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  • 1. NAME OF AUDIO CLIP- ART OF FLIGHTDescription ofthe audio, lengthclarity,components,speed, effectsThe audio starts with a basic slow tune made by a key board, the people talkover the music for about 1:20 whilst watching some snowboard clips and snowyenvironments. Tension is built throughout by talking about danger. The mainbeat comes in after the use of taboo language to add the effect of a shock.Purpose To entertain and to advertise. It entertains because it shows some amazingpictures and videos. It advertises the art of flight competition and Travis Rice. Ithink they meet this purpose very well because I could watch it a lot and stillenjoy it.Audience People who like snowboarding. Either people who like to watch it or like to do it.Good Features The song is very complimentary to the video. The voice over the song fit verywell over it and the song’s rhythm changes in all of the right times. The voiceover really makes you feel connected with the riders. The voices add effect tothe music and stop people getting bored.Bad Features Sometimes the voices are too loud and the song’s volume is turned down toomuch and the music sounds out of place when it is brought back in. They talkabout death a lot and it isn’t really promoting people to want to gosnowboarding, it puts people off a bit I think because they talk about 26 deathsand you see someone get crushed by a land slide.Improvements They could use a different song- sail awolnation, ultimate gravity remix- thesong they use for red bull signature series may fit better.Features to use Adding a voice over to make the whole thing more intense and more interestingbecause people won’t just want to watch a song. The video behind the songmakes the song feel stronger and will make the viewer feel more intense thanwithout.Features to avoid The ending of the clip doesn’t summarise the video as well as it could so I wouldnot like to add a quote at the end I would probably just fade the song out.Sam Lount