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  1. 1. Robert Lyons 8 Stoecker Road • Holmdel, NJ 07733 • (732) 975-9855 • Objective Seeking a position as an architect or senior software engineer in the financial industry. Summary Highly skilled professional who leads the development of business applications in the financial industry. Experienced in the following lines of business: prime brokerage, market data, municipal bond trading, stock loan, cash reinvestment and mortgage- backed securities. Major projects include: an Ajax application for resolving settlement exceptions, a FIX Protocol interface for a trading system, implementation of several FIX messages, a web service that provides real-time quotes, integrating a Charles River trading system with a Geneva accounting system, a Black-Scholes implementation, a mortgage-backed securities database, etc. Excellent oral and written communications skills, interpersonal skills and problem solving skills. Technical Skills Languages: Java, Object-oriented Perl, SQL, Object-oriented JavaScript, ActionScript, C, Shell, XML, DTD, XML Schema, RELAX NG, Schematron, XSLT, XPath, WSDL, JSON, HTML, CSS, FIX, FIXML, etc. Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux, AIX, Windows, VAX/VMS, MVS, etc. Databases: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, LDAP, etc. Tools and Applications: QuickFIX/j, Charles River, Geneva, Gatea, Eclipse, IntelliJ, JUnit, Subversion, CVS, ClearCase, Ant, JUnit, log4j, JXPath, Jaxen, Apache Axis2, OpenSSL, DBArtisan, WebLogic, Tomcat, webMethods, Adobe Flex, etc. Protocols and Standards: SOA, SOAP, FIX Protocol, JMS, JNDI, JDBC, TIBCO EMS, MQSeries, HTTP, HTTP/SSL, TCP/IP, FTP, FTP/SSL, SMTP/MIME, SAX, DOM, LDAP, SSL, X.509v3, S/MIME, PGP, etc. Experience Architect, J.P.Morgan and Bear Stearns. 1/2007 – present. • Developing a RESTful reference data service on Tomcat and Oracle. It allows clients to retrieve Bloomberg and Reuters market data by key (e.g., CUSIP) or by an XPath filter. It converts XPath filters into SQL. It supports hierarchical data, historical data, customer-specific overrides of field values, and cross-referencing of keys. • Member of a prime brokerage team that rewrote the Settlement Exceptions application. Improved the responsiveness and workflow of the application by porting it from JSP to AJAX using TIBCO GI, JavaScript, XSLT and XML. Led the development of the XSLT stylesheets that provided important features (e.g., filtering, security ID autocompletion, customized views, etc.). Developed a multi- select drop down menu, which is a reusable component. Solved JavaScript performance issues using XSLT. • Developed a web service that provides real-time quotes for traders and prime brokerage clients. This service has two interfaces: SOAP and JSON. Developed the WSDL, the regression test suite and a web app for testing the web service. • Designed and developed a client library that allows Java and .NET developers to easily retrieve market data from a legacy reference data service. Interviewed application development teams to gather requirements and use cases. The
  2. 2. Robert Lyons Page 2 library provides two interfaces: a synchronous request/response interface, and an asynchronous event listener interface. The library provides easy access to metadata and schemas. It supports hierarchical data, and access to data fields via XPath. Developed extensive Javadoc and a JUnit regression test suite. • As the company’s XML technologies architect, revised the company’s XML and web services standards to support schema versioning and to promote the decoupling of XML producers and consumers. Provide consultation on the following to developers throughout the firm: SOA, SOAP, WSDL, XML, XML Schema, XSLT, etc. • Developed the event monitoring console for the company’s reference data service using Flex and ActionScript. • Developed Java and XSLT tools for ODEM, which is a cross-platform data format used by fixed income, derivatives and market data applications. Developed a Java library that converts JDBC result sets into ODEM. Developed a Java library that executes XPath queries against ODEM. Developed a Java class that converts ODEM into XML; it’s a SAX2 XMLReader that converts ODEM into a stream of SAX2 events. Developed an XSLT stylesheet that converts XML into ODEM. Ported ODEM to .NET using IKVM.NET. • Fixed several problems with the B2B system that exchanges data between the company and its prime brokerage clients. This system is a Perl application running on Linux. • Troubleshooted network performance issues with a TIBCO EMS application, which is a Java application running on Linux. Senior Software Engineer, TheMuniCenter. 3/2006 – 12/2006. • Managed the B2B development team. Responsible for the B2B system which allowed our trading system to exchange real-time transactions with major financial institutions. This multi-threaded Java application ran on Solaris and Sybase, and used JMS to communicate with the trading system which ran on WebLogic. Designed and led the development of critical enhancements, including bids-wanted and support for the FIX Protocol. • Enhanced the B2B system to support FIX by integrating QuickFIX/j. Led the development of several FIX messages, including Indication of Interest, New Order Single, Execution Report, Confirmation, etc. Wrote user documentation that described the company's FIX API. • Developed the company's FIX Protocol API for bids wanted. Led the development of several FIX messages, including Quote Request, Quote, Quote Response, Quote Status Report, etc. Wrote user documentation describing the API. • Enhanced the B2B system to use SOAP to exchange transactions with B2B partners and an internal sales application. • Led the implementation of new B2B partners, using FIX, XML, DTDs, SOAP and MQSeries. Consultant, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. 2/2004 – 3/2006. • Lead designer and lead developer of a team who ported a mission-critical B2B integration server from Perl, Ksh and Sybase to Java, webMethods and Oracle. The server processes real-time and batch transactions that are exchanged between Liberty Mutual and its trading partners.
  3. 3. Robert Lyons Page 3 • Designed and developed the Oracle tables, triggers and stored procedures for a service parameter database of the B2B integration server. • Designed and developed a Java wrapper/adapter for multiple FTP/SSL clients. • Designed and developed a web-based Java application that allows webMethods developers to store webMethods source files in CVS. • Developed webMethods administration and development tools in Java and Flow. Consultant, Credit Suisse. 4/2002 – 2/2004. • Installed the Charles River trading and compliance system, and integrated it with a new accounting system (Geneva). Analyzed and documented the data mapping requirements for several data feeds (e.g., securities, trades, issuers, cash activity, etc.) that are exchanged between Charles River and Geneva. • Designed and led the development of the EAI subsystem for Charles River using Solaris, Sybase, object-oriented Perl, SQL and XML. This subsystem allows Charles River to exchange securities, trades, cash activity, etc. with Geneva in near real-time, even though Charles River did not support straight-through processing (STP). • Implemented new agency lending clients. Integrated the clients’ data feeds (e.g., positions, cash activity, etc.) with our agency lending trading system (Global One) using Perl, SQL, Connect Direct, FTP and PGP. • Migrated a securities database from the old accounting system (Portia) to Charles River. Developed SQL that identified and fixed invalid data in the securities database. • Managed a complex upgrade of Charles River (from version 3.10.5 to 6.2.2). Consultant, Unidex. 6/2001 – 3/2002 (& part-time prior to 6/2001). • Designed and developed XML Convert, which was a successful software product that converted legacy data into XML and vice versa using flat file schemas. • Designed and developed a Java application that transforms large XML documents via XSLT by splitting the input document into pieces that fit into memory. • Designed and developed the B2B subsystem of Cogentric's e-commerce security product using Java, SQL, WebLogic, XML, SAX and XSLT. • Developed an XSLT stylesheet for Lucent Techologies; it transforms Ariba cXML documents into SAP IDOC files. • As part of a team, designed ServiceChannel’s B2B integration server. Designed DTDs for B2B transactions. • Provided XML and XSLT training to ServiceChannel and VirtualGrowth. • Developed XSLT stylesheets that converted VirtualGrowth’s XML accounting data into HTML reports and Excel spreadsheets. Consultant, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. 8/1992 – 5/2001. • Architected, designed and led the development of a B2B integration server. • Designed and developed a web application for exchanging files securely. • Developed Liberty Mutual’s corporate e-commerce security policy. • Led the implementation of EDI at Liberty Mutual. Architected, designed and led the development of an EDI server.
  4. 4. Robert Lyons Page 4 Education M.S. Computer Science, GPA 4.0/4.0. University of Wisconsin, Madison. B.A. Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. Lehigh University. Research • Proved that the XML schema conformance problem is intractable for Schematron, RELAX NG (with W3C XML Schema Datatypes) and the Namespace Routing Language. Presented the results at the Extreme Markup Languages conference. The paper is available at • Proved that XSLT is Turing complete. Invented the Turing Machine Markup Language (TMML), which is an XML language for describing Turing machines. Developed a TMML interpreter, which is a Universal Turing Machine, in XSLT.