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  • 1. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Project Manager/Production Manager/Test Manager Jens Hauser Born: 1965 Nationality: Swedish Contact information 0709-397 394 Rosenfinksgatan 32 254 50 Helsingborg jens@brainscape.se www.brainscape.se Qualifications I am an experienced Project Manager and have a good knowledge in different kinds of analyses, project methods like RUP, PPS and Scrum, as well of test and quality assurances. Worked a long time with programming languages such as HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, ASP, ColdFusion, databases, Flash and E-learning. Technical Competence Applications: HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test Pro, Flex Builder, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Flex, AIR, MS FrontPage, MS SharePoint, MS Project, HP TeamSite, RIATest, E-learning. Methodologies: RUP, PPS, Scrum, Mind Maps, Team Leader, Object Oriented Programming, Test driven development, Information architecture, Interaction design. Tools: ANT, Subversion, ASDoc, ASUnit, MS Visual SourceSafe, Cruise Control, Selenium, wireframe, prototyping, SEO. Program languages: ColdFusion, ASP, Lotus Notes, PHP, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Action Script, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, HTML, XML. Databases: MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, views, stored procedures. Testing: Acceptance, Test development, Functional, Exploratory, Smoke, Use cases, Test planning, Development processes. Page 1 of 11
  • 2. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Assignments IKEA Communications AB Specialist 2009 http://www.ikea.com I was deeply involved in the new planner generation built in Flex. I had the responsibility for handling the product logic, how different products are built together and that they are behaving accordingly and that they are presented properly. Technical Competence: Product details, product assembler specialist, Flash application advisor, Functional description. IKEA Communications AB Test Manager 2009 http://www.ikea.com I wrote user stories and use cases and set up the test plan for the major planner tool developed. I then managed all kinds of manual and automated test to insure best possible quality. Technical Competence: Test process, Quality Control, Acceptance test, Test development, Functional test, Exploratory test, Smoke test, Use cases, User Stories. IKEA Communications AB SharePoint Designer 2009 http://www.ikea.com I designed and built a SharePoint solution used internally for document management and collaboration with external partners. Technical Competence: MS SharePoint, MOSS 2007, Requirement collecting, Information architecture, User Interface design. IKEA Communications AB Project Manager 2008 http://www.ikea.com I had the responsibility to set up the development strategies for Flash/Flex development and writing the Master Test Plan. The projects include educating the department in how to test and qualities assure the forthcoming projects. Technical Competence: MS Visio, Test process, Quality Control, Acceptance test, Test development, Functional test, Exploratory test, Smoke test, Use cases, Development processes, QTP. IKEA Communications AB Project Manager 2008 http://www.ikea.com I was the Project Manager and the main producer in an asset management project that included keeping information and assets secure, controlled and up to date for the full life of the project. Technical Competence: Scrum, MS SharePoint, Information architect, Mind mapping. Annika Hauser Web and Concept Developer 2008 http://www.annikahauser.se The company president and I worked out how the web site should look, feel and function. I had help with the design but I produced the site and photographed all product images. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Design implementation, Copy writing, Photography, Concept development, MS Project, Scrum. Page 2 of 11
  • 3. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se IKEA Communications AB Team Manager 2007 http://www.ikea.com I had the responsibility to build up the support group at ICOM. The support group had 6 members and had the overall responsibility to make sure all the IKEA sites functioned properly in regards of Flash applications functionality and information. Technical Competence: Help Desk, Scrum, Team Leader, HP TeamSite, IKEA Communications AB Project Manager 2007 http://www.ikea.com I have been the Project Manager for several Flash applications like the wardrobe PAX- and Store&Organise planner or other furniture system guides that all the markets use on Internet or in IKEA stores around the world. Technical Competence: Project Management, Interaction design, Testing, HP Teamsite, Concept development, Flex. ModelsWorld Web Programmer 2007 http://www.modelsworld.org I and the owner of the company made a total redesign of the site. I did the programming using ColdFusion and MySQL. I built the administration interface and parts of site in Flash and Flash Remoting. We integrated a payment system with real-time authority verification. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, MySQL, Flash, Design, Testing, Interaction Design, HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, Scrum. CopenArt Auctions Web Developer 2005-2006 http://www.copenart.dk I, and one other web developer, did all the database- and web programming. The site is a multi-lingual highly sophisticated auctions application with live betting and live video streaming. It was rewarded with the Danska Børsens BULL'S EYE. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, Fireworks, Photoshop, AJAX, Flash Remoting, JavaScript. Casino Copenhagen Web Developer 2005-2006 http://www.casino-copenhagen.dk The team and I developed the front- and back end. We also developed a Content Management System and a booking system. I had my focus on the front end and the testing part. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, Fireworks, Photoshop, AJAX, Flash Remoting, JavaScript. Bike Buster Web Developer 2005-2006 http://www.bikebuster.dk This is one of the largest online stores in Denmark and the projects included email campaign system, payment module with authority verification and live stock checking. I programmed the front end especially the campaign system. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, Fireworks, Photoshop, AJAX, Flash Remoting, JavaScript. Page 3 of 11
  • 4. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Danske Konferencecentre Web Developer 2005-2006 http://www.dkbs.dk The project included both an intranet and an extranet solution with a direct booking system for several conference centers around Denmark. I spent most of my time with the extranet solution that was integrated with the phone system. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, Fireworks, Photoshop, AJAX, Flash Remoting, JavaScript, Avaya telephone development. Hellerup Parkhotel Web Developer 2005-2006 http://www.hellerupparkhotel.dk I built a Content Management System that is integrated with a phone system. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, Fireworks, Photoshop, AJAX, Flash Remoting, JavaScript, Avaya telephone development. O'Reilly's "Flash 8 Cookbook” Technical Reviewer 2005 I was one of the technical reviewers for O'Reilly Publishing House. The book later became the "Flash 8 Cookbook" by Joey Lott and I read four chapters thoroughly and the rest of the book less detailed. Technical Competence: Flash 8, English. UTC Scandinavia AB Web and Concept Developer 2003 http://www.utcscandinavia.com I designed, programmed and came up with the concept for this multi-lingual site in ColdFusion and MySQL. The administration part includes news handling, updating all the copy texts and manipulating menus and other normal procedures for a site of this size. Technical Competence: ColdFusion, Flash Remoting, MySQL, Flash, XHMTL, CSS. Design Eagle Print Developer 2003 http://www.designeagle.net I worked very closely with the customer in this project to renew the company online and offline presence. At the same time we brought the printed material to the same level of expression and synchronized the overall experience in regards of the company services. Technical Competence: Illustrator, PDF, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS. Torekov Keramik Web Developer/ Designer 2002 http://www.torekovkeramik.se Redesigned and remade the site into a dynamic one. I also implemented a web shop. Technical Competence: Photography, ASP, MS Access. Silverfish Web Developer/ Photographer 2002 http://www.silverfish.nu I made this display site from the ground up. I came up with the design, photographed all the images, programmed and implemented the online experience. A large part of the project was to promote it on Google and other search engines. Technical Competence: SEO, Photography, Dreamweaver, HTML, ColdFusion. Page 4 of 11
  • 5. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Sanning eller konsekvens campaign for Siemens Web Developer 2001 http://telefoner.siemens.se/beinspired/ The main focus for the project was to get a high factor of product recognition by starting an e- mail viral campaign. The campaign aimed at getting people to challenge one another in truth and dare. A lot of emphasis was on getting a measurable spin-off effect of the e-mail challenges. The effect had to be measured before, during and after to see how the campaign had evolved and developed. The production team and I came up with the idea, thought out the concept and I programmed the interface and most of the backend workings. At the same time I was the link between the customer and the development team. Technical Competence: WAP, MP3, Viral campaign, Production leader, MySQL, ASP. Hertz Web Developer 2001 http://www.hertz.nu Implemented 1500 pages of translated text from English to a database driven ColdFusion multi-lingual web site. Created material to describe how to update and maintain the site. Technical Competence: MS SQL Server, ColdFusion, MS FrontPage. E-learning. Billiant Web Developer 2001 http://www.billiant.com/ This project was completely made in Dreamweaver to give the customer total control over the pages and the way it was updated in the future. To ease up the updating process I wrote some Dreamweaver extensions of my own to be put in template files or as page specific elements. Technical Competence: Dreamweaver extensions, Production manager, JavaScript. Karl Ljungberg Web Developer 2000 http://www.karlljungberg.se Build in Dreamweaver and Lotus Notes. I was the link between the Graphic Designer, Copywriter and the Lotus Notes Programmer. Technical Competence: Dreamweaver, Lotus Notes, Åhlens Web Developer/Account Manager 1999 http://www.ahlens.com/ I programmed the whole site from the beginning to the final template files. I was the Account Manager for the project. As such I wrote the specification for the functionality, design, testing and technology used. Technical Competence: Account Manager, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Functionality testing. Torget Web Developer/Tester 1999 http://www.torget.se/v2/index/ Page 5 of 11
  • 6. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se I was the head programmer and my responsibility was to ensure that the template files were correct and I tested them on different platforms and up to 10 browsers. Technical Competence: HTML, CSS, Testing Bid2Day Interface Programmer 1999 http://www.bid2day.se Worked together with several Visual Basic programmers. They wrote the COM objects and I implemented them in my HTML code with ASP. We won the Web of the Month Contest in the Major design magazine, Resumé, in Sweden for the Site. Technical Competence: Visual Basic, ASP, HTML. GE Nordic Sites Web Developer/Tester 1998 http://www.gesweden.com/ This was one of my first projects as a Head Programmer and Account Manager. Due to General Electric´s rigorous demands on their code I had to test all the pages on several platforms and up to 12 different browsers to be able to pass their own testing tool. I managed to do so without one single remark. It was probably because I used more time testing it than actually coding them. Technical Competence: Testing, Account Manager, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Pharmacia Upjohn Web Developer 1997 Redesign of the Intranet site for the Diagnostics Department in Uppsala, Sweden. The whole site was built with FrontPage for easier maintenance. I taught classes on numerous occasions about how to update and maintain the upcoming Intranet. Technical Competence: MS FrontPage, Teacher, IIS. DX3 Lead Interface Programmer 1997 http://www.dx3.net Had the overall responsibility for the first version of the DX3 site during my time as an Interface Programmers Coach at Cell Network AB. Participated in several meetings with CEO Reza Kad during the project. Technical Competence: ASP, Streaming, Coaching, HTML. Nokia Coordinator/ Developer 1997 http://www.nokia.fi Had a coordinating role that included to sync and help with the translation between the Swedish and Finnish sites. I also programmed ASP and design part of the site. Technical Competence: ASP, Design, writing copy texts, Coordinator. Education English IKEA Communications AB, Älmhult 2008 A 30-hour course that included English business conversation, public speech and grammar. Projektledare i Öresundsregionen Knowledge Partner, Malmö 2004-2005 Page 6 of 11
  • 7. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Project management, business economics, leadership skills, Danish in business life, economic analyses and 3-month trainee period at the test department at IKEA IT. The course rewarded me 40-KY points. Tekniken bakom Internetpublicering, DataUtbildarna Konsult AB; Stockholm 1996-1997 Six-month studies including the basics about Internet, web and print design, layout, network and several programming languages. Informatörslinjen Åsö gymnasium; Stockholm 1995 Six-month of studying business communications, graphical solutions, writing different kinds of text types like new papers, pamphlets and web sites. Swahili the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 1995 During my studies in Swahili and the Swahili Culture I studied 6-month at The University of Dar es Salam, Tanzania. I also traveled around the country to collect information for my paper. 10 university points. PC-grundutbildning DataUtbildarna Konsult AB, Stockholm 1994 Learning computer systems, Windows applications, design tools and marketing on the Internet for 8-months. Swahili the University of Uppsala 1994 Studies in Swahili and the Swahili Culture, grammar, history and poetry. 20 university points. Cultural Anthropology the University of Uppsala 1990-92 I read the A, B and C program and specialized in the socio-political areas around the East African coast. 60 university points. Certificate of Proficiency in English the Oxford House College, London 1989 Four month of written and oral preparations for The Certificate of Proficiency in English. First Certificate in English the Oxford House College, London 1989 Four month of written and oral preparations for The First Certificate in English. U-Landslinjen Västerhaninge Folkhögskola 1988-89 Studies of Developing Countries and the Economics of Developing Countries. Responsible for the documentation of a 3-month trip to Tanzania. Swahili Statens Skola för Vuxna, Härnösand 1988 Studies of Developing Countries and Swahili. Vårdlinjen Jakobsbergskolan, Järfälla 1985 2 year of The Child and Recreation Programme. Civics Jakobsbergskolan, Järfälla 1984 Second year of The Social Science Programme (Samhällsvetenskaplig linje) in Upper Secondary School. Civics Swedish School, Nairobi, Kenya 1981-83 Page 7 of 11
  • 8. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Ninth year and First Year of The Social Science Programme (Samhällsvetenskaplig linje) in Upper Secondary School. Courses Danish Copenhagen University 2004 One week with grammar and conversation classes. Publishing on the Internet Åsö Gymnasium, Stockholm. 1996-97 A 6-month course to learn the latest technologies for the new medium Internet. We worked in teams to acquire the full development cycle from an idea concept to a web and print product. Webmaster Course Åsö Gymnasium, Stockholm 1995 How to write, layout and design for print and web. It also included basic skills needed for becoming a webmaster. Honors Best Inspiration Site 2008 IKEA 2008 The IDG magazine Internetworld awarded me, and the all others at IKEA, the price “The Best Inspirations Site 2008” and at the same time put us in the 17th place of the Top 100 Best sites in Sweden. Danska Børsens BULL'S EYE CopenArt Auctions 2006 I, and the rest of the team at Info-Connect A/S, was awarded the best add campaign by the News paper Danska Børsen. Web of the Month Bid2Day 1998 I, and the team at Cell Network, won the Web of the Month Award in the Major design magazine in Sweden, Resumé, for the innovative auction site. Work Experience IKEA Communications AB Specialized Project Manager, Älmhult 2008- Short and long projects within the fields of web, work processes, testing and Flash development. IKEA Communications AB Project Manager, Support Responsible 2007-2008 I built the support team, in the Web department, from the ground up and I had the overall responsibility that the incoming service calls are done in time. Homeenter AB IT Web Team Manager, Malmö 2007-2007 Team manager with responsible for all team members, budget and that the multilingual websites function properly and develops according to prognosis. Info-Connect A/S Web Developer, Virum 2005-2006 Interface, tester, ColdFusion- and database developer with responsibility to develop auction-, e-mail- and CMS-applications and test them according to plan. Consultant Web development, Helsingborg 2004-2005 Page 8 of 11
  • 9. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Worked as a member in different teams to produce E-learning applications, web projects and other types of online marketing communications channels. BrainScape Own Company, Helsingborg 2002-2003 I had my own company were I specialized in web development with different web technologies like Flash, ColdFusion- and database programming. I built most of the web sites from the concept creation to the final copy all by myself. Ringstorpskolan Teacher’s assistant, Helsingborg 2002 Assisted a teenager with school assignments, social matters and adjusting to new life surroundings. Pool Interactive AB Concept Developer, Stockholm 2001 Interface programming, concept developer, account manager and all sorts of labour that is needed in a small and friendly company. We worked as a closed knit team to come up with new ideas that we could successfully deliver to the clients. Cell Network AB Team Leader, Stockholm 1997-2000 I worked as coach for all Interface Programmers and at the same time programmed DHTML-, WAP-, ASP- applications to clients. I major task was to read, write prospects and project briefs. Peder Ekstrand KB Developer, Stockholm 1997 I rebuilt the Gotland Runt site and documented the start of the race. It also included interviewing ship crew, blogging and updating race information. Lokal Tidningen Desktop Publisher, Jakobsberg 1997 Produced print and newspaper advertisements, wrote copy and did page layout for print. I wrote several articles, photographed local happenings and other duties needed for designing and lay outing a newspaper. ABL Teacher, Jakobsberg 1997 Teaching youth and middle aged groups PageMaker, Illustrator and Internet. FutureKids Teacher, Jakobsberg 1996 Educated groups of children and adults how to use computers and how to behave on the Internet. I had the responsibility for the group that took care of the children. Synskadades Riksförbund Companion, Stockholm 1996 I was companion for a group of visually impaired persons during a conference in Sweden. They visited The Swedish Association of the Visually Handicapped and they came from all over the world so I had to speak and sign in English. Åsö Gymnasium Educator, Stockholm 1996 Teaching PageMaker, Illustrator, layout, print design and writing texts in my former school. I trained students the year after I went to the school and had my former teachers as colleagues. RXK Konsult Teacher, Jakobsberg 1996 Educated Windows and MS Office programs to school classes and had private classes. Page 9 of 11
  • 10. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Viksjö bostadsgrupp Paramedic, Jakobsberg 1993 Nursed handicapped adults and took care of their daily needs that included cooking food, cleaned the house and trained them. Ulleråkers sjukhus Support staff, Uppsala 1990-1991 Drove people, clothes, corpses and material to and from the different wards of the hospital. I had night duty when I delivered journals to the doctors. Järfälla Kommun Paramedic, Jakobsberg 1988 Nursing and caretaking of senior citizens. Duties included shopping, personal hygiene, cooking and cleaning. I spent a lot of time talking and having fun with them as well. Solna kommun Youth Recreation Leader, Solna 1988 Youth Recreation Leader during afternoons and evening at a youth club where I helped youths with their homework, teaching about life in general and played sports with them. Teknikstugan Child Minder, Kallhäll 1987-1988 Looking after and taking care of children aged 1-12. We did all sort of things like woodwork, built shacks in the forest and all ordinary chores like changing diapers, helping in the rest room, assisting around meals and clothing. Military duty Conscientious Objection, Gävle 1986 I made my military duty at the Red Cross due to conscientious objection. I took part in all the phases of the national campaign “1 000 000 trees” and “Refugees 86”. I informed the local districts and had the contact with the head quarters in Stockholm. My main duties were to lead local meetings and send out information to participants. Jakobsbergs Sjukhus Paramedic, Jakobsberg 1985 Nursing and caring elderly people at a long-term medical ward. Duties included personal care, minor medical treatment and recreation. Languages Swedish: Read, write and speak Swedish as mother tongue. English: Speak, write and read fluently. Swahili: Rather good at speaking, writing and reading Swahili. Danish: Able to speak and read Danish but not really write it. Norwegian: Able to speak and read but not really write it. Personal Brown Belt in Jui Jitsu 2003-2009 Training to be an instructor. Studied photography 1990-1999 Studied photography during week evenings. Including black and white developing and color theories. Trustee Trustee in my daughters Montessori pre-school board 1997-1998 Leader in Unga Örnar 1978-1986 Page 10 of 11
  • 11. Jens Hauser 0709-397 394 jens@brainscape.se Weekly activities for children and teenagers. Responsible for week long summer camps. Page 11 of 11