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SFCC Graphic Design Self-paced Courses
SFCC Graphic Design Self-paced Courses
SFCC Graphic Design Self-paced Courses
SFCC Graphic Design Self-paced Courses
SFCC Graphic Design Self-paced Courses
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SFCC Graphic Design Self-paced Courses


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  • 1. SFCC Graphic Design Self- paced Courses ORIENTATION – Directions 1. Take a seat at any one of the Macintosh computers in the CBE Lab. 2. Remove the Questionnaire (the last page) from this packet. If the computer’s monitor is dark, you are looking at a screen saver. Jiggle the mouse to remove the screen saver. 3. The log-in window should be visible on the computer screen. In the Name box type 2credit (one word.) In the Password box type student. The desktop will appear. 4. On the desktop screen locate the icon named 2-Credit Orientation. Double-click to open it. 5. Locate the set of four Arrow Keys on the keyboard. You will use the left and right arrows to move through the orientation. 6. As you move through the orientation write your answers to the questions on the questionnaire. 7. When finished press the command (Apple) key while you type a period. 8. Drop your completed questionnaire in the hand-in tray. This will activate you in the course and the instructor will set up a file folder for you. Computers running the Windows operating system We are introducing Windows machines into the CBE lab and you are welcome to use them. Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are the only graphic applications available at this time, and these are one version newer than the self-paced textbooks. For this reason, it is not recommended you use them for your lessons. Please contact your instructor with any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Windows machines. IF YOU NEED TO HAVE A FINANCIAL AID FORM SIGNED Take the completed questionnaire to the instructor instead of placing it in the hand-in tray. SFCC Self-pace Courses Orientation Packet 1
  • 2. Workbooks These are available at the Bookstore. They include the instructions and assessment hand- ins. All course workbooks have the same name and number as the course. Textbooks COURSE TITLE GRDSN 155 FreeHand I Macromedia FreeHand 10 GRDSN 156 Illustrator Classroom In A Book Adobe Illustrator CS GRDSN 157 QuarkXPress I QuarkXPress 4 - an Introduction to Electronic Mechanicals GRDSN 158 PhotoShop I Classroom In A Book Adobe Photoshop CS GRDSN 160 Director I Macromedia Director 8 - Creating Powerful Multimedia GRDSN 162 Macintosh OS X Mac OS X Panther Hands- On Training GRDSN 163 InDesign I Classroom In A Book Adobe InDesign CS GRDSN 164 Illustrator II Classroom In A Book Adobe Illustrator CS GRDSN 165 QuarkXPress II QuarkXPress 4 - Advanced Electronic Mechanicals GRDSN 166 PhotoShop II Classroom In A Book Adobe Photoshop CS GRDSN 167 Fireworks Macromedia Fireworks MX - Digital Imaging for the Web GRDSN 168 InDesign II Classroom In A Book Adobe InDesign CS GRDSN 171 Flash Macromedia Flash MX - Rich Media for the Web GRDSN 172 Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver MX - Creating Web Pages SFCC Self-pace Courses Orientation Packet 2
  • 3. Syllabus ORIENTATION Prior to beginning coursework, students must complete an on-screen orientation. They will pick up an orientation packet at the counter in the CBE Lab. The packet will provide directions for completing the orientation. Students will write the answers to questions as they move through the orientation. Completed orientation questionnaires will be placed in the hand-in tray on the counter in the CBE Lab. No financial aid forms will be signed until the orientation is completed. TEXTBOOK Textbooks for each course are available for daily checkout at the counter in the CBE Lab. They may not be checked out overnight, on weekends or holidays. If they wish, students may purchase a textbook at the student bookstore. COURSE WORKBOOK Students must purchase a Course Workbook at the student bookstore. This workbook will be used as a companion to the course textbook, and it contains the assignments and self- assessment forms that students will be handing in for grading. For a few of these courses, the workbook is the textbook. SUPPLIES Students must provide themselves with a removable device on which to store their work. A USB Flash drive (sometimes called a Jump drive or Thumb drive) is convenient choice. They are small (you can keep them on your key chain), require no software, and can work on either a PC or a Mac. The amount of storage space and prices vary widely. The least expensive will be acceptable for these courses, but if you are taking a computer-intensive program such as Graphic Design or Photography larger amounts of storage space will be more appropriate. They can be purchased anyplace that sells computer supplies. The SFCC Student Bookstore has several from which to choose. Other options are CD-R and CD-RW disks, small hard drives, and iPods. ATTENDANCE There is no mandatory attendance. Students may work at any time the CBE Lab is open. They may even do their work at home if they have a Macintosh and the identical software WORKING PROCEDURE Once they have taken the orientation and purchased supplies, students may begin work on the course. They should begin by reading the course workbook. It will tell them what to do as they move through the course. The course will consist of tutorials, assignments, and self-assessments. There are no exams in these courses. SFCC Self-pace Courses Orientation Packet 3
  • 4. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY These are self-paced courses. It is the student’s responsibility to satisfactorily complete the course work prior to the course deadline. It is suggested that students set aside at least four hours per week to work on a course. INSTRUCTOR Instructors are on duty in the CBE Lab during most business hours to help students and to answer questions. The instructor assigned to these courses will be on duty daily in the lab during stated hours. When instructors wish to communicate with students they will leave messages written on the white board located on the hand-in tray. HAND- IN OF ASSIGNMENTS Assignments will be handed in by placing the papers (as specified in the Course Workbook) in the hand-in tray on the counter in the CBE Lab. A few courses require on- screen hand-in of some or all assignments. Directions for this procedure are in the course workbook. ASSIGNMENT GRADING Assignments will be graded as either complete or incomplete. Incomplete assignments must be redone. PICKING UP GRADED ASSIGNMENTS Students will be assigned folders in a drawer at the counter in the CBE Lab. Graded assignments will be placed in the student’s folder. Counter staff will return papers to students who request them. COURSE DEADLINE All work in the course must be satisfactorily completed by the time the lab closes on the last regularly scheduled day of classes (prior to finals days). This date will be stated in the Orientation. COURSE GRADING To complete the course all assignments must be handed in by the course deadline. If all assignments are complete the student will earn an A in the course. If any assignments are incomplete or not completed, students will receive a Z grade in the course. A Z grade will withdraw the student from the course without affecting their grade point average. The Z grade, however may affect the student’s financial aid status. Students wishing to receive an incomplete course grade must request if from the instructor in advance of the course deadline. Incomplete contracts will be offered to students only if they have completed at least half of the coursework. Students will be required to sign an incomplete contract. Incompletes must be made up by the second week of the following quarter. SFCC Self-pace Courses Orientation Packet 4
  • 5. Questionnaire PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AS YOU READ THE ORIENTATION 1. What is Your Name (as it is shown on your registration form)? 2. Is there an Email Address that the instructor can use to contact you, if necessary? 3. (Slide 2) Which of these courses are you taking this quarter? 4. (Slide 3) What hours is the CBE Lab open? 5. (Slide 4) What supplies do you need for this course? A. B. 6. (Slide 5) Where is the white message board located? 7. (Slide 6) Where do you hand in printed assignments? 8. (Slide 6) Where do you pick up graded assignments? 9. (Slide 10) During which hours is the instructor on duty in the lab? 10. (Slide 11) What is the last date on which you can hand in work in these courses? SFCC Self-pace Courses Orientation Packet 5