Ao1 reviewing existing products 3


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Ao1 reviewing existing products 3

  1. 1. Reviewing Existing ProductsStudent Name: Sam LountScreenshotProduct Name (+URL if relevant) People who like harry potter.Aim To allow people the opportunity to get more harry potter abilities on yourcomputer and web pages. It allows you to get html coding to put your own harrypotter features on your page.How successfulhave the creatorsof this work beenin meeting theiraimsI hated the website. The links look like they had been done by children and thehyperlinks don’t blend in with the page. There isn’t a house style I can see. Whenyou move the mouse pictures follow it and give you a head ache. You could notlook at this page for over a minute.Good Features Easy to get around. You can get some html coding if you need help. It is one of thehighest links on Google. The links are very obvious but some don’t work. It is veryhard to find feature I like because I am used to pages that run smoothly and thathave useful things that I am interested in. The house style runs throughout but Idoubt this was done on purpose. You can get sounds for free off the web page andmost don’t let you have anything for free anymore. They have met their purposevery well I think, but I don’t think their purpose is useful to anybody anymore, theydo allow you to get html and sounds for your own personal use.Not Good Features The following faces behind your cursor, the text changes, and the links picturesdon’t hyperlink it is only the text, It feels like you cursor is lagging & some of thetext link isn’t obvious to what you will be linked to. There is no home button so to
  2. 2. get back you have to the home page using the arrows. The website makes no senseof its purpose and I couldn’t understand why the website was even published. It isfrom 2001 so therefore the website has no new data and has not been updated inquite a while. The website has no new pictures or links so the website has beenoutdated but it still is at the top this makes people click it and then go off the pageshould have been deleted. The pictures are only from the first harry potter andpeople aren’t interested in that anymore. Technology has moved on from thiswebsite and I think that the page should be taken down I don’t understand someof the features because they don’t have any purpose.PossibleImprovementsTake off the following cursor. Make it fit with the house style. Make it moremodern. The picture qualities aren’t good. Make the aim of the website clearer Iwas on the website and I didn’t really understand the point of it at all.Possible elementsfor useIt allows you to get the html for a trailing cursor but personally I would not use it. Icould bullet point my web page to get ideas across more easily.Elements to avoid All of it, the whole website gives you a head ache. The aim of the website reallydoesn’t help anybody. I would like my web page to be modern and not outdatedmeaning that I would like the page to have a plain style with a bit of edge and Ithink that my page should meet the purpose; this one doesn’t.