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CV 2006
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  • 1. Paul Boocock Address 46 Burnham Road, St Albans AL1 4QW Nationality British Phone / email 07802 872093 Date of birth 28 Sep 62 Key skills System architecture, Team leading, Agile, Java, Groovy/Grails, Ajax, Hibernate Key business areas Mortgage sales, Media, E-learning,Trading systems PROJECT HISTORY Tradefair Agile Java Developer Jun 09 – Aug 09 Financial Trading Exchange Agile Java development on a complex high-performance trading exchange, with a sophisticated GWT client receiving dynamic updates. Strong emphasis on TDD and advanced acceptance testing using Selenium RC. Technologies: Java, Spring, GWT, MySql, Eclipse, Selenium RC, TDD, Subversion, Cruise Control CityIndex (with Energized Work) Agile Grails Developer Nov 08 – May 09 CFD and Spread Bet Trading System Rapid Agile development of prototype trading system with Groovy, Grails and Ajax, using Energized Work’s advanced Scrum and XP practices. Our self-organising team applied all the Agile practices together for maximum effect, and continually improved the way it worked. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of Grails, enabled the development of an unusually high level functionality in the available time, bug-free. My individual specialisations included: • Extending the Selenium web-testing tool to allow tests to be written in concise, English-like syntax • Performance testing and tuning leading to very high price update and trade throughput Technologies: Groovy, Grails, Postgres, IntelliJ, Selenium, TDD, Domain Driven Design, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Ajax, Firebug, Subversion, Hudson, Linux Carphone Warehouse Solutions Architect Sep 08 – Nov 08 Main Retail website Design lead in Agile project. Led significant improvements to system structure, code, performance and working practices, including unit-testing and reduction of the continuous build time. Ensured domain model remained logical and maintainable. Recruited new developers who proved very successful. Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium, TDD, Solaris TietoEnator (with Equal Experts) Team Leader Jul 07 – Aug 08 On-line Mortgage Sales Team Leader in major Java web application development, with extensive JavaScript and Ajax. Domain Driven Design led to a clean and maintainable business objects. Integration with Rules Engine and BPM using SOA and Web Services. Agile process adapted to large multi-site projects, with 100% pairing and advanced TDD. Achievements included: • Design of a “wrapper web framework” to insulate the project from changes • JavaScript test runner, used in continuous build, with mocking for Ajax calls • User-configurable form content • Performance testing and tuning leading to 8x improvement in response time • Knowledge transfer and training via pairing and project blog Technologies: Java, Hibernate, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, Oracle, TDD, DDD, Web Services, XML Schema, Spring, Jetty, Eclipse, TestNG, Selenium, Firebug, Maven, CVS, Cruise Control BSkyB Optimus Agile Java Developer/Advisor Feb 07 – Jul 07 Telecoms admin CV - Paul Boocock July 2009 Page 1
  • 2. Coaching internal development team in both Agile and Java web application development. Introduced Selenium RC for story-level testing. Designed new single system architecture to replace five separate existing systems. Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, Oracle, Spring, Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium, TDD, Ant, Subversion, Cruise Control AOL Europe Java/Ajax Designer/Developer Aug 06 – Feb 07 Social media websites Design and development from front to back of interactive websites allowing users to review and comment on content items. Scrum/XP approach adhering strictly to the latest Agile practices. Back-end services based on Hibernate are exposed via DWR to Ajax-style web pages using extensive JavaScript. Integration with third- party websites for information feeds. Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, MySql, Spring MVC, DWR, JavaScript, CSS, Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium, TDD, Firebug, Maven, Subversion, Cruise Control Java Designer/Developer Jan 06 – Aug 06 Home Information Pack system Design and development across all parts of the system, in a Thoughtworks-led team using a full Agile XP methodology. Web user-interfaces for entering property details, checking documents and call-centre enquiry handling, and communication with third parties using SOAP and REST Web Services. Event-driven service- oriented architecture using JMS publish/subscribe. Carried out performance measurement and tuning. Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, Oracle, Spring, JMS, Web Services, SOA, WebWork, JavaScript, CSS, IntelliJ Idea, JUnit, TDD, Ant, Subversion, Cruise Control Absolutely Training Ltd Project Leader Oct 04 – Jan 06 SkillsHub Advanced E-learning Suite Led the development of an all-new suite including: • A web-based Learning Management System for delivering courses and student administration with thousands of simultaneous users. Uses AJAX techniques to record students’ test answers • An SWT-based GUI application for creating course material with WYSIWYG editing and DnD My broad role stretched from requirements analysis through technical architecture and OO design, project planning, Java programming, recruiting and guiding developers, as far as initial production deployment. While using Spring, Hibernate 3 and Java 5, I added new innovations such as annotation-driven code generators and our own view-template language. This, together with appropriate Agile techniques, allowed a small team to deliver the applications under budget to very positive reactions. Technologies: Java 5, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring, AOP, XSLT, Web Services, AJAX, CSS, Eclipse, SWT, MySQL, SQL Server, Jasper Reports, JUnit, TDD, Ant, Subversion, Cruise Control Cantor Fitzgerald / eSpeed Project Leader Jul 02 – Oct 04 Spreadfair Sports Spread Betting Exchange J2EE-based exchange system with Flash rich web client for customers and a Swing application for internal traders. Displays real-time price updates to all users. In order to meet the high performance targets, the n-tier architecture employs a mixture of standard J2EE and specially developed technologies. One of these is my PrevDb combined persistence and caching system. I was lead Java developer for this project, but I also carried out the requirements analysis, technical architecture and Domain model design, production deployment, project planning, guiding developers and liaison. UML Code generators using XSLT and JUnit test suites gave high productivity and excellent quality. Technologies: Java, WebLogic, JBoss, Apache, EJB, TIB-RV, XML, XSLT, UML, Code generation, Flash, Swing, Solaris, Sybase, JDBC, JMS, JUnit, Ant, CVS CV - Paul Boocock July 2009 Page 2
  • 3. Java Development Projects 1999 - 2002 International Petroleum Java Design Consultant for Technical Architecture of Chrysalis May 01 – Feb 02 Exchange Electronic Trading System Project Xtempus Designer and Team Leader for view template language giving May 00 – Mar 01 uniform display capability over many web and WAP devices Ashridge Technologies Development and launch of own e-commerce product Oct 99 – May 00 C++ Development Projects 1995 - 1999 International Petroleum Energy Futures and Options Trading System - designed OO May 98 – Sep 99 Exchange framework for a new Windows client Nomura Designed and developed components for publish/subscribe Sep 96 – Apr 98 price distribution and GUI display Trace Financial Ltd OO design of CREST Interface System from requirements Jan 96 – Aug 96 statement. Led team of 4-6. NatWest Markets Development work on the client application of a Foreign Aug 95 – Jan 96 Exchange trading system OTHER PROJECTS • designOclock A commercial website, operated by own company, where customers can design and order their own CD clock. Uses Groovy, Grails, jQuery and Ajax • Jamda Code Generation Framework Generates code from UML models. Presented to OMG MDA Workshop in May 2003. • PrevDb A specialised Java to relational database persistence mechanism, combining memory-speed access with secure transactional operation. In production use in the Spreadfair system. • TESL An executable test scripting language that allows scripts which can be understood by end users to be run directly against the system API. Used in testing the Spreadfair system Permanent Employment 1982 - 1995 Centre-file Ltd OO Design of a credit card authorisation system for NatWest. 1993 - 95 Multi-threaded C++ applications using an OODBMS Seer Technologies Ltd Design, development and consultancy for RAD-tool vendor 1993 CMG Computer Systems/Data Analyst on two major NatWest Share 1989 - 93 Management Group Ltd Registration projects. Rationalised 250-entity domain model and resolved problems with Stock Exchange specifications Prudential-Bache Project Leader for Trading System on Stratus 1987 - 89 Tullett and Tokyo Forex Development of a Gilts Inter-Dealer Broker system on Stratus 1986 - 87 John Bradburn Ltd Project Leader for bespoke business systems in Basic 1984 - 85 ICPS Ltd, Northampton Analysis, design and construction of PC business systems 1982 - 84 EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Private study 2002 Oracle Certified Associate DBA Private study 2001 Sun Certified J2EE Architect Private study 1997 Sun Certified Java Programmer City University 1987-90 (evening course) MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design Private Study 1983-86 BCS professional examinations Parts I and II CV - Paul Boocock July 2009 Page 3
  • 4. Imperial College, London 1981-82 Electronic Engineering BSc course - not completed Thirsk School, N. Yorks. 1973-80 12 O-levels and 3 A-levels, all at Grade A CV - Paul Boocock July 2009 Page 4