Dmitry Platonoff
Phone: (416) 428-8513

Objective: a challenging position in web UI and Java/...
•refactored legacy code, improved product security;
•contributed to m2eclipse, the Maven integration plug-in for Eclipse, ...
recruiters and candidates.

April 1999, to June 2000
Descartes Systems Group, Inc.
Software Engineer - Core Team
(Forte Ex...
control systems, 1990-1995.

This resume is also available online at:
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Transcript of "Dmitry Platonoff.doc.doc"

  1. 1. Dmitry Platonoff E-mail: Phone: (416) 428-8513 Objective: a challenging position in web UI and Java/J2EE application design and architecture. Remote and international development experience, US and Canadian positions accepted. References available upon request. Strengths: •enterprise application development, multi-tier applications; •dynamic web apps, extensive feature-rich thin client (UI) user interfaces, Eclipse plug-ins; •solid knowledge of web and internet technologies, protocols and open standards; •extensive experience in (OO) object-oriented programming, Java and JavaScript; •Database development on Oracle and DB2 (over 15 years of DB experience); •Agile development experience, strong Unix background. Expertise: •Java: Eclipse plug-ins, J2EE, Struts, JSP/JSF/servlets, EJB, Hibernate; •web technologies: Ext JS, AJAX, REST, JavaScript, GWT, DHTML, XML, XSL, PHP; •application servers: WebSphere, Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic, Resin, JBoss; •development tools: Eclipse, RAD/WSAD, Maven, Ant, SVN, CVS; •RDBMS: DB2, Oracle, Derby, MySQL; •design and architecture: XP, RUP, UML, Rational, usability and human interaction; •testing: JUnit, EasyMock, Selenium; •environment and community tools: Jira, Confluence, Apache, Drupal. Professional Experience June 2009, to present VisionMAX Lead UI Developer / Consultant (Ext JS/JavaScript/AJAX, Java, JSP, J2EE, Web Services, Oracle) •established best practices for UI development and Ext JS usage for the team; •designed solution architecture for customers' projects; •developed web application components and reusable frameworks; •mentored developers and conducted code reviews. April 2008, to February 2009 Sonatype: Nexus and m2eclipse teams Lead UI Developer on Nexus (Ext JS/JavaScript/AJAX/REST, Java/Eclipse/SWT, Maven, Plexus, SVN, Jira/Confluence) •acted as hands-on lead UI developer for Nexus, the Maven repository manager; •developed user stories, updated project documentation, monitored support issues; •implemented new UI features for both open source and commercial Nexus editions; •coached fellow team members to leverage Ext JS capabilities more effectively; •developed a framework of JavaScript components to enable modular architecture for both in- house use and third party plug-in integration; •worked with the test team to enable extensive UI test coverage via Selenium; •maintained product documentation for both users and developers, participated in support mailing lists and IRC channels;
  2. 2. •refactored legacy code, improved product security; •contributed to m2eclipse, the Maven integration plug-in for Eclipse, developing wizards and editors; •participated in m2e proposal to become an project; •extended m2eclipse test coverage to include project wizards and archetype support. May 2003, to March 2008 IBM Tivoli: Provisioning & Orchestration Group Advisory Java Developer / Lead UI Developer / Team Lead (Eclipse, RAD/ WSAD/WAS, DB2, CVS, EJB/Servlets/JSP, taglibs, Struts, AJAX/DHTML/JavaScript) •helped to refine Deployment Planner Eclipse Plugin UI, refactored the wizard framework, implemented new components as a part of SOA initiative; •acted as a lead web UI developer for Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator (TIO) and Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM); •maintained core UI modules for use by other members of the team; •developed tag libraries and Struts components designed to ease the retrieval and presentation of complex data structures and network topologies; •pioneered the use of JavaScript and AJAX technologies to enable dynamic UI with highly responsive behavior; •adopted complex UI components from the IBM's internal open source repository; •coordinated international team efforts, took active part in interface design and usability discussions of other Tivoli products; •continued to improve code quality, conducted code reviews and mentored new developers; •maintained user interface guidelines, framework tutorials and development wiki, worked closely with the information development team, reviewed end-user product documentation; •participated in server side component design; •performed research and helped to draft and implement the necessary changes in the original ThinkDynamics product to satisfy IBM globalization requirements and Tivoli user interface standards; •helped to port ThinkControl to WebSphere and DB2 after ThinkDynamics acquisition. August 2001, to May 2003 ThinkDynamics Canada, Inc. (acquired by IBM in May 2003). Sr. Java Developer / UI Developer / Team Lead (Weblogic/Resin/JBoss, JSP/servlets, JDBC, , Hibernate, Oracle, JMX, SOAP, XML, JUnit, Eclipse, CVS) •architected and led the work on ThinkControl web UI through the entire development cycle. Built an extensible and configurable taglib-based navigation and presentation framework, allowing the team to create a solid and functional user interface in a limited time; •helped ensure modular architecture of the product and implemented inter-component communication routines; •developed core testing code for major system components. July 2000, to July 2001 Bassett Laudi Partners, Inc. Senior Java Developer (Apache/Resin/JBoss, JSP/servlets with EJB and JDBC, XML/XSL, Oracle 8i, Oracle context option) •designed, built and deployed a CRM application for a large recruiting company in a very short time frame. The application featured a secure web interface, powerful candidate and job search tools, modular structure and ease of future enhancement. •helped to rebuild the website with changing the internal structure to XML for greater flexibility and implementing the "MYemergit" section to allow the candidates to register themselves with the job database, post resumes and apply for jobs online. The described changes resulted in hundreds more visitors every day and much easier communication between
  3. 3. recruiters and candidates. April 1999, to June 2000 Descartes Systems Group, Inc. Software Engineer - Core Team (Forte Express, TOOL, Forte for Java, Swing, JDBC, Oracle 8, PVCS Tracker) •developed experimental Java components for the client tier of the Descartes DeliveryNet.DSD to demonstrate the benefits of Java and Swing GUI over Forte TOOL and Forte Express; •participated in Descartes DeliveryNet.DSD (Energy SDMS release 6) core development, including adding new functionality, bug fixes, application deployment and system environment management. November 1996, to April 1999 Laboratory 321, Ltd. Software Developer / Webmaster (Apache/JServ, Oracle7, Java servlets, MySQL, Perl, PHP3, WebCVS, Keystone) •designed, built and maintained the Laboratory 321's corporate website, which has won the "Best Regional Business Website" award at the InterSib'98 expo. Maintained and enhanced local intranet applications, including the development support site (webcvs, project documentation), and media/documentation library. •participated in the design of and led the development of a clearing house remote access client application; •participated in the development of an object navigation front-end for browsing the financial data stored in Oracle database (as part of extensible banking suite offered by Lab321). November 1995 to October 1996 State military service (dismissed with lieutenant rank) DBA/Software Developer •Developed and successfully deployed the software for staff management needs of a military brigade. (Clipper 5, DOS -- due to specific hardware requirements) September 1994 to November 1995 Communication Media, Corp. Software Developer •designed a highly configurable loader of free-form data for Oracle7 database to allow the information coming from mainframe computers to be easily imported into the newer Oracle database. Used as a part of a business automation solution built by the company for a regional department of the national railways enterprise. A C++ object-oriented interface library for Oracle7 DBMS has been developed for the purpose of accessing the database more effectively. (Oracle 7, OCI, C++) January 1994 to September 1994 Omsk Regional Mental Neurological Hospital Software Developer •supported the hospital patient database applications. (Informix, 4GL and C programming) September 1990 to June 1995 Omsk State Technical University •undergraduate student research works •network administration, small work group database application development (1991-1993) Education: •M.S. degree as a computer systems engineer, with honors - Omsk State Technical University (West Siberia, Russian Federation), the department of automated information processing and
  4. 4. control systems, 1990-1995. This resume is also available online at: