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Ajax Ajax Presentation Transcript

  • Instructor, Dr. Khalili Bahram Jeevan Kumar Gogineni
    • History of Web Applications
    • What is Ajax?
    • Two real Applications of Ajax
    • Why Ajax in Web Applications?
    • Different Technologies in Ajax
    • How each Technology interacts in Ajax Applications
    • Important Notes about Ajax
    • The fundamental purpose of all web applications is to facilitate the completion of one or more tasks.”
    • User at browser interacts with application at Web Server
    • Web Server Application sends HTML to Web user agents for human display using HTTP.
    • Using traditional methods, the whole content would have to be reloaded on every request.
    • AJAX is A synchronous J avaScript A nd X ML
    • Ajax is not a new programming language but only a new technique which combines mature programming languages for web applications.
    • Ajax Technologies to improve web application responsiveness, performance as well as interactivity.
    • Ajax applications are used to build Rich Internet Application’s (RIA).
    • The Rich Internet Application’s can also be created using Adobe Flash, JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight.
    • Gmail
    • Google Map
    • Google Suggest Page
    • The Future Application will follow this pattern. http://www.dewspot.com/
    • http://monket.net/wiki-v2/Main_Page
    • In Ajax applications, page reloading is not required.
    • Ajax minimizes the Network traffic because it just requests what the user needs instead of the whole document.
    • Ajax makes the web applications look like a normal desktop application.
    • Terrific Interaction.
    • Ajax application’s generally have higher response time than Traditional HTML applications
    • It was worth mentioning that Ajax works across platforms and it works regardless of any platform because it uses only basic languages like HTML, Java etc.
    • Java Script
    • XMLHttpRequest
    • DOM
    • XHTML & CSS
    • XML & XSLT
    • XMLHttpRequest –For Asynchronous Communication
    • DOM – Dynamic Display & Data Interaction
    • XHTML & CSS – Look on the Browser
    • XML & XSLT – For Data Processing
    • Java Script - Gets all these Technologies together
    • The technology was brought in early 1990’s and was used to full extent only from mid 2000’s.
    • Google was the one which spotted this technology and used in different applications like Gmail, Google Maps, etc which provided user interface that was much more like a web application.
    • Old applications like Calendar applications are all now getting converted in to Ajax applications.
    • Security aspects in Ajax and normal web applications are same and which needs a good focus on.
    • Do we only need JavaScript for Making Ajax Applications:
    • No VBScript, .NET etc. also be used.
    • Do we only need XML for data transfer and Manipulation in Ajax Applications:
    • No, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) etc.
    • Can Rich Internet Applications are only built with Ajax.
    • No. Adobe Flash, JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight.
    • So Don’t mention as Acronym AJAX but as term Ajax.