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•    Technical Skills in .NET Framework 1.1 / 2.0

•    C# 2.0, VB.NET, Design patterns, Collection classes, Threading, As...
Project            Tire Inventory Data warehouse , Memphis, TN
Role               Senior Web Developer / Architect
Date   ...
Description   Humana is one of the premier health insurance organizations and provides online
              services to me...
Project            835 Remittance Inquiry, Louisville, KY
Role               Senior Web Developer / Architect
Date        ...
Project            Comply Scan Administration, Bellevue, WA
Role               Senior Web Developer / Architect
Date      ...
Project            Providence Health System – R2R (Road to Retirement)
Role               Senior Web Developer
Date       ...
Project            EIS Web Portal and Risk Assessment Tool (RAT), Cingular the new AT&T
Role               Senior Web Deve...
Project     The Leadership Program, Seven Simple Machines, Seattle, WA
Role               Senior Developer
Date           ...
Project            HardGood Pricing Provider, Getty Images, Seattle, WA
Role               Senior Programmer (middle tier)...
Project            theSource, Comcast Corporate Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA
Role               Programmer
Date         ...
Project            Gas Distribution Billing System (GDBS), GGCL, India
Role               Team Member, Programmer, Configu...
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  1. 1. Ganesh Murthy (706) 421 9899 (cell) Professional Summary • MCAD certified and Master’s Degree in Computer Applications having six years of experience in web development. Graduated in Business Management with specialization in Banking, Finance, Auditing and Accounting principles. • Excellent skills in developing web applications using ASP.NET 1.1 and ASP.NET 2.0. In-depth knowledge of C# and object oriented principles. Extensively worked on 3-tier applications using Visual studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. Knowledge of Web Services, Security framework, Deployment methodologies and IIS Server. Exposure to Windows application development, console applications and windows services • Presentation Layer - Experience in Web Page development using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM standards, Atlas Framework, Anthem Framework, Component Art, Infragistics, Telerik and Dundas. Experience in integrating Flash and other ActiveX controls. Knowledge of User controls and Custom controls and have excellent knowledge of GUI designing principles. Sample of my work can be found at • ADO.NET – Proven knowledge in ADO.NET Framework, Data providers such as SQL / OLEDB / ODBC and Oracle 9i/10G, Microsoft Data Application Block, Logging Blocks, Configuration settings and XML Data Management. • Database Knowledge - Excellent skills in SQL Server 2000/2005, T-Sql, Stored procedures, Functions, Error handling Techniques and DTS Package. Worked on other databases like Oracle 9i, Microsoft Access and mySql server. Good exposure to Database modeling using normalization and Entity-Relationship principles. Experience in visual tools using Oracle Designer 9, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, MS-Visio and Red gate SQL Doc • Reports Generation using Crystal Reports 9 and SQL Server 2000/2005 Reporting service. Knowledge of Microsoft Indexing Server, Full-Text Search and its integration in .NET. Experience in TDD, N-Unit 2.2, and Automated testing using VSTS. Developed various tools for testing individual components and assemblies. • Adhere to Microsoft Coding Standards, Follow design patterns and focus on software engineering best practices. Knowledge of ANTS Profiler, Resharper, Nant and Cruise control integration tools. Extensive experience in tuning performance right from the code level, sessions, caching, database access and adherence to best industry practices (Extreme programming – Nunit, Scrum methodology and Agile development) • Experienced as a Trainer in ASP.NET and C# for fresh college graduates in New York. Independently developed websites for non-profit organizations like, and more. Frequently participate in know-how of Currently upgrading myself to learn Visual studio 2008, Silverlight, XAML and other budding technologies Soft Skills • Ability to work independently and assume complete responsibility of work • Ability to efficiently work with small teams, large teams, customers, partners and senior management • Excellent team player with strong communication and desire to learn quickly • Easy going, Great attitude, self motivated, innovate and passion about technology
  2. 2. • Technical Skills in .NET Framework 1.1 / 2.0 • C# 2.0, VB.NET, Design patterns, Collection classes, Threading, Asynchronous programming, Event-driven programming, XML Serialization, Business Objects & COM Interfaces • Web server controls, In-depth knowledge of Data controls - Gridview and FormView, Master Pages, Themes, Skins, Client callback mechanism, User controls, Custom controls, Configuration & Deployment • Knowledge of XML schema, XML Classes in .NET, XSL/XSLT, XPath, Serialization, ADO.NET 1.1 and ADO.NET 2.0, CLR Stored procedures, COM Interoperability • Authentication and Authorization, Portal frameworks and Web parts, State Mangement, Caching techniques, Role providers, Site Maps • Building and consuming Web services – using Proxy, HTTP/SOAP/XML, Authentication using SOAP headers, Web services through XMLHttpRequest (Ajax Model) • Excellent Web deployment skills, MSI Installers, Database deployment, Continuous Integration using Cruise control .NET, Automated builds using MSBuild and Nant Scripting Languages JavaScript, AJAX, Anthem Framework, Atlas Framework, Perl RDBMS Oracle 9i, Oracle 10G, IBM – DB2, Access 2000, MS-SQL Server 2000 (Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, DTS, PL/SQL, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005 Other Languages C, C++, Java 1.1, VB 6, ASP Tools MS-Visio, Toad, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle Designer 9i, SQL Doc, Log4Net Version Control VSS, Perforce, MKS, Sub version, Cruise control, Vault, Team Foundation Server Testing tools Nunit 2.2, Microsoft VSTS Report Writer Crystal Reports 9, SQL Server 2000 reporting services Tools Dunda’s web charts, Telerik Ajax Controls, ComponentArt Controls, Red Gate SQL Doc
  3. 3. Project Tire Inventory Data warehouse , Memphis, TN Role Senior Web Developer / Architect Date 26th August till Date Client Platform ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0, Ajax, Visual studio .Net 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2005, VSS Responsibilities • Interacted with existing team members and other developers with TBC Corporation group of companies to understand the “Tire” Data model. Created Generic product diagrams in Visio to get the requirement approval • Created a SOA model for designing the Web service and various web methods to retrieve Tire details in XML format • Created a stand alone web service which can be accessed by several applications like SAP, ASP, .NET etc. The web methods would accept request through parameters with native string, int etc. The web response would be in standard XML. Implemented security using Soap Headers • Worked on Database re-design, wrote several new stored procedures / Views in Sql server 2005 • Worked on existing ASP applications, bug fixes and closing production tickets Description TBC Corporation is America’s largest private company Tire brand. It is a company formed due to the merger of giants like Carrol, Big-O and Tire kingdom. I worked at the corporate office in Memphis to create a Service Oriented Architecture for their Tires and Inventories Project Benefit Estimator, Louisville, KY Role Senior Web Developer / Architect Date 22nd April 2008 till 19th August 2008 Highlight This project was announced in CNN News channel by Humana CEO Client Platform ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0, Atlas – Ajax framework, Visual studio .Net 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10G, IBM DB2, Team foundation server Responsibilities • Involved in all the steps of Software development life cycle • Interacted with Business / stakeholders to study the existing system related to provider claims. Interacted with CAS team and their steps to process a claim and payment information • Created user requirements, wire frames, sample web pages, defined process and use cases / test cases for each step • Designed the web application according to Humana Web standards and mentored 3 other web developers to get this product done • Worked with “Claim Processing” team to get the provider details encrypted in cookies and then starting the new application in a pop-up window • Extensively worked on the “Data Input” screen. Created dynamic datalist for allowing user to enter diagnosis codes, procedure codes and price • Helped other developers to work on “Diagnosis code search” and “Procedure code search” pages. Helped them to implement caching and performance improvemance techniques for a smoother GUI • Responsible for designing the XML schema to send to the CAS System to process the claims. Responsible for manipulating the output XML and displaying it to the provider
  4. 4. Description Humana is one of the premier health insurance organizations and provides online services to members and providers. It is listed as one of the fortune 500 companies and has excellent track of business across USA. Humana is probably the first company to provide a tool for “Service Providers” (Doctors) to estimate their benefits (fees) before they treat a patient. Typically, a patient arrives to a hospital and provides his Health Insurance details. The provider can use this web tool to enter the patient information and then all the diagnosis code and procedure codes. This tool will display an approximate amount which will be paid to the doctor once the claim is processed. For security and ethics reason, this tool can be used only 3 times a day per patient
  5. 5. Project 835 Remittance Inquiry, Louisville, KY Role Senior Web Developer / Architect Date 8th January 2008 - 19th April 2008 Client Platform ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0, Atlas – Ajax framework, Visual studio .Net 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10G, Team foundation server Responsibilities • Designed the entire application according to Humana standards by following architecture standards, sequence diagrams, use cases, flow charts, test cases, Nunit for critical methods and followed Agile methodology with the business and implemented the project in three iteration of development. Created the project using Visual studio 2005 and it was n-tier architecture comprising Web, Controller, Client service, Proxy, Web service, Business Manager, Core DAO, and Common projects • Interacted with the business for UI design, navigation issues, performance, Glossary pages and developed a web application using Humana Model View controller principle • Responsible for coding at the UI level, Business objects and Data Access levels. The 835 HIPAA standards were completely mapped to a reusable object model and made a unified web service, so that different applications could access this Object • Responsible for GUI design, Ajax controls for asynchronous postbacks and performance improvement, Compression & Uncompression techniques for huge data and session management, use of threading for XML Parsing, Enterprise logging using log4net and extensive coding in C# for overall project • Responsible for UAT, deployment of code on TEST, INT, QA and PROD servers. Technical support for IIS team for production issues and configuration changes • Interacted with SQL server 2005 for remit downloads logging to satisfy HIPAA requirements, Interaction with IBM – DB2 database to display real time claim data, Interaction with Oracle 10G eHUB Database server to display the 835 Remit and use of Humana Data Application block Description Humana is one of the premier health insurance organizations and provides online services to members and providers. It is listed as one of the fortune 500 companies and has excellent track of business across USA I was involved in rewriting an existing ASP application called “Associate Remittance Inquiry” to .NET. This intranet web application helps associates (Humana internal employees) and providers (doctors) to view the 835 Payment information. Typically, a provider submits 837 claim details to Humana seeking payment and in return, Humana sends 835 which contains details of payments, explanation of benefits (EOB) and a big list of details embedded with an XML specified by HIPAA which is an industry standard for health care organizations. The provider can view this information and download it in text, word or excel format and then use third party components to feed the data to their internal systems. The classic ASP application was lacking features like user friendly navigation, excessive postbacks, lower performance, difficult to maintain as the UI logic was directly mixed with XSL. My job was to completely understand the existing application, provide data at different levels, map the data according to HIPAA specification, display real-time claim details from the production database, improve performance in terms of data access and fewer postbacks,
  6. 6. Project Comply Scan Administration, Bellevue, WA Role Senior Web Developer / Architect Date 5th October 2007 till date Client & Reference Platform ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0, Atlas, Visual studio .Net 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2005 Responsibilities • Responsible for requirement analysis and overall design of the project. • Designed Database schema, Relationships and database diagrams • Designed a 3-tier architecture in Visual studio 2005 for the ASP.NET web application • Used Singleton Design pattern for SQL connection and Microsoft Data Application block for Data access • Extensively worked on the GUI to make it stylish, simple and efficient to use • Used Ajax manager and several atlas controls to make a rich GUI • Used third party component to generate 2D image of Barcodes and used Web service to interface the 2D data in the form of byte array • Extensively worked on the middle tier, database tier and back end, implemented several stored procedures and views • Implemented Free text search for some tables in sql server 2005 • Being a sole developer, responsible for application deployment, database deployment and running data scripts • Implemented automated E-mail feature (embedding dynamically generated 2D barcode images) and login details Description ComplyScan™ is the primary technology solution offering from Pharmitas. It was developed to address the needs of retailers, law enforcement, and government in combating methamphetamine – America’s #1 illicit drug ComplyScan is a patent-pending software and database management system developed to log the sales of regulated over-the-counter drugs, including pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine (collectively referred to as PSE) products (as mandated in the Federal Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005). PSE chemicals are key ingredients in manufacturing the illegal and highly addictive drug, methamphetamine. ComplyScan allows retailers to meet the legal requirements of the CMEA and Online customer support is provided through a web interface I developed this application from the scratch. I was responsible for Web design, Database design, Security design, Role management design, GUI Design and overall development. Extensively worked on Visual studio 2005 and SQL Server management studio to create stored procedures, views, tables, indexes and other database objects. Extensively coded in C# with Ajax and third party components like 2D Barcode generator and interfacing with Hand held devices (Smart client). Commendable work done on GUI including best navigation, professional CSS and layouts, powerful Gridviews for adding chain information, stores information, chain managers, store managers and the list goes on. Created an Admin page to manage users and assign roles. The whole application was role based and pages and contents were dynamically displayed for different role levels. Logging was implemented through Log4Net. A very powerful report page was developed to view the sales at retail counter (POS). This report would be submitted to Law enforcement authority and created the customer signature image dynamically from the database. Implemented a Sales page where in pharmacists can login using their store id and search for a customer using their phone number or Driver license number. They could track the history of purchases all over the United states. This page was aimed at high performance and implemented Ajax call backs for customer search, purchase history and other nice features. The admin could change the apprearnce of the whole website based on the client. In order to achieve this, implemented dynamic master pages and the look and feel can be changed to different customer such as Walmart, Walgreens, Bartell Drugs, Kroger and generic layout
  7. 7. Project Providence Health System – R2R (Road to Retirement) Role Senior Web Developer Date 7th May 2007 to 1st October 2007 Platform ASP.NET 2.0, Telerik, C# 2.0, Visual studio .Net 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000 / 2005, COM+ Reference Responsibilities • Ported existing web pages from ASP to ASP.NET • Responsible for “Projection” Functionality. Designed the whole module based the requirements, co-ordinated with third parties like Milliman, Fidelity and End clients to make sure about the complex data structure and various cases for the Admin site • Designed the overall application in terms of functional parts, Components, GUI, Business and Database changes. • Involved in full-fledged coding end to end. For the front-end used C# 2.0 with latest features like Generic List, Custom controls, Ajax from Telerik, Error logging using Log4Net. On the back-end, worked on T-sql stored procedure and created lot of views • Responsible for developing the logic for “Dashboard” or “Landing” page. Functionalities included searching for existing employees using a Telerik dropdownlist with invisible post back based on first name, last name and ssn • Implemented Role based security for Left navigation, Top navigation, command buttons and updated the backend for various security users • Worked on Master pages, stylesheets, various client side interfacing using DOM standards to work both in IE and Firefox • Created a few challenging user controls where in the input data should be persisted during post backs. Implemented delegate, custom events for this control • Responsible for mentoring junior developers technically and performing code reviews, updating internal Wiki source, setting code standards for C#, presentations on custom controls, code reusability, using Resharper refractor tool • Provided on-site support for live bugs, analysis of customer data with various vendors and documenting the critical issues Description Providence Health system has a program called Road to Retirement where is Employees can register themselves and Invest their savings for future benefits. This program is an online web application where in employees can chose different investment plans, deductions, terms, policies and a wide variety of fund choices I was involved in rewriting several ASP pages to ASPX in the above website The biggest implementation was the Admin website, where in more powerful functionalities were provided for the account managers (customer support) to view employee details and modify their plan details. This application was completely implemented using ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 and had a great integration with third party applications (such as Milliman, Fidelity etc) to calculate interest, balances and all other details through Web services and COM+ objects I was involved in analyzing the requirements with Project managers, developers and third party companies. My role was to design and code the new functionalities using C#. We followed Agile method of development and a demo server with daily builds for giving demo to the client. Based on their feedback, a typical work day involved SCRUM, Coding, reviews and bug fixes I dealt with complex user controls, dynamic data loading and client side validations, Ajax for user friendly interfaces, delegates and events, and whole lot of technical stuff.
  8. 8. Project EIS Web Portal and Risk Assessment Tool (RAT), Cingular the new AT&T Role Senior Web Developer Date December 21st 2006 – 26th April 2007 Platform ASP.NET 2.0, Microsoft Atlas Framework, Telerik, C# 2.0, Visual studio .Net 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000 / 2005 Responsibilities • Responsible for overall design of the tool, requirements gathering from employees located in remote places, defining a standard business process and implementing co-ordination of security policies • Responsible for designing new database objects, implementing Data access through Web services and Unit testing • Architecting the development into custom business layers, C# modules for different atomic types, SQL Server 2000 (Table design, Stored procedures, Business constraints, error handling and Data migration) • Implementing dynamic web charts using Dunda's • Minimizing post back’s for a smooth user experience using Telerik Ajax manager • Using latest features like control dragging (for charts), Modal dialogs and Session based applications for maintaining different versions of data Project Mgine6 and eMcaid Medical Resource Application, Seven Simple Machines Role Senior Web Developer Date September 5th 2006 – 15th December 2006 Reference, Platform ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, Ajax, Anthem Framework, Telerik, Web Parts, C#, Visual studio .Net 2003 / 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000 / 2005 Responsibilities • Implemented Master Pages for Achieved Cross website post back and login information using HTTP POST. Designed the style sheet and worked on cross browser DHTML Standards • Implemented a DHTML Popup window with Datagrid wherein the data is populated at run time. This was implemented to avoid Post backs. • Implemented a console application for sending automated emails to hundreds of users who are interested to be notified whenever the data is changed by the resource Manager. Developed another console application which checks the external website date and Timestamp and sends notification emails to subscribed users. As this was a complex business application, the errors were logged using Apache log4net.dll • Implemented Microsoft Outlook Vcalendar for sending Meeting Notifications. Dynamically constructed new meeting creations and cancellations • Developed a tool for creating SQL Database objects like stored procedures, functions. This tool extracted all the latest scripts from the updated version and deployed remotely in the database server using “OSql” • Created pages for adding a drug and it’s attributes, assigning a company, contact information and implemented a feature to transpose the display (row- wise and column-wise) • Created a dynamic tooltip feature for each row of the grid which pulls the data from database and also VCalendar information.
  9. 9. Project The Leadership Program, Seven Simple Machines, Seattle, WA Role Senior Developer Date September 5th 2006 – till date Platform ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, Ajax, Anthem Framework, Telerik, Web Parts, C#, Visual studio .Net 2003 / 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000 / 2005 Responsibilities • Involved with a group of developers to Convert existing ASP.NET 1.1 project to ASP.NET 2.0 • Developed a business module for “Substitute” Opportunity. Responsible for Requirements gathering, Functional specification, Developing, Unit Testing and integrating with the existing application • Worked on a series of releases and bug fixes for the existing code. Refractored existing code, classes and database objects to standardize. Documented many of the complex business flows • Used classical XMLHttpRequest object for avoiding post backs for some pages in order to improve performance. Worked on some stored procedures to break into simpler modules and did error handling • Developed a “Merge tool” for merging students’ data using JavaScript and C#. This was considered to be one of the major goals of the project • Created new server controls like link button with custom JavaScript attached for “Confirm” and “Status text” messages • Used many third party controls for calendars, left navigation and combo box Project IP Migration –Tax Web Service, Getty Images, Seattle, WA Role Senior Programmer Analyst Date March 28, 2006 – July 26, 2006 Platform ASP.NET, C#, Visual studio .Net 2003, IIS 5.0, SQL Server 2000 Responsibilities • Sole programmer responsible for upgrading existing web service • Responsible for designing new database, tables, user-defined functions, trigger, Stored procedure and data scripts • Implementation of new C# Module over existing Factory design pattern • Responsible for Development support for customers in 18 countries, error handling, bug fixing, team co-ordination • Implementation of White box testing, deploying Tax service, creating separate application pools, versioning of Client proxy Description Getty Images is world’s leading provider of Images. It has three powerful customer facing websites, four Internal web applications which co-ordinates with the online purchase of Image. During every purchase, Tax has to be calculated based on the Billing country. Due to the changes in Tax rules in different countries (where Getty Images has legal presence), new Tax system was implemented based on VAT. Major modules included European countries, USA, Canada, All other 198 countries with individual tax rules, Tax code and tax rate Customized the page look for the Web service home page, Improved efficiency of existing web methods using caching mechanisms. Created an independent website for Load testing. This was a very mission critical project as the customers are directly affected by Tax rates. Therefore 100% accuracy was expected and as a part of it, I loaded a Test data (approximately 54,000 combinations of Billing and shipping countries) through a set of excel work sheets and the data was displayed a simple way on different billing countries website (internal application). This assured the stability of stored procedure and also Load testing on the web service.
  10. 10. Project HardGood Pricing Provider, Getty Images, Seattle, WA Role Senior Programmer (middle tier) Platform ASP.NET, C#, Visual studio .Net 2003 / 2005, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000 Responsibilities • Programming of an independent plug-in Assembly “Hard Goods” based on Structural Design Pattern • Analysis of existing business logic, dependencies and implementation of a similar functionality in the new module with a config switch mechanism • Used Typed Datasets, Error handling, custom Exceptions, logging, Strong naming, Versioning, Deployment and writing a independent adapter for routing new requests • Converting ASP.NET 1.1 project to ASP.NET 2.0 and integrated with the Customer Facing website ( Description Getty Images sells Images in the form of CDs, Catalogs, Film CD, Virtual CD and also digital versions. Currently, all the business logic for calculating the price was clubbed together in a single C# module. It was considered as a poor design and was very difficult to debug and maintain. Based on the new model, the price calculation for each type of project will be a .NET Assembly and will follow a “Price calculation Model”. I was involved in writing a similar component based on the above model, and deploying it to the customer facing websites. Also involved in Load testing and Automated Testing. The new module involved several tiers including business logic, exceptions, customized collection classes, base classes and low level data access and data agent classes. Created a windows form application to perform automated test on the above component. The test data were loaded in a excel sheet with nearly 400 test cases and after running the test, the results were displayed interactively in a datagrid Project HP Asset Management, Hewlett Packard, Princeton, New Jersey Role Programmer Analyst Date February 28, 2006 to March 26, 2006 Platform ASP.NET, C#, Visual studio .Net 2003, IIS 5.0, SQL Server 2000, Plum Tree Portal, JavaScript, Microsoft Excel, T-SQL Duration 3 Weeks Responsibilities • C# Batch program (Console application) for reading excel sheet data (around 5000 rows) • Updating respective Asset tables based on the excel data • Representing the results in comma separated text file • Analyzing performance issues Description Hewlett Packard wanted to update their database tables based on the excel sheet generated every month. My responsibility included creating an executable application to read the data and updating their database based on their complex business rules Implemented a console application (PE32) which reads the excel sheet data, performs all the business logic like mandatory fields etc and finally updates the SQL Server 2000 Database tables based on their Asset ID. Created a log file, depicting successful updates and errors with all the system generated exceptions
  11. 11. Project theSource, Comcast Corporate Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA Role Programmer Date November 1, 2005 to February 26, 2006 Platform ASP.NET, C#, XML, Visual studio .Net 2003, IIS 6.0, XML, ASP 3.0, JavaScript, DHTML Responsibilities • Analyzing the existing project, coordinating with other team members to make the system more stable • Responsible for the complete replacing of the new User Interface. Extensively worked on ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET, JavaScript • Developed application logic for page navigation, principles for using the existing pages, components, styles • Developed a powerful Datagrid where the data is binded dynamically based on different query strings Project Comcast customer care personnel use this application. This was a major UI Up Description gradation process with new features implementation and overall internal user experience. Dealt with the users requirements, designed the application with other team members and participated in overall development and deployment Project AMCOR Web Service, Client AMCOR Service Solutions, Fairfield, NJ Date August 2004 to September 2005 Role Programmer Platform ASP.NET, C#, SOAP, Visual studio .Net 2003, IIS 6.0 Responsibilities As a sole programmer, my responsibilities included: • Analysis of Unisys Data Exchange standards, Construction of a dynamic XML File in accordance to Unisys standards using XMLDocument Class in C# • Developed a Web service and deployed it in secured http, Hosted in ASP.NET for AMCOR, Implementing SSL Certificate for Web service, Implementing complete Business Logic for Web service, Implemented HTTP POST Verb for both sending and receiving Response object, Implementing Windows service in .NET, Implementing File Monitoring in windows service, Implementing XML File standard, Designing XML Component factory for Future use • Deployment of the application using MSI Installer and project documentation developed a tool in windows application to test the web service and catch the output and errors or exceptions if any. This was also a part of deliverable. Project AMCOR wanted to host a Web service in order to receive the orders in the form of XML Description File. The incoming files were validated using XML Standards and moved to different folders based on the contents In the second half of the project, AMCOR wanted to dispatch XML Files to Unisys software web service in Java. An acknowledgment file was received from them and thus saved. All the transactions were logged in Windows Logger. A windows service was implemented along with File watcher to automatically move the file Developed a windows service and embedded filewatcher component. The path was configurable using a configuration file. As and when, new files created in the directory, the windows service converted the XML File, performed all the DOM Validations and send the file to Unisys web service using XMLHttpRequest object. An asynchronous call was made and on the state changed, the request was received from the web service and logged in another directory.
  12. 12. Project Gas Distribution Billing System (GDBS), GGCL, India Role Team Member, Programmer, Configuration In-charge Date April 2003 to July 2004 Platform ASP.NET, VB .NET, Visual studio .Net 2000, IIS 5.0 Responsibilities As a Team Member, I was Involved in all phases of Project Life cycle. • Involved in Database Design and FDD Preparation • Involved Complete Coding of Two Modules • Testing – Web Forms, Data Validations • User Help manual Preparation, Developers Manual Preparation and Other Documentation Project GGCL required a complete solution for their Factory maintenance. The project Description consisted of 14 modules majorly divided into Finance, Installation and Alteration, Metering, Billing, Distribution, Customer Management etc Finance module consisted of generating different schemes, enrolling different customers for different schemes, scheme allocation, canceling and Interest charges. Installation and Alteration module consisted of atomizing Gas distribution and maintaining the volume of Gas supplied Project GTK+ Interface Applications, Vinciti Networks, India Date January 2002 to January 2003 Platform JavaScript using DOM1 standards, Apache Web Server, PERL Role Junior Programmer Responsibilities • Identification of HTML Widgets to be implemented in Java script • Analysis of DOM1 with different browsers like IE, Netscape, Mozilla etc. • Setting standards for Widget Development • Coding and Implementation of HTML Controls in Java script using DOM1 • Configuring Apache web server for Saving Firewall Rules • Documentation of complete Project • Unit Testing of different widgets in Windows/Linux Operating system Project GTK+ stands for GIMP Tool Kit, which is a popular tool for developing classic GUIs in Description Linux (GNOME) platform. GTK+ Library is already written in C, C++ and other languages. The aim of this project is to provide a Library in Java script using DOM1 standards. Different HTML controls can be dynamically created using the standard library with Unique Ids. Each control can be embedded within a container and a classic application was developed to handle “Firewall Security Permissions” of the client (Vinciti Networks). Each Table row consisted of different Protocols such as SNMP, HTTP etc with their specific values, source IP, Destination IP These rules were saved at the server in the form of ASCII Text file using Perl and Apache web server