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Animation review
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Animation review


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Sam LountAnimation reviewI looked at an Alan Becker animation called animator vs. animation 2. In thisone of his animations starts to destroy his computer and he is trying to stop it.He uses some kind of anti-virus software to stop it. I liked the fact that he hasmade the character break his scroll bars. I don’t like the bit where he talks toprogramme 021for help, this distracted me from the actual video and wasn’t avery funny thing. The video was quite short and not as much happened as inother creations of his. This was for entertainment and funny, it was quiteeffective because in the comments a lot of people were saying how funny itwas. I like how he drags the guns out and uses them to shoot him because itlets me know how much more you can do with animation. I don’t really like hislaser eyes because they seem a little over powered and not very imaginative. Ithink the pure aim of this is for entertainment, but it also shows that you canput print screens into flash to make something a little quirky. The only realimprovements I could think he could do are to make some of the things on hishome screen more imaginative. All of his animations are very smooth and it fitsfor the type of video but the stick man isn’t perfect, his body is misshapen andhead not circle. The explosions in the animation look amazing because thedesigner has faded the colours together like on the left hand side of the printscreen. The blood or fire on the animation isn’t as good as the explosionsshowing he has spent less effort on them. I think to make the video better hecould take a little longer perfecting the laser beams because when they hitthings the damage looks scribbled and doesn’t fit with the details in theexplosions and the smoke.
  • 2. Sam LountAgain I looked at another Alan Becker production called animator vs.animation 3 and in this one the stick figure is a slave that escapes and thendestroys word documents and a game of solitaire. In the solitaire the creator ishaving a game when the two characters come in and start burning andthrowing all of the cards around then start duplicating cards. I like the fact thehe makes the chosen one’s enemy that shows he is quite intelligent because Ididn’t really think about doing that. I don’t like how he repeats the use of theMozilla Firefox because it doesn’t show he has a very wide imagination and hecan’t think of new ideas to put into his videos. Instead of using Mozilla he couldmake some kind of Google chrome spinning thing. Again this was is forentertainment and supposed to be funny and I think it is good overall. It alsoshows you some things you may not already know how to do. The aim is thesame as his first; it is again just for entertainment. It is too similar to his firstand I think to improve it he could add different things on his home page andmaybe add some different apps and shortcuts. His videos are very smooth andI don’t ever see any jolts or jitters. Again he makes the stickmen a bitmisshapen and not to perfection. The explosions are not as good in this videobecause they look more 2D with less shading. The colours you will find are justthe norm of a home page with some shortcuts and icons, with a plain windowsrolling hills background. I feel that he has really worked on the lasers in thisanimation and you can tell that they look better and of a higher quality. Ienjoyed the part where the dark lord was trapped in the game minesweeperand had to play to escape. Another problem that I have with his video is thatthe creator is using windows in performance mode instead of in visual mode.This means that the windows.exe doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing.
  • 3. Sam Lount