Published Thesis on 'User Interface Design' Packt Publishing Published reviews for Django, Symfony & other products Projects iPhone Applications Working on two incubation apps, one management-based the other game-based with OpenGL. XCode, IB, Keychain libraries and using Instruments to performance test the alpha release. Registered iPhone Developer & iTunes Connect publisher
  • 11. Stanley Bragg Partnership Offered on-site technical assistance, css, ajax, html; tracking visitors and ways to improve web presence Personal blog now 7 years old, discussing technical problems, tutorials and research. Matilda Ruby on Rails CMS for blogging. RSS/ATOM feeds, Akismet protection, caching engine with SQLite for minimal footprint. Open- sourced. AtomPad Online note taker similar to 37signal's Basecamp, currently incubating for future application Activities Social iPhone World Tech Tour 2009 Ruby Manor 2008 BarCampLondon 2007 Google CodeJam 2006 Future of Web Apps 2006 & 2007 Future of Web Design 2007 Presented talk on "Education and the Internet" at BarCampLondon, offering past experience and support to new projects along the way
  • 12. Interests Fluent English, learning French Passion for Theatre, Independent music, Photography & Ice Hockey. Amateur guitarist & Film maker John Griffiths +44 (0) 79220 02260 mobile +44 (0) 1206 523321 office