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  1. 1. Sonja Threadcraft Capital Hill Washington, D.C. 20002 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Nine years employed in a technical workplace fueled by imagination and challenges, where employees are encouraged to express their vision, ideas and leadership skills. Experience within the computer field involved application development, software testing, and technical support. SKILLS SUMMARY Computer Software: Visual Studio .Net, MS-SQL Server, Dreamweaver, Cold Fusion 4.5, Oracle (PL/SQL) – Intermediate (5 years), SQL, ASP (JavaScript, VBScript – Intermediate (3 years)), Visual Basic ( 4.0 – 6.0), Rational’s products (Test Studio, Robot, ClearCase, and Reqpro), Crystal Report, Flash MX, Borland C++, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Visual C++, Netscape, Internet Explorer, FTP, Telnet, CVS, Bugzilla, Csh/Tsch/ Bash, Perl, HTML, Vantive AUR, Lotus Notes R5, Elm, Mail, Pine, Tin, Outlook, Vi, Pico, Emacs, DEC-DCL, QuickBooks, Python, C#, Microsoft Suite 97 – XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS-Access), Computer Operating Systems Windows 3.0 -NT/XP, UNIX, Linux- Slackware, Mac 6.0 – X, VAX/VMS, Solaris-CDE, Linux-KDE, BeOS 3- 5 Professional Edition, Novell EDUCATION Rochester Institute of Technology; Rochester NY Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems – Spring 2004 Monroe Community College; Rochester NY Associate in Science in Computer Information System – Spring 2001
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Regent Systems Inc Programmer September 2004 – Present Visual Basic 6.0 and Oracle PL/SQL programming used to enhance and develop new functionality for an application that assists children with learning disabilities. The application developed, creates New York State’s reimbursements and finance reports. Programming involved creating ADO recordsets and fabricated recordsets populated via Oracle SQL statements to fill dropdown boxes, and support external Crystal Reports. Addition assignments include programming procedures and function used to update, insert and delete records using embedded sql statements. Current project involved 90% maintenance that requiring reading many lines of code to locate and fix application bugs. Online examples of Visual Basic and Visual .Net development located here, and ATS Reliance, Rochester, New York June 2004 – August 2004 Software Quality Assurance January 2003 – June 2003 Consultant for ATS Reliance assigned to Vanteon, a software development company, located in Rochester, New York. Software testing performed on Hewlett-Packard (HP) high-end CAD printers and printing software. Knowledge of C/C++ programming determine exact software errors and provide in depth analysis reported to software developers. Platforms used in testing occurred on Mac 7.x – X, Windows 98 – XP. Website testing involved knowing ASP scripting languages JavaScript, VBScript, and Java. Web development experience and college course development with Java, ASP programming using scripting languages JavaScript, VBScript provided essential skills to capture software errors and described in detail. Online examples of Java development located here, Rochester Business Alliance, Rochester, New York Application Specialist February 2004 – June 2004 Consultant for Rochester Business Alliance duties were creating MS-Access applications, databases, and reports for Independent Living for Seniors, a non-profit organization, located in Rochester, New York. Visual Basic experience incorporated to quickly create, easy to use Access applications and reports based on customers’ requirements. College-course projects programming in COBOL assisted in creating an MS-Access application that output an appropriate record layout for mainframe processing. Online examples of MS-Access development located here, Kodak, Rochester, New York (Summer & Fall Co-op) Software Quality Assurance June 2003 – December 2003
  3. 3. A co-op opportunity with Eastman Kodak performing software testing on digital printers and Kodak’s Picture Maker kiosks. Software test cases were created based on software requirements and code walkthroughs. Rational’s Robot application was used to create test case scripts, utilizing automation testing to execute test cases. Experience programming C/C++, Visual .Net, and Java college-course projects were essential in creating test-case scripts with Rational Robot and creating detail software bug reports. Rational Robot’s scripting language using an extended version of Visual Basic. Implementing software testing knowledge an infinite loop was located in Kodak’s Picture Maker kiosk and reported to lead Eastman Kodak software engineers. White box and Black box testing techniques were implemented. Attended software quality courses offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) within Eastman Kodak Corporation. Sungard Trading Systems, Rochester, New York Software Quality Assurance November 2000 – May 2002 Sungard Trading Systems' software tester involved creating test cases, providing detailed bug reports, merging code with CVS, creating builds, and test plans. The application tested was known as Universal Market Access (UMA) used by 70% of NASDAQ. Testing was performed on Solaris/Unix platform via CDE X-window manager. Seven years of Unix experience and college-course programming C/C++ projects were essential skills in finding software bugs and communicating verbally and in written reports. Online examples of C/C++ development located here Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York Assistant Web Developer April 2000 – November 2000 Web assistant for Rochester’s local newspaper the Democrat and Chronicle. The Digital Online department responsibilities included: editing and updating web pages, digital photo editing with Adobe Photoshop and constructing Quark databases. Utilizing several software applications such as: Cold fusion, Dreamweaver, Quark. Six years of web development permitted quicker updates and creation of news web pages. Two Cold fusion 4.5 completed seminars were taken to incorporate dynamic news based on customers’ queries. JavaScript programming used to validate customer information based on web-forms. Online examples of web development located here Analysts International Corporation, Rochester, New York System Consultant April 1997 – March 2000 As an Analysts International Corporation system consultant, assigned to companies: • Kodak - Business Support Specialist/ Technical Support Representative
  4. 4. • Generated reports based on client’s requirements using MS-Access as a client interface submitting sql pass-through statements retrieving data residing on the Oracle server. • Reports generated used in forecasting sales and supply chain management required gathering customers’ requirements. Information was imported and displayed within MS-Excel spreadsheets using plotting graphs such as line-graphs, pie charts, and bar charts. • Oracle’s SQL*Plus application used to update and delete records when validating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information. • Waste Management – PC Technician/ Technical Support Representative • Computers were upgraded and installed with new computer hardware such as memory, cpu chips, modems, and sound cards. When necessary IRQs were set for non-plug & play hardware. • Installed dual (master/slave) hard-drives, cdroms and USB ports setting the appropriate jumpers at the ends of internal hard-drives when upgrading computer hardware. • Administrator duties using Novell 3.11 operating system involved correcting print jobs, adding and deleting user’s accounts. • Microtech – PC Technician/ Technical Support Representative • Computers were built and install with computer hardware and Windows 95 software. • Customers’ were given in-house tutorials on their computers and Internet usage. Aerotek, Rochester, New York Technical Support Representative June 1996 – April 1997 Technical support representative for Aerotek, on assignment to Eastman Kodak Company. Provided technical guidance to international employees of Eastman Kodak’s Digital & Applied Imaging (D&AI) department. The application supported was “First Class BBS”, graphical bulletin board software (BBS) that preceded the implementation of Lotus Notes 4.0 within D&AI. First Class software was used on several operating systems, including Macintosh,
  5. 5. Windows 3.1, and Windows 95. As BBS administrator duties involved regulating accounts and maintain modem access and up time. Servtech Inc., Rochester, New York Technical Support Representative June 1996 – October 1996 Technical support representative for Servtech Inc., Rochester, New York first Internet Provider (ISP) duties involved: answering customer questions pertaining to the Internet, Netscape configurations, Unix environment and commands, Windows 95 Point-to-Point protocol (PPP) setup, and Macintosh's Open Transport setup. Servtech Inc. offered news, email, Unix shell accounts, ftp, static IP address, website, and other services. Verio acquired Servtech Inc. in 1998. Internet protocol knowledge (http – telnet), Unix, html and digital images were proven skills to promptly answer customer’s questions and assist in development of corporate website designs and client homepages. Monroe Community College (MCC), Rochester, New York Technical Support Representative October 1994 – May 1996 Floor supervisor for the Electronic Learning Center at Monroe Community College (MCC) promoted from student aide assistant. Floor supervisor responsibilities involved managing student aides and providing tech support and training to MCC faculty. Students where supported in various software applications and operating systems such as WordPerfect, Macintosh, Windows 3.1, and VAX/VMS. Personal assistance given to instructors’ of Monroe Community College in the development of instructor based web page.