Why E-File? A PowerPoint Presentation

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  • In 2001 it cost $500.00 per square foot for paper files. So, including storage space, personnel and supplies, a four drawer file cabinet costs $1200.00 per year. Source is James McMillan, Director, Court Technology, NCSC


  • 1. Electronic Filing Presentation Lynn S. Streck 513-946-5612 Clerk of Courts Office Hamilton County, Ohio
  • 2. Patti Clancy
    • Patti Clancy,
    • the Clerk of Courts ,
    • continues to bring technological innovations and advances to her office.
    • Electronic filing is the one of these services.
  • 3. Overview
    • Electronic filing allows attorneys to file documents with the courts from their computers via the Internet.
    • It is a paperless, document delivery method.
    • All documents accepted are actually filed.
  • 4. Specifications
    • A personal computer with the following:
    • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later OR Mac OS version 7.5.3 or later (on an Apple Power MacIntosh or compatible)
    • Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect word processing software
    • Adobe Acrobat version 4.05 or greater (full version) software
    • Access to the internet and
    • An e-mail address.
    • A valid American Express, Discover or MasterCard credit card
    • An E-Filing user account
  • 5. Benefits of E-Filing
    • The website is open 24/7 for filing and accessing files.
    • Once the efiling is processed by clerks, the filed document is immediately available on the Clerk’s website.
    • This enables quick file retrieval and distribution of documents as well as
    • multi-user simultaneous access to case files.
  • 6. Benefits Continued
    • There is increased security due to reduction of documents or files being lost or misfiled.
    • This is a faster and a more efficient means to duplicate, access and transfer case files.
    • One can perform full text searches.
    • It provides Service to case parties.
    • It enables eventual e-service to attorneys.
  • 7. Benefits Continued
    • It saves time and money resources such as:
      • file management, storage space and record searching expenses
      • paper and toner for printing, printer repair costs
      • personnel time for reproduction and collation of papers and courthouse visits and
      • postage or courier services for some or
      • gasoline and parking costs for others.
    • It makes us ahead of the national trend toward electronic case files.
  • 8. Applications
    • The Clerk of Courts’ website at www.courtclerk.org has a user guide, e-filing registration and credit card forms. Local Rules governing e-filing are here too.
    • Select the tab marked Services and choose Electronic Filing.
    • Once an account has been set up this is also the login location.
  • 9. www.courtclerk.org
  • 10. Pricing
    • A $100.00 copy cost account deposit is required if filing in the Common Pleas or Appellate courts.
    • Ten cents per page copy cost is charged against this deposited balance.
    • When the balance declines to $25.00, an e-mail requests the funds be replenished.
  • 11. Pricing Continued
    • A separate copy cost account is not maintained for doing only Municipal Civil filings.
    • Here the ten cents per page copy costs are charged against the account credit card during the filing processing.
    • All filing costs determined by local rules remain the same.
  • 12. Cost Tracking Features Via Web for Common Pleas Cases
    • Select the Search Court Records tab.
    • For Account Copy Costs- Under General Searches select Search by Case Number for Case Information (report #2), enter case number using the format EF00 plus your 5 digit Ohio Supreme Court number and click submit.
    • For All Other Case Costs - Select Common Pleas Case Cost Statement (report #19), enter the case number and click submit.
  • 13. www.courtclerk.org
  • 14. Copy Cost Report
    • On the web site, run the report. When it’s on the screen, click on Edit, click Select All, (the text will color over), click on Edit again, click Copy, open a word document or a spreadsheet and click Paste. The copy cost information will now be on your document.
    • Save the document.You can now search by case number to tabulate its copy cost. An example follows.
  • 15.
    • Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
    • Attorney - Plaintiff Attorney - Defendant
    • Filed: 3/15/01 EFIL E-FILING COPY ACCOUNT
    • Total Deposits $100.00 CR Total Costs $10.20
    • 9603150 ALLY McBEAL
  • 16.
    • 3/20/01 004 COPIES MADE FOR CASE NUMBER A -0008196; CONFIRMATION NUMBER 1034 0.40
    • 3/20/01 004 COPIES MADE FOR CASE NUMBER A -0005878; CONFIRMATION NUMBER 1035 0.40
    • 3/24/01 010 COPIES MADE FOR CASE NUMBER A -0002271; CONFIRMATION NUMBER 1037 1.00
    • 4/23/01 004 COPIES MADE FOR CASE NUMBER A -9907658; CONFIRMATION NUMBER 1060 0.40
    • 5/7/01 008 COPIES MADE FOR CASE NUMBER A -9907658; CONFIRMATION NUMBER 1077 0.80
    • 5/7/01 022 COPIES MADE FOR CASE NUMBER A -0001441; CONFIRMATION NUMBER 1076 2.20
  • 17. Availability
    • The first electronic filing was done on March 7, 2001 in a Common Pleas case.
    • Currently most documents are being accepted for Common Pleas civil cases. EXCEPTIONS are Entries and Finals*.
    • Documents being accepted in Common Pleas criminal cases are Filings and Motions.
    • * anything that closes a case where costs would be computed and paid
  • 18. Availability Continued
    • In August 2002 electronic filing was started for Municipal Civil cases.
    • In September 2002 electronic filing was started for Appellate cases.
    • Help is available from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Monday through Friday at 513-946-5612.
  • 19. In Summary
    • Electronic Filing, a paperless, document delivery method, is
    • convenient,
    • cost cutting,
    • efficient and
    • user friendly.
    • Try it!
  • 20. Questions Thank You