Jerry Walton
                      1267 Center Ross Road, Crown Point, IN 46307
CONSULTING EXPERIENCE (Hourly and Project Contract Work)

iPhone Developer, Symbolic Languages, Crown Point, IN 02/09 - Pr...
iPhone Developer, Pearson Education, Boston, MA   02/09 – 03/09

Enhancements to existing native iPhone eBook reader which...
Core Data feed (API/ticker plant).

Sr. Developer, Anonymous Research Company, Mesa, AZ, 1/08 – 03/08

Developed a prototy...
Sr. Web Developer, Solucient, Evanston, IL, 01/06 – 03/06

Design and development of Medical Reporting portal utilizing JS...
to use standard ODBC calls.

Sr. Developer, Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C., Chicago, IL, 03/2003 – 01/04

Automated C++ ...
Sr. Developer, Sys. Admin., Strategic Technology Architects, Chicago, IL,
04/2002 – 03/2003

Senior Developer 04/2002 – 11...
UNIX System Administrator, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Essex Radez Co., Chicago, IL, 04/2001 - 10/2001

Performed various du...
back-end systems. Utilized the following languages and technologies: Java, Vi-
sual Interdev, Visual J++, Visual Cafe, Hom...
output to QuarkExpress using extensions. Developed 32-bit Windows program for
data entry of foreign language part descript...
Designed and developed database; database   access functions; Market Ticker and
Scoreboard programs for real-time trading ...
Indiana State University, Biology/Life Science, 1979-81
Purdue-Calumet University, Computer ...
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  1. 1. Jerry Walton 1267 Center Ross Road, Crown Point, IN 46307 · 219-741-0988 OVERVIEW Jerry has been a professional computer programmer and consultant in Information Technology and application software development since 1984. He has extensive hands-on experience designing and developing standards based custom applications and system software, using a wide spectrum of software technologies on various operating systems and environments. Industry knowledge base includes: trading and financial systems, health care/benefits administration, business intelligence, communication, collaboration, document management, enterprise portals, and areas of knowledge management. Expertise includes design and development of database and graphical user interface (GUI); development of desktop and web browser based applications; and design and development of distributed and multi-threaded systems. Position: Senior Developer, Registered iPhone Developer since June 2008 SKILLS BRIEF: Compiled Languages: Objective-C, Java, C/C++ IDE: iPhone SDK (Xcode), Eclipse, Visual Studio, WebSphere Studio (WSAD/Rational), Android SDK Scripting/Tag Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, JSP, SQL, XML/XSLT, Perl, Shell Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Derby, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, TimesTen, HSQLDB, Access Operating Systems: iPhone OS, OSX, Linux, UNIX, Windows (XP, Vista), Android OS Web/App Servers: LAMP, WebSphere, Apache/Tomcat, WegLogic, JBOSS, IIS System Administration: Linux, UNIX, Windows Server and Desktop, OSX Network Administration: Routers, Firewalls, LANS, VPN, DNS, DHCP, WiFi API-Toolkits-Frameworks: Core Data, Quartz Animations, Java Swing, Eclipse SWT/ RCP/Plug-in, Cocoa Frameworks, Open GL ES, MFC, HTML/DHTML, AJAX/Javascript, Struts, JSON, JUNIT, Subversion, CVS, ClearCase, MKS, PVCS, SPSS Visualization Toolkit, jFreeChart, Ant, make, TIBCO/RVD, JMS, TopLink, MQ Series, MSMQ, JSR-168 Portlets, Portals, Flash/HTML integration, Adobe Photoshop (basic skills), Microsoft Word, Excel 1
  2. 2. CONSULTING EXPERIENCE (Hourly and Project Contract Work) iPhone Developer, Symbolic Languages, Crown Point, IN 02/09 - Present Designed and developed various iPad apps using the iPhone SDK v3.2 including: 1) Web Cam Viewer - an iPad only app which allows viewing of live web cam video feeds, used for surveillance and remote security/monitoring (in beta test). 2) Twitter Client - developed a simple iPad app to read tweets and post a tweet to Twitter (using the MGTwitterEngine). 3) Interesting POTD (Pic-of-the-Day) - simple photo browser (using the ObjectiveFlickr API and the JSON Framework to parse the JSON response data). 4) PDF Viewer - a simple PDF viewer for the iPad (using Quartz Core framework). Demonstrates displaying zoomable PDF view, and reading and writing PDF files to the iPad shared folder. 5) SimpleCocos2DGame - a simple "shoot the zombies" 2D game developed using the Cocos2D library. Sr. iPhone Developer, Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO), Oklahoma City, OK, 12/09 (6 weeks duration) Enhancements to native iPhone app (Wimgo) already released to app store. Major GUI framework enhancements, drop-down animated menu, GPS location/maps, changed web services from plist data to consume RESTful web services using JSON data. Sr. Developer, DIRECTV, Chicago, IL, 06/09 – 12/09 DVR Scheduler for iPhone – continued enhancements to a native iPhone app re- leased to the app store featuring channel listings and remote scheduling of DVR. Added logic for: Data Caching, User Authentication, REST web client, XML parsing, use of Core Data for data storage, custom table view cells for por- trait and landscape orientation. (2009 Mobile Excellence Award - Best Mobile Application) NFL Superfan - enhancements to a native iPhone app being developed by DIRECTV for the 2009 NFL season. Displays dynamically updated games scores, stats and highlights, streaming video. (2009 Mobile Excellence Award - Best Adapted or Companion Program). Sr. iPhone Developer Filter Apps LLC, Granada Hills, CA, 05/09 – 10/09 (part-time) Designed and developed “ScriptWrite”, a native iPhone app to allow editing of screenplays (movie scripts) on the iPhone. App featured customized script for- matting editor with portrait or landscape operation, unlimited script length (> 120 pages), page flip animation, data storage to local SQLite database, script export and sending as email attachment (released to app store 10/31/09). iPhone Developer Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, Miami, FL 04/09 – 05/09 Designed and developed a decision support system for physicians to use in an ambulatory setting. Application featured dynamic table views, built-in SQLite database, data encryption and synchronization to shared back-end MySQL database. Simple Website admin pages coded using PHP, AJAX (Prototype). 2
  3. 3. iPhone Developer, Pearson Education, Boston, MA 02/09 – 03/09 Enhancements to existing native iPhone eBook reader which use UIWebView to ren- der content. Added Configuration view to allow customization of font name, size and color, background, orientation lock. Designed and implemented securi- ty/encryption framework for purchase of electronic products. iPhone SDK, Ob- jective-C, Cocoa, PHP/MySQL. Mobile Developer, Symbolic Languages, Crown Point, IN, 10/08 – 03/09 Designed and developed a sports related app (iStripCard) featuring Quartz ani- mation, sounds, virbration and user customizable cards. Software used: iPhone SDK, Objective-C, SQLite database, Cocoa frameworks, Mac OSX. *Ported iStripCard app to Android platform as proof-of-concept (12/2009 – 1/2010). iPhone Developer, Cisco, Raleigh, NC, 10/08 – 12/08 Designed and developed a proof-of-concept for “Partner Deal Registration” ap- plication, which allows for review & approval of partner initiated deals & quotes for Cisco products and services. Application included user login view; multiple tab bars, web services client (REST); XML parsing. Software used: iPhone SDK, Objective-C, Cocoa, OSX, WebSphere backend, Java servlets. iPhone Developer, Telacies Corporation, Lisle, IL, 10/08 (part-time) Developed a spin-form control (animated sliding icon menu) for the iPhone/Mo- bile Safari using css extensions (webKit). Sr. Developer, Lyons Consulting, Chicago, IL, 9/08 – 10/08 Primary responsibility was to provide JavaScript/CSS expertise to ensure the e- commerce web-site looked and performed as per the specifications across all popular browsers (on Windows and Mac) including: IE6, IE7, Firefox (v2,v3), Sa- fari and Opera. Web GUI Developer, Coventry Health Care, Downers Grove, IL, 06/08 – 08/08 Hand-coded cross-browser (IE, Firefox) HTML, CSS, JavaScript pages from PDF wireframe documents. Re-factored existing HTML/CSS/JavaScript and reduced page load times and development bug-list backlog. Enhancement/bug-fixes to existing pages including: correcting/modifying HTML/CSS layout; coding AJAX call (proto- type) to fetch XML data; modified XSL for sorting table data using parameter passing; created/modified images from original PSD files using basic Photoshop skills. Tools: FireFox/Firebug, Internet Explorer Bar, IE Tester, Java/JSP, BEA Web Logic Studio. Sr. Developer, Anonymous Trading Company, Chicago, IL, 03/08 – 08/08 Designed and development of a Market Data system to handle high-volume (>600K quotes-per-second) with low-latency (microsecond). Developed multi-threaded servers using C++ (Visual Studio 2008); boost libs (interprocess, asio, sig- nals, serialization); TCP/UPD socket IO; STL (Standard Template Library); Nx- 3
  4. 4. Core Data feed (API/ticker plant). Sr. Developer, Anonymous Research Company, Mesa, AZ, 1/08 – 03/08 Developed a prototype/proof-of-concept for an F-16 simulator using Java/JOGL (OpenGL bindings). Application requirements included use of concurrent classes and multi-threaded programming, socket I/O, terrain rendering, interfaced C++ to Java across a socket interface, update of 10,000 entities per minute and a minimum of 60 fps. Researched the Java 3D toolkits including Java3D, JOGL, LWJGL, jMonkey. Sr. Developer, HSBC, Mount Prospect, IL, 12/06 – 02/08 Financial Reporting web application using J2EE, Java, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS StyleSheet, proof-of-concepts using several AJAX toolkits (Yahoo UI, DWR, GWT, dojo), WebSphere, Struts, Hibernate, Spring Framework, EJB/MDB, JMS, IBM MQ Series, UNIX (AIX v5), DB2, XML, XSLT, Xpath, SAX/Xalan, JSON, JUNIT. Mem- ber of Web Team which developed web site wireframe/mock-ups; designed and de- veloper multi-JVM batch framework; various on-line and batch reports; XML/XSLT to generate PDF reports (XSL:FO), XML/XSLT to XHTML paginator for large on-line reports; batch job stream using JMS queues and Message Driven Beans (MDB). Sr. Developer, Anonymous Company, Chicago, IL, 01/07 – 01/08 Re-factored a previously developed Dashboard application from an Java/SWT ap- plication to a RCP plug-in based application. Application features drag-n-drop building of graphs and dashboards; roles based security; user-defined dashboard components; support for multiple databases including Oracle, SQL Server and Apache Derby via JDBC. Utilized Eclipse (v3.2, v3.3), RCP, SWT, nViZn (SPSS Visualization Toolkit), JFreeChart, FusionCharts (Flash), SQL, JDBC. Sr. Developer, UBS Hedge Fund, Chicago, IL, 04/06 – 09/06 Design and development of a multi-threaded 32-bit Java Price Server (JPS) which replaced an obsolete C++ Price Server. JPS server interfaced via socket I/O to a home-grown Risk Management System (Market Mash) running in 64-bit mode under Linux OS. JPS server received price update events from a ticker plant using standard JMS messaging (Reuters, TIBCO/RVD) and sent price update events to C++ server using socket I/O (little endian vs. big endian). Production support, en- hancements and bug fixes to the 64-bit C++ based Risk Management System. Soft- ware included: Linux OS (Fedora v3), gcc, make, CVS, vi, Java v5 (concurrent utils and generics), Eclipse IDE, JMS (TIBCO/RVD), shell, Perl, Sybase database. Sr. Web Developer,, Chicago, IL 06/06 – 07/06 1 of team of 3 that developed the public web site at using hand-coded JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java servlets, Spring Framework, JBoss/Tomcat application server, MySQL database, Ant, CVS. Features included: webcasts, user sign-up, email sign-up verification, password encryption, static and dynamic content. 4
  5. 5. Sr. Web Developer, Solucient, Evanston, IL, 01/06 – 03/06 Design and development of Medical Reporting portal utilizing JSR-168 Struts and Java Server Faces cooperative porlets. Technologies included: WebSphere v5.1, Rational Application Developer v6, Java, JSP, JavaScript, Java Server Faces (JSF), Struts, Hibernate, Cascade Style Sheet (.css), Cognos v8, Informatica ETL, and Oracle database on Solaris. Sr. Developer, SunGard Futures Systems, IL, 06/05 – 12/05 (part-time) Design and development of Trading application for Position Management and Expi- ration processing using Java (v1.4.2), Swing GUI toolkit, and Eclipse IDE (v3.01), 3-tier distributed architecture, SOAP/Web Services, Web Sphere hosted on I-Series (AS/400), DB2, HSQLDB. Built a prototype for the Position Manage- ment application using TIBCO General Interface Builder. Web Developer, Symbolic Languages, Chicago, IL, 06/05 – 09/06 (part-time) Installation, configuration and customization of highly interactive web sites using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Java/JSP, Struts, Spring, MySQL, Perl, Zope/ Plone, Ruby/Rails, Apache, Linux. Sr. Java GUI Developer Chicago Board Options Exchange (Infra), Chicago, IL, 03/05 – 9/05 Designed and developed 1) Log Browser, 2) Historical Alarm Browser and ported 3) Distributed Node Console and 4) Trader Service GUI applications from C++ us- ing Java (v1.4.2), Swing GUI toolkit, and Eclipse IDE (v3.01), HSQLDB, multi- threaded, ClearCase, TIBCO Messaging (Pub/Sub with Talarian), CORBA (IONA). Sr. Developer/Project Technical Leader Cooperative Extension, Lincoln, NE, 11/04 – 02/05 Provided project technical leadership, and hands-on development (portal cus- tomization via Java/JSP and native channels) for the development of a web por- tal prototype using open source technologies including: Linux (Red Hat ES3), uPortal (web portal), Lenya (CMS), Apache Tomcat, Java/JSP (taglibs, beans), XML/XSLT, SSH, SSL, XML taxonomy, content search using (DieselPoint). Senior Developer, Cognitor, Inc., Chicago, IL, 03/04 – 11/04 Team of one for design and development of the “Inteligine OneView” dashboard. The application uses a standard MVC framework and was developed using Java with the Eclipse IDE (v3.0), SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit), embedded Swing compo- nents (JTable, JList, JTree, JSlider, etc.,…), and SPSS’s “nViZn” visualization toolkit (Swing components). The desktop application presents a tabbed inter- face, which displays various graphs and tabular data as key performance indica- tors (KPI, such as “Monthly Case Activity”). The user-interface sub-divides the tab view using “SashForms” and provides several user-interface widgets in- cluding: tree filter, date range slider, Zoom and Fish-eye lens controller. The first production version of the program provides pre-configured KPI’s for Clar- ify and Metrix CRM products. Modified Visual C++ based CRM Database Purge/Archive application to allow use of SQL Server DBMS instead of Access database to store meta data. Access updatable views/DAO calls were converted 5
  6. 6. to use standard ODBC calls. Sr. Developer, Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C., Chicago, IL, 03/2003 – 01/04 Automated C++ Source Code Statistical Analysis Framework Project Installation, configuration and usage of "C++ Test" tool from Parasoft (Solaris and Windows). Design and develop framework for performing automated C++ source code statistical analysis using standardized GNUmakefile. Creation of GNUmake- file targets and korn and perl shell scripts to perform batch automated source code analysis (using Parasoft C++ Test). Design and creation of web site (us- ing WegLogic, java servlets, JSP/Java) to display source code analysis testing results (metrics and graphs). Coded 12+ JSP pages which contained embedded Java classes to provide file-io; directory processing; parsing of metric files to produce graphs; database access via JDBC; generation of html and JavaScript to produce graphs. Used Macromedia Dreamweaver HTML editor. Regression Test Framework Project Review of open source regression testing tools including c++unit, junit, etc. Design and development of framework (XML, korn shell scripts) and related C++ programs to automate regression testing of major trading sub-systems (api based). Design and development of xml/xsl scripts to automate the testing of trading api (using our testing framework) for the following instruments: op- tion, future, bonds, warrants-on-trust, interest rate option, bond option, for- ward, swap, swaption, total return swap, etc. Message Dispatch Layer (MDL) Project Responsible for linux admin (red hat), apache admin and database admin (TimesTen [in memory db], Sybase IQ, MySQL) for project. Design and develop- ment of C++ classes to perform archival of data from in memory database (TimesTen) to flat files; and korn and perl shell scripts to format data for import into archive database (Sybase ASE, IQ). Design and development of apache/php based MDL web site (hosted on linux) using PHP and MySQL (prototype). Design and development of eGlue based MDL web site (Citadel home- grown web reporting tool, apache/java servlet/jsp/xerces/XML/XSLT based, hosted on windows and/or solaris). Design and development of eGlue extensions (java classes) which called Global Architecture security (LDAP) using TIBCO messaging to authenticate user and query for security entitlements. Provided debugging/ troubleshooting for MDL application and made modifications to XSLT and JavaScript to enhance product capabilities to meet project requirements. Production Software Profiling (PSP) Project Responsible for web design and database administration (Sybase ASE). Design and development of eGlue (homegrown web reporting tool, apache/jsp/XMl/XSLT based) PSP web site (hosted on windows and/or solaris). Senior Developer, System Administrator The WireExchange, Chicago, IL, 02/2003 – 09/2003 Troubleshooting, modification and enhancements to existing WebSphere/Java/JSP based B2B portal website. Java was used for: MS SQL Server database access via JDBC; communications with trading engine (SOAP/XML) for real-time pricing in- formation. Web site is now running in production without any downtime. 6
  7. 7. Sr. Developer, Sys. Admin., Strategic Technology Architects, Chicago, IL, 04/2002 – 03/2003 Senior Developer 04/2002 – 11/2002: Designed and developed a web interface to a web server stress test tool. Coded Active Server Pages (ASP 6.0, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript) to interface to Mi- crosoft Application Center Test (ACT) tool and read/write test results and user authentication information to Access database. Developed prototype Test Builder desktop application using Java with Swing toolkit. Performed industry research about Instant Messaging (IM) software for use by a large insurance client. Reviewed commercial software offerings (AOL, Mi- crosoft, Sun, Effusia, etc.) and downloaded and built open source software (Babylon, Jabber, JXTA, Desknow, etc.) and produced report. Developed an IIS authentication filter (ISAPI DDL), a system service, and sev- eral ATL/COM+ components using Visual C++ in support of Security Framework API project. ATL/COM+ components (Servers and library) were called from Visual Ba- sic. Developed test programs using Visual C++ and MFC to test API and to ad- minister Security framework. Windows specific coding included: Reading/Writing to the Windows Registry, Reading/Writing to MQ Message Queues and IBM MQ Se- ries, Reading/Writing to DB2 database and SQL Server, Writing to the Event Log, Reading/Writing to LDAP (IBM Directory Service), etc. Developed DB2 stored procedures using SQL procedure language. Provided development support to other programmers on Windows programming. System Administration 11/2002-03/2003: Primary responsibility for planning, installation, configuration, maintenance (backup, availability, fail-over, security) of corporate LAN which consisted of a software development and test VLAN (12 rack mount servers, 25+ desktops), ac- cess to the internet (via DSL router), packet filter based firewall/router, and virtual private network (VPN) access for traveling technical staff. Hardware/Software included: Windows 2000/NT Servers: Active Directory, IIS, Component Services, DNS, SQL Server, DB2, Visual Source Safe (VSS), Red Hat Linux Servers (v7.1, v7.3, v8.0): Apache, Samba, DNS, SSH, FTP, Sendmail, PHP, MySQL, Zope/Plone, Linux based router/firewall: iptables, firewall builder. UNIX System Administrator, Programmer/Analyst SPENDLESS CO. (Computer Services), Chicago, IL, 06/2001 – 12/2002 (part-time) Designed and developed e-commerce website for managing all aspects of ISP. Web- site utilized Linux/Apache web server, QMail mail server, MySQL database back- end, dynamic front-end using PHP and Perl/CGI for real-time domain registration services and domain name wizard. Coded real-time credit card processing using Perl API. 7
  8. 8. UNIX System Administrator, Senior Programmer/Analyst Essex Radez Co., Chicago, IL, 04/2001 - 10/2001 Performed various duties including: Unix system admin. (Solaris 7&8), web de- velopment (HTML, JavaScript, PHP4, MySQL, Java, Perl), and managing implementa- tion of remote data center which involved identifying, ordering and configur- ing: Sun E450 quad-server, 6 T1 leased lines, Cisco routers, Cisco switch, NT Server for real-time stock quote feed, and installing open source (Apache, MySQL, PHP4) and custom trading applications on Sun server. Ordered and config- ured HyperFeed server and Cisco router to handle real-time data feed using T1 line. Debugging/maintenance of C++ programs to send/receive trading information from trading partners. Coded programs to utilize real-time price-quote feed using HyperFeed SDK/API. Team Leader, Programmer/Analyst Board of Trade Clearing Corporation, Chicago, IL, 08/2000 - 03/2001 Team Leader for Reference File Maintenance sub-system of Derivative Clearing System (DCS) project, which is a back-end clearing system for an Internet based real-time trading system. My responsibilities included: development of use case and sequence diagrams. Logical database design, development of XML messages and DTDs; development of database access beans (J2EE, EJB); development of refer- ence file maintenance engine and management of 2 Jr. Programmers. Tools includ- ed: Windows NT, Solaris, WebSphere, Visual Age for Java, EJB, XML (Xerces/JDOM), Oracle, Rational Rose, Clear Case. Senior Programmer/Analyst, Bank of America, Chicago, IL, 04/2000 - 08/2000 Design and development of an internet/browser based application that provided a unified interface to several back-end systems. My responsibility was designing interfaces to external systems including: developing a CORBA server which used IBM’s Host-On-Demand product to provide a real-time interface to a mainframe based application and developing several Java programs to provide batch update of an Oracle database for nightly synchronization. Also developed stand-alone Java programs for data migration. Development tools included: J-Builder 3.5, Visi-Broker 3.3/4.0, Oracle 8, SQL Plus, IBM’s Host-On-Demand Java Bean 3270 Terminal emulator, LDAP (for shared access to corporate document repository), JDBC. Senior Programmer/Analyst, Bank of America, Chicago, IL, 03/2000 - 04/2000 Design and development of a prototype for an internet/browser based corporate portal that served various documents related to management of customer ac- counts. Development tools included: Cross-browser DHTML, Style-sheets, JavaScript, server-side Java (servlets), Oracle database, LiveLink (document/workflow engine), Netscape web server running on Windows NT. Programmer/Analyst, COMDISCO, Rosemont, IL, 06/1999 - 03/2000 Designed and developed various server-side solutions using Java which provided an interface mechanism between an Internet e-commerce front-end and proprietary 8
  9. 9. back-end systems. Utilized the following languages and technologies: Java, Vi- sual Interdev, Visual J++, Visual Cafe, HomeSite, CORBA (OrbixWeb), Java servlets, JRun, Servlet Exec, Windows NT, IIS, HTML and ASP (Active Server Pages), Oracle on HP Unix, SequeLink, SQL Server. Programmer/Analyst, Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 08/1998 - 06/1999 Analysis, design and development of a web browser based graphical user inter- face (front-end) to a Clinical Management System that runs on an Alpha comput- er. Environment included: Windows NT (4.0), IIS Web Server (4.0), developed COM objects (using Visual C++, Visual J++ (Java) and Visual Basic), Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML, JavaScript, DHTML and ODBC connection to SQL Server and Ora- cle databases. Programmer/Analyst Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 09/1997 - 08/1998 Analysis, design and development of a Windows95 based graphical user interface front-end for a patient management system that runs on a Digital VAX minicom- puter using Visual C++ 5.0, and Walldata's Rumba ActiveX controls. Programmer/Analyst, IMC Holdings, Grays Lake, IL, 03/1997 - 09/1997 Designed and developed a CD-ROM based electronic parts catalog for forklift re- placement parts reseller. Project involved building databases for 16 OEMs and importing product catalogs that were converted into SGML data. 32-bit Windows program was developed using Visual C++ 4.2/5.0, OCX/Active-X, Wise Installation system, Sybase SQL Anywhere DBMS, Accusoft ImageGear and Redlining Toolkit. Programmer/Analyst, Riverside Publishing, Itasca, IL, 08/1996 - 01/1997 Ported Guidance Information System originally developed using 16-bit Visual C+ +/MFC to Windows95 (Win32) and to Macintosh using Visual C++ cross-platform compiler (4.0). Developed demo for new version of program using DemoShield. System Administrator Moore Business Communications Services, Mundelein, IL, 07/1996 - 08/1996 Installed and configured Oracle Enterprise Server and Windows NT 4.0 on Compaq server to support invoicing application with Windows95 clients over TCP/IP net- work. Programmer/Analyst, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago, IL, 01/1996 - 07/1996 Designed and developed real-time trading application using wireless hand-held computer technology. Application was developed using MS-DOS, Pen-right, TCP/IP sockets, IBM RS6000 AIX, Shell, C++, and Oracle RDMS, inter-process comm. Using message queues. Technical project leader and lead developer for a team of four programmers. Programmer/Analyst, Lawson Products, Inc., Des Plaines, IL, 11/1994 - 12/1995 Designer and programmer of Database Publishing application developed using Sybase System 10, Visual C++ (1.5,4.1), MFC, CT Lib, Transact/SQL, Novell NOS, Crystal Reports Pro, Windows 3.x/95/NT, cross-platform compiler for MacOS, and 9
  10. 10. output to QuarkExpress using extensions. Developed 32-bit Windows program for data entry of foreign language part description data. Team Leader, Programmer/Analyst, William M. Mercer, Deerfield, IL, 05/1994 - 10/1994 Technical Project leader and lead developer on a team of four programmers for data conservation of Benefits Administration applications being developed in a multi-vendor Client/Server architecture using Sybase System 10, HP Unix, Trans- act SQL, PowerBuilder, Visual C++ 1.5, MFC 2.0, Borland C++, Novell NOS, FTP, TCP/IP. Programmer/Analyst, Millennium Technologies, Inc., Oak Brook, IL, 03/1994 - 05/1994 Provided group project development expertise and C programming skills for in- dustrial automation project using OS/2, LAN Server, IBM C/Set++, DB2/2, SQL, TCP/IP mainframe access. Programmer/Analyst, Baxter Healthcare, Round Lake, IL, 08/1993 - 02/1994 Ported Kidney Dialysis application originally developed using Borland Pascal and Topaz library (text based user-interface and Dbase file access) to Mi- crosoft's Windows and Windows NT operating systems using Protogen+, Microsoft VC++, MFC, ODBC, and Q&E database library for Dbase, SQL Server and Sybase ac- cess. Programmer/Analyst, MEDICON, Northbrook, IL, 03/1993 - 08/1993 Provided technical expertise to medical billing industry client. Duties in- clude: Sybase database administration (DBA); logical and physical database de- sign using ER/Win modeling tool; creation of stored procedures using Transact/SQL; data import/export using bcp utility; mentoring client staff in the application of Sybase in a client/server environment. Client is running Sybase NML version 4.2 on a Novell 3.22 network, client PC's are running DOS 5.0, DOS 5.0, MS-Windows 3.0, PowerBuilder 3.0, Borland C++, 3.1, and Open Client DB-Library/C. Team Leader, Programmer/Analyst Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago, IL, 07/1992 - 02/1993 Technical project leader for design and development of the Price Display Sys- tem, which provides real-time pricing information to the upper trading floor display boards. The system uses client/server architecture featuring Tandem computer tools, redundant OS/2 servers, and 50-networked OS/2 based display controllers. The application uses OS/2 2.0, PM GUI, ES 1.0 DBM, and DARI using SQL, APPN, C/Set 2, PVCS, Borland C++ for OS/2, and the Object/PM class li- brary. Ported database from DBM to DB2/2. Managed team of 4 programmers. Programmer/Analyst, Database Administrator Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago, IL, 01/1992 - 07/1992 10
  11. 11. Designed and developed database; database access functions; Market Ticker and Scoreboard programs for real-time trading system. The "Project A" system was developed using Sparc bases workstations, SunOS, Sybase RDBMS, X-Windows (OI Toolkit), Centerline C++, TCP/IP, Sockets and RCP. Programmer/Analyst, Various Consulting Engagements, Chicago, IL, 12/1984 - 12/1991 Worked on various application and system software development projects from 1984-1991. Included mainframe (IBM DOS/VSE, VM/CMS, Digital Vax/VMS, ADABAS, Natural, Cobol, Fortran). Computer Operator, LaGrange Bank and Trust, LaGrange, IL, 6/1984 - 12/1984 Worked as second-shift computer operator for local Chicago suburban bank. Re- ceived tapes and executed batch jobs using punched cards, ran check sorter, green-bar report printing and collation, bursting. 11
  12. 12. EDUCATION & TECHNICAL COURSES Indiana State University, Biology/Life Science, 1979-81 Purdue-Calumet University, Computer Science, 1981-82 Institute of Data Processing, Cobol Programming, 1981 Digital Equipment Corp. Education, Using System Services from FORTRAN, 1984 Computer Task Group Education, IMS DL/1, DB/DC Programming, 1984 Computer Task Group Education, Structured Systems Analysis and Design, 1984 Software AG Education, ADABAS & Network Administration, 1985 Software AG Education, Natural Programming, 1985 Digital Equipment Corp Education, VMS System Administration, 1986 Digital Equipment, Education, Network Administration, 1986 Ross & Associates, Entity Relationship Modeling, 1987 Ross & associates, Logical & Physical Database Design, 1987 Lattice Inc., C Programming, 1989 Sybase Education, FastTrack and Transact SQL, 1990 Sybase Education, Database Administration, 1990 Apple Education Services, Macintosh C Programming, 1990 Apple Education services, Macintosh C++ with MacApp, 1990 Digital Equipment Education, Advanced X-Windows Programming, 1990 Santa Cruz Operation, Unix System Administration, 1991 Solbourne Education, X-Windows Programming with OI Toolkit, 1992 Borland Education, Advanced C++ Programming, 1992 IBM Education, Advanced OS/2 Programming, 1992 Computer Consulting Group, Microsoft Visual C++ Programming, 1993 Protoview Corp. Education, MS-Windows Programming with Protoview (Borland C++, Visual C++), 1994 Microsoft Education, Visual C++ 4.0 & OLE/OCX Controls, 1995 Macromedia Education, Authorware Programming, 1996 Microsoft Dev. Days, Visual C++ 5.0 w/ Active Template Library (ATL), 1997 Microsoft Developer Days, Visual J++ 1.1, 1997 Internet Conference, Introduction to Java, 1997 Hewlett Packard Education, UNIX System Administration, 1997 Sun Microsystems Training, Sun Workgroup Product Training, 1998 Sun Microsystems Training, Sun Enterprise Product Training, 1998 Mac University, Photoshop Boot Camp (6 weeks), 1999 Internet Expo, Introduction to XML, 2000 Sun Java Tech. Days, Advanced Java Programming, 2001 Linux System Administration, Software Skills Training, 2002 Administration of Sybase IQ 12.5, Sybase Tech. Wave, 2003 The Grammar of Graphics (Statistics and Computing), SPSS, 2004 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Launch, Chicago, IL, 2005 Ruby on Rails for Java Programmers, Chicago, IL, 2006 Microsoft TechEd, Introduction to C#, Chicago, IL 2006 EclipseCON 2007, RCP Tutorial Part I and II, San Jose, CA 2007 Apple iPhone Developers Conference, Chicago, IL 2008 12