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IRMIS 2.0 Overview
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IRMIS 2.0 Overview



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  • 1. IRMIS 2 Overview Andrew Johnson Computer Scientist, AES Controls
  • 2. Integrated Relational Model of Installed Systems (IRMIS)‏
    • Relational database used to describe how EPICS process variables are integrated with accelerator controls hardware components and controls software applications
    • Collaboration effort from several institutions: GANIL, Canadian Light Source, TRIUMF, SLAC, BESSY, SNS, PSI and others
    • Use Cases:
      • Cabling
      • Vacuum
      • Beam Lines
      • Power Supplies
      • Accelerator Physics
      • IOC Architecture
      • More…
  • 3. IRMIS2 User Interface
    • User Viewers
    • Global Search Tool
    • AOI
    • IOC
    • PLC
    • Component Type
    • Network Info
    • Racks Info
    • Controls Spares
    • More…
    • User Editors
    • AOI
    • PLC
    • Component History
    • Installed Components
    • Cables
    • Unix Line Command
    • aoiExist
    • aoiMedm
    • pvUsage
  • 4. Other ways of getting data into the IRMIS database… …Automated Software Crawlers
    • 7 Main Crawlers to Date
      • PV
        • Record definitions loaded by IOCs
      • Sequence
        • Sequence programs running on IOCs
      • ADL
        • Operator displays (MEDM)‏
      • ALH
        • EPICS alarm handler
      • AOI
        • Applications Organizing Index
      • Network
      • SDDS
        • Self-Describing Data Set toolkit
  • 5. IRMIS2 Database Schema
    • 83 Database Tables
    • 25 tables automatically populated by crawlers
    mfg machine ioc_stcmd_line ioc_status ioc_resource_type Ioc_resource_history ioc_resource ioc_error_message ioc_error ioc_boot ioc group_name function form_factor fld_type_history fld_type fld_history fld doc_type criticality_type conductor component_type_status component_type_person component_type_if_type component_type_if component_type_function component_type_document component_type component_state_category component_rel_type vuri_rel component_port_type rec_type_dev_sup audit_action component_semaphore person aoi person_group aoi_crawler component_state component_rel vuri component_port_template uri_history component_port uri component_instance_state technical_system component_instance server component role_name chc_beamline_interest role cable rec_type_history base_component_type rec_type_dev_sup_history audit_action_type rec_type aps_ioc rec_history aps_component rec_client_type aoi_topdisplay rec_client aoi_techsys rec_alias_history aoi_status rec_alias aoi_plc_stcmd_line rec aoi_note port_pin_type aoi_machine port_pin_template aoi_ioc_stcmd_line port_pin_designator aoi_epics_record port_pin aoi_document plc aoi_criticality
  • 6. Installed Components Viewer
  • 7. Unix Line Command tool ‘pvUsage’
    • $ pvUsage L1:RFG:DC3ARF.TGTM VM:01:2IP6ID1 ID01ds:DeviceEnbl%
    • PV link usage
    • CA client usage
    • MEDM
    • L1:RFG:DC3ARF.TGTM /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/linac/L1_RF_D1_mon_1.adl
    • L1:RFG:DC3ARF.TGTM /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/linac/L1_RF_D1_mon_2.adl
    • VM:01:2IP6ID1
    • No PV link usage found
    • CA client usage
    • MEDM
    • VM:01:2IP6ID1.SET1 /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/sr/vacApp/srHex01-05.adl
    • VM:01:2IP6ID1.VAL /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/sr/vacApp/srHex01-05.adl
    • Alarm Handler
    • VM:01:2IP6ID1.VAL /usr/local/iocapps/opsys/asdops/alh/SJ_SR_Vacuum.alhConfig
    • VM:01:2IP6ID1.VAL /usr/local/iocapps/opsys/asdops/alh/Shutdown1.alhConfig
    • sddslogger
    • VM:01:2IP6ID1.VAL /home/helios/oagData/dataLoggerConfig/timeSeries.sdds
    • ID01ds:DeviceEnbl%
    • PV link usage
    • iocid01 ID01ds:DeviceEnable.FLNK ID01ds:DeviceEnblRdbk.PROC
    • CA client usage
    • MEDM
    • ID01ds:DeviceEnblRdbk.VAL /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/sr/id/GlobalIDEnable.adl
    • ID01ds:DeviceEnblStat.VAL /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/sr/id/IDStatus.adl 'ID=01ds, M=2, D=1' /usr/local/iocapps/adlsys/sr/id/IDStatus.adl '' /net/helios/iocapps/adlsys/sr/id/2_Motor_Encoders.adl
  • 8. APS Controls Infrastructure Monitoring System Nagios User Interface
  • 9. Global Search Tool Viewer Global Search Tool IRMIS AOI Viewer PHP  MySQL AJAX  PHP  MySQL AJAX  PHP  MySQL AJAX  PHP  MySQL A one-stop global search tool for the entire IRMIS database. GUI uses AJAX technology. Includes a two-tier level of displayed search results and a database data integrity validation and reporting mechanism.
  • 10. IRMIS 3 – Data Service Architecture XML protocol (REST style WS)‏ Web applications JavaScript bridge Applets and Widgets Java Client API Data Service layer Database layer
  • 11. IRMIS Contact Information
    • Don Dohan, Brookhaven National Laboratory <dohan@bnl.gov>
    • Gabriele Carcassi, Brookhaven National Laboratory <carcassi@bnl.gov>
    • Debby Quock, Argonne National Laboratory <quock@anl.gov>