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  • 1. 1 Cvetelin Andreev Current address Address: Lozenec, 41A Bigla str., ap. 5, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria E-mail: Home page: ICQ#: 272924331 Mobile: 0898776658 Education - University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria Subject: Bachelor of Science in Informatics Expected graduation date: September, 2006 GPR: 5.0/6.0 scale - High School of Mathematics, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Subject: Mathematics, Informatics, and English Graduated: May 2002 GPR: 5.48/6.0 scale Qualifications profile Professional experience - 09.2003 – present Position: Software Developer Company: Komero Technologies Inc. Ltd. Responsibilities: Develop desktop applications, build tools and scripts, Linux libraries. - 08.2003 – 09.2003 Position: Software Tester Company: Komero Technologies Inc. Ltd. Responsibilities: Assist in the development and bug tracking. Personal projects - CecoVFS Description: Virtual file system library URL: Year: 2005 Programming language: Java - Intelligent Web Browser Description: Report on constructing an Intelligent Web Browser. URL: Year: 2005 Programming language: Microsoft Word Format - PhotoNet Description: Photo Gallery based on ASP.NET, Web Services and Windows Forms URL: Year: 2005
  • 2. 2 Programming language: C# - RoboFMI Description: Senior developer and project administrator (team of 5 members) of an AI related project with Neural Networks and Statistics Algorithms URL: Year: 2005 Programming language: Java - Perl Port Scanner Description: Scan hosts for open ports, similar to nmap URL: Year: 2005 Programming language: Perl - Xboing exploit Description: Exploit for the Xboing program (FreeBSD platform) URL: Year: 2004 Programming language: C, Intel x86 Assembler - Warez Server Description: Web site for uploading/downloading files for different users. Based on Tapestry Framework Year: 2004 Programming language: Java - IP Header Analyzer Description: IP Header Parser and Analyzer based on JNetStream Framework, parses output from tcpdump/WinDump Year: 2004 Programming language: Java - QGame Description: Simple Java applet URL: Year: 2003 Programming language: Java Programming skills Computer science and software engineering skills - Object-oriented programming and modeling - Client-server technologies - Multithreading and thread synchronization - Internet technologies, Web-programming, Networking - Database access and database design, Relational databases - Network security - UML modeling - Extreme programming - High-quality programming code construction - Testing - Design patterns - Algorithms design/analysis and data structures
  • 3. 3 - Low-level programming - Web mining algorithms Programming languages - Java, C#, C, C++, Perl, SQL, Pascal, Scheme, Prolog, Assembler (Intel x86), Shell Programming, Ant Scripting Software technologies and platforms - Java 2, Java 5 and related technologies – AWT/Swing, JDBC, Java Beans, Servlets, JSP, RMI, JNI, Sockets, Multithreading, Applets, Javadoc - Microsoft .NET Framework, Mono, Portable.NET and related technologies – C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, SOAP Web services - Database access – SQL - XML programming – DOM, SAX, StAX, DTD, XSchema, XPath, XSL/XSLT - Shell Programming, FreeBSD/Linux Kernel API - X Server Programming - Xlib - Web design and client-side scripting – HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX - Internet protocols – TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, FTP - Socket programming – Blocking/Non-blocking socket programming - Other technologies – Multithreading and synchronization Database servers - MySQL - PostgreSQL - Microsoft SQL Server Application servers - Jakarta Tomcat Development tools and frameworks - J2SE/J2EE related – IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse Platform, Borland JBuilder, JCreator, JAD decompiler, Xerces, Ant, JUnit, Tapestry Framework, JSF, JWSDP 2.0 - JavaScript/AJAX related - Dojo Toolkit - .NET related – Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, NUint, NAnt, MonoDevelop, Gtk#, Qt#, Gnome#, Glade# - UML modeling related – Omondo UML, Poseidon CE, Microsoft Visio - C/C++ related – Microsoft Visual C++, VIM, KDevelop, CppUnit - X Server Programming – Gtk, Qt, Glade GUI Builder - Configuration management and source control – Subversion, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, CVS - Analysis – OptimizeIt, YourKit Profiler - Web Mining – Weka software Other skills - Team working - Excellent communication skills - Excellent writing skills - Excellent presentation skills Operating systems / Software applications - FreeBSD / FreeBSD ported applications - Some Linux distributions / Linux compatible software
  • 4. 4 - Windows XP / All MS Windows compatible software Teaching Experience Courses Lectures - Core Java Developer Where: National Academy for Software Development Responsibilities: Part-time lecturer Year: 2006 URL: Seminar Lectures - “AJAX technology – main principles” Where: WebTech 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria Year: 2006 URL: - “ JavaServer Faces and AJAX” Where: WebTech 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria Year: 2006 URL: Publications Books - Name: Programming for .NET Framework Responsibilities: Author (Mono – The free implementation of .NET Framework), editor and contributor. URL:, Year: 2005 Technical Articles - Not published yet Organizations membership Professional - Member of Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) Description: Supporting the high level of professionalism and ethics in the software industry Year: 2005 – present Other - Person in charge of Ensemble “100 Kaba Gaidi” at cultural club “Dobri Chintulov” Description: Organize weekly rehearsals for Bulgarian “kaba” back pipe players Year: 2006 – present - Member of Student Alpine Club “Akademik” Sofia Description: Interested in rock climbing, mountain biking Year: 2004 – present - Member of Bulgarian Tourism Association (BTA)
  • 5. 5 Description: Interested in archeology, nature Year: 2004 – present - Founder of Bulgarian GO Association (BGA) Description: Interested in logic and strategies games, especially Go URL: Year: 2004 – present - Member of Bulgarian Parachutist Association (BPA) Description: Interested in extreme sports Year: 2004 – present - Green Balkans volunteer Description: Assist in the protection of the environment and endangered species URL: Year: 2001 – present Honors and certifications - Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (in progress) - BBLF Certificate for IT Project Management – 25.11.2005 ( - Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 - 14.12.2004 (passing score: 81%) - Java 1 BrainBench certificate - Certificate for vocational qualification – Computer Operator and Programmer Additional skills - Language skills: English (fluent), Bulgarian (native) References are available and will be furnished upon request. The newest version of this file can be found at