Purpose, audience and plan


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Purpose, audience and plan

  1. 1. Sam Lount
  2. 2. purposeThe purpose of my page will be to sell snowboardingproducts, show people snowboarding videos to get them intoa mood that will make them want to buy equipment from oursite. I will have a news page to keep everybody up to date onsnow conditions and competitions because the site will sellequipment for any type of snowboarding, anywhere. We area business at the end of the day so we need to sell as manyproducts to people as possible. To do that we need to makethe page aesthetically pleasing to a lot of people but I thinkthat the main people interested are young adults looking toexplore the world in a gap year after university. The willobviously have some student debts so we will need to makeour products look cheap by offering loads of sales and offers.
  3. 3. audienceIf we target this at any level snowboarders this will allowus to broaden our market and make a larger profit. Thegeneral public can see our page so we will try to make itas interesting as possible for them and hopefully they willthink about booking a holiday. A lot of people who gosnowboarding are teenagers or people who are inuniversity and want to kind of rebel against skiers. I thinkthat my site need to look appealing to younger peoplewho were brought up with technology and the internetbecause they will be expecting the page to be moreaesthetically pleasing and work fast and effectively. Thiswill be a very important thing I will concentrate whendesigning my pages.
  4. 4. House style• The background on every page the same the planningpage.• White text to stand out on the red or occasionally redtext to stand out on the black backgrounds.• A home button on every page.(bottom left)• A logo on every page.(top left)• Basket, sign up, log in.(top right)• Red , white & black colours are used on every page inthe same way.• Navigation bar at the bottom with access to all pages.
  5. 5. Navigation structureThere is a very simple navigation bar at the top of thepage which will be an quick easy way to search for whatyou want. I have chosen this over a search bar becausethey often don’t find the right thing. Clothes, equipment,video, news are all very different so there will not be anyoverlap in items. Most pages will open up in the same tabbut multimedia and the external links open in a new tab,this is so that people don’t leave my web page and getdistracted. I want to keep people on my page for as longas possible to allow them to check all of our offers andthat’s how a businesses make money. I also have anavigation bar at the bottom of the page that allows youto get to every page from one another.
  6. 6. Home pageLogoEquipmentClothing Video NewsSign up Log inBasketScroll box withnews of the day andany warnings ifneeded.HomeContact details and terms of useAnimated flash bannerof a snowboarderSlide showofsnowboardpicturesFormAdvertMultimedia
  7. 7. clothing Sign up Log inBasketDrop down menus of:Coats, Pants, BootsWhere the drop down will go and which ever you click it will goto the same page but this drop down will have pictures of theitem clicked.
  8. 8. equipment Sign up Log inBasketDrop down menus of:Boards, Bindings, HelmetsWhere the drop down will go and which ever you click it will go to thesame page but this drop down will have pictures of the item clicked
  9. 9. Sign up Log inBasketWhat Boards will look like.Back toequipment
  10. 10. Sign up Log inBasketWhat Helmets will look like.Back toequipment
  11. 11. Sign up Log inBasketWhat Bindings will look like.Back toequipment
  12. 12. Sign up Log inBasketWhat Jackets will look like.Back toclothing
  13. 13. Sign up Log inBasketWhat Boots will look like.Back toequipment
  14. 14. Sign up Log inBasketWhat Pants will look like.Back toequipment
  15. 15. Sign up Log inBasketvideoart of flighttrailerAn animatedsnowboard videoHD video of a nike 6.0snowboard session
  16. 16. Sign up Log inBasketScroll down boxesnews
  17. 17. Sign upBasketLog inE-mail……………………………….Password…………………………..
  18. 18. Log inBasketSign upE-mail……………………………….Password……………………………Retype Password………………………Activation key…………………….
  19. 19. Web movementsHomeClothing Equipment Videos News3 similar pagesbut differentproducts3 similar pagesbut differentproductsA page with a fewembedded videosand linksScroll boxeswithdifferentnews articlesMultimediaSign upLog in New home