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Web Resources User Handout

  1. 1. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop Web Resources for Sac City Faculty & Staff Sites for this self-paced guided activity Sac City Resources District Services Related Resources References Wserver Blackboard CVC4 Microsoft Templates Manila IT Site Merlot AppleWorks Templates LOIS Email Help 4Faculty Mailing Lists (listserv) Honolulu CC Who should attend Anyone who wants to know about web resources available to Sac City College faculty and staff. Skill level Novice; Intermediate This handout is a Microsoft Word document with links to Internet resources. You might use this technique in a Smart Classroom or as an activity for students. I’ve created this handout for self-paced exploration with places for you to make notes on the sites and resources you find valuable in your work. Introductions  Presenter – Melissa Green, Instructional Development Coordinator, greenmj@scc.losrios.edu New Media Lab Drop In Office Hours ______________________________  Participants & your topics of interest  Questions … Are you developing web pages now? Are you using a Smart Classroom (computer + projector + internet access)? Do you include internet activities in your class assignments? Featured tips  Open a new browser window for each example link (Windows users can hold the Shift key and click a link and Macintosh users can hold the Command key and click a link.)  Web sites can be saved to your hard drive (for display where no Internet connection exists), File > Save As. (I prefer to capture sites as Adobe Acrobat documents to easily add hyperlinks to specific sections – Acrobat Pro is required – visit the New Media Lab, LR 110.)  Images on web pages can be saved to your hard drive (Windows users – click the right mouse button and Macintosh users hold the Control key while clicking the mouse button to bring up the contextual menu > Save Picture As.  Think carefully about File management and file naming; create folders for collections of documents, images and saved web pages  Keyboard shortcut for toggling between open windows … Windows users ALT + TAB, Macintosh users Command + Tab and Command ~. Workshop structure  Demonstration and hands-on activities, self-paced exploration in 1 or 2 hour session  Ask questions anytime  Plan for a break … get up and wander around to see what others have discovered Getting started  Access the handouts at http://web.scc.losrios.edu/instrdev or on floppy disk  Prepare workspace (adjust the screen, mouse on desktop not mouse pad)  Set browser font size for your comfort (sometimes I set the font size smaller when printing)  Open this document to the last page of links, set the Zoom % for your comfort Melissa Green Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop Warm-up Activity Google Search Techniques  Advanced Search options  Exact phrase  Specify/limit search to a web site (scc.losrios.edu, host.cvc4.org, microsoft.com, .gov) My Site Discovery: Actually there are sections of this document marked “My Site Discoveries” where I expect you to write a phrase defining the site you’ve found and then copy and paste the web address below  Use word processing document as base for classroom web demonstrations or assignments  Toggle back to the browser window, copy the web site address  Toggle back to the Word document, set the cursor and paste the web site address  Surf the web together (think of your favorite sites)  Copy web addresses to this document for later review  Email your discoveries to me and cc to your own email account  Email your copy of the handout to yourself Wserver Our original web server with campus sites and individual sites. If you need a web site and have the skills to build it (FrontPage, Dreamweaver) then request accounts from me. http://scc.losrios.edu Notice the www is missing? Most browsers today do not even need the http:// before the web site address. This server is a UNIX system and the web addresses are case sensitive. (Often all lower case letters.) Faculty and Staff Directory - http://www.scc.losrios.edu/scc_directory.html and find your listing. Then find the listing for Michael Hunter, click the More Info button, go to his site and find the link to Current Weather details at SCC or visit the weather summary. It is Springtime (as I write this handout) so that means it is also Baseball season. Go Panthers! One feature I love is the Quicktime virtual reality movie of Hughes Stadium. Other sites to explore include City Theatre, literary journal – Susurrus, and Technology Tangents site from the Math & Statistics Department. Our Academic Senate site will keep you up to date. Explore on your own through the site index or search pages (links on the home page). If you are developing your own web site, be sure to review the Accessibility Guidelines. Manila: The new web server on campus that allows web site creation and maintenance from any web browser (without the need for FrontPage or Dreamweaver). We offer two-hour workshops throughout the semester to get started using Manila. Check out the sites ready for visitors at http://web.scc.losrios.edu. You will find Health Services, Instructional Development and many faculty sites too. Manila sites are based on templates, and site developers just type (or copy and paste) content into the pages. The templates meet the ADA guidelines. LOIS: Search the Library holdings for books and media through the Los Rios Online Information System from the comfort of your office or home. Search for a book you recommend your student read. My Site Discoveries: Melissa Green Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop District Web Resources Calendar, Course Schedules, Class Rosters: The district site has many components and is often a place to find the information we need, like the academic calendar dates or class schedules or login to view your class rosters. Information Technology: This department provides information for email and web services across the district. Do you need to access your email from off campus? Then review the Outlook Web Access Help page. Maybe you want a listserv where colleagues or students can actively exchange email with the group or request a web-forum so students can participate in a discussion. Web-Forums require a wserver account. Blackboard: Blackboard is the course management system used for online, hybrid and web enhanced classes across the district. There are important web addresses related to Blackboard login, online help and the instructor’s manual. Email: Check your campus email via the web using Outlook Web Access. There is a handy tutorial on how to set a rule in Outlook to control SPAM, based on the example, or modify this concept to filter email message for another reason. My Site Discoveries: Related Resources CVC4: The Californa Virtual Campus is actually five websites, and Sac City is part of CVC Region 4. Checkout the other centers or the Professional Development Center. There is an online conference coming up in April covering Statewide Resources: Keep your hands on the pulse of Academic Senate activities and (consider membership) or visit the web site for the Faculty Association California Community Colleges, FACCC. Honolulu: We are “surfing” right? So let’s get serious and hang ten on the North Shore. Or at least visit the Faculty Development resources at Honolulu Community College. I especially appreciate the Teaching Tips, Resource Materials and the “Good Teaching” article. Merlot: The MERLOT Project is a collaboration among higher education institutions. Its purpose is to develop a free, web-based resource where faculty can easily find digital learning materials organized by academic field, together with evaluations and guidance for their use. Membership is free. Melissa Green Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop 4Faculty: The SCC Staff Development Committee has initiated a subscription for 4faculty.org. This service is an online professional development network of resources and learning modules designed specifically for the needs of community college faculty. This site was created for you to share ideas, acquire new tools for teaching and is updated regularly with new materials and ideas. My Site Discoveries: Resources Worth Exploring Whenever you arrive at the front door of a big site, look for a link to the site map or a site tour. Then try the site search options. Apple: Apple Computer has many resources of interest to educators, including the free Quicktime Player, the free iTunes audio player and their Education Support site. The Apple Learning Interchange site has links for virtual tours and digital documentaries. AppleWorks Tips for users is a collection of tutorials covering word processing, drawing and spreadsheets. (Remember, Appleworks includes a database component as well!) Do you need some help with your Macintosh? Try the Apple KnowledgeBase for tips and technical support. Microsoft: Dive into the Education arena of the Microsoft site, or go directly to the Tutorials Search or How To Search. There are also many resources relating to Microsoft Office: Templates for Macintosh users, Office Templates for Windows users (most are interchangeable with Mac), FCCC: Under the Foundation for California Community Colleges, faculty and staff can purchase a license + CD for MS Office to prepare work related materials on your home computer. The Faculty Buys program allows you to buy Microsoft operating system upgrades as well. (I find this site difficult to navigate to where I can make a purchase. The FCCC offices are in Sacramento at 13th & O Streets. Take a ride on Light Rail!) Make Acrobat files: Turn your Office documents into Adobe Acrobat files via the web at Adobe or download the utility at PDF995. Maybe your question is “Why do I want to turn my Word documents into Acrobat files?” There are many reasons, let me mention two: 1) Acrobat files maintain your formatting on the computers of other users, and 2) other users cannot easily change your document/information. My Site Discoveries: Melissa Green Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop Murphy's Law "If things can go wrong, they will go wrong." Sometimes technology does not cooperate during a workshop. Hence this handout so you can review these sites on your own. Temperamental technology is something we learn to live with and you must always have a backup plan for class just in case. (Again, sometimes I use Adobe Acrobat to capture sites for offline viewing.) Discussion What web sites were most useful to you? What web sites did my tour miss? Are you interested in creating a web site resource for your students? Share your site discoveries Email the information: Open Outlook Web Access to your account. In the To: box, type Melissa Green, in the CC: box type your name. In the Subject: box type Web Site Discoveries”. Return to the Word document where you have been adding notes and web sites. Copy the text of each My Site Discoveries section to the email message box. Repeat the copy/paste for each of the My Site Discoveries. Send the email message. Check for new mail to see the message appear in your Inbox. Attach the handout to a new email message: Open Outlook Web Access to your account (maybe it is still open), create a new message. Type your name in the To: box, in the Subject: box type “Web Resources handout”. While the message is open, click the Attachment tab, click the Browse button and then locate your Word document on the desktop. Click Open. Now click the Add Attachments button. Send the email message. Check for new mail to see the message appear in your Inbox. Look through the online help for OWA – locate the ? icon near the top of the screen. When the Help window opens, look for the Table of Contents link at the top. Explore this information. Close the Help window. Log out of OWA. OWA Email tips:  Add multiple names separated with commas in the To: or CC: or better yet, the BCC: fields  Click the face icon to check names against our Exchange Server address book  Create folders in your In box using Outlook on your desktop then using OWA you can move messages into folders Melissa Green Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop Summary of links: (copied list to Outlook message to have it produce the full URLs of sites, then cleaned it up) Wserver http://scc.losrios.edu<http://www.scc.losrios.edu/scc_directory.html http://www.scc.losrios.edu/%7Egeog/physical/weather/Current_Vantage_Pro.htm http://www.scc.losrios.edu/%7Egeog/physical/weather/Weather_Summary_Vantage_Pro.htm http://www.scc.losrios.edu/~physed/athletics/hughestour.htm http://www.scc.losrios.edu/~theatre/ http://www.scc.losrios.edu/~susurrus/ http://www.scc.losrios.edu/~licciaa/tech/newsv1.html http://www.scc.losrios.edu/~asenate/ http://www.scc.losrios.edu/sitemap.html http://www.scc.losrios.edu/search2.html http://scc.losrios.edu/~access Manila: http://web.scc.losrios.edu Honolulu: LOIS: http://honolulu.hawaii.edu/intranet/committ ees/FacDevCom/ http://lois.losrios.edu/ Merlot: LRCCD Calendar, Course Schedules, Class Rosters: http://www.merlot.org/ http://www.losrios.edu/lrc/lrc_calend.html 4Faculty: http://www.losrios.edu/class- schedules.html http://www.4faculty.org/index.jsp http://inside.losrios.edu/ Apple: Information Technology: http://www.apple.com/education/ http://www.losrios.edu/services/technology / http://ali.apple.com/ http://www.losrios.edu/services/technology /outlook_web.htm http://www.apple.com/appleworks/tips/ https://go-help.losrios.edu/faculty/ http://kbase.info.apple.com/index.jsp http://www.losrios.edu/services/technology /webforumfaq.htm Microsoft: Blackboard: http://www.microsoft.com/education/ http://blackboard.losrios.edu/webapps/porta http://www.microsoft.com/education/? l/frameset.jsp ID=Tutorials http://ic.arc.losrios.edu/~itc/Blackboard/ http://www.blackboard.com/docs/r6/6_1/in http://www.microsoft.com/education/? structor/bbls_r6_1_instructor/ ID=HowTo Email: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/resources/te http://ex.scc.losrios.edu/ mplates.aspx?pid=templates http://www.losrios.edu/services/technology/ http://office.microsoft.com/templates/defaul outlook_rule.html t.aspx CVC4: FCCC: http://www.cvc4.org/ http://msca.foundationccc.org/order4canew. http://pdc.cvc.edu/common/index.asp asp Statewide Resources: Make Acrobat files: http://www.academicsenate.cc.ca.us https://createpdf.adobe.com/index.pl/58148 3965.117542?BP=NS6&v=AHP http://www.faccc.org/ http://pdf995.com/ Melissa Green Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Web Resources for Sac City College Instructional Development Workshop Melissa Green Page 7 of 7