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                                                      7754 Pawnee Court · Worthingt...
Gates McDonald / Nationwide Better Health
                   State Leave Project                                          ...
CERTIFICATIONS                        _
       Sun Certified Enterprise Architect                                         ...
Sheriff (moderator) at JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon forums
Author of JVM multi-lingual Blog: Inside the Machine http://insid...
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Transcript of "(614) 563-6367 · MarcPeabody@yahoo.com.doc"

  1. 1. (614) 563-6367 · MarcPeabody@yahoo.com 7754 Pawnee Court · Worthington, Ohio 43085 OVERVIEW _ Languages Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, PHP, C++, Visual Basic, PL/SQL IDEs|DBs Eclipse, WSAD/RAD, IntelliJ, NetBeans | DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server Design/Meth. RUP, XP, Agile, UML, Use Cases, Design Patterns, SOA Other Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, AJAX, HTML, XML, JavaServer Pages (JSP), J2EE JavaServer Faces (JSF)/ICEFaces, Servlets, JDBC, JUnit JSTL, EL, EJB, Flash, WebSphere, WebLogic, OC4J, Tomcat, CVS, SVN, CruiseControl, QuickBuild, Ant, WebSphere MQ, Mule, Grails EXPERIENCE _ Sogeti USA, LLC Senior Consultant October 2003 – Present Abercrombie & Fitch – RMS Services Release 2 November 2008 –Present Designing new service strategies and identifying most appropriate practices for ANF’s SOA Java- based services using XSD(XML Schema) in a contract-first canonical strategy. Built a Maven archetype to assist the development of future services. Upgraded the largest of their services to follow the new standard. OCLC – Dataload Enhancement February 2008 – November 2008 Helped OCLC in its shift to SOA from a mainframe environment. Created and deployed two of the Mule UMO service projects to be used in the Dataload Enhancement (DLE) project. Took the initiative to become the pioneer “guinea pig” with one of his projects to configure and run it interconnected with OCLC’s internal iSoft and WebSphere MQ so that a BPEL workflow engine could communicate with it over JMS queues. One service locates character encoding issues which often permeate the records sent to OCLC. The other service collects reports from various services and standardizes the messages received into a consistent reportable format saved to an Oracle database. Also helped to guide and assist junior developers on the DLE project who were assigned to other services. JPM Chase, Enterprise Data Warehousing July 2007 – February 2008 Created an application for managing the hierarchical structure of the cost centers and branches within JPM Chase. This application is among the first in EDW to use the popular Spring and Hibernate frameworks. The intuitive UI design with ICEFaces on top of JSF has inspired ideas for other applications in nearby departments who utilized RichFaces on JBoss. Also helped to move the current application environment over to a total IBM solution using WebSphere Application Server with DB2.
  2. 2. Gates McDonald / Nationwide Better Health State Leave Project January 2007 – August 2007 Core product (TOPs) manages absences for businesses and helps those sick or injured get back to work. Additions to core product made for various State laws that extend federal FMLA laws. Return To Work Project August 2006 – December 2006 Hit the ground running by filling the shoes of the TOPs project’s lead developer and architect positions. Project involved extensions to core product (TOPs) to better monitor the value-add created by Gates’ services. First accomplishment was a performance increase of the TOPs application’s slow main page by “400%”. Also wrote a dynamic customized reporting framework, allowing new reports to be created easily for ever-changing needs. Ohio Department of Taxation CAT Project May 2005 – July 2005 Development work on a new internal web application to manage the upcoming Commercial Activity Tax. Focused on front end technologies, Struts/JSP/EL especially. Very adaptable with new requirements, many of which were mandated by law changes leading up to the enforcement date of the new tax. Helped transfer knowledge of Struts and EL to employees. Assessments Project January 2005 – May 2005 Joined project midstream to help get it back on timeline. Assisted with smoothing out with Struts issues and developing many of the remaining pages. Served as a support role for the previous IFile Project at this time, though our only bug was in WebSphere’s Java API code. IFile Project February 2004 – January 2005 Rewrote the State’s online web application for individuals to file Ohio state and school district taxes. Application previously was implemented with CGI and mainframe and each year’s tax form updates caused weeks of costly maintenance work. New application design used a dynamic set of forms and rules that could be updated year to year in the database without ever needing to rewrite or recompile production code. I have personally used this application to file my own Ohio state income taxes every year. Smith & Nephew November 2003 – January 2004 Quality assurance role mostly testing new software features of S&N’s medical core application on various virtual Windows environments to mimic their clients’ environments. Configured all environments and wrote the test plans followed. Fairfield Medical Center October 2003 Co-developed with JSP/JavaScript a small application for employees to calculate certain benefits. EDS - GM OnStar Account Tech Support April 2003 – October 2003 Called back upset customers to troubleshoot their OnStar problems and resolve their issues in a timely manner. Regularly doubled trouble ticket quotas. Greenville College Student Development PRIISM Summer 2002 Commissioned by Dean of Student Development to write an application for student portfolios as a tool for scaffold learning processes. Core features were fully functional and further extensions were prototyped all using Flash, PHP, and MySQL hosted on RedHat Linux.
  3. 3. CERTIFICATIONS _ Sun Certified Enterprise Architect July 2007 Sun Certified Web Component Developer February 2003 and October 2006 Sun Certified Developer of Java Web Services December 2007 Sun Certified Business Component Developer April 2005 Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 2 Platform July 2001 and June 2006 IBM 486 Exam – Object Oriented Application Design/UML February 2004 IBM Certified Application Developer November 2005 COURSES LED _ Courses for internal Sogeti/SARK staff and their clients: JavaServer Faces Beginning Java Struts Passing the SCJP 5 Exam Passing the SCWCD 1.4 Exam Java 5 EE Hibernate and Spring (ran course twice – 5 evenings each) Presenter of beginner topics at Ruby Brigade Presenter at Developer Meetings at OCLC: Beginning Scala State in OO vs Functional programming styles Groovy Gotchas EDUCATION _ GREENVILLE COLLEGE; Greenville, Illinois Graduated May 2002 Bachelor of Science Digital Media with Music minor GPA: 3.9/4.0 (major includes programming, networking, web art, and electronics) Magna Cum Laude CONFERENCES ATTENDED _ JavaOne 2008 No Fluff Just Stuff 2006 & 2007 eRubyCon 2008 CodeMash 2009 OTHER INVOLVEMENT _
  4. 4. Sheriff (moderator) at JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon forums Author of JVM multi-lingual Blog: Inside the Machine http://insidethemachine.wordpress.com Regular attender at COJUG (Central Ohio Java User Group) and CRB (Columbus Ruby Brigade)