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  • 1. Bedros Leon Manoukian Web Developer – Designer • Portfolio (web Sites) • Contact Information • Work Experience - Companies • Computer Skills • IT Certifications • IT Courses • Education • Personal Information • Languages Contact Information: Email: Phone: 961-1-561838 Address: Mar Mekhael – Kubayat Street – Nercessian Balikian Bldg. 1st Floor – Beirut – Lebanon Professional Experience -From 1998 to 2003 Armanor: Development of Software, intranet applications and web programming, Web Site Maintenance, Support -From 1998-2003 Universal Marketing Company (Window Arab World)and ITP (Intermingled and part time 6-11 P.M) A) Universal Marketing Company (Known as Window Arab World): Web And Software Development 6-11 P.M (2000-2002) ( ( B) ITP Vision: Development of Software, intranet applications and web programming 6-11 P.M (1998-1999, 2002-2003) ( -From December 15 2003 till 30 December 2004 NETCOMMERCE S.A.R.L (, ) (4:00 till 12 P. M) (Payment Gateway) - from January 3 2005 till February 8 2005 4 till 8:00 p. m Training (Web Developer: PHP/MySQL) -From 12 September 2003 till 31 March 2005: (Web Design and Programming: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash MX, Action Scripting, JavaScript/ASP.NET) -From 03 April 2005 until 2007 February17 A2A Production: Web Developer: PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/CSS/HTML/DreamWeaver/Photoshop -February 22 2007 Until September 31 2007: PHP5 OOP Software Design – Software Engineering –Web Developer at OUTSOURCE S.A.L (working as a web developer as a part of a team using Object Oriented PHP5 Language approach) October 2 2007 till October 30 (Object Oriented PHP4/MySQL, web developer) November 2007 till January 2008 (Object Oriented PHP 4/MySQL, Ajax, Smarty, JavaScript, CSS, Application Developer) February 2008 and ON (PHP4-5, Procedural and OOP Approach, CakePHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, Web Developer/Designer) Free Lance Cooperation with (2006) and Computer Skills Operating Systems -Windows 98-Windows 2000 advanced server Windows XP, Macintosh WYSIWYG Applications
  • 2. - Microsoft office 2000(Word and excel)-Macromedia Dream weaver 4-MX- Macromedia Flash5- Flash MX, Microsoft FrontPage 2000-Adobe PhotoShop 7- CS - Flash MX Action Scripting-Allaire Homesite-Microsoft Visual Studio.NET - PHP MyAdmin (MySQL Interface) COMPUTER LANGUAGES: Client Side: -HTML · JavaScript - XML-XSD-XSL/XSLT-Flash MX Action Scripting -XPath · Wireless Mark up Language WML and WML Script – AJAX - CSS Server Side PHP 4: Function Oriented Procedural, PHP 5 Object Oriented - ASP.NET 1.1 -ADO.NET-Java Server Pages-Java Servlets-Java Database Connectivity PHP Skills: PHP 4 Procedural function Oriented Approach PHP 5 Object Oriented Design Smarty Framework for PHP Cake PHP Software Engineering and Design Patters with OOP PHP, UML Programming Languages Perl-Java-Java Beans-Visual Basic.NET Database -MySQL -SQL- T-SQL-Microsoft Access Web Services · SOAP · JAVA Message Services · WSDL · UDDI -Applications: Microsoft COM+ with ASP.NET and Serviced Components – Building XML with ASP.NET IT Certifications 1) CIW ASSOCIATE: (CIW Foundations Material: Internet Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, Web page authoring fundamentals-HTML/CSS) ( ) 2) CIW PROFESSIONAL: (CIW Site Designer Material, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Allaire Homesite) ( ) 3) MASTER CIW DESIGNER: (E-commerce Designer) ( mcd.asp ) 4) CIW WEB DEVELOPER: (JavaScript, XML, Java, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, WML, JMS, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Java Beans) ( ) 5) MICROSOFT CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.NET MCP.NET: A) Exam 70-305: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET:ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Studio.NET 6) MICROSOFT CERTIFIED APPLICATION DEVELOPER .NET MCAD.NET (2 Exams): B) Microsoft Exam 070-310 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework C) MCAD.NET Exam 070-229 (SQL, T-SQL, SQL Database Design) IT Courses · NEW HORIZONS: BEIRUT/Zalka, Certifications of completion (Courses): -CIW Foundations, CIW Site Designer, and CIW E-Commerce Designer Education · Ashrafiet High school: Secondary (Bacc.1) Websites At Outsource:
  • 3. Outsource S.A.L. Phone: +961 1 985335 Fax: +961 1 985334 Address: Beirut Central District, Abdel Malak Street, Bldg. 1136, Level 5 Email: Working as a part of a team on, Object Oriented approach with PHP5/MySQL) At ITP ( Full List: Personal Information Date of birth: 02/01/1973 Address: Lebanon-Beirut-Mar Mekhael-Kubayat Street-Nercessian Balikian building-first floor. Telephone: (961) 1-561838 (home phone) Nationality: Lebanese. Marital Status: Single. Email: Languages Language Write Speak Read English Fluent Well Fluent Arabic Fluent Fluent Fluent French 20% 20% 20% Armenian Fluent Fluent Fluent IELTS Test in December 2002 in British Council to test English language skills Score 5.5 Listening 5 Read 6 Speak 5.5 Write 6 In 2008 Speak: 7
  • 4. Listen: 5,5 Read: 6,5 Write: 6,5