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  1. 1. World Caption is a free Macintosh software program created at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that makes it easy to add captions to any QuickTime compatible video. Before starting, you must produce a transcript of the audio portion of the video and save it as a .txt file. You can do this yourself or employ a professional transcription service. Importing video and text into World Caption is as simple as dragging a file from one folder to another. Just select the QuickTime compatible video file and drag it onto the black video pane at the upper part of the World Caption Document Window. Select the .txt file containing the transcript and drag it onto the caption pane in World Caption. World caption automatically breaks the transcript file into separate captions. You tell the program how many words per caption to place via a preferences setting. World Caption starts by evenly distributing the captions over the length of the video. You complete the synchronization process by adjusting the timing of the captions to match the spoken dialog. Press play to begin the video. When the spoken dialogue matches the text of the first caption, check the box next to that caption. Advance the video until near the end and click play. When the spoken dialogue reaches the text of the last caption, check the box next to that caption. Now adjust a caption near the middle of the video in the same way. Continue to adjust the caption timing as needed by selecting the checkbox next to each caption when the spoken dialogue reaches it. Every time you adjust the timing of a caption the “unadjusted” captions on either side of it are automatically adjusted as well. Even in a long video, you can save a lot time in the synchronization process by making a making a small number of adjustments relative to the total number of captions in the video. It’s rarely necessary to individually adjust each caption. Once your captions are synchronized, you can adjust the font, font size, font color, background color and choose the position in which your captions will appear. Another great thing about World Caption is that it allows you to encode multiple caption tracks into a video so you can provide caption tracks in more than one language. You can also create a caption track as a graphic rather than a text track to avoid problems caused by the viewer’s computer lacking your chosen font. Once you complete the process of creating and synching your captions, you are ready to export your final captioned video. Select the "Export" command from the "File" menu. Choose a destination for finished file and enter the desired file name in the "Save As:" dialog. Click "Save” and sit
  2. 2. back while World Caption creates the captioned version of your movie. For more information and to download World Caption, visit World Caption development and support by Brian Deith, Learning Support Services, College of Letters and Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison Video courtesy of Professor Randall B. Dunham, U.W. School of Business