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AJAX toolkit AJAX toolkit Presentation Transcript

  • AJAX Toolkit Framework Robert Goodman (goodmanr@us.ibm.com) IBM Software Group
  • Agenda
    • Overview
    • AJAX Toolkit Framework Components
    • Component Details
    • JavaScript TM Development Tools Project
    • Where to get AJAX Toolkit Framework
    • Demonstrations through-out
  • Overview
    • The AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for AJAX developers and an extensible framework for adding AJAX runtimes in to the IDE. It is an open-source project in incubation phase on Eclipse.
    • Provides
      • Tools to develop any DHTML/AJAX application
      • Tooling to facilitate use of various AJAX toolkits
      • Tight integration with the existing Eclipse user interface and development paradigm
    • Targets AJAX Application Developers and Toolkit Developers
    • Aims to provide an ever-expanding set of high-function tools for AJAX developers
    • Multi-platform support
      • Windows, Linux x86, Mac OS X (New)
  • AJAX Toolkit Framework are Eclipse Plugins Mozilla XULRunner & Javaconnect E C L I P S E Eclipse WebTools AJAX Toolkit Framework AJAX Toolkit Framework is a collection of Eclipse plugins
  • AJAX Toolkit Framework Components
    • Creating AJAX applications
    • Browser Tooling
      • DOM Source view, DOM Inspector, Browser Console, XHRequest Monitor, and CSS Tools
    • JavaScript TM Editor
      • Integrated JavaScript editor with batch and as-you-type syntax validation
    • JavaScript Debugger
      • Stack Frame, Variables and Script view
    • Embedded Mozilla Browser
      • Run/Debug an Ajax application in the Embedded Mozilla Browser
    • Application Deployment
      • Deployment of an AJAX Application to a server.
    • Personality Builder
  • AJAX Toolkit Framework Components Mozilla XULRunner & JavaConnect Eclipse WebTools Eclipse Plugins Personalities JavaScript Syntax Validator Personalities DOM Inspector And JavaScript Console Java Script Debugger Embedded Mozilla Browser Personality Builder Rico Personality Zimbra Personality Dojo Personality Rico Zimbra Dojo Personality Common Libraries AJAX “X” Personality Ajax-x
  • Ajax Application Creation
    • Support a number of AJAX runtimes today
        • Dojo, Rico, Script.aculo.us, and Zimbra
        • Personality Builder supports adding other AJAX runtimes.
    • Application Creation Wizard
        • Template to create initial Ajax Application
        • Drag and Drop snippets to Application Source File
    • Eclipse Projects
        • Static Web Project, Dynamic Web Project, and PHP Projects
        • Able to add in AJAX to existing project.
  • JavaScript Tooling
    • Enhanced Editor with Validation
      • Integrated JavaScript editor
      • Batch and as-you-type syntax validation
        • Syntax checker based on the Mozilla Rhino engine
        • Validator based on JSLint
          • Detects undesirable or ambiguous constructs considered to be bad practice
          • JSLint errors are consider warnings.
  • Ajax Application Creation
    • Future Enhancements
        • Generic Runtime support.
          • Support for configuring and using most AJAX Toolkit Runtimes
          • Not as extensive as existing personalities
        • Existing Personalities to become example runtime implementations
          • Used as reference implementation
          • Can be extended/enhanced by providers of ATF.
  • JavaScript Tooling
    • Future Enhancements
      • JavaScript Development Tools
        • A new WST component to provide Robust JavaScript Tooling
            • Real JavaScript Model
            • Enhanced code completion
            • Enhanced Outline view
            • Code formatting
            • Code refactoring
            • “ Language level” searching
            • Etc.
        • Provide JDT level of functionality for JavaScript.
        • Usable as a stand alone editor and integrated into WTP
  • Application Deployment
    • Multiple Server Types
        • HTTP Web Server
        • J2EE Servers
    • HTTP Web Server
      • Support defining a HTTP Web Server in Eclipse
        • Ability to specify publish directory
        • Defining the HTTP server port
        • Support for Home Page URLs (~username)
    • J2EE Servers
        • Multiple J2EE Servers (Tomcat, JBOSS. etc.)
        • Testing done using Tomcat
    • Publishing Options
        • Automatically publish to server
        • Never publish to server
  • Embedded Browser
    • Integrated the Mozilla Browser
    • Using XULRunner
    • Provides the engine for AJAX Tooling
        • Debugger
        • JavaScript Engine
        • Browser Views
    • Mozilla perspective
  • Embedded Browser
    • Latest Improvements
        • Support for Mac OS X
        • Support for IBM’s JVM
        • Support for HTTPS
        • Browser widget profile support
    • Future Enhancements
        • Generic Multiple Browser Support
        • I.E support
        • Other Browsers
  • JavaScript Debugger
    • Breakpoints
      • Ability to set breakpoints in JavaScript
        • Any file type with JavaScript content (html, js, php).
        • Breakpoints can be enable/disabled
    • Debug Views for JavaScript
        • Call Stack
        • Variables
        • Breakpoints
        • Scripts View
    • Expression Support
    • Debug Preference options
  • URL Debugging/Running
    • HTTP or File URL support
      • Able to launch and debug an AJAX application using a URL.
      • Application doesn’t have to reside in Eclipse.
      • All tooling supports handling files by URL.
        • Editor
        • Debugger
        • Browser tooling
      • Breakpoint Management
        • User has to manually delete breakpoints
  • Debugging
    • Latest Improvements
        • Browser Refresh support
        • Debug a project without running on Server
        • Expression support
    • Future Enhancements
        • JavaScript Eval() support
        • I.E Debugging support
        • Other Browsers Debugging support
  • Browser Tooling
    • DOM Inspector
        • Shows the DOM tree rendered by the Browser
        • Dynamically updated to reflect changes within the browser
        • Attributes of a node can be edited, added to, and removed
        • A breadcrumb trail of hyperlinks is created for the node's path
    • DOM Source view
        • Displays the HTML source of the selected DOM node
        • Source can edited, validated, and updated back to the browser
        • Notification of a DOM element's source being out of sync with the browser
    • DOM watcher
        • Watch events for a selected node.
  • Browser Tooling
    • DOM Compare
        • Allows nodes to be compared
    • Browser Console
        • Shows all browser (i.e JavaScript, CSS) errors, warnings, and logging messages
        • Double clicking on an error opens to the relevant line of code
    • XMLHTTPRequest Monitor
        • Observe XMLHTTPRequest request/response information
        • Formatting of the response body based on content-types
    • JavaScript Eval view
        • Interactive JavaScript Evaluation
  • Browser Tooling
    • CSS View
      • Style Rules
        • Shows the rules and their defined properties
        • Able to edit and add a property
        • Open CSS file for the rule and property
        • Highlights the DOM elements using a selected style rule or property
      • Computed Styles
        • Shows every style rule computed by the browser
      • Box Model
        • Shows the dimensions, x-y coordinates, padding, border, and margin information
      • Diffs
        • Shows the changes made to CSS rules and properties
  • Browser Tooling
    • Latest Improvements
        • DOM events watcher
        • JavaScript Eval view
        • DOM Compare view
        • DOM inspector filtering
        • Extensible Framework for creating new Browser Tools.
    • Future Enhanements
        • Support for I.E.
        • Other Browsers.
  • Installing/Configuring AJAX Toolkit Framework
    • XULRunner 1.8.2
        • Must be Manually downloaded and configured.
    • Use Eclipse Update Manager to install ATF.
        • Automatically downloads some dependences that have been packaged as eclipse plugins.
    • Preference options for configuring AJAX runtimes
        • Must be manually downloaded and configured.
        • All Ajax runtimes are optional
        • Only need to configure runtimes that will be used.
  • Installing/Configuring AJAX Toolkit Framework
    • Latest Improvements
        • Preference options for configuring AJAX runtimes
        • Ajax Runtimes are now optional
        • Platform independent download
    • Future Enhancements
        • Packaging XULRunnner as a plugin
        • Restructuring of ATF
          • ATF core
            • Based functionality without runtimes and personality builder
            • Reduced dependencies on other parts of Eclipse
          • ATF Personalities
            • DoJo, Script.aculo.us, etc.
        • Improve install
  • Personality Builder
    • A set of Wizards which accept:
        • Artifact data (AJAX toolkit libraries)
        • Build requirements data
        • New application templates
        • Code patterns
        • Deployment data
    • Wizards output a ‘basic’ Personality Plugin
        • The builder will provide necessary basic development features targeted for AJAX toolkits
        • Enables customization and addition of functionality
  • Where to get AJAX Toolkit Framework
    • Open Source Project on Eclipse
      • www.eclipse.org/atf
      • Listserv and Newsgroup
        • [email_address]
        • news:// eclipse.webtools.atf /
      • Source Code in Eclipse CVS
      • Milestones and Weekly builds
        • www.eclipse.org/atf/downloads/index.php
      • Flash Demo Movies
        • www.eclipse.org/atf/flash/index.php
  • AJAX Toolkit Framework
    • Would like AJAX developers to use the tool
        • Tell us what you like or dislike
        • Enhancements that should be made.
    • Would like AJAX Runtime vendors to plug-in their runtimes
    • Looking for Contributors
  • Legal Notices
    • Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States, other countries, or both.
    • Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.
  • Screen Shots AJAX Toolkit Framework in Action
  • Project creation
    • Use standard Web projects for AJAX application
      • Static Web Project
      • Dynamic Web Project
  • Project Creation
    • Adding a Dojo runtime to a Static Web Project using facets
  • URL Debugging and Running
    • Creating a Debug configuration to debug an AJAX application using an URL.
  • URL Debugging and Running
    • A file opened in the JavaScript editor using an URL
  • Debugger - Breakpoints
    • Breakpoint can be set by double clicking in ruler.
  • Debugger Preferences
    • New debug options can be set from the preference menu.
  • Debugger
    • Expressions can be entered that are evaluated in the debug session.
  • DOM Source View
    • The DOM Source view is now notified of changes in the browser.
  • DOM Inspector
    • The DOM Inspector now has a linked breadcrumb trail created from root HTML node to currently selected node. See “Selection” in the screen shot.
  • XHR Monitor
    • XHR Monitor now has the ability to format XHR response body according to content-type specified
  • CSS View
    • Example of the Graphical box model created for selected DOM element with dimension, padding, border, and margin information
  • CSS View
    • Ability to add, remove, and edit CSS properties and show CSS changes in the browser page
  • CSS View
    • Ability to select a CSS rule or property and highlight all elements in the browser page currently using that CSS declaration (XUL Runner 1.8.1 only).
  • CSS View
    • Example of the ability to view all computed style properties for a selected DOM element.
  • CSS View
    • The Diff output generated for all CSS style property changes made. XULRunner 1.8.1 only
  • CSS View
    • The ability to open the CSS file containing the CSS rule or property. XULRunner 1.8.1 only