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  • To play my file, click on “Play” button in the upper left corner of screen. To add objects, click on the “Add Objects” button (green button under the penguins) Presentation Transcript

  • Alice
    • The goal of Alice is to change the first experience students get with computer programming
    • Alice is an easy program to use.
    • Let me show you how!!
    Mandi Sharretts
  • Outline:
    • System Requirements
    • Introduction of Alice
    • The Alice Approach
      • Key Features
    • Helps Motivate Students
    • How is Alice Being Used?
    Mandi Sharretts
  • System Requirements:
    • Operating system requirements:
      • Windows ME
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows XP
      • Macintosh OS 10.3 or 10.4
    • Minimum PC hardware requirements:
      • A Pentium running at 500 MHz or better
      • a VGA graphics card capable of high (16 bit) color
      • 128 MB of RAM
      • Video resolution of 1024x768
      • A sound card
    • Recommended PC hardware requirements:
      • A Pentium running at 1.0 GHz or better
      • 16 MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Rage 128, GeForce, Radeon equivalent or better)
      • 256 MB of RAM
    Mandi Sharretts
  • Introduction
    • Creation of Alice motivated by a desire for ease of learning to program
    • Goal: Change the first experience students have with computer programming
        • Remove unnecessary frustration
        • Provide an environment for students – both genders – to create compelling programs easily
    Mandi Sharretts
  • Basics of Alice
    • Removes typing  removes frustration and syntax errors
    • Students can see the objects – no abstract visualizing required
    • Almost all changes are animated – debugging is much less obscure
      • You know when you’ve made a mistake as soon as you make it.
      • Easily undo to correct the mistake
    Mandi Sharretts
  • The Alice Approach
    • Capturing one’s attention is important when trying to teach them
      • Alice is a fun program
      • Best impact
      • “We feel that providing a more expressive medium in which to construct programs will help to interest a wider audience.”*
    * Mandi Sharretts
    • Drag-and-Drop
    • Appeals to wide audience
      • Story Telling
      • Interactive Computer Games
      • Confidence Builder for those people who do not find programming very easy
    The Alice Approach Mandi Sharretts
  • Helps Motivate Students
    • No syntax-based frustration
    • Changes are animated – visible
      • You see what you make; if you make a mistake, immediately undo available
    • Promotes creativity
      • It’s fun to play with and graphically pleasing
    Mandi Sharretts
  • How is Alice Being Used?
    • Informational course for students considering a major in computer science and programming
    • Transitional course to the computer science major
    • Introduction to programming
    • Computer literacy – problem-solving component
    • Pre-AP class for high school students
    Mandi Sharretts
  • Short Little Movie Mandi Sharretts
  • Conclusion
    • Why does Alice work?
      • It’s an interactive, fun program
      • Gain experience with a wide variety of programming elements
      • It’s FREE!!! (OpenGL)
    • Recommendation
      • Try Alice for yourself. It is a very easy program to use, and can be great fun! I’ve been able to learn more about computer programming by researching Alice.
    Mandi Sharretts
  • Alice Community Forum
  • Questions?? Mandi Sharretts