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  1. 1. Macintosh, MacNews It Just Works! The Award Winning Newsletter of the Huntsville Macintosh Users Group in Huntsville, Alabama June and July 2001 The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group Newsletter for July 27, 2001 Page 1
  2. 2. Macintosh, The Contents Steve Jobs Feeds the Masses ........................... 10 It Just Of This Issue Apple’s User Group Breakfast ......................... 12 Works! A Better Bag for Your PowerBook .................. 14 HMUG Business and Information Aladdin Systems Ships New Version of iClean.. 14 Calendar of Events for Next 12 Months ............. 3 CS-Odessa Announces New Line Calendar of Events for Next Month ................... 4 of Productivity Software .................................. 16 Minutes of the Business Meetings ................... 29 The Light Side of the Dark Side ...................... 17 Membership Application ................................ 37 CS-Odessa Announces Officers and Volunteers .................................. 34 Conceptdraw Professional .............................. 18 Submissions to the Newsletter ........................ 35 Mac Only Classified Site .................................. 19 Submission Specifications .............................. 34 Special Offer from Wacom.............................. 21 Treasurer’s Report for May ............................... 5 Sell a Mac Dot Com ........................................ 22 Treasurer’s Report for June .............................. 6 Network-Aware (Viruses Spreading Fast) ....... 22 We Invite You to Join Us! ................................ 36 Microsoft Outlook Vulnerable to New Attack .. 24 Reviews and Articles Is Microsoft Secretly Using Open Source? ....... 25 The Huntsville No Newsletter During the Month of June .......... 4 Link Checker for Macs Now Macintosh MacNews Wins Second Award .......................... 4 Users Faster and More Compatible .......................... 27 Group Macworld New York Attracts Record Crowd ..... 5 Newsletter Adobe Explains and Entertains ......................... 8 for July 27, 2001 Procreate/Corel Provides Easy Access to Keynote ..................................... 9 Page Booty Check ................................................... 10 2
  3. 3. Macintosh, It Just 2002 Calendar Works! of Events 2001 Calendar Business Meeting ................................January 12 of Events Informal Meeting ..............................January 26 Business Meeting ................................February 9 Business Meeting ................................. August 11 Informal Meeting ............................February 23 Informal Meeting ............................... August 25 Election of Officers at the Business Meeting ............................. September 8 Business Meeting ................................... March 9 Informal Meeting ......................... September 22 Informal Meeting ............................... March 23 Business Meeting ............................... October 13 Dues must be in before ...................... April 1 Informal Meeting ............................. October 27 Business Meeting .................................... April 13 Business Meeting ............................November 10 Informal Meeting .................................. April 27 Informal Meeting ..................... ☛No Meeting Business Meeting ..................................... May 11 Business Meeting ............................. December 8 Informal Meeting ................................... May 25 Informal Meeting ..................... ☛No Meeting The Business Meeting ...................................... June 8 Huntsville Informal Meeting .................................. June 22 Macintosh Users Business Meeting ......................................July 13 Group Informal Meeting ....................................July 27 Newsletter for July 27, 2001 * During the holidays, the Informal Meetings are canceled. The November newsletter is delivered at the Page Business Meeting in December. The December newsletter will be combined with the January newsletter 3 and delivered to the January Informal Meeting.
  4. 4. Macintosh, August 2001 It Just W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Works! Business Meeting Newsletter Submission Informal Meeting at the Library Deadline at St. Stephen’s No Newsletter During MacNews Wins the Month of June Second Award There was no newsletter issued during the month of by Keith Putnam June because I had abdominal surgery on June 19th The User Group University finishes the day, each and was not able to produce the newsletter. I term, with awards for User Group newsletters and apologize for any concern this might have caused web sites. The newsletter competitions are divided but, of course, it was just not possible to do any into categories: print newsletters up to twelve pages work during that period. and thirteen pages and over. This year, John My thanks goes out to all those who expressed McDonald’s “screen version” of MacNews took The third place honors in the Large Newsletter category. Huntsville concern about my well being and offered to help me Macintosh through my recovery. Adobe sponsored this event. The competition was Users coordinated by the Washington Apple Pi Users Group MacNews Editor: John McDonald ❑ Group. As the winners were announced, represen- Newsletter for July 27, tatives of winning publications were allowed to 2001 choose from products in a pool of software pro- vided by Adobe. Mr. Putnam, having no clue as to Page our particular needs, chose Adobe InDesign. ❑ 4
  5. 5. Macintosh, Macworld New York week for the Macworld Conference & Expo. This It Just year’s record attendance is the highest ever for the Attracts Record Crowd New York event. Works! Attendance Tops 64,000, The final attendance numbers contrast sharply Crowning Macworld the Largest with lowered attendance figures at other technol- East Coast Technology Show ogy shows this year - most notably, PC Expo held at Framingham, Mass. and Cupertino, Calif. - July 25, the same convention center just three weeks prior. 2001 - IDG World Expo and Apple today announced Macworld has now surpassed both PC Expo and that more than 64,000 attendees packed the Jacob Internet World as the largest annual technology K. Javits Convention Center in New York City last event in New York City. Treasurer’s Report Transaction Detail Report - May 2001 Balance (Beginning of the Month) ................................................................................. $ 2,357.10 ——————————————————————————————————————————— Date Description Memo Category Amount The 05-08-01 ... Deposit..................... Dues X 1 ........................... Dues ................................. $ 25.00 Huntsville 05-18-01 ... Deposit..................... Dues X 3 ........................... Dues ................................. $ 80.00 Macintosh 05-28-01 ... John McDonald ........ Printing .............................. Newsletter ........................ $ -38.56 Users 05-29-01 ... Deposit..................... Dues X 2 ........................... Dues ................................. $ 50.00 Group ——————————————————————————————————————————— Newsletter Balance (End of the Month) ............................................................................................ $ 2,473.54 for July 27, ——————————————————————————————————————————— 2001 Total Inflows....................................................................................................................... $ 155.00 Total Outflows .................................................................................................................... $ -38.56 Page ——————————————————————————————————————————— Net Total ............................................................................................................................ $ 116.44 5
  6. 6. Macintosh, “The loyalty of the Mac community is astounding,” onstrated phenomenal support for Apple’s latest It Just said Charlie Greco, president and CEO of IDG innovations at Macworld this year,” said Philip Works! World Expo. “While other tradeshows struggle with Schiller, Apple’s vice president of product market- low attendance numbers, Macworld Conference & ing. “It’s really great to see this strong show of Expo continues to set new records. As the number support and excitement by so many customers for one technology tradeshow in New York City and San Mac OS X and all of Apple’s digital lifestyle products Francisco, Macworld is proof positive that the demonstrated at this year’s show.” In addition to the Macintosh platform is hotter than ever.” show’s record attendance, more than 44,000 people “The growing enthusiasm for the Mac platform is around the world tuned in simultaneously for a live contagious. Our customers and developers dem- stream of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote via their Treasurer’s Report Transaction Detail Report - June 2001 Balance (Beginning of the Month) ................................................................................. $ 2,473.54 ——————————————————————————————————————————— Date Description Memo Category Amount The 06-08-01 ... Postmaster ............... P.O. Box 7371, West Sta. .. P.O. Box Rent ................... $ -45.00 Huntsville 06-11-01 ... Deposit..................... Dues X 5 ........................... Dues ................................. $ 125.00 Macintosh 06-29-01 ... Deposit..................... Dues X 2 ........................... Dues ................................. $ 55.00 Users 06-29-01 ... John McDonald ........ Postage ............................. Newsletter ........................ $ -34.00 Group ——————————————————————————————————————————— Newsletter Balance (End of the Month) ............................................................................................ $ 2,574.54 for July 27, ——————————————————————————————————————————— 2001 Total Inflows....................................................................................................................... $ 180.00 Total Outflows .................................................................................................................... $ -79.00 Page ——————————————————————————————————————————— Net Total ............................................................................................................................ $ 101.00 6
  7. 7. Macintosh, QuickTime Player. QuickTime 5, Apple’s industry- perfect for our products and booth traffic was It Just leading software for creating, playing and stream- heavy. In short, a perfect show.” Works! ing high-quality audio and video over the Internet, “The traffic at our booth was phenomenal,” said is available for free download to Macintosh and Michael Rogers, president of Aspyr Media, Inc. Windows users at “The entire games area, including the gaming the- Highlights from the opening keynote address in- ater, was one of the most popular we’ve seen at any cluded a preview of Mac OS X version 10.1, with expo. We were thrilled by the opportunity to show- demonstrations of native Mac OS X applications by case our products at the event.” 10 major developers including Adobe, Aspyr, About Apple Alias|Wavefront, Blizzard, Connectix, FileMaker, Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in IBM, Microsoft, Quark and WorldBook. More than the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the 1,000 native applications are now available on Mac personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. OS X and more than 50 third-party developers Apple is committed to bringing the best personal made announcements at the show supporting Mac computing experience to students, educators, cre- OS X. Apple introduced major upgrades to its ative professionals and consumers around the world desktop computing family with the introduction of through its innovative hardware, software and In- The a new line of faster Power Mac G4s with the revolu- ternet offerings. Huntsville Macintosh tionary SuperDrive, and faster, more powerful iMacs About IDG World Expo Users for today’s digital lifestyle. iDVD 2 for Mac OS X v Group IDG World Expo ( pro- 10.1 was also previewed. Newsletter duces world-class tradeshows, conferences, and for July 27, “Macworld New York was a great success for events for emerging IT markets around the globe. 2001 Connectix,” said Mitchell Cipriano, vice president As the leading IT event management company, IDG Page of marketing at Connectix, one exhibitor featured World Expo leverages its unsurpassed experience in the “Ten on X” keynote. “The attendees are and knowledge of IT-focused events and confer- 7
  8. 8. (c) 2001 Apple. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac, Mac OS, Power Macintosh, ences, enabling technology companies to capture Mac, and SuperDrive, and QuickTime are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. It Just the attention and loyalty of influential buyers. IDG ❑ Works! World Expo’s portfolio of conferences and events includes Macworld Conference & Expo, LinuxWorld Adobe Explains Conference & Expo, COMNET Conference & Expo, COMNET Wireless Conference & Expo, Federal and Entertains Open Source Conference, ESPWorld, Enterprise by Keith Putnam Application Summit, BioITWorld Conference & Expo The Adobe User Group Breakfast was pretty much and Internet Entertainment Expo (IEX). IDG World as expected. Entertaining and lucrative. Demon- Expo is a subsidiary of International Data Group strations were given on Photoshop Elements, (IDG), the leading global provider of IT media, PageMaker 7, InDesign, and Acrobat 5.0. These research, conferences, and expositions. were all demonstrated in OS X, not Classic mode. Photoshop Elements was presented as the Photoshop About IDG tool for the average user. It provides many pro- IDG publishes more than 300 magazines and news- cesses that are common in Photoshop, but that are papers and 4,000 book titles and offers on-line set up in one-step tools. The manual approach is users the largest network of technology-specific The still available for those who want the arduous path. sites around the world through (http:// Huntsville, which comprises more than 270 Terry White was, as usual, Adobe’s primary pre- Macintosh Users targeted Web sites in 70 countries. IDG is also a senter. He provides entertaining and exciting dis- Group leading producer of 168 computer-related exposi- plays of Adobe capabilities. His favorite new feature Newsletter in PageMaker 7 is the DataMerge function. He for July 27, tions worldwide, and provides IT market analysis 2001 through 50 offices in 43 countries worldwide. demonstrated its ability to merge comma delimited Company information is available at http:// data into a project such as membership cards for Page UG members. Very slick. 8
  9. 9. Macintosh, InDesign was demonstrated running native in OS X. Adobe’s free upgrade policy is that products pur- It Just This package links to the creator application when chased within thirty days of a new version an- Works! object editing is needed. That is, when using a nouncement are eligible for a free upgrade. Adobe Photoshop file, if edit is chosen, Photoshop is intends to provide OS X capability in its products as opened. Following the edit, the object is automati- a part of their standard feature improvement sched- cally updated in InDesign. InDesign now has a ule. With a typical development cycle of 15–18 transparency capability, understanding Photoshop months, a new release can be roughly predicted, transparencies. This allows the Photoshop file to based on the previous release date. ❑ retain its transparent character when imported into InDesign. Export to PDF is now a built-in function. Procreate/Corel Provides Distiller is not needed. Easy Access to Keynote InDesign now has all the settings for printing gath- by Keith Putnam ered into one dialog box, saving the user much time Corel hosted a user group breakfast, Wednesday and confusion. morning, the time that many people feel compelled Acrobat 5.0 allows the user to download a single to be in the keynote address waiting line at Macworld web page, then augment the file by merely clicking Expo. In order to increase the retention of attend- The ees, the breakfast organizers arranged to have the Huntsville the link on the page in Acrobat. When the page Macintosh collection is complete, Acrobat retains the links web broadcast available to present immediately Users from the web page for use in the PDF. An interesting following the breakfast. There was a bit of difficulty Group in getting set up, but the majority of the keynote was Newsletter feature, that is not necessarily new, is the article for July 27, thread feature. A single click, inside a threaded there to be enjoyed, with no standing in line for 2001 article, connects the user to the article text and hours required. Page magnifies it. Subsequent clicks will carry the reader Corel gave demonstrations of Painter, Knockout, to the next portion of the article text. CorelDraw, and others. ❑ 9
  10. 10. Macintosh, Booty Check Steve Jobs It Just by Keith Putnam Feeds the Masses Works! The formidable team of Linda and Keith Putnam by Keith Putnam laid waste to the MacExpo and returned with an Untold numbers of Apple fans and detractors lined up amazing array of goodies. (Amazing tonnage, at and hungrily awaited the latest news from “the Steve.” least.) Software to be raffled includes: Adobe Some lined up hours before the doors would open. At Photoshop Elements, the Adobe Product Sampler, long last, the Javits Convention Center consumed the Casady & Greene’s MacCare Unit, Stoneware for eager masses, which poured into the hall for the keynote. Mac OS X, and products from Aladdin, including Apple’s leader, Steve Jobs, appeared in his trademark Stuffit Deluxe, Flashback, Shrinkwrap, Sundial, garb and began the show. DragStrip, Spring Cleaning, and the Aladdin Solu- The Apple Store experience was chosen as the tions collection. introduction to Apple’s strategy in this year’s key- Included in the other goodies are seven T-shirts, note. This portion was only partially visible and three baseball hats, several current issues of popu- totally inaudible to those at Corel’s breakfast (See lar Mac magazines, buttons, spiral bound notepads, “Corel Provides…”). In usual fashion, several soft- The badge holders, coozies, cobalt blue travel mugs ware vendors began the show. Huntsville from Corel and “Office 2001, the Missing Manual” World Book Encyclopedia showed their OS X ver- Macintosh from O’Reilly. There’s probably more, but you’ll Users sion which was available at the show for $60. have to come to the next few meetings to find out. Group ❑ Jobs announced that Warcraft III is now carbon- Newsletter for July 27, ized, providing real-time 3D and Battle-net capabil- 2001 ity. Page Aspyr’s Brian Rogers announced that ProSkater, developed with Tony Hawk will ship with OS 9 and 10 OS X capability in the same box.
  11. 11. Macintosh, Maya, from Alias Wavefront was shown running in The new Power Mac G4 is called “Quicksilver,” to It Just OS X. Maya is considered the tool of choice for the describe its performance and its redesigned ap- Works! high end 3D professional. pearance. The line still consists of three models, After several updates to OS X, OS 10.1 will ship in beginning with the high-end of last season’s models. September, with improvements in performance, Only the low-end comes standard with no menus, windows, and application launch. Several SuperDrive. applications were launched using this version. Each $1,699.00 • 733MHz PowerPC G4 • 256K L2 time the launch time was astounding. This release cache • 128MB SDRAM memory • 40GB Ultra ATA will allow Macs to look like a windows machine drive • CD-RW drive • NVIDIA GeForce2 MX • Gi- when viewed by a windows network, saving much gabit Ethernet • 56K internal modem frustration for network administrators and the Mac $2,499.00 • 867MHz PowerPC G4 • 256K L2 & users they support. A document minimizing func- 2MB L3 cache • 128MB SDRAM memory • 60GB tion called “scale” moves items to the Dock much Ultra ATA drive • SuperDrive • NVIDIA GeForce2 faster than the Genie. The Dock will now be por- MX • Gigabit Ethernet • 56K internal modem table in 10.1, which will be a free upgrade. $3,499.00 • Dual 800MHz PowerPC G4 • 256K The new iBook, in May and June, shipped 182,000 L2 & 2MB L3 per processor • 256MB SDRAM The Huntsville units; more notebooks than Apple has ever shipped memory • 80GB Ultra ATA drive • SuperDrive Macintosh in a quarter. • NVIDIA GeForce2 MX with TwinView • Gigabit Users Group The iMac line has been upgraded, also. All models Ethernet • 56K internal modem Newsletter ship with CD-RW. The models come with 20GB, As is typical for the Macworld Expo, a speed shootout for July 27, 40GB, and 60GB hard drives and processor speeds was presented, pitting a 1.7 GHz Pentium IV against 2001 of 500Mhz, 600Mhz, and 700MHz. The top of the a Mac with one 867 MHz G4. Comparisons were Page line was said to be available in August, with the made with Media Cleaner Pro and Photoshop. The others available immediately. G4 completed the Media Cleaner far ahead of the 11
  12. 12. Macintosh, Pentium. The G4 performed 80% faster than the show that was less than dazzling. The breakfast, It Just Pentium in the Photoshop test. while fun and much appreciated, seemed to indi- Works! The answer to the question “How can this be?” was cate that Apple, too, felt that there wasn’t a lot to say answered in a explanation of “The MegaHertz Myth.” about the new versions of their products. Perhaps Apple Senior VP of Hardware Jon Rubinstein de- Apple felt that the UG members would have heard all tailed why the clock speed of a computer isn’t an the news by this time and wanted to give information accurate way to compare system performance. of interest that was not in the mainstream of avail- ability. Presentations were given on Apple iServices, the history of the iMac, and the new versions of the A revision of iDVD2 was also announced. This version G4 machines and iMacs. has motion menus, video on buttons, soundtrack on Apple iServices, found at slideshows, and can provide 90 minutes of video on a disk. This version is only on OS X, and is free to current iDVD customers. offers new certifications for OS X, as Apple Certified Apple’s review of the keynote is at Technical Coordinator or Apple Certified System Administrator. Both certs include OS X Admin Ba- The 2001/07/macworld/keynote.html. sics. Testing for these certifications is conducted at Huntsville Prometric Testing Centers. Macintosh ❑ Users A man known as “iMike” Shebanek presented the Group Apple’s iMac history. Several interesting items were brought Newsletter out in this program. He described the manufactur- for July 27, User Group Breakfast ing process with great enthusiasm. Manufacturing 2001 by Keith Putnam testing for the iMac production is, in many cases, Page With more than 280 UG members crowding the performed using older Macs. The method used for meeting hall at the New Yorker Hotel, Apple gave a keeping the iMac plastic exterior in pristine condi- 12
  13. 13. Macintosh, tion employs a vacuum device that adheres to the The program was completed with a segment on the It Just monitor surface, allowing the iMac to be handled new G4 Quicksilver. The G4 case has been rede- Works! without the case being degraded. The interior com- signed, but retains the popular, drawbridge access ponents in iMac circuitry were custom manufac- to the interior. The speaker has been improved tured in a dark color to improve what would be sonically, but has also been visually updated. It is no seen in the transparent cases. In the search for a longer protected with a perforated cover, as in clear plastic that could provide adequate strength traditional designs. A shiny, recessed diaphragm, in a ventilated hangle design, Apple consulted sup- color-coordinated with the case, sits exposed to pliers of automobile headlight plastics. More re- finger access. cent models of iMac have an Ethernet port that is As discussed at the keynote the G4 Power Mac line designed to reject the connector used for telephone is bigger, better, faster. The high-end offering has connections. two 800MHz processors. This configuration will The iMac’s sound system has been designed to run Final Cut Pro 70% faster than the 733MHz perform beautifully on its own, or when connected model. The Dual 800’s GeForce display card also to iSub, a sub-woofer which provides frequency provides dual monitor capability, out of the box. response down to 46 Hz. When the iSub is con- The Q&A session aired the concern that Apple The nected the audio signal is passed through a cross- seemed to be losing the entry-level price point that Huntsville Macintosh over circuit, sending the low frequencies only to the was so attractive to the education market. At one Users iSub, allowing the internal speakers to provide time there was an iMac at $799, while the new low Group more power and clarity to the mid-band and upper Newsletter end, the 500MHz model, is $999. Mr. Shebanek for July 27, frequencies. assured the crowd that there would be a lower- 2001 The new editions of iMac were discussed briefly. priced model for education. ❑ Page The line will have 500MHz, 600MHz and 700MHz models, priced at $999, $1299, and $1499, re- 13 spectively. All models are equipped with CDRW.
  14. 14. Macintosh, A Better Bag • Detachable cellular phone pocket, that some It Just TiBaggers have used for their sunglasses for Your PowerBook Works! • Adjustable velcro shoulder strap Press release, dated July 15, 2001 Check it out at: • Fashionable messenger style bag with a single strap that goes over shoulder or chest for maxi- http// mum comfort ❑ • Constructed with super-durable 600 Denier Polyester Aladdin Systems Ships • Extra padded back panel for protection New Version of iClean and comfort The Quick Internet Cleanup • 1/4˝ foam sewn in lining Software Utility iClean Eliminates Internet Clutter Ensuring Net • Dimensions: 11˝ x 14.5˝ x 6˝ Privacy - Watsonville, CA - June 29, 2001 - Aladdin • Color: black with silver embroidered logo (more Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin colors coming soon!) Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI), today The Huntsville • 7 organizer compartments shipped iClean™ 4.0 which adds Cookie Edi- Macintosh • Compartment 2 provides your TiBook with maxi- tor™ to its arsenal of Internet clean up tools. Users mum protection and leaves the largest compart- iClean 4.0 now allows users to selectively edit their Group Web cookies for improved Web surfing. iClean is Newsletter ment for your books, folders, and larger items for July 27, also included in Spring Cleaning™ 4.0, the num- • 3 pen pockets 2001 ber one cleaning solution for the Macintosh, re- • Velcro and zipper seals leased earlier this month. A free trial of iClean is Page available for download at: 14
  15. 15. Macintosh, To learn more about iClean, visit: It Just index.html Works! iClean index.html Quickly Removes Internet Tracks To learn more about Spring Cleaning, visit: iClean sweeps away Web surfing tracks by clean- ing out Web cache files, Internet histories, and springcleaning/index.html cookies. iClean gives users a detailed summary of Pricing, Availability and items that can be deleted and how much disk Requirements space can be recovered. Conveniently located on iClean has a suggested U.S. street price of $29.95 the desktop, iClean makes regular maintenance and is available directly from Aladdin at fast and easy - just click to clean Internet clutter. “With concerns over Internet privacy, iClean pro- vides relief for avid Internet surfers who want to or via customer service at ensure their tracks are quickly removed,” said Pauline Shumake, iClean product manager. or (831)761-6200. Customers can download a The Cookie Editor trial version of iClean from: Huntsville New Feature Macintosh Cookie Editor is designed to help a user decide Users Upgrade Information Group which Internet cookies to keep and which to iClean 3.5 owners can upgrade to version 4.0 for Newsletter eliminate. The editor provides the user with useful $14.95, or take advantage of the full cleaning power for July 27, information about their cookies, such as their of Spring Cleaning 4.0 for $19.95 at: 2001 location, expiration date, and security informa- Page tion for each cookie, helping users optimize their upgrade.html Web experience. 15
  16. 16. Macintosh, iClean requires a Power Macintosh computer, run- winning diagramming application, ConceptDraw. It Just ning Mac OS 8.1 and newer, including Mac OS X, This line includes several editions of ConceptDraw Works! with at least 8MB of RAM. Carbon Lib 1.0.4 or software (Standard, Professional, Educational and higher, Navigation Services 1.0.1 or higher and Medical Editions), ConceptDraw Server and new Internet Config 2.0 is recommended for users applications - ConceptDraw Presentation and running Mac OS 8.6 and older to take advantage of ConceptDraw MindNap. the iClean Help Guide. The products of ConceptDraw line of Productivity Aladdin Systems, Inc: Helping Transmit, Access and Organize Information™. Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: software lets carry out a wide range of charting and ALHI) was founded in 1988. Aladdin is a developer and publisher of Windows and Macintosh software products that are designed to assist users with the Transmission, diagramming tasks on a professional level, create Access and Organization (TAO) of information. Aladdin’s software offers a range of solutions to increase user efficiency in the areas of information access, removal, recovery, security and Internet distribution. diverse business and technical illustrations, dy- Aladdin is located at 245 Westridge Drive, Watsonville, CA 95076, USA; telephone: (831)761-6200; Fax: (831)761-6206. For more information about Aladdin, visit the namic presentations and slide-shows, and effec- company Web site at: <> or e-mail: <>. Forward Looking Statements: Any information contained within this news release which tively brainstorm and structure ideas. All the cause actual results to vary materially from the future results covered in such forward- products are powered by ConceptDraw technol- is not historical data may be deemed ‘forward-looking statements.’ Factors which could looking statements include competition and the management of the Company’s growth. Such forward-looking statements are subject to other risks and uncertainties, which are ogy, which makes the applications compatible detailed in the Company’s filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Spring Cleaning, iClean, Cookie Editor, and the Aladdin logo are trademarks of Aladdin with each other and allows to freely exchange Systems, Inc. All other product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. documents between various ConceptDraw prod- The ❑ ucts. The files made with ConceptDraw compat- Huntsville Macintosh ible applications can be shared across Macintosh Users CS-Odessa Announces and Windows platforms and published on the Web Group Newsletter New Line of Productivity with the help of ConceptDraw Server. for July 27, Software at Macworld NY Additional information on ConceptDraw products can Odessa, Ukraine - July 18th, 2001 - Computer be found at: 2001 Page Systems Odessa, Corp., announces a line of pro- http// ductivity software titles, based on its popular award- 16
  17. 17. Macintosh, About Conceptdraw The Light Side It Just ConceptDraw is the most powerful cross-platform charting and drawing tool available for Mac OS/ of the Dark Side Works! Mac OS X and Windows. It’s meant for creating provided by Larry Bauer professional-looking flowcharts, business diagrams, From DSL reports: “A computer without a Microsoft research layouts, organization schemes, plans and operating system is like a dog without bricks tied to sharing them across the platforms. ConceptDraw con- its head.” tains extensive libraries, supports intelligent formula- attributed to Bruce Lundberg” controlled objects, and features powerful HTML export. The Constitution may not be the greatest work ever The Carbonized version of ConceptDraw was intro- set to paper, but it sure beats what the government duced at Macworld Expo 2001 in San Francisco. is using now. Pricing and Availability originator not known Products of ConceptDraw line are available on-line “The closer one looks at Microsoft licensing, the from the ConceptDraw site or through local dis- more it resembles an elaborate, years-long shell tributors. game that you know the customer’s going to lose.” Detailed information on the purchase options, dis- Ed Foster, The Gripe Line ❑ The Huntsville counts and availability can be found here: Macintosh Users Group Please direct questions and inquiries to Newsletter for July 27, 2001 ❑ Page 17
  18. 18. Macintosh, CS-Odessa Announces • Compatibility with CAD applications thanks to It Just import/export support for DXF format, plus sup- Conceptdraw Professional port for several more graphic formats Works! at Macworld Expo • Outline support allows to generate a chart from NY/2001 its textual description and save the drawing in a Odessa, Ukraine - July 18th, 2001 - Computer textual format Systems Odessa Corp. presents the Professional • Powerful presentation solution with PowerPoint, Edition of its award-winning cross-platform draw- which lets import PowerPoint presentations and ing software ConceptDraw for Mac OS/Mac OS X turn ConceptDraw drawings into PowerPoint slide and Windows. Compared to ConceptDraw Stan- shows and presentations dard, the Professional Edition features more pow- • Improved MS Visio Data Exchange including erful functionality, enriched set of libraries, and conversion of ConceptDraw documents to Visio interface enhancements, which considerably wid- files ens its sphere of application and makes it indis- pensable tool for larger audience of professionals • Streamlined interface working in software and network engineering, ar- The release of ConceptDraw Professional is ex- The pected in the end of August, 2001. Huntsville chitecture and design, and diverse fields of re- Macintosh search and teaching. Additional information on the Professional Edition Users Professional of ConceptDraw can be found at: Group Newsletter Edition adds: for July 27, • Over 25 additional libraries for such areas as About Conceptdraw 2001 Network Diagrams, Process Engineering, Archi- ConceptDraw is the most powerful cross-platform Page tectural, Chemical, Electrical Engineering, and flowcharter available for Macintosh and Windows. Maps ConceptDraw is among the first applications ready 18
  19. 19. Macintosh, for Mac OS X. The Carbonized version of Mac Only Classifieds Site It Just ConceptDraw was introduced at Macworld Expo We are proud to inform you about a new interna- Works! 2001 in San Francisco. At the New York Expo, the tional Mac-only classifieds web site final version of ConceptDraw for OS X was demon- strated. A site where second hand, used, refurbished, and Pricing and Availability almost new Macs change owner. The suggested retail price for ConceptDraw Profes- sional is $249 for the full version. Upgrades cost is SecondhandMac has its roots in the Netherlands, $125. where (the Dutch ver- sion) is the undisputed Mac-classifieds market Please direct questions and inquiries to leader. We updated and translated the site and added many features our users suggested. Now System Requirements SecondhandMac is here for you. Mac OS version 8.5 or higher, with CarbonLib 1.1 MUGs and SecondhandMac +, or Mac OS X; Power PC processor (G3 recom- In our opinion the User Groups are the best source mended); 32 MB of RAM (more is better); 30 MB of shared Mac knowledge and a great way to meet The of available hard drive space people. If the MUG you represent would like to Huntsville Macintosh About Computer Systems share links or would like to have a link on the Mac Users Odessa User Group list on SecondhandMac, please let us Group Computer Systems Odessa is a Ukraine-based com- know and send us a short description with a direct Newsletter for July 27, pany with the headquarters in Odessa. CS Odessa link to your site. Please do not forget to mention the 2001 has been in the software business since 1993. For country and state or province you are in. more information visit the corporate site at Page http// 19 ❑
  20. 20. Macintosh, Extra Service for MUGs post will be on top of the list when the world learns It Just For the Mac User Groups we developed an extra about this site. Works! service to share the classifieds on SecondhandMac. We are looking forward to work with you and the Every MUG can place a direct link in their site to a MUG you represent. Please visit special search page conforming to their wishes. So if your MUG is located in California USA, we can filter our database real-time and show the classifieds we hope you like it. located in California, USA directly in your site. All If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to MUG members can use to contact us. post ads and view them in your site. For More Information You can find an example of this MUG service at Steph Weigert Press and Sales tkagmug.lasso?s=shmus&p=California You do not have to reserve extra server space or T +31 (0)20-6691016 perform maintenance, all that is needed is to tell us Amsterdam, The Netherlands The what you would like to have listed. If you would like to read more about SecondhandMac Huntsville Prelaunch; please visit Macintosh Users Your Ad on Top Group We invite you and the members of your MUG to post and click “About SHM.” Newsletter the first classifieds and advertise the Macs or It is also possible to subscribe to the SecondhandMac for July 27, Macintosh related hardware and software you sell 2001 Mailinglist. or want to buy. We will inform the major Macintosh Page Details are on our web site (Click on “SHM media a few days from now, so you can use this MailingList.” ❑ prelaunch for your own advantage. The ads you 20
  21. 21. Macintosh, Special Offer For product information, check out It Just from Wacom Works! intuos.cfm Editor’s Note: This announcement was suppose to presented during the month of June. There is This is an exclusive offer that Wacom is making to no date as a limit for this offer, except it is a select associations, organizations and user groups. limited time offer. Don’t be surprised if it has To maintain this exclusivity, if your association expired. would like Wacom to maintain a list of your mem- bers, we will reference it when someone calls in to In an effort to recognize select user groups and make a purchase. If not, we will simply request that professional associations, Wacom would like to the caller give us their name, organization and extend some special pricing considerations to your Source Code (found on the attached flyer) to ensure organization. For a very limited time, you can that the offer has in fact been extended to your obtain one of the following graphic tablets for as group. much as 50% off the suggested retail price! Please post this offer on your web site, hand out at The Intelligent Graphics Tablet System: your next meeting, send via e-mail, etc. If you have • Intuos 6x8 (USB) Special Price: $199.67 (SRP any questions about this offer or wish to provide a The Huntsville $383.99) membership list, please feel free to give me a call or Macintosh • Intuos 9x12 (USB or Serial) Special Price: simply reply. Users $299.62 (SRP $509.99) Sincerely, Group Newsletter • Intuos 12x12 (USB or Serial) Special Price: Bill Lindsay for July 27, $299.62 (SRP $509.99) Southeastern Regional Sales Manager 2001 • Intuos 12x18 (USB or Serial) Special Price: Wacom Technology Page $399.37 (SRP $819.99) 813/994.0383 voice 813/994.0382 fax 21
  22. 22. Macintosh, nearly 100,000 desktop systems in the last month, It Just according to security officials. Works! ❑ The viruses, PE_Funlove.4099 and PE_Magistr.A, are not new, but are harder to identify than typical, Sell a Mac Dot Com mass-mailing viruses that spread via e-mail address books. And according to security software maker This web site is created for users of Apple Macintosh Trend Micro, which ranked the viruses numbers computers. The number one site for buying and one and two on its Virus Tracking Center Top 10, selling Macintosh related products. they present a greater threat to Web users. This site gives you the chance to sell your Macintosh Trend Micro says PE_Funlove.4099, first discov- related products. No need to register with personal ered a year-and-a-half ago, and PE_Magistr.A, information and best of all it’s 100% free. ❑ discovered in March, are especially insidious be- cause of their ability to continue infecting the Network-Aware same users. By exploiting shared or mapped drives, Viruses Spreading Fast including the Internet itself, the viruses spread to by Jay Lyman computers via networks in addition to e-mail. The Huntsville July 13, 2001 Stealthy Methods Macintosh The viruses are not new, but are particularly trouble- “What makes it network-aware is that it looks on Users Group some due to their ability to continue infecting the your computer to see if you’re connected to another Newsletter same users and spread by exploiting shared or computer for file sharing,” Trend Micro spokes- for July 27, mapped drives. Two network-aware viruses, which woman Susan Orbuch told NewsFactor Network. “It 2001 scan and attack file-sharing features on computers, uses the network instead of e-mail to travel from Page are spreading at a rapid rate and have infected one computer to another.” The viruses are so stealthy that they can quickly infect users again and 22
  23. 23. Macintosh, again, often without users being aware they are protective measures of updating anti-virus software It Just infected or infecting others, according to Trend and not opening attachments. “This type of threat Works! Micro, which also notes that the network-aware takes a different kind of approach,” Orbuch said. viruses tend to last much longer. “These are old “The first thing to do is to clean house and make viruses that have suddenly picked up in visibility,” sure you’re clean.” Orbuch said computer users Orbuch said. “It goes to show that old viruses need to update virus protection, enable real-time never die.” scanning and tighten password or other security for 90,000 Computers Hit file sharing to defend against the resurgent viruses. Trend Micro reports the two viruses have infected Hacking Together more than 90,000 desktop computers so far, and Orbuch, who warned of Magistr’s destructive pay- their spread appears to be continuing. Orbuch said load that prevents a computer re-boot, said the Trend Micro’s Housecall scanning software alone viruses may have required substantial knowledge to had identified some 10,500 new infections in the create initially, but that hackers tend to build on one last three days. “It’s significant because it means it’s another’s work, making later versions easier to affecting a fair amount of people in a short amount create. “Was it hard to write the first time? Yes. Was of time,” Orbuch told NewsFactor. “It’s really out it hard to write the second time? No,” she said. The there circulating now.” “Once one hacker’s figured out how to do it, they’ve Huntsville Macintosh Beyond Normal Protection sort of opened a Pandora’s box,” Orbuch added. Users Mass-mailed computer worms such as the recent “Sometimes the virus is rooted out, but then it Group Anna Kournikova, Melissa and Loveletter viruses reappears and spreads very quickly.” ❑ Newsletter for July 27, spread quickly, but typically die down quickly be- 2001 cause they are easily identified and intercepted, Page according to Trend Micro. The network-aware viruses, however, require more than the usual 23
  24. 24. Macintosh, Microsoft Outlook HTML-based e-mail to run malicious programs on It Just the victim’s computer without permission. Vulnerable to Works! ‘Vulnerable’ Windows New Attack The flaw, which was reported to the company Mon- by Brian McWilliams day by security researcher Georgi Guninski, also July 13, 2001 could allow an attacker to read, modify, or delete A new flaw has been exposed in all versions of e-mail in the victim’s Outlook inbox, said Culp. Microsoft Outlook, including the version bundled Guninski published an advisory on the bug today at with Windows XP, that could allow a hacker to take his Web site titled “The more money I give to over a user’s computer. A glitch in an ActiveX Microsoft, the more vulnerable my Windows com- control shipped with Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail puters are.” Guninski also posted a harmless dem- program could enable an attacker to take full onstration of the vulnerability, including source control of a victim’s computer, Microsoft con- code. Culp said Microsoft intends to release a firmed Thursday. bulletin about the flaw later today, and will follow The flaw, which affects all versions of Outlook, with a patch as soon as possible. To protect against including Outlook 2002, which Microsoft bundles attacks in the meantime, the company advises Out- The with its new Office XP suite, lies in an ActiveX look users to disable ActiveX in the Internet Zone of Huntsville Macintosh program named “Microsoft Outlook View Con- Internet Explorer. Users trol,” according to Scott Culp, head of Microsoft’s Flawed ActiveX Group security response center. Newsletter Outlook users who have applied the Outlook Secu- for July 27, By design, the affected ActiveX control allows Web rity Update are not vulnerable to the e-mail based 2001 pages to passively display to users the contents of vector of attack, nor are Outlook 2002 users. But Page their Outlook inbox. But a bug in the program the flawed ActiveX control could still expose them to could enable a specially designed Web page or Web-based exploits, according to Culp. While 24
  25. 25. Macintosh, Guninski has uncovered dozens of security vulner- Is Microsoft Secretly It Just abilities in Microsoft’s products including Internet Explorer, Outlook, Windows Media Player, Word, Using Open Source? Works! and Excel, the bug published today is the first he has by Lee Gomes The Wall Street Journal Online found that affects Office XP, which Microsoft June 18, 2001 5:00 AM PT launched in May. According to Guninski’s advisory, Microsoft Corp., even while mounting a new cam- the Bulgarian native recently bought a copy of paign against open-source software, has quietly Office XP and discovered “it was quite unpleasant been using such free computer code in several feeling giving so much money for so buggy prod- major products, as well as on key portions of a uct.” popular Web site — despite denying last week that it did so. Hacker ‘Poster Child’ Software connected with the FreeBSD open-source Microsoft’s Culp told news sources that by publish- operating system is used in several places deep ing the flaw before Microsoft had a patch ready, inside several versions of Microsoft’s Windows soft- Guninski was only benefiting malicious hackers. ware, such as in the “TCP/IP” section that arranges “Mr. Guninski is a poster child for bad behavior all connections to the Internet. The company also The when it comes to responsible reporting practices. uses FreeBSD on numerous “server” computers Huntsville that manage major functions at its Hotmail free Macintosh If your goal is to make the Internet more secure, Users you work with the vendor. Unfortunately, Mr. e-mail service, whose registered users exceed 100 Group Guninski has put countless of customers at risk for million and make it one of the Web’s busiest sites. Newsletter for July 27, no good reason,” said Culp. ❑ Microsoft acknowledged its repeated use of open- 2001 source code Friday, in response to questions about the matter. Just two days earlier, it had specifically Page denied the existence of any such software at Hotmail. 25
  26. 26. Macintosh, “Open-source” programs, such as the popular said Marshall Kirk McKusick, a leader of the FreeBSD It Just Linux operating system, are typically free and allow development team. Works! users to view and modify blueprint-like instruc- While not as well-known as Linux, FreeBSD has a tions known as source code. The growing popular- strong following in the technical community. Much ity of such software is among the most potent of Microsoft’s use of the software at Hotmail was competition for some of Microsoft’s products, and uncovered Thursday evening by Trevor Johnson, a for a new technology it has proposed called FreeBSD developer in Los Angeles who used stan- Microsoft.NET. dard Internet monitoring tools to check on the In recent statements, Microsoft executives have computers at Hotmail. Johnson said he acted be- argued that open-source software is dangerous to cause he was skeptical of Microsoft’s claim, in a companies using it, in large part because of the Wall Street Journal article Thursday, that there was licensing provisions that accompany the software. no FreeBSD left at the service. Microsoft Vice President Craig Mundie, for ex- When Microsoft moved to buy Hotmail in 1997, it ample, said in a recent speech that all open-source was already running on FreeBSD, and continued to software “has inherent security risks and can force do so for several years, a source of some embar- intellectual property into the public domain.” rassment to Microsoft. The company had earlier The Huntsville FreeBSD used on Hotmail? said, though, that it removed all FreeBSD from Macintosh But Microsoft’s statements Friday suggest the com- Hotmail last summer, and even has a lengthy tech- Users pany has itself been taking advantage of the very nical paper on its Web site describing the transition. Group Newsletter technology it has insisted would bring dire conse- But Friday, Microsoft conceded FreeBSD was still for July 27, quences to others. “I am appalled at the way being used at Hotmail on machines that track 2001 Microsoft bashes open source on the one hand, advertising and that run a crucial Internet function Page while depending on it for its business on the other,” known as “DNS hosting.” A Microsoft spokesman 26
  27. 27. Macintosh, said he couldn’t explain why Microsoft had given Linux, which has a more restrictive licensing ar- It Just out incorrect information on the topic. rangement than FreeBSD. Works! The spokesman said FreeBSD was still in use simply Microsoft, though, hasn’t previously suggested that because the company had yet to switch the ma- there were benign forms of open-source software, chines over to Windows. and while singling out Linux for special criticism, But one employee of the Redmond, Wash., com- has tended to criticize all open-source with the pany said Microsoft has deliberately kept FreeBSD same broad brush. in parts of Hotmail because of its technical superi- In its campaign against open-source, Microsoft has ority over Windows in important functions and been unable to come up with examples of compa- furthermore had decided to actually increase its nies being harmed by it. One reason, said Eric von reliance on FreeBSD. Many of the company’s Web Hippel, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology sites went down much of a day in January, and this professor who heads up a research effort in the person said FreeBSD was judged to be better than field, is that virtually all the available evidence Windows at helping to prevent a recurrence of the suggests that open source is “a huge advantage” to problem. companies. “They are able to build on a common On Friday, several FreeBSD volunteers combing standard that is not owned by anyone,” he said. The Huntsville through Microsoft products, including the new “With Windows, Microsoft owns them.” ❑ Macintosh Windows 2000 operating system, found numerous Users instances where Microsoft had made use of their Link Checker for Macs Group Newsletter software — something perfectly legal for it to do. Now Faster and for July 27, The Microsoft spokesman, in acknowledging that More Compatible 2001 fact, said it didn’t contradict the company’s many Germany, 11 June 2001 - Voget Selbach Enterprises Page recent anti-open-source statements. He said that’s (VSE) announced today an update to their link because Microsoft’s main objection has been to checker application VSE Link Tester. 27
  28. 28. Macintosh, According to a Web usability study by the Georgia The $ 99.95 US Business version is well suited for It Just Institute of Technology, net users rate broken links web masters that deal with many web sites and for Works! as the second-biggest problem on-line, right be- large corporate web sites. hind slow-loading pages. This new update is a free update for all VSE Link VSE Link Tester easily finds broken links on web Tester version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 users. pages. The application runs a fully automated web Distribution and Download site test and reports any errors in a clearly arranged VSE Link Tester is distributed as shareware. It can report. be included free of charge on shareware CD-ROMs. VSE Link Tester recognizes all HTML tags contain- The downloadable application is fully functional ing links (more than 30), finds links in JavaScript except for a limited report. Direct download link: code and in intrinsic events and supports dynamic web sites and user authentication. It also works Further Information with off-line web sites on your hard disk, tests multiple web sites at once and creates customizable index.html reports. The New to Version 3.2.1 download.html Huntsville This update recognizes more links in forms and Macintosh fixes all known bugs. Contact Users Johannes Selbach Group Pricing mailto: Newsletter VSE Link Tester is available in two different ver- Voget Selbach Enterprises for July 27, sions. 2001 Koenigsberger Str. 28, D-56235 Ransbach- Page The $ 34.95 US Standard version allows to test one Baumbach, Germany ❑ web site. It’s for private home pages and smaller 28 business sites.
  29. 29. Macintosh, Minutes of the Apple Ambassador’s Report It Just Keith Putnam said that the web site would be in the Business Meeting User Group University contest at MacWorld Expo on Works! July 14, 2001 Tuesday. Keith asked the members present for names by Lipmon Moy of software members wish to review and demo so There were 19 present with 1 guest. that he might make contacts while he is at the Janice Wright started the meeting at 10:00 AM. MacWorld Expo. He asked again for the name of the person who won QuicKeys and was suppose to give Treasurer’s Report a review before he attends MacWorld. Keith brought Keith Putnam presented the Treasurer’s Report for up the issue of the BoxLight projector’s inadequacy Pete Belcher and reported the balance to be to display greater than 640x480 resolution and $2574.00 ($180 expenses/$79.00 income) with suggested that 3M sells both demo and new units 52 paid members. He remarked that John with resolutions of 800x600 or better. He will also McDonald, newsletter editor, was still out and talk to other vendors at MacWorld. Janice suggested might attend the meeting if he is feeling up to it. He getting a copy of Kidspirations. Another member also asked members present that if they wanted to asked for a list of all Mac OS X applications avail- The renew their dues, he would take them for Pete. able. Huntsville Web Master’s Report Macintosh Old Business Users Marius reported that the new web site looked very good and he is still incorporating from MacNews BellSouth DSL Group Newsletter (old items) and extracting presentations, reviews, Janice had reported previously on her experience for July 27, etc. He also reported that the site is up in volume with BellSouth DSL installation and associated $199 2001 and the bulletin board option is still in develop- fee for Mac only while PC installation was free. The Page ment. Janice said she would nominate the HMUG BellSouth workers said to say it was a PC and it web site for the User Group Academy web award. would be free, but Janice is an honest person and 29
  30. 30. Macintosh, decided to write to BellSouth about the discrimina- question about the grounding of the outlets was It Just tion. Janice asked a cousin within BellSouth (an- brought up again, but it is still unresolved. Gene Works! other division) to provide names and addresses Wiggins will get with Bob Doehrman about the associated with the DSL division. She e-mailed a surge protection. letter to her cousin explaining the situation and New Business gave her permission to forward it on to others Donated Mac Equipment within BellSouth. Janice received a call from Janice reported that Houghton Publishing in BellSouth saying that she didn’t have to pay and that Albertville was wishing to donate older Mac equip- this has been a big problem. They also stated that as ment. She had taken 2 Laserwiters and one scanner of August 1, the ADSL installation would be free to to be used at her school. The remainder was in her Mac users. She estimated that with EarthLink’s car for the members to inspect, pick up, and utilize. competition and free installation, BellSouth has Marius stated that memory is so inexpensive now rethinked the situation. Gene Wiggins noted that he that Data Memory had 5v DIMMs for $36 especially is an Earthlink/Mindspring subscriber with a pre- for the 6360 Performas at the Lincoln Project paid year and they are having a $2.00 monthly Center. increase, which was reflected in his bill. He plans to The e-mail them about the billing problem. RIO/MP3 Player Huntsville Eric Cherry reported that iTunes supports MP3 Macintosh Lincoln Park Project players, but was limited to 6 only. Sonic Blue bought Users Janice presented a status overview of the HMUG Group the RIO with no indication that there would be Mac involvement with the Lincoln Park Community Cen- Newsletter support. He asked HMUG members who are using ter to set up a computer laboratory with donated for July 27, MP3 to mail letters to seeking Mac 2001 Macs. She has been monitoring the e-mails from support. HMUG members supporting this project and Page thanked them for their technical involvement. The 30
  31. 31. Macintosh, Flashes monitor for $439. Keith mentioned that other items It Just Apple in Education were being discounted. A question of the Cube’s Works! Lip Moy reported that is number one in Apple again video output was answered that it has VGA external and had bought PowerSchool (web based school output. Larry Stram said the Dr. Bott has carrying administration) and Spruce Technologies (DVD case for the Cube. authoring). Janice reported that she had received a USB/Parallel Printer Adapters call from a teacher in another local school system Lip said that Sears had on clearance 3 Belkins USB- who was interested in knowing more about how Parallel Printer adapters with Windows/Mac printer Boaz Elementary teachers had been using movies to drivers CDs for $9.95. They are normally $49.95. integrate technology into the curriculum. Janice This for new Mac users who want to continue using told her that, even though this system had all PCs, their HP or other parallel ported printers. they could accomplish this with just one iMac and Powerbook 1400 -For Sale a DV camcorder. This is because iMovie allows you Bill Lewis offered a Powerbook 1400cs for $80.00. to save the finished project as a QuickTime movie, The Powerbook was without AC adapter and had which is cross-platform. only the 3.5” floppy drive installed. It had 32MB Memory Prices RAM. The Huntsville Janice stated that the price for a 256MB DIMM for Outlook 2001 Macintosh a G3/G4 was inexpensive — $24.50 with $8.00 S/ Lip announced that Microsoft just released Outlook Users H or $29.50 with $4.00 S/H. Marius remarked if Group 2001 for Mac and had made several CDs for any one Newsletter you shop around you could find it cheaper. who might want it. He stated that the main require- for July 27, The Cube/Circuit City ment was to have access to a Microsoft Exchange 2001 Janice said that the Cube was being discontinued. server. The features of Outlook 2001 were identical Page She had at the Circuit City she demos a Cube as an to the Windows counterpart with contacts, calen- open box price of $1,439 and a 15˝ flat panel dar, and schedule. 31
  32. 32. Macintosh, Program enced this problem. The final question was con- It Just Lipmon Moy gave an overview presentation of cerning a HP932 Serif font printer output versus the Works! Microsoft Office 2001. The requested Microsoft screen display overlap. Marius said that with the sales video had not arrived in time for the meeting, Serif fonts, it’s a question of TrueType versus Post- so he developed a PowerPoint presentation that script. emphasized the new features and system require- Door Prizes and Winners ments of Microsoft Office 2001. Screenshots of Four T-Shirts (Provided by MacResources) – Ted the new Office were utilized to show the incorpo- Fronefield, Eric Cherry, Dave Lambert, Geoffrey ration of the Mac interface into the latest version Hintze of Microsoft Office. After the presentation, Janice 10 CD Caddy – Paul Ramsey announced that the Office version for OS X would be released this fall. 12 Zip Tower/Zip Disk - Geoffrey Hintze Other Remarks/Comments Word 6.0 Instruction Book – Bill Arnold A question about the latest update for AppleWorks PowerPoint 4.0 Instruction Book – Bill Lewis came up. With the installed 6.2 update under OS X, Gravis Gamemaster Joystick – Eric Cherry ❑ AppleWorks only opens through a document and The Huntsville not by itself. It was suggested to check the update Macintosh and reload it. A question asked about the delay in Users loading the address book under Eudora. It was Group suggested that the memory allocation be increased. Newsletter for July 27, Another question was brought up about a G4 under 2001 OS X and with iTunes. After playing several CDs, iTunes hangs up the G4. Apple had suggested re- Page moving and reinstalling iTunes. Others had experi- 32
  33. 33. Macintosh, It Just Works! The MACNEWS is published monthly by the Huntsville Macintosh Users Group, a nonprofit organization of users of the Apple Macintosh family of personal computers located in Huntsville, Alabama. Everything written in these pages is ©2001 by the Huntsville Macintosh Users Group, unless otherwise noted. Articles not specifically copyrighted by authors may be reprinted by other nonprofit MUGs as long as you give the authors credit. Other copyrighted articles may not be reproduced without the contributing writer’s permission. All photography and original artwork remain the property of the respective creators and may not be reproduced without their permission. Apple, Macintosh, Mac and any other Apple trademarks we have used The belong to Apple computer. “The MACNEWS is an independent publication Huntsville not affiliated or otherwise associated with or sponsored or sanctioned by Macintosh Apple Computer, Inc. The opinions, statements, position and views stated Users herein are those of the author(s) or publisher and are not intended to be the Group Newsletter opinions, statements, positions or views of Apple Computer, Inc.” for July 27, 2001 Page 33
  34. 34. Macintosh, Officers Membership Visit Our It Just Chairperson and Pete Belcher Web Site at Works! Volunteers Newsletter Editor President John McDonald Submissions to Janice Wright 256-882-0766 ( ( the Newsletter Vice President Newsletter Distributor - John contact John McDonald Lee Jones McDonald —by phone— ( Apple Ambassador Home (256) 882-0766 or Secretary Keith Putnam Work (256) 971-7082 Lipmon Moy 256-876-0363 —by E-Mail— ( ( Treasurer or Publicity Chairperson Pete Belcher Bob Doehrman ( Web Master —by mail— The Huntsville Programs Committee Marius Schamschula 8422 Hogan Drive Macintosh Eric Cherry - Chairman Web Apprentice Huntsville, Alabama 35802-3432 Users Group Keith Putnam (Apple Keith Putnam Newsletter Ambassador) for July 27, Larry Bauer 2001 Lipmon Moy Page John McDonald Janice Wright 34
  35. 35. Macintosh, Submission Step 4 - Use the Figure or Table numbers to name It Just the graphics files and an abbreviated name of the Specifications article for the text and graphics files. For example Works! Deadline for the Newsletter an article about Norton Utilities could have the The deadline for the newsletter is the third Saturday following filenames: of the month. That gives us about five days to get the NorUtil-Text.rtf publication ready for reproduction. NorUtil-Fig01.pict Remember the five Ws - NorUtil-Fig02.pict When turning in news items or announcements, try NorUtil-Fig03.eps to answer as many of the following questions as Step 5 - Place everything in a single folder before possible: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why?. submitting. Formatting Submissions Alternate - If you cannot do the steps above, then to the MacNews send your submission in anyway that you can and we Step 1 - Create the text in your favorite word will attempt to read the files. processor. Please identify yourself by inserting a “by line” after the title. Create the graphics in your The Huntsville favorite application. Keep the graphics and text files Macintosh separate. Refer to the graphics in the text by Figure Users or Table number. Group Newsletter Step 2 - Save the text as Text Only (TXT) format, or for July 27, in the Interchange Format (RTF). 2001 Step 3 - Save the graphics in a format suitable for Page importing into PageMaker such as PICT, EPS, or TIFF. 35